February 13th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #755

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,224 Responses to February 13th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #755

  1. Zippy says:

    Probe of FEMA Chief Brock Long Referred to Prosecutors
    Investigators asked U.S. attorney’s office to look into whether criminal statutes were violated by Long and two aides


    WASHINGTON — An investigation targeting [Yeah, TARGETING is correct; work for PDJT the Deep State Swamp will target you. – Zippy] President Trump’s top emergency-management official has been referred to federal prosecutors to determine whether criminal charges should be pursued, according to people familiar with the probe.

    Brock Long, the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and two other federal employees may have broken as many as six laws as they commuted frequently between Washington and Mr. Long’s home in Hickory, N.C., at taxpayers’ expense, said one of the people briefed on the investigation.


    MY, what a SERIOUS crime which probably cost in total 1/1000th of what Pelosi’s unnecessary LUXURY air travel cost in one year and, meanwhile, child rapists and DUI illegals are caught, deported, and return to do the same for the nth time…

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  2. Katherine McCoun says:

    My 2 cents. Personally, I dislike calling her Seabiscuit.
    A) that horse was Fantastic, a real winner! She is neither
    B) there is so much other than her looks to critize that why go there? Detracts from debating actual content

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    • Katherine NcCoun says:

      Meant for comment, previous page.

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    • Deb says:

      I agree.


      • Dutchman says:

        Agree, its IS tempting to criticise some of these libs, based on their looks, when “talking amongst ourselves”

        But as you say, they give us SO much material to work with, with the insane policy reccomendations we make, there really is no need to ‘go there’.

        And helpful to remember this,site gets 100,000 ‘hits/day, so we,really aren’t having a,quiet chat amongst like minded friends, and we,want to win hearts,and minds, not needlessly drive potential like minded people away, by appearing petty and sophomoric.

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    • rozelave says:

      green new deal champion, donkey chompers spent $20,000 on airfare for her 2018 campaign (she ran in the Bronx). She spent $2,000 on train tickets.

      she deserves to be mocked.

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    • HB says:

      How about Sway-Backed Old Nag then?


    • StanH says:

      RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrati­onal. It’s infuri­ating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into conces­sions.

      In normal circumstances you are 100% correct. However we are pursuing godless Marxist who want to destroy the USA. Time to take the gloves off, go after these creatures hammer & tong. Use comity, decorum, civilized tactics, decency, Marquis of Queensberry rules, et al …and we will lose.

      It is a sad state of affairs, but one we must rip out root & branch. We must give as good as we get.

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Well played, Katherine.


  3. Perot Conservative says:

    At the Beto rally, they had a large Trump pinata for pummeling.

    My question: when do we get to see the Low Rider side show and graffiti?


    • JX says:

      High school kids standing there and having racist comments said to them, the students are the racists. Probable illegal aliens beating an effigy of the President, that’s ok.

      The Democrats are psychotic.

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      • vladdy says:

        Thanks for bringing that up. No one mentioned the racism of anyone there but “the white boys.” (I’ve seen 3 “anti-white boy” stories this month — just for them existance) We need to keep bringing up hate crimes and racism, if only to each other, with US as the judges. For too long, we have defended ourselves against “racism” just because the left set themselves up as the judge and we appeared to let them. If we do it even to each other, maybe we can stop our own knee-jerk reaction to what is and what isn’t racism and “hate speech.”

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    • whoseyore says:

      They also had bands that sang only Mexican songs. Couldn’t understand a single word.


    • Badseed says:

      Check out the parking lot at the Fullerton, CA WalMart on any Friday & probably Saturday night. It’s all there, not many gringos though, in the store or the lot.


  4. youme says:

    Parents you have no choice…we will force you

    LGBT Activists Teaching Judges To Yank Kids From Parents Who Won’t Transgender Them
    Documents obtained from Rhode Island Family Court must concern any person who questions whether it’s a good idea to chemically and surgically mutilate children.


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  5. bakocarl says:

    The Lion Who Will Bring

    The world has changed.
    I feel it in the water.
    I feel it in the earth.
    And I smell it in the air.

    Much that once was, is lost,
    For few now live who remember it.
    It began with the forging of the great document.
    Within this document was bound the wisdom to govern.
    This Constitution was given to all men.

    But not all, not all of them, believed;
    for another document was made.
    In the land of Evil, in the fire of Domination,
    the Dark Lord Marxor forged, in secret, his Manifesto.

    And into this document he poured his dark philosophy,
    his deception and his will to dominate all peoples.

    One Doctrine to rule them all;
    One Doctrine to bind them.

    One by one, the helpless free lands of Earth fell
    to the power of the Doctrine, to the might of the LenStal Union.

    But there were some who resisted.
    A Last Alliance of Conservatives struggled against the Doctrine.
    And in the countries of the land and in the Halls of Government
    they fought for the freedom of our country.

    Victory was near, but the power of the Doctrine could not be undone.
    It was in this moment, when all hope had faded,
    That Sir Ronald the Gipper entered the battle.
    The Great Wall that contained and encompassed was torn down.
    The LenStal Union, the enemy of free peoples, was broken.

    The Doctrine, however, passed to Bush, the Elder,
    who had this one chance to destroy it forever.
    But the hearts of men are easily corrupted,
    And the Doctrine has a will of its own.
    The War on Poverty and the Great Society
    Morphed into a New World Order.

    And some things that should not have been forgotten, were lost.
    History became legend, but legends fade, and as years went by,
    the Doctrine faded from the conscious minds of free men.
    Until, when the chance came, a new bearer possessed it.

    The Doctrine came to the creature Hussein, of Kenya,
    who took it with him on his First Tour,
    deep into the wicked parts of Earth.
    Its influence grew as it spread deception,
    And enveloped the evil henchmen of Hussein.

    The Doctrine brought to Hussein unnatural acclaim,
    But, through the years, it poisoned Hussein’s mind.
    And there, in the treacherous hypocrisy of Hussein,
    It waited.

    Darkness crept back over the surface of the world.
    Rumor grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a nameless fear.
    And the Doctrine perceived: its time had now come.
    It grew in strength until finally, it consumed Hussein.

    But something happened then, the Doctrine did not intend.
    It was challenged by a most unique individual:
    A man of experience and wealth, Trumpus Maximus,
    the Golden Lion of the Deplorables.
    And the time will soon come when the Lion and Deplorables
    will bring freedom and justice, and will shape the fortunes of all men . . .

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  6. youme says:

    I am sure Nadler is talking to Mueller about this…..I guess Whitaker thought what happened to Roger Stone could never happen to him…


  7. duchess01 says:

    The Survivor – Texas Style

    Due to the popularity of the TV “Survivor” shows, Texas is planning to do one entitled, “Survivor – Texas-Style!”

    The lucky contestants will all start in Dallas, drive to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, then over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then proceed up to Del Rio, El Paso, Odessa, Midland, Lubbock, and Amarillo. From there they will go on to Abilene and Fort Worth, finally, back to Dallas.

    Each contestant will be driving a pink Prius with 15 bumper stickers which will read:

    1. “I’m A Democrat”
    2. “Amnesty For Illegals”
    3. “I Love The Dixie Chicks”
    4. “Boycott Beef”
    5. “I Voted For Obama”
    6. ” George Strait Sucks”
    7. “Elect Hillary In 2020”
    8 . “Vote Eric Holder – Texas Governor”
    9. “Rosie O’Donnell Is Texas Born”
    10. “I Love Obama Care and Chuck Schumer”
    11. “Barney Frank Is My Hero”
    12. “I Side With Jane Fonda”
    13. “It’s all Bush’s Fault”
    14 “Islam Is A Peace-Loving Religion”,
    and the last sticker is:

    15. “I’m Here To Confiscate Your Guns”

    The first contestant to make it back to Dallas alive wins.

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  8. youme says:

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  9. WeThePeople says:

    Not surprised.


  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • lolli says:

      This is such a disgrace to our country. To have this man ruined without having been tried, and by mueller who had a vendetta against manafort. Ya. Manafort knows all of muellers dirty deeds. He had to be silenced.
      This is what they dream of doing to the Trump family.

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      • Lou Battalia says:

        We need to stick to the facts. He did have a trial and he was found guilty. He also plead guilty to other counts from the second trial that was scheduled. Manafort is a scumbag…he should never have been in President Trump’s campaign.


        • snarkybeach says:

          he doesn’t deserve life in solitary for wrangling delegates on the winning team.

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        • WeThe People2016 says:

          None of it, though, had anything to do with Russia Collusion which was what Mueller and Co. was brought on board for in the first place.

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        • Matthew LeBlanc says:

          Lots of scumbags in America with high percentage in DC. He doesn’t deserve a fraction of what he has gone through.

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          • Jenevive says:

            When Mueller is done and issues his report
            can POTUS then pardon Manafort and anyone else
            from this investigation without Obstruction being thrown
            at him?. If he can, he should,just for the fact that Manafort
            hasn;t turned on POTUS. Like Cohen has..Can POTUS also
            commute Manafort sentence?

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        • lolli says:

          I thought Manafort was in solitary before verdict and had assets frozen before verdict. No?
          Could be wrong but that’s what I remember.
          PM is a political prisoner of our injustice system.
          Scum or not has nothing to do with his situation and that is the travesty.
          KGB American style.

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        • whoseyore says:

          I know that there were plants as part of the FUSION GPS attempt to prevent DJ Trump from becoming president. Was Manafort one of those plants?


          • Hsssssss says:

            Always wondered that but then why did he do such a great job with the delegates? If he wanted to prevent him from becoming President? He would have effed that up royally?


  11. HB says:

    Remember when McConnel and his wife were eating out several months back, and they were harrased by a libtard?

    I felt sorry for them at the time. Since learning his true colors, I wish it would happen every day.

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    • whoseyore says:

      I went to his political site last night and gave him the what-for and when I went there, it was written in great big letters that he was proposing a bill to save the Asian Carp. I KID YOU NOT! You think that didn’t come up in my tirade?
      Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare and I keep wanting someone to wake me up. This stuff is way to bizarre to be real.


  12. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Not surprised.

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  13. bessie2003 says:

    Vice President and Mrs. Pence today in Poland:

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  14. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Fairfax accuser to speak with prosecutor after he threatens to file criminal complaint

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  15. linda4298 says:

    https://nypost.com/2019/02/13/trump-installed-room-sized-golf-simulator-in-the-white-house/ The new system — which the president paid for himself — replaced an obsolete simulator that had been installed under President Barack Obama, the paper reported, citing a pair of sources.

    The new system cost about $50,000, and was installed sometime in the past few weeks in a room in the commander-in-chief’s personal quarters, according to the report.

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  16. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  17. linda4298 says:

    https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona/2019/02/12/democrat-sen-kyrsten-sinema-vote-william-barr-attorney-general/2853234002/ I guess she doesn’t care about her a**. Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said she will vote to confirm William Barr as the next U.S. attorney general, offering rare Democratic support for President Donald Trump’s nominee.

    Sinema, a centrist Democrat who often crosses party lines, is the third person in her party to support Barr’s nomination, which was expected to proceed with a series of votes toward final confirmation later this week.

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  18. Joe says:

    Coulter has a point a damn good one.

    If the shltlibs can stall long enough they can get enough illegal voters to turn red states blue.

    Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in the next elections, but it will happen.

    Posted from the Mexican colony of California.

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  19. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  21. George Hicks says:

    How ironic that we have a President who is stating that all options are on the table to rescue the Venezuelan people from the unemployment, poverty, starvation of socialism that has plagued them, once a nation with one of the highest standards of living, while at home, we have a whole political party that is fighting to encumber citizens blessed to be part of the greatest country on earth with the same socialism?

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    • bakocarl says:

      This is a simple one. Although, I understand that every Socialist country has pretty well gone belly up due to the failure of the Socialist system, the fact of the matter is that we will succeed because of the intelligence and sophistication of the Socialist Dimm party leaders.

      They will implement a tailored brand of Socialism so wonderful that every other country on the planet will be envious. BARF!

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  22. eric says:


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  23. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  24. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Let Turtle play footsie with Shumer some more.

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  25. Peoria Jones says:

    Question: If “they’re” culture is so wonderful, why do so many of them supposedly risk “they’re” lives crossing the border to get into the USA?

    My answer: They’re culture is flawed. Unless “they” assimilate into our culture, we will be plagued by the flawed thinking and ways that their background has proven to fail them.

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    • WSB says:

      Yes. That was the entire basis for Ann Coulter’s book, ‘Adios America’.

      Her point was simple. People in Mexico have a culture of human sacrifice, easy murder and child rape. The more they come to America, the more of that culture we will have.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Invite the third world
        Become the third world

        $hithole, here we come

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        Oh, I am so glad to hear another Treeper who doesn’t discount the work Ann does.

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        • WSB says:

          Peoria, Ann is frantic about the demographics of this country. Pat Buchanan is also.

          Both completely understand the ramifications of what Teddy Kennedy did to us by destroying our no immigration policy in 1965. We adhered to a non-immigration policy from 1925 until then.

          Our country’s immigrants assimilated and we boomed as a nation. The event is there for all to see.

          This invasion has been catastrophic to our way of life and values as a Christian nation.

          I am from an ancestry of Rotterdam, but an American heritage almost a century prior to these colonies becoming a nation. How is that different from Indians from the Bering Strait?

          By the way, I have seen the tomahawk gashes of children’s skulls at Jamestown.

          Who eventualy won the hearts and minds of this continent is fairly obvious. It was not the ‘indigenous’ Indians. Or Eskimos. Or whomever the Polynesians sent. It was a people who for good or bad decided to create a country.

          Here we are. I want to preserve this country, as our Founders so elequently tried to create it.

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    • lemmus1 says:

      Much as Florida is now fatally flawed by the NJ/NY retirees who bring their liberal politics with them. 🤬 First the Cubans, then the Haitians, now the refugees from the great state of NY – Spanish is now required to work in much of Florida, Creole is getting to be a bonus. And now they gave 1.4 million convicted felons the right-to-vote.

      But worse by far is the now all too common substitution of creamed wheat for honest-to-god GRITS in our restaurants! – WATERY GRITS!


    • Peoria Jones says:

      I’m so embarrassed this morning, after rereading my post. “They’re” should have been “their.” There, I said it. 😦

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  26. covfefe999 says:

    Supreme Court oral arguments begin again on Feb 19. Paging Ruth Ginsburg. 🙂

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  27. linda4298 says:

    Donald J. Trump

    California has been forced to cancel the massive bullet train project after having spent and wasted many billions of dollars. They owe the Federal Government three and a half billion dollars. We want that money back now. Whole project is a “green” disaster!

    8:29 PM – Feb 13, 2019

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  28. Trump Babe says:

    Has anyone been watching this little back & forth between Sundance & Bongino? Interesting….

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  29. simicharmed says:

    My thoughts…my “ribbon” to this corruption to our “leaders”….
    “You liar, liar
    It’s too late, it’s too late
    It’s too late, it’s too late”


  30. dawg says:


    Fox News reporting that McConnell now says that the Dems put in a “poison pill” which allows mayors to veto any wall construction in their district.

    PT aint signing this thing. I think we are getting an interim bill and the fight goes on.

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  31. Katherine McCoun says:

    I am looking for info on what companies have been building the fencing on the border so far. Who has be awarded the contracts? I can’t seem to find out…


  32. Cathy M. says:

    Ya gotta luv him!

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  33. sjp says:

    awesome, Trump should not give them any more time. Just declare the emergency or whatever options they have….point out the D’s weren’t serious and move on. Dont compromise on anything regarding this and do whatever it takes.

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  34. Eva Hewlett says:

    The very Liberal Facebook has put me in Facebook jail for my comment that muslims and communists should not be allowed to hold political offices because they will not swear allegiance to the Constitution. I guess some snowflakes did not take kindly to my opinion. It’s amazing to me that a handful of corrupt, criminal, power hungry , evil people holding our most treasured offices are absolutely bullying America and the people who still hold the values, morals, and love for what made our country so great from the very beginning.
    If we dont care about the future of America for ourselves, for Gods sake, please let us try and protect Her for our children and grandchildren. So help me God is not just words, it is a promise, it is a commitment to stay true to what God wants us to do…God bless America, God bless our President and all who are advising him. May God have mercy and hear the cries of the believers.

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  35. Perot Conservative says:

    If Trump signs the border deal, he loses leverage – the opposite of Sundance’s primary Trump theory.


  36. WSB says:

    Not sure what the White House is doing about this behind the scenes, but this story does not add up. Monica Elfriede Witt is the Air Force Muslim convert spy who has just been reported to the public. An international problem since 2013, but the FBI and many others knew her traveling show for awhile.

    I wonder if Barry gave her file folders to bring with her?

    “While at the conference, Witt appeared in videos in which she identified herself as a U.S. veteran and made statements critical of the U.S. government, “knowing these videos would be broadcast by Iranian media outlets,” according to the indictment. She was warned by the FBI that she was a target for recruitment by Iranian intelligence services in May 2012. Witt told the FBI that if she ever went back to Iran, she would refuse to provide any information about her intelligence work.”



  37. woohoowee says:

    LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas House has approved a plan to join other states in asking for a national convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

    The House voted 56-40 on Wednesday to adopt a resolution calling for a convention of the states to take up amendments imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting the federal government’s powers and imposing term limits on Congress.



    • Robert Smith says:

      I don’t know how others feel about this, but I feel like this can go bad quickly.

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      • sjp says:

        yes it definitely could but at the end of the day this may be the only way to get the swamp under control. Elections don’t work anymore so besides some kind of uprising/civil-war I don’t see any other way. In my opinion its a risk worth taking .

        I’m also very doubtful this would ever happen

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      • woohoowee says:

        Something has to give. I trust the several states to get it right (minus the blue bleepholes) more than I trust .Gov will ever do what is right.


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        There is nothing wrong with the Constitution.

        Leave it alone.
        Following the Constition is the issue. Does anyone actually think that a Constitutional amendment will prevent overspending?
        Can you say: Social Security fund.? They robbed that fund blind

        The last thing you want to do now is to have a convention of states to amend the Constitution.

        Come on man….. look at the freaks they send to Congress now…

        If it ain’t broke……don’t fix it

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    • lolli says:

      No. Just no.
      Think who you are trusting. No, we can not trust them to touch the constitution. This is an open door
      We need to adhere to the one we have!!
      Do not trust this
      We must protect our constitution, the original document


  38. cycle1 says:

    Atty. Robert Barnes explains how Mueller’s life has been spent as a deep state coverup man. Also goes over other activities of the deep state.

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  39. P says:

    Never get tired of this: Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=305-erOr3jk

    and now this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q1AG2jbAL0 from:
    Chris Emerson
    Published on Jan 15, 2019
    “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.”

    – General Douglas MacArthur

    About this Video
    There are many great videos already out there that showcase President Trump, his many accomplishments and why we love him. This is my humble contribution to that list and my personal plea to all Americans that we all elect this wonderful man a 2nd time in 2020 if he runs again. Even people who didn’t vote for him in 2016 have to admit (if they’re honest with themselves) that President Trump has worked unbelievably hard, against so many odds, often standing alone to fight for all Americans since his 1st day in office. Visit this site and see for yourself just how much he has done for us already: http://www.magapill.com.

    Thank you for everything, President Trump.

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  40. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      The link is broken and you made no reference as to what the story was about so I can’t look it up. Hope it wasn’t too exciting….


  41. Jason Ross says:

    A collection of tents clustered amidst a sprawling refugee camp, and not much else.


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