Roger Stone Discusses His Indictment With Laura Ingraham…

Roger Stone pleaded not guilty today in DC court. Mr. Stone appears on Laura Ingraham to discuss all the recent events.

Regardless of opinion of Mr. Stone, myself being generally ambivalent, there’s an element of his flamboyant approach and fortitude that seems oddly admirable.  I find myself hoping he’s the guy who can flick a booger on Weissmann.

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243 Responses to Roger Stone Discusses His Indictment With Laura Ingraham…

  1. Zippy says:

    “there’s an element of his flamboyant approach and fortitude that seems oddly admirable. I find myself hoping he’s the guy who can flick a booger on Weissmann.”

    Yeah, I admire his “Oh, yeah? Well SC**W YOU, TOO!” attitude, I just wish he and his associates hadn’t been anywhere near PDJT which allowed PDJT to be attacked by proxy; guilt by association. Of course, if they hadn’t been anywhere near him and ESPECIALLY if they had instead been Deep State Swamp operatives, none of them would have ever been prosecuted for anything and would instead be rolling in their cash rewards.


  2. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Last August the Tech Giants in collusion with the Democratic Party and the Fake Mainstream News media totally censored Roger’s daily show on InfoWars.

    “I think this is a test case. If they are successful in muzzling Alex Jones then it is only a matter of time before Breitbart, DailyCaller, NewsMax, SeanHannity, MikeSavage, RushLimbaugh, LauraIngraham or other people I admire as patriots will be subject to the same treatment. I think this is a test” ~ Roger Stone 08/08/18

    Have we failed that test?

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    • Zaza says:

      No not really, I mean no as in not “the next step”, the political class needs their foils in the media to run against, there will always be a need for a Bush Limbaugh or Hamnity, just as they need CNN to play the classical part of “other side”. Fake news is a two way street.


    • CNN_sucks says:

      Judge Napolitano has already capitulate. After he was suspended, he became an hackster.

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  3. Akindole says:

    Stone is to Ann Coulter…
    …As Stone is solely for Stone.

    As stated elsewhere on the ARPAnet, however, discovery should be fun to watch/read.


  4. Attorney says:

    God know we need to flick some boogers…and soon!!!


  5. Sparty says:

    sorry, but some of comments such as “oooh, I wish Stone was never involved with my PDJT” or “Stone is for Stone” are beyond head scratchers. Seriously? If not for Roger Stone what is the probability your PDJT resides in the house on Pennsylvania Ave? Answer: zero. Who resurrected MAGA and the red hat? Stone. Who created MAGA and the foam red hat? Stone. You don’t think Trump prepped for debates with input from Stone? Low Energy as descriptor for Jeb? Stone. All the Treepers here detest Bush. Wanna put gas on that fire? Read Rogers “Bush Crime Family” book. Which no one has been able to shred apart. So please….the gentleman that has been closer than anyone to our President over the last 30+ years from a presidential run perspective is Roger Stone. Period. No one else.

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      Agreed. Stone has been prosecuted because ge supported Trump and Trump base will be next. Media has already laying the ground to marginalize Trump base.

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    • Annie Ok says:

      I agree. I am cheering him on. I hope he is as tough as he seems. If they can’t get anything on him, and he runs circles around the Mueller team, maybe he will turn around and sue them for false accusations. Or something like that. I like the way he fights back. That “pre-dawn raid” was truly fascistic.


  6. Fools Gold says:

    Stone is sure enough to be comfortable enough in his shoes….got admit it would be fireworks between he and the Adam Schiff liberal socialist.

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  7. Trump's Hammer says:

    Say what you will, but my oh my, he’s a joy to watch. Never a dull moment in a Roger Stone interview, and he’s been right almost every time.

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  8. Paul Strauss says:

    My first thought was: as a prosecutor, would I really want to indict someone like Roger Stone? One word comes to mind: DISCOVERY.


  9. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Lionel Nation and the gestapo-style takedown of one Roger Stone, Esquire.


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