Yikes – Duke Basketball Star Player Injured After Nike Shoe Blows Apart During Game…

Something completely different.  Duke University star player Zion Williamson’s Nike basketball shoe ripped in half less than one minute into the game against the University of North Carolina. “We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery,” Nike says. “While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue.”


The Nike brand became somewhat controversial following a branding decision by the corporation to support the political efforts of Colin Kaepernick as the face for their products.  Fortunately Mr. Williamson was not seriously injured.

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159 Responses to Yikes – Duke Basketball Star Player Injured After Nike Shoe Blows Apart During Game…

  1. covfefe999 says:

    I just knew this comments section was going to be awesome 🙂

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  2. redtreesquirrel says:

    Double Trump Curse. Obama was sitting in the stands watching the game, and Nike slammed President Trump. Never fails.

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  3. Fools Gold says:

    Nike should consider using American factories and workers. You know, the kind who speak English. Towns all across America would be glad to have their factories and welcome them about now.


    • Greg says:

      Nike would have to import workers from China in the Midwest after hiring KraperDick. So no we would not be glad to have Nike in our town.


  4. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    I live in Nike town and I’ll tell you that the only people wearing Nikes at the gym are the Nike employees. I’ll be sure the steer clear in case their shoes blow out. LOL,
    I’m glad the basketball player is ok but the news is really a crack up this week,

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  5. Ursula says:

    Maybe Sabotage.


  6. Boknows says:

    Under Armour Limitless 2
    By far the most comfortable, and coolest athletic shoe I’ve worn.

    Most Nike shoes are I’ll fitting and as we see here, horribly made.

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  7. Bennie Sprouse says:

    Kind of hypocritical of nike to question ANYONE’s morals when they employ basically SLAVE LABOR to make their shoes and THEN charge outrageous prices that poor kids can’t afford! How many kids have been robbed and/or SHOT for their expensive nikes?? If YOU were a big time basketball player with nba future millions at stake would YOU take a chance????

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  8. Nikes pay worker for overseas (kid)’s penny on The Dollsr,
    I stop bying Nikes start few years a Go,

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    • Mr.G says:

      I never wore the swoosh-too expensive was the first reason. I’m guessing that an average Nike shoe costs no more than $25 to make, ship, and store before selling said shoe for $100. Nice profit margin.


  9. Zaza says:

    HI, I could have worn a pair of 40$ Converse Allstars and still have the use of my leg, but I chose to wear 400$ Nikes “cuz swoosh is kewl n sfufs” now my career may be over.

    Nike, when you don’t care about getting what you paid for.

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  10. John says:

    Was this real or did he pull a Jussie and sabotage his own shoes??? Wasn’t happy with his million dollar deal? Was afraid he was going to be traded? Everything is suspect now. : P

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  11. mazziflol says:


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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

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  13. Beverly says:

    Well, God really does have a sense of humor!

    heh heh heh

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of jackasses than Nike Corporate.

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  14. Dan Dan says:

    Notice how It’s those that Virtue Signal that cause great suffering…

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  15. yaosxx says:

    Comment from video:

    “Nike shoes are made for kneeling not active sports.”

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  16. cbjoasurf says:

    Oh well, this is what happens when the stuff you sell is not “MADE IN AMERICA” Hope he SUES the SHOES of of NIKE.


  17. unconqueredone says:

    Doesn’t pass the Smollett smell test. There’s money involved somewhere, I’d bet.
    Nike makes junk anyway, so no one’s really surprised.


  18. nm says:

    Nike sucks……………….


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