“Very Good Health” – President Trump Has Second Year Check-Up…

All looks good as President Trump completes his second physical examination during a trip to Walter Reed hospital.

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118 Responses to “Very Good Health” – President Trump Has Second Year Check-Up…

  1. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Our VSG is in very good health. Thank you God.

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    • cthulhu says:

      Would that make him VSGPOTUSDJTIVGH?

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    • felipe says:

      The President is S T R O N G … like the SOTU.

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      According to Dr. Jackson last year, Trump’s secret is genes.

      “Incredibly good genes,” he said. “It’s just the way God made him.”

      God Blessed PDJT BIGLY!

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Now to get to work on repealing that 22nd Amendment!

        Ha ha ha


        • Donald says:

          You’re absolutely right! It may sound funny talking about a repeal of the 22nd Amendment, but it IS what’s needed! Here’s why:
          If the framers had considered term-limiting only one of the branches, I believe they would have rejected it strenuously, in that it would run counter to the Constitution’s essential balance of power.
          The other two branches are, potentially, lifetime appointments. Over time, judges and legislators come to think of themselves as rulers of the roost, and only view the ‘new president’ as a babysitter or substitute teacher. In relation to congressman or judges, the President is indeed a lame duck the day of his inauguration. If on the other hand, the president faced the electorate as many times as Congress can, there would be more of an incentive for bi-partisanship. The perpetual administrative state, without the check of a long-serving president has given up the Russia probe. it takes more than two terms to know where the bodies are buried and who’s responsible
          Oddly, it was the 22nd amendment that also has given us all the dysfunctionality in our government. A strong and coequal president was always an critical attribute of the Constitution’s inherent structure. We don’t have that anymore!

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          • noswamp says:

            Not sure if I like unlimited terms for a President. But if he had to run every 4 years into perpetuity, I might be able to live with that. While you are repealing the 22nd amendment, put term limits on every other person in Congress to 2 terms. Flip it and reverse it.

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          • Mr. T. says:

            Franklin D. Roosevelt was the big reason why there is now term limits for presidents and thank goodness there is. Had Roosevelt been termed out after two terms, he wouldn’t have been president in 1941. He did a lot of harm to our nation by being such a weak-kneed fool, giving way too much away to the Russians, who I might add, without our help during WW II, might have been decimated by Hitler’s troops. Russia was also a major ally of Hitler’s Germany, until Hitler turned on Stalin and ordered his troops to invade Russia. Roosevelt also placated Churchill way too much, and because of their nonsense, battle planning that should have been handled by the military, were often politicized, with General Eisenhower being the one who often had to kiss Roosevelt’s ass. It was pathetic. There’s no doubt as to why General Patton was so fed up with the micromanaging from the White House and 10 Downing Street.

            Roosevelt also squandered a lot of taxpayer money with his “New Deal”, that in some ways helped Americans during the depression, but in other ways spent money on frivolous crap. He was also a big womanizer. Not many realize the Eleanor Roosevelt did not live at the White House, but resided at a private residence. There had been a rift between them going all the back to 1918, when Eleanor found out about one of Franklin’s many affairs. Think Bill Clinton was bad when he was in the White House? Well, Franklin was just as bad if not worse.


          • Pa Hermit says:

            The intent of the Senate Reps was originally for each Governor to appoint. The 17th Amendment made it a vote. Every time a Governor changed, so would the Senators. Now we have career pols in the Legislative Branch that are more or less made up of Lawyers, which is the Judicial side of Government. I’m sure nothing could go wrong there?

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    • Kenji says:

      A very stable, healthy, genius.

      However, I must admit … every Treeper is a bloody GENIUS compared to She Guevara and the Communist Democreeps

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  2. wendy forward says:

    Radiant! God bless our POTUS.

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  3. Bendix says:

    Sigh. No Dr. Ronny.
    God bless President Trump, as God has blessed us in having this VSG for our leader.

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  4. Convert says:

    Regular exercise, no booze, no tobacco.

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    • Dekester says:

      Yes Convert, and if I may add, an indomitable spirit.

      A man for the ages.

      God bless PDJT

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    • jahealy says:

      If I recall correctly, PDJT has never exercised. Doesn’t believe in it! Which makes his vigor and general health at his age, in this job, nothing short of miraculous. It’s the genes, baby!

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      • Nunya Bidness says:

        Genes, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

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        • jahealy says:

          According to the experts, the 4 most harmful lifestyle choices: smoking, drinking (“to excess”), a bad diet, and lack of exercise. PDJT’s diet would be described by most of those experts as pretty bad, and he doesn’t exercise. So while I agree the no alcohol, and especially the no smoking are important, he’s only 2 for 4. Which brings me right back to his genetic blessings.

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          • LULU says:

            We only hear about the fast food he eats. Have you ever heard about what he eats the other times – the bulk of his meals – that he takes with Melania and Barron. They both look pretty healthy, too. It amazes me when I see sensible persons run with media reporting, i.e., that he exists on burgers and fries.


            • SteveT says:

              What about his golf. There’s a fair bit of effort goes into a round of golf, even if one uses a golf trolley. Activity and flexibility.



            • jahealy says:

              I love all the kneejerk defensive types ’round here. So Lulu, guess who I heard say PDJT needed to “eat better”? His daughter, Ivanka. From her mouth. During a televised family interview before he was elected. Do me a favor, and the next time you decide to chide someone, take a few deep breaths and let the urge pass.


  5. LBB says:

    Most excellent !

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  6. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    Very happy yo hear that our wonderful POYUS continues to be in excellent health. Thank you Sweet Jesus!

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  7. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    As Ernie Banks said “Let’s play two!” – terms that is……

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  8. James Carpenter says:

    Good job Mister President! And now, perhaps you could send that good doctor over to Ruthie’s place for to give her a checkup too?
    Second thought. Wait. At least until Monday. I’m thinking it might just be a Weekend at Ruthie’s.

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    • G. Combs says:

      What is interesting is the Body language experts take on the Supreme Court Justices Esp. Chief Justice Roberts. Go to about 6 minutes. She see stress in all of them ESPECIALLY Roberts. Later in the vid she says the stress seems to be recent. Ruth? FISA court abuses? Infanticide?


  9. Comrade Mope says:

    Unlike Ruth.

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  10. bayoukiki says:

    So when will the committee start investigating this doctor????

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  11. 1800e says:

    Sarah should have said ” I have distressing news for all of you, our President has received a clean bill of health and should be able to hold office for another 6 years.”

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  12. Zaza says:

    Todays Rasputin Poll has the PoTUS at 50% approval…

    which tells us that with REAL Americans it’s more like 70%

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  13. alliwantissometruth says:

    Fantastic news

    You know, Trump is like me in a way. He’s not afraid to speak his mind because he believes in his views

    I’m 6′ 2″, 230 lbs. and naturally muscular. I grew up on the mean streets of Chicago and know how to handle any situation. I also have a big mouth. I’ve always had conviction of my opinion. I don’t get intimidated and I don’t back down

    I have a lot of liberal friends and get into arguments all the time at parties. I’ll tell them to shut the F up, that they’re a bunch of brainwashed morons, etc.

    My point is, you have to be healthy, physically and mentally in order to push back in a constructive way, and be able to handle the constant assault

    President Trump is healthy both physically and mentally. To handle the outrageous assault against him requires both

    The more abuse he takes, the stronger he seems to get, and that is the mark of a true leader

    Maybe, just maybe, after all is said and done and he goes back home, he can sit and enjoy a few beers for once in his life. If anyone deserves to discover the joys of a few brews, it’s him

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  14. Dreadd80 says:

    Wonder how long before they try to discredit this doctor like they did the last..


  15. CNY3 says:

    Praying (almost) every day for him, his family, his health, his administration……….and that his enemies fall into their own traps.😁

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  16. Doctor Fate says:

    Nutcase libs on liberal sites think Prez’s health is being overstated at best.

    Yet they believe RBG is the picture of health and immortal.

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  17. Michael Todaro says:


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  18. Madmax110 says:

    That is good news. Now can we get confirmation of a pulse and temperature check on RBG ?

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  19. GB Bari says:

    Great news. I’d wager that PDJT may be in better health than he has been in years. After two years on the W.H. Doctor’s care and dietary guidance… 🙂

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  20. Aussie Trump Supporter says:

    No surprised to read that your President has passed his medical. He is one amazingly energetic man. I have just read that the demorats are setting up an anonymous panel that will prove that Pres.Trump is unhinged. Apparently on of the five on the panel is the leftist Yale University psychiatrist who assess that Pres.Trump is mentally unfit because of his rush to tweet! as this indicates that he is under stress and cannot handle this stress!!!!!!!! Tweeting


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      You had best stop reading your bias papers in your part of the world.And anything over is
      left wing dribble.


    • Zaza says:

      So then we can conclude that ANYONE who tweets daily is stressed out and likely unhinged. Well twitter does seem like an insane asylum most days, 😀


    • NC Patriot says:

      He tweets to tell; US what he is thinking on a daily basis, or what he wants us to pay attention to. He has 57+ million followers, AND he bypasses the out of control media.


      • Aussie Trump Supporter says:

        To all the above replies as my name states I am a Pres. Trump SUPPORTER and was just pointing out what I had read and yes our media has a very left wing slant but I depend on my news on the internet and read this on one of your right leaning blogs whom I believe got it from one of your fake msm lot. Also to make it quite clear I realize just how important twitter is for Pres Trump to get his message out there to the everyday Americans.
        If we in Australia had anyone even half as smart, energetic, caring and as Patriotic as your President we would not be looking down the barrel of a double shotgun with our forthcoming election sometime in May. God help us but above all God Bless Donald Trump.

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        • Beverly says:

          Aussie, thanks for your kind good wishes! As you probably know, we Americans have always liked you lot!

          Any chance of getting another John Howard type as PM down there?


  21. spoogels says:


    Blue State Blues: Donald Trump Has Liberated Democrats to Be Their Socialist Selves


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  22. Visitor says:

    Uh-Oh..that Doc is about to become familiar with the term “politics of personal destruction”.


  23. Daniel says:

    It’s funny (but not really, it’s actually disgusting) that we have so much information about Obama which is still hidden away. We have Ruth Bader Ginsberg who hasn’t been seen or heard from for a long, long time and people are demanding proof of life.

    Meanwhile, Trump is healthier than I am and the media will be all over him with criticism.

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  24. tuskyou says:

    God Bless our Very Stable and Healthy Genius POTUS. May we all maintain good health and enjoy 8 years of Winning (and more).

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  25. Rhi says:

    Now do RBG!

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    • jack says:

      Good point! Trump should out of “kindness” offer RBG the royal treatment and allow the same doctors that checked out OUR PRESIDENT, to check out her let us know the condition of Ginsburg! 🙂

      If the President had bad report, they would call for him to step down, well the same should apply to the Judges on the Highest Court on the Land, right? :


    • G. Combs says:

      It only seems fair that the President sent over his PERSONAL WHITE HOUSE doctor to check out RBG…. snicker, snicker

      Or maybe it is time for Milania to pay a visit with a bouquet of flowers. Perhaps on Feb 14th.

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  26. J Gottfred says:

    I hope I have half the endurance and stamina that 45 has. It amazes me that the more the left hit him the more control and stamina he exhibits. Truly the energizer bunny has been put to shame and is no longer relevant.


  27. MfM says:

    Great Trump’s exam went well. It’s no wonder we are talking about RBG. RBG said she would retire when she couldn’t do the job full steam.

    She planned her surgery so there would be time to recover before she needed to come back.

    She’s not back and hasn’t been seen or heard from in public for a long while. Sounds like she can’t perform the job and should retire.


    • NC Patriot says:

      New SC session starts Feb 19th I think. Lets see if she shows up.


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Supposedly, RBG attended a concert this past Monday night given in her honor by her daughter-in-law. She sat in the back of the auditorium where it was dark and the sponsors did not permit any photography. Before the concert her son, James, said that she is walking a mile every day and meeting with her personal trainer twice a week. If this information is true then why is she not doing her job? Why has she not been seen in public (whre is she walking)? Seems to me she owes several months worth of salary to our Treasury.


  28. Drogers says:

    Stout as a Brahma Bull, skin thicker than shoe leather, and stubborn as a Missouri Mule.

    Good on you, Mr. President!

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  29. Davenh says:

    In high school I worked at a private schools kitchen in the evening and weekends. There was an 88 year old guy who would ride the bus in Friday night and work a couple of weekends shifts. Drank vodka and smoked luckies all weekend long. Strong as an ox. Genetics has a much bigger part in overall health than most people know.


  30. RatedProduct says:

    This is a man obsessed with achievement that thrives on competition. I predict he will serve a second term as president and then run for governor of Florida (just to stay close to the golf course).
    After that he’ll kick back a little. Maybe a city council seat just to keep life interesting.
    We are so damn lucky!


  31. MrG says:

    POTUS is amazing. I’m in pretty good shape for 64 and I am gob-smacked by his tireless energy. Physical stamina and mental stamina are different. I can hold my own physically, but more then 30 minutes in a crowd or a 15 minute convo with most people just exhausts me.

    He’s special and I am now convinced is God sent. Over the years, I never really “liked” Trump, but there was something about him that was intriguing.

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  32. William Schneider says:

    MrG. I also was dubious about Trump until he ran for president and I began to really listen to him . But now as president this man is on a roll. THis is his destiny and his calling by God I believe. He is doing God’s will and buoyed up by millions of praying Christians like the treepers on this site. I am astounded at this man’s energy and intellect at an age when many are retiring and looking to lay back and take it easy. He is an inspiration to me as I approach 70 years of age. Let’ s keep praying for this man to keep him safe and healthy for many more years.

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  33. andyocoregon says:

    I wonder if President Trump had to undergo a colonoscopy this time? I’ve had one done and since then I use the stool test kits. I’m always nervous about the results until they arrive and say no problem.


  34. Good on you President,👍❤️

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  35. tvollrath66 says:

    I told my husband when we were watching the sotu…wow look at the president. He looks really good. He loves this job he is thriving.

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  36. wodiej says:

    Yay!! God’s blessing us.


  37. Mr. T. says:

    Considering the huge amount of stress that President Trump has to deal with on a daily basis, whether it’s handling affairs of state, or dealing with the constant negativity from MSM and Congress, in addition to the bogus Mueller investigation, it’s a miracle that the man doesn’t have ulcers or high blood pressure. I don’t know how he does it day after day, doing all of the good things for our country while deflecting the negativity, but I certainly appreciate what he’s doing for, We, The People. I wish him continued good health and as always, I will continue to support him 100%.

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  38. znoxide says:

    I feel cheated with just a simple statement like this. Last year there was a one-hour marathon press conference. Did the media get their serious questions answered such as comparing and contrasting the relative fitness of BO and President Trump? Did the president’s diet change throughout the year? Were they really sure it was the president they were examining and not a healthier body double? This lack of specificity must be investigated and I think between the media and the house we might be able to get more answers.


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      There will be no press conference this year. The anti-Trump crowd could not spin the results from last year’s press conference to their liking so they will not dare seek another public spectacle that would make them look like the petty haters they are.

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  39. muskrat says:

    God Bless him and his whole family. and thank you God for him and the USA.


  40. Trump Fan says:

    to this good news.
    Thanks God.
    And bless President Donald Trump.


  41. Trump Fan says:


    Stay healthy too.
    My tip for all the readers here.


  42. Mike diamond says:

    President Trump is in good health because he is Blessed by God,he is for our country he stands with Israel,he is for protecting the unborn babies and so much more !


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