President Trump Gains National Support After State of the Union Address…

According to Rasmussen reporting President Donald Trump is at a nearly two-year high of 52 percent approval. The latest poll shows 52% approve and 47% disapprove of Trump’s job performance.

Despite the scale and scope of media opposition this approval rating is the highest since March 6, 2017 and highlights two recent aspects: (1) The popularity of policy as outlined in the recent State of the Union Address; and (2) The democrats going over-the-top in their opposition to mostly pragmatic proposals.

Additionally, both CBS [poll here] and CNN [see here] reported broad support for President Trump’s policy initiatives as polled immediately after the State of the Union speech.  [Nancy Pelosi, notsomuch]

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120 Responses to President Trump Gains National Support After State of the Union Address…

  1. USA First! says:

    If we build it, they won’t come.

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  2. Bullseye says:

    Thank you left wingnuts for exposing yourselves as such

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    • sickconservative says:

      Really they are only getting started at this point, they want to go full Chavez and more.
      I still think that won’t fly with most of the country.

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    • GB Bari says:

      IMO, we should expect not-so-subtle shifts in optics by the DemoncRATs. They will either try to appear as “moderates” or they will double down on going hard Left while attempting to build up their voter base with millions more illegal immigrants combined with significant vote fraud mechanisms to overcome their unfavorability.

      The danger lies in the judiciary.

      Unless PDJT and real conservatives can replace sufficient existing Leftwing judges with jurists who truly respect the Constitution as written along with the significant individual rights and limited gvermental power that it proscribes, the Left/DemoncRATs will keep implementing policies that are at sharp odds with those two unique American governing concepts.

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      • AloftWalt says:

        Speaking of Judiciary…….
        Has anyone reported any recent RBG sightings???

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      • I watched the SOTU with some older TDS libs. One of them screamed at the TV, “He’s taking all the democratic points! Those are democratic points!” Trump now owns the center, so I don’t think there’s any way D’s can regain that real estate by 2020. They’ll just double down on fraud, harvesting and other tricks. And Ronna Romney McDaniel at RNC will gladly let them do it.

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        • GB Bari says:

          That’s interesting to know that Progs think PDJT “stole” Dimms’ ideas. They reveal their cluelessness.

          I find it curious that so many people from “both sides of the aisle” who opine about President Trump still appear to be judging him as a liberal or conservative when in fact he has historically demonstrated that he is non-ideological regarding political and economic issues.

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  3. fanbeav says:

    I still believe these polls are not accurate! Adding 10-15%more would be accurate! Great Job President Trump!

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  4. Landslide says:

    It’s a God thing. Seriously, everything that comes against him ultimately fails. We will WORK and get him re-elected. It is an amazing time to be alive. The most corrupt, evil, but edge-of-your-seat exciting! Pray hard. Work hard. KAG!!!!!!!!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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  5. Coast says:

    Imagine if the GOP was assisting Trump with his agenda. Imagine if the media was fair and balanced in their reporting. Imagine if the democrats had a sense of decency and morality, and love of country. Imagine if the country pulled together….

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    • Blind no longer says:

      His SOTU Address was fantastic! He connects with the average man and woman in sooo many ways! None of that wonky political double speak about percentage of GDP…just plain and simple common sense speak and policies like we would have with our family or friends!
      PDJT is making politics fun and understandable, something nobody else has been able to achieve, except Ronald Reagan!

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    • Jeff says:

      We used to have that in this country. Anybody remember the early 60’s? It was in the movies, on TV, in the music, even in the commercials. It was embedded into our very culture.
      Donald Fagen wrote an album around that, called “The Nightfly.” It’s my favorite album of all time, hands down. Here’s a representative selection, a song called “I.G.Y.”
      audio only

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    • NC Patriot says:

      But he went in, with us behind him, TO TAKE OUT the swamp. If the swamp didn’t exist, he would have had no need to run. 30 years ago he said he didn’t think he would ever run, “unless things got so bad I would feel I had to”—— ( 30 years ago on a you tube tape)

      He added, in that tape, “but if I ran, I would win!” (In typical Trumpian fashion 🙂 )

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    • Arrest Soros says:

      Imagine if the GOP was assisting Trump with his agenda. Imagine if the media was fair and balanced in their reporting. Imagine if the democrats had a sense of decency and morality, and love of country. Imagine if the country pulled together….

      Then we would not have needed Donald Trump and nor would he have run for president.

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  6. railer says:

    This is quite amazing. Common sense policy matters. If Trump finishes up these trade agreements and builds some wall, he’s going to sail to reelection.

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  7. CNY3 says:

    The light shines in the darkness…

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  8. srmikeinohio says:

    I love the 2020 “Make Democrats Cry Again” banner !!!

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  9. Jenevive says:

    I think sane people on both sides can see that the Dems
    have gone off the rails.. Anyone watching hearings like the one
    with Whittaker can SEE the hatred in these people.
    Even people who don;t like POTUS .like even less
    when you pile on someone and do NOTHING but
    try to take him down..

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    • Cache says:

      Yes, this is working magically on the Independents, not so much on the Liberals. What will it take to begin peeling them away from their party?

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      • piper567 says:

        Cache, in watching many of he #WalkAway vids, it seems everyone has their own tipping point.
        we just need to listen to folks.
        some are receptive, some are not. No sense beating your head against a wall if someone is made of concrete, but a willingness to talk politics does reveal that some are persuadable.

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      • BitterC says:

        I think late term (especially 4th trimester) abortion is a bridge too far for even many rabid libs.

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    • piper567 says:

      Jenevive, yes, but I do not imagine many watched the Whittaker hearing…at least not many unvested.
      BUT, I do think they helped.
      and its an encouragement that the truth can be sent out, and received, Many Different Ways.
      the polls in favor of the President are beginning to show that all the negative caca ab POTS is not tuning out to have such a great return for msm.
      we all should do what we can to reach the reachable.


  10. PInky1920 says:

    I’m pretty sure Rasmussen had DT winning a few days before the election, they were the only ones even close. If Rasmussen has him at 52%, he’s probably at 60.

    PT was surging even before SOTU. People took notice to the insanity and evil cruelty of “Dr” Northam, or whatever his name is. The SOTU was extraordinarily brilliant.

    The ONLY way PT loses is thru voter fraud. Ocrazio needs to keep her big mouth open and lips flapping with her beaver teeth exposed; the next year and a half is going to be like no other we’ve been through.

    Pray for DT, pray for our country.

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    • Grant says:

      Ac-tally, Rasmussen didn’t had DT winning before the election. The only poll that had him winning is the L.A. Times tracking poll. Google it and you’ll see.

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    • WSB says:

      No, Rasmussen was not correct. He also weighted his demographics to Dimms.

      The Dornsife/LA Times Tracking Poll had it correct. As did Sundance and all of the supporting statisticians who put together some solid stats here at the Treehouse. The Monster Vote.

      Actually, you may have some fun reading or rereading some of the threads just prior to and on Election Night in the search box. What a ride that was. I also remember that on November 9th or 10th, SD had a great recap of what the electorate presumption did to completely out weigh the steal.

      This is why Election night went into the late hours. The Clinton machine was just ill-prepared in the urban centers to stuff against the rural and suburban makeup.

      History made!


  11. Mark L. says:

    These numbers are Fake. I would bet his numbers are much better. These are the numbers that they are willing to publish. 63 Million and growing.

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  12. Dee Paul Deje says:

    MSM: “Trump Gains National Support After SOTU Address. Dammit.”

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  13. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    I believe that – if truth be told – President Trumps job performance achievement rating would be closer to 95%, if half of the U.S. citizens just did not hate him for many child-like reasons.

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  14. Blind no longer says:

    He’ll always have mine. I LOVE my President !!! MAGA!

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  15. MAGAbear says:

    I’m sure a new CNN/NBC/NYT/WaPo/DNC poll will come out (with a party registration ratio of 60% Demonrat, 20% GOP, 20% Independents) showing PDJT at 30% approval. And that will be the poll they all site. Their delusions have become their reality.

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    • PInky1920 says:

      Yep, MAGAbear.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the rat propaganda machine started including illegals in their polls; afterall, they do vote. That would be their “logic”.

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  16. rjcylon says:

    Imagine being a Hollywood celebrity who tweets 1,000 times a day against President Trump, and seeing these poll numbers. All those wasted profanity-laden tweets and awards speeches.

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  17. Eric says:

    Can you imagine the things that the media is saying behind the scenes? They must be devastated. They know it is bad. How delightful.

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  18. Johnny says:

    The unofficial pole here at my home and extended family is 100% approval for our great President.

    Let us all thank the Lord for inspiring this one man to take the fight to the people that wish to destroy our way of life. Look at Sweden, and get ready to see that right here in the United States if we do not ban together and come out in armed show of force. We have got to stop this right here and now.

    As Barney Fife said “Nip it in the Bud”

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  19. 4sure says:

    You cannot keep a great leader down. EVER. I have never seen anyone at any age work as hard as our great leader. I am truly amazed at his energy,stamina and motivation.It is just jaw dropping. Esp.for his age. The hand of God is surely upon him. And I am not easily impressed. But POTUS Trump is unreal.

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  20. tonyE says:

    We should start mailing bricks to the US Congress.

    Kamala will get one from me…

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  21. Margaret Berger says:

    I think the demrats will run moochela. They will say give obummer his third term. moochela will do it and because she will be thinking I will let valjar do all the work like obummer did.


  22. mr.piddles says:

    I say: “Welcome to the parrrttaaayyyy!!!”

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  23. Fools Gold says:

    I think I needed this Rally more than Trump and I have no doubt about Trump. The man is gifted beyond anyt I’ve ever witnessed! The best vote I ever made.

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  24. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    “Make demonrats cry agin” I want that one.

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  25. Tparty says:

    If only we could get Ann Coulter and her band unrealistic synchophants out of the ‘strongly disprove’ column, this number would really pop!


    • Coulter is a twerp and seems to only want attention. I’ve heard her talk about POTUS and describe him negatively vs. the so-called sophisticates in NYC society. Total nonsense. The people Coulter describes as sophisticated are nouveau riche phonies for the most part. And Coulter–who cares!
      She is divisive–just another Dem in conservative faux-fatigues.


  26. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    America is a right-of-center country. Americans are can-do. That is the reason so many come here for the opportunities that only a conservative government makes possible.

    That is why Liberalism is such a magnet for losers. It is the giant umbrella to shield failure: failed relationships, failed ideas, failure of investment into false faith in pop culture, failure to honor obligations, failure to meet the expectations of humanity. Liberalism is th “co” in codependency. It not only enables failure…it rewards it. Liberalism is the Genesis and the Graveyard of Failure.

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  27. Anthony Caley says:

    Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy
    Hell has open borders
    Let that sink in


  28. Pyrthroes says:

    Though Corporate State media pretends their scorn for President Trump is universal, globalist mouthpieces quaver before his tenets of national sovereignty while tides of populist revolt swamp dirigiste Énarques. To fed-up commoners, we lower orders here and overseas, Trump is a mythic superhero, an American Original whose time has come.

    Despite media blackouts, stark evidence of Trump’s appeal comes from Italy, where a populist government is confronting Brussels’ kleptarchs. Featuring giant iconic figures since 1873, Tuscany’s world-famous Carnival di Viareggio has become a magnet for upscale global tourists. The parade’s latest focus is a 50-foot high, incredibly detailed tribute to Pres. Donald Trump, presented as the “War Hammer” video game’s God-Emperor of Humanity, complete with patriotic American symbols –Miss Liberty et al.– a flaming sword and slashing anti-Deep State claws.

    Lurking Globalists realize that this worldwide phenomenon directly threatens their despotic One World flat-lining of national economies. What would-be commissars and gauleiters most fear is truly “woke” constituents inspiring pro-American populist rebellions opposing crypto-fascist/socialist autarchies of every stripe.


    • sDee says:

      History has always papered over the relentlessness evil of those who intend to rule men. Globalism is ultimate central tyranny – disguised and idealized by global media and government educators.

      The central bankers, their corporate henchmen and their political minions know well the world is full of natural slaves willing to trade their liberty for protection by a benevolent master. .

      But now as throughout history, these tyrants fear one, and only one one thing. Us. Armed freemen.


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