Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing – 9:30am Livestream…

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will be holding a public hearing today covering a variety of topics pertaining to ongoing “world wide threats”.

The participants of the hearing are: FBI Director Christopher Wray; CIA Director Gina Haspel; Office of the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats; Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Robert Ashley; National Security Agency (NSA) Director General Paul Nakasone; and Director Robert Cardillo National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).  The anticipated start time is 9:30am

SSCI Website Link HEREAlternate Livestream Here

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254 Responses to Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing – 9:30am Livestream…

  1. Green Gas says:

    China ? See DiFi and the China doll

    Presents a graven image of a president darkly influenced by the Communists who still rule mainland China by brute force, and who exercise influence in *American elections through campagin cash and old-fashioned espionage.

    “China doll : Clinton, Gore and the selling of the U.S. Presidency”.

    Related Subjects:(13)
    Clinton, Bill, — 1946-
    Gore, Al, — 1948-
    Presidents — United States.
    Elections — Corrupt practices — United States.
    Campaign funds — United States.
    United States — Foreign relations — China.
    China — Foreign relations — United States.
    Campaign funds.
    Diplomatic relations.
    Elections — Corrupt practices.
    United States.
    User lists with this item (2)
    OKchina relations united states-06(250 items)
    by yaling
    American corruption(76 items)
    by RogerMorris/ < it pertains to correlation.

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  2. redline says:

    Maybe it’s just me.

    Does anyone here see a single (R) on that list who would be viewed as a consistent, trustworthy ally of our President?

    (I’m sure it’s just me… I hope.)

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  3. Tiffthis says:

    Is this just to postpone the Barr vote?

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      • thegoosefish says:

        Which means the SC report may be released early so Barr is unable to edit it.

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      • decisiontime16 says:

        Thx, BigMamaTea…

        From your link –

        “They’re just gearing up for more censorship on social media. A few dozen foreign trolls don’t have any real effect on our elections. Censoring conservative speech, shadowbanning conservative Congressmen, and the media publishing fake news does though. No mention of any of that.”

        These people on the committee are scary sick.

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        • G. Combs says:

          This is a very important youtube about that censorship by a couple of Anons called:
          1984 Called… Silicon Valley’s Orwellan Plan to Supress Independent News

          It is 48 minutes chock full of references to articles and US laws. It starts with a UK government Funded ‘NGO’ called ‘Institute for Statecraft’. Dives into the ‘Integrity Initiative’ and then moves on to ‘NewsGuard’ It touches on allot of other stuff along the way with a few references to the forbidden letter mainly about Google and Facebook.

          I would rate it a MUST SEE since it directly addresses the Elites plans to shutdown alternate news on the internet backed up with a lot of facts. I much prefer to read but this video had me glued to the screen dispite it being produced by amateurs.


          • smurfette says:

            1984 was part of what is now known as top-down “predictive programming”. Orwell was part of the top down pyramid complex and their code of ethics (to grant them eternal salvation in the face of doing evil) is to announce their plan beforehand…fair warning if you will. Then if the evil occurs then the top-down hierarchy will claim well you deserve the pain because you were too lazy to heed our fair warning and the downfall is yours. Except that they overwhelm the populace with deceptive programming and drug/entertainment-induced complacency.

            The rabbit hole goes even deeper than the UK. Great Britain was the first country to fall to the NWO. Soros manipulating the UK sterling for immense winfall through political tomfoolery is an example although it is but one example. Soros’ next project was the USA. When we speak of satanic influence we mean the Baal devil horns.

            Russia forbids the central banks hence they are the enemy of the Baal state.


          • smurfette says:

            Oops, I started off wanting to say good video. Thank you for the find!

            Silicon Valley definitely part of the Orwellian Plan. It’s also a hotbed of self-destruction for those attracted to the IT Mecca much like NY and California due to cointelpro Stasi.

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        • Larry Charles says:

          I don’t think this bunch can be trusted at all.They are lying never Trumpers.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      The professional politicians will keep occupied pretending to be productive and avoid dealing with a certain real problem for the next 3 weeks. At that last minute they will complain that they need more time to debate the border control issue and demand another Continuing Resolution. Meanwhile the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Intimidation will keep rounding up friends of Trump and no one will lift a finger to help accused. They are guilty until proven innocent according to CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, etc.

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  4. Mr. T. says:

    There’s intelligence in the Senate? Really? Seriously?

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  5. Just Beachy says:

    Can’t Pres. Trump appoint Barr as interim just like he did Whitaker (who is turning out to be worthless)?

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Just Beachy…..that’s in the Judiciary committee today….all nomination will need to be voted out of committee, then they will be sent to the senate Floor for a full vote of the senate. Go look at that link I posted up above…..there’s Barr for AG and Trump had to make re-nominations when the congress changed at the end of the year, for those the demonrats were stalling on the votes last year.

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    • goldduggar says:

      Another Jeff Sessions–missing in action.

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  6. fanbeav says:

    So tired of all this kabuki! It’s an embarrassment to see people in charge of “intelligence” for our government talk like this!

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  7. Sean Supsky says:

    Be of good cheer. The enemy is already defeated, they just don’t know it yet. look forward to the end, not the process now.

    have faith, it works miracles.

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    • Sharon says:

      “Faith” does work miracles. I know that first hand because of the experience of decades; however, faith in and of itself, does not produce miracles. It has EVERYTHING to do with WHAT OR WHO you have faith in.

      A lot of people had faith in obama. A lot of people had faith in Sessions. A lot of people had faith in the judicial branch. Even the Constitution, in and of itself, cannot “work miracles”. It has to be implemented by people of a virtuous mind set. And the Founders knew that.

      Having faith in deceitful agencies and sources will onlyl provide the predictable. It will not “work a miracle”.

      It’s my opinion that there has been a usurpation of language, and lots of sloppy (“spiritualizing…”) language in recent years as an avoidance mechanism.

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      • Sean Supsky says:

        I shall elucidate, Sharon, that when I speak of having faith, I speak of God, from the bible and of Jesus, from the bible. Having faith in them and when you pray, and do not doubt, will indeed work miracles. This is known from first hand experience.

        You are correct in there is a sloppy spiritualizationing, and I apologize if that was the impression you received.

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      • smurfette says:

        I agree 200%.

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      • Judith says:

        Yes, faith has been thoroughly corrupted, as well. And that just may have been the last straw.

        I am more of the Archangel Michael mindset, and I am ready to do battle to protect the innocents. You can be the innocent, if that’s where you’re at. I am good with that!

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    • Plain Jane says:

      Well said Sean.


  8. @ChicagoBri says:

    Didn’t Israel get Iranian nuclear docs out of Iran? Didn’t said docs indicate that Iran was actively pursuing nukes? Or am I misremembering?

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  9. BarneyRubble says:

    Mark Warner and Diane Feinstein are in bed with Communist Chinese telecoms and the Democrat party architects of Google Dragonfly. Kamala Harris = comfort woman.

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  10. BarneyRubble says:

    Meanwhile Israel gives China control of port at Haifa.


  11. Akindole says:

    I had a vacuum cleaner bag to change.
    And cleaned the microwave turntable.

    Sorry I missed the Showcase of DC Stars.

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  12. Green Gas says:

    isis mice is idiots , to bad Hillary obama CIA armed them , even idiots are dangerous with a gun but I think the fkking cripps or bloods could kick isis stupid ass ,

    Trump has exposed these deep creeps as Warmongers ,it will bite their ass later.

    Straight faced they talk cyber security with these morons pushing hillz for prez ,.

    Fed workers ,These poor idiots were going under after 5 weeks of no pay ,let them poor fed workers get the welfare ,earned income tax credit ” a federal subsidie is welfare and they will get theirs ,while pointing at you

    Who are they talking to ? all the Americans I know think US Intelligence Community, and Chris Wray are the enemy of the American people ,we want charges ,a hearing and then a rope .


  13. scslayer says:

    Has anyone thought about how Trump, unleashed from the confines of President will work to sway election after election for Trumpism once out of office?

    It’s kind of like Ben Kenobi being even more powerful after Vader light sabered him.
    I’m looking forward to the show.

    I just worry, as others have on here, that election integrity is not going to be dealt with and all us conservatives will slip to the fringe as the sheeple fall in line with their government freebies and smartphones.


  14. rustybritches says:

    I hate polls but this morning on News max it says that a majority of Americans will not vote for Trump again, have not seen anything so far to confirm that is true or not, but on some websites it shows that Pt Came out of the shut down looking pretty good after all and that it was polosi that lost her rating I guess what makes me mad is that after all the President has done for the Republicans The only thing any of them could focus on this morning was making sure that the
    President was not allowed to remove the troops too soon from Syria and that the country certainly don’ t need another shut down, Well, Didn’t we all know when Graham and Kushner talked the President into giving in on the dems demands that this was going to happen ?He has more Republicans standing against another shut down than ever before.. Where were these people when O did the worst shut down in history. Now its all Trumps fault Oh gosh,
    I just think that maybe the Dems will finally accept that PT has done nothing wrong and then the Republicans hold off on getting the one person who might help him threw confermation and I just want to slap the crap out of Graham and some of the people close to the President

    well guess its back to asking the good lord to forgive me for being angary and upset that things are not going my way, and try again to accept that things always happen in Gods time and not mine and then its easier to live with..


  15. Elle says:

    Dear God, it has gotten so crazy. I’m going to shut it out. It’s too much. It’s insanity. I’m going to tell myself that somewhere someone with authority is allowing these people to hang themselves with their own rope. I don’t care if it is true or not. Oh sure, I won’t be able to resist reading in here, this last refuge, to get context. But the train is screaming on one rail at 100mph towards a mile high gorge where a bridge either does or does not exist. Nothing I can say or do is going to stop the train. So I’ll pray. That’s all I can do.

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  16. appraisher says:

    The biggest threat to American security are the very people that are testifying. They’re not tasked with protecting America, their job-one is to protect the Deep State, their Agencies and themselves.

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  17. Green Gas says:

    At about 1.23 minute Shakey Collins cried to CIA head about big bad Putin , but what about CIA spy in a lady wig ? Did she forget about that .


    • Green Gas says:

      Fogle, who was accused of working for the CIA, was widely shown on Russian television wearing a blond lady wig. The US embassy has refused to comment on the case.

      The attention given to the Fogle case in Russia contrasts with recent moves by Washington and Moscow to develop closer co-operation on counter-terrorism in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing on 15 April.

      The bombing suspects – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his elder brother, Tamerlan, who was killed by police – have roots in the Russian republic of Chechnya.

      Tamerlan spent six months last year in neighboring Dagestan, now the centre of an Islamic insurgency, and US investigators have been working with the Russians to try to determine whether he had established any contacts with the militants.

      Little is known publicly about Fogle’s duties and activities in Russia. The US state department confirmed he worked as an embassy employee but would give no details about his job. The CIA has made no comment.


  18. Pyrthroes says:

    Rats’ bi-coastal rump may vote 100-to-1 for some halfwit geriatric like Bernie or Slow Joe Biden, but Trump’s 2016 Electoral margin of 304 : 227 (33.9%) has ample margin for winning over virtually any hopped-up MzBill poseur redux.

    Nineteen months off, a strong economy, confident national defense, Judiciary appointments plus administrative/regulatory (Fourth Branch) comeuppance will make blowhard collectivists’ something-for-nothing antics a sick joke.

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  19. Hebo Sabe says:

    I look at the committee and feel the urge to puke.

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  20. Kris says:

    Wray needs to answer questions about the whistleblower and Stone raids.

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  21. distracted2 says:

    All I have to say is that I don’t trust a single person on the panel or asking the questions.

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  22. L. E. Joiner says:

    I don’t have time to sit and watch Senate hearings. The summary on Fox Special Report had Catherine Herridge summarizing a brief litany of ‘threats’ from China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran that essentially contradicted the President’s public assessments. See here:
    (doesn’t seem to have a unique ID for the video; look on the left of their home page).

    All of these ‘intelligence’ chiefs (Coats, Haspel, Wray, and others) AFAIK were appointed by President Trump. But they do not seem to be on the same page (or even in the same book) as the President. Obviously if they think he is wrong, they should say so. But it looked more to me as if they were simply kow-towing to the anti-Trump members of the Committee. In the little bits I heard, none sounded half-way as informed as Secretary Mike Pompeo. If this passes for ‘intelligence’, the President has a problem. /LEJ


  23. WeThePeople2016 says:


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  24. Zorro says:

    China is the No. 1 threat. Just ask DiFiChiSpi.

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  25. Suncc49 says:

    man DNI Coats is an idiot


  26. Jenevive says:

    Mike Pompeo seems to be solidly Team Trump
    I also notice how the Dems never seem to go after him.
    I wonder if he learned a few things about this coup
    during his time as CIA director. Maybe he had
    access to Brennen’s files? Maybe he is whispering
    in POTUS ear whatever he knows.

    I find it odd that the Dems don;t attack him or bad talk him
    or anything..

    And what is our take on Gina Hapsel is she white hat or black hat?
    Both Brennen and Pompeo spoke highly of her so I am not sure
    what to think of her.


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