Nike Value Takes a Knee as Colin Kaepernick Becomes Face of Brand…

Nike shares fall Tuesday after the company revealed failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be the modern face of the brand.  It will get much worse; much worse.

It is only day #1 of the Nike decision to make Colin Kaepernick, and all of the controversy that surrounds him, the brand image of Nike sporting goods apparel; and today the stock dropped over 3%.

However, the current valuation drop doesn’t really tell the full story; because massive investment/branding moves like this are generally projected to increase share value, not lose it.  The financial loss is actually much more significant, and only beginning.

There is another problem.  Not only is Nike branding themselves based on severe political ideology; and not only is Nike selecting a failed athlete to express that image; and not only has this decision removed well over half of their potential customer base; but Nike has also decided to go much further.  Nike will present an entire line of Colin Kaepernick apparel and products. Essentially an apparel line for the Antifa audience.

The Kaepernick-Nike product offerings could likely include: hoodies, masks, helmets, gloves and a full line-up of ‘Colin’s Riot Gear‘ for the most discerning combatants amid the social justice community.

From an investment perspective, this means Nike is putting massive amounts of money into a product offering that automatically has removed the top tier purchasers of their products.  In essence, Nike has made the fatal mistake in consumer product marketing.

Nike has decided to go from broad-based consumer appeal, to a very niche appeal for the most hard-core political activists who might also wear sporting apparel.

Here is an example of their target audience.

Occupy Wall Street / Antifa : “Believe in Something, Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything”…

“Just Do It”

It is stunning that any corporation would make this choice.  However, this is a Madison Avenue type pitch that is not uncommon amid the extremist elements of branding and image campaigns.  What makes this uncommon is the size of the company willing to accept this type of campaign.

The executive branding decision means if you wear Nike apparel you support cop-killers, Antifa, flag-burners and those who hate the values of the United States of America as expressed through law and order.

The 3% drop in value today is only the beginning.  The Nike brand will lose market share because they have branded themselves into a corner from which there is no escape.  Trust me, over time – someone, likely a whole bunch of someones, are going to get fired over this.

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494 Responses to Nike Value Takes a Knee as Colin Kaepernick Becomes Face of Brand…

  1. For Eyes says:

    Accepting Sundance’s twitter economic argument at face value, and its a good one, I still don’t see why Kaepernick is a good choice to further Nike’s interests. But then I’ve never understood the appeal of Kaepernick.

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  2. mikebrezzze says:

    Maybe I should clone their shoes (Chinese of course) and call them “Mikey’s”

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  3. mr.piddles says:

    Nike has their own branded retail chain. Double whammy, grammy.

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  4. Joan Calhoun says:

    Writing their own death sentence. If you own stock in Nike, dump it now.

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  5. jessetmims says:

    People are no longer ignoring what’s happening in the realm of politics.

    Last week, I overheard a discussion about which NFL teams would be playing on a particular night. One guy I had never heard say anything about politics spoke up and said, “I don’t know. I won’t be watching anyway. I’m boycotting the NFL.” I asked if that was because of the NFL players taking a knee and he said it was.

    Today, I was playing pool with a few friends; all senior citizens like me. One asked if we had heard about Nike.

    That’s all he said… “Did y’all hear about Nike?” No further elaboration was necessary. Everyone immediately knew what the question referred to; and, no one had anything favorable to say about Nike OR Colin Kaepernick.

    As recently as two years ago, no one in this same group besides me was the least bit interested in talking about politics; especially, the guy who asked the question. I remember asking him three, four years ago about something Obama had done. He said he wasn’t concerned about politics; that, he had served his time, had fought for his country and that it was time for the younger generation to keep up with and take care of such things.

    I told him he damn well BETTER be concerned about politics because politics concerned HIM whether he realized it or not and that the younger generation wasn’t taking care of things that needed to be done.

    Apparently, he and a lot of others have seen the light…

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  6. California Joe says:

    Nike forgot that while Black kids buy their sneakers it’s White adults who buy their stock!

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  7. volintn says:

    Brilliant work as usual Sundance! Thank you for the political/economical education you have given me over the years. I am an old wise woman with a master’s degree……LOL:)

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  8. Newton Love says:

    If AntiFa and BLM are the new Nike target audience, it is an extremely bad choice.

    Extreme liberals, especially the professional protestors, have no money, because they have no full-time jobs. Soros pays them as little as possible.

    So Nike jettisons the Conservatives who have money, embracing groups that have no money to buy those products. What money they have is used to buy stuff from a thrift store, if they can’t find clothes in a dumpster.

    Good luck with that business model, Nike.

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  9. wheatietoo says:

    Nike’s head shed is probably all liberals.

    Leftists live in their own leftist-created bubble.
    They believe the Fake Polls…and the Fake News, which tells them that they are in a majority.

    So leftists are out of touch with Reality.
    They’ve created their own ‘reality’ that feeds their leftist ideology.

    This is Why they were so gobsmacked when Hillary lost.
    They’d been told that she would win.
    So that’s why they were so willing to accept the Big Lie about ‘why she lost’.

    Basically…the Left lives in a Bubble of Lies.
    They have to come up with even more lies, when Reality doesn’t support their Lies.
    The Lies help them to ignore Reality.

    Living in their Bubble of Lies is a level of weapons-grade-stupid that is dangerous in the business world.
    Leftists can force their ideas on people…but they cannot force people to buy their products.

    Nike is about to get hit with the club of Reality.
    And I hope it hurts…bad.

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  10. MagaKathryn says:

    For those Treepers who haven’t watched Hannity tonight …. looks like our great Lion and his Pride are going to attack …. red MAGA blood baby!

    Sara A. Carter on Hannity tonight said that the 20 mystery pages of the FISA application will be released UNREDACTED this week and that a lot of other information is coming out this week!

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  11. wheatietoo says:

    I can’t help but notice that big Banner in the last photo that says:
    “Oakland Commune”

    Isn’t that the Commune that had the big fire?
    It was also called the ‘GhostShip’…and was the site of a deadly fire that killed over 40 people.

    They basically created a big fire hazard and ignored the danger of living within it.

    It’s a shame that so many people died.
    But it was literally a case of…’the stupid, it burns’.

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    • nraendowment says:

      The guy with the bike lock is the now-unemployed “professor” at Diablo Valley College, a community college in Pleasant Hill, California.


  12. sunnydaze says:

    LOL. Scott’s so nice. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him come even *close* to disparaging someone:

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  13. John_in_IN says:

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  14. tuskyou says:

    One more thing I won’t spend money on. One more company logo I won’t be wearing. Outside of Nascar we don’t watch sports anymore (and Nascar isn’t nearly like it used to be). That’s okay–I’m good.


  15. Ganymede says:

    Nothing to say that hasn’t been said before. This time, a lifetime Packer fan unplugs. 100 years down the toilet.


  16. SPMI says:

    D I S G R A C E F U L!!!


  17. snellvillebob says:

    Nike and China are trying to fit Colin Kaepernick into a Che Guevara mold.


  18. Cankles Clinton says:

    “Sacrificing everything” to me means that you are NOT paid millions by Nike.

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  19. Mike diamond says:

    Keep a eye on Nike stock it will drop every day ! They disrespect all that our troops,our,police and firefighters stand for,Nike has lost all respect!


  20. Totally stupid- Kaepernick emptied the brand new 49ers stadium when he began his kneeling, the owner of the team was giving away tickets- tweeting out free tickets- there were no takers…you would have thought they would have done some research. On top of that Kaepernick is a LIAR- Elway said he offered him a job and he turned it down.
    When he was on the 49ers team- he was not a team player- it was his show alone- and if he couldn’t come through- and often he couldn’t after his 1st season, they were not coming through. When asked what the issues were at first by the local press- he could not articulate what he was protesting exactly. Kapernick thinks whatever Soros tells him to think….and that’s as far as it goes- Soros gave the NFL a lot of money- and they are now his puppets.

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  21. Nike is clearly siding with activists, no coincidence LeBron is part of the commercial, other than the affiliation he already had with Nike, because of recent events surrounding him.


  22. Hittman says:

    Nike is in for an awakening to the power of the purse. Stockholders, now is the time to exit.


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