Priorities? – FBI Director Christopher Wray Delivers Message From The FBI….

The FBI is a sh!t show…. Good grief, the entire institution is now just a hot mess of incompetence, self-preservation, virtue signaling and political positioning.

Cue the audio visual:


Despite the FBI tender sensibilities being wounded due to the shutdown; somehow the FBI found the motivation and resources to send more heavily armed agents to arrest 68-year-old Roger Stone than ever stepped foot in Benghazi, Libya.


(IG Report Link)

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403 Responses to Priorities? – FBI Director Christopher Wray Delivers Message From The FBI….

  1. Zippy says:

    “ALL now rests with a completely unproven commodity named Wm. Barr. ”

    He’s not “unproven.” People here should occasionally try reading or just scanning some of the other posts and the articles at the links they provide. Here’s one from not very far up this thread:

    Now It’s William Barr: When Will Christians And Conservatives Stop Making Excuses For Donald Trump? – 24 Jan 2019


    • madeline says:

      Troubling, I like Chuck Baldwin. I want to believe Trump has a plan but gosh–can we at least get a clue what the plan is? Or, can he please begin implementing the plan.


    • clairebee says:

      Some of this seems reasonable, but some of Balwin’s writing is just so over the top. That’s a lot of rambling on to make a point that he’s had it with Trump.


  2. Joan Calhoun says:

    I don’t understand. Why can’t Trump pick Maga Men. Why are we, the poor deplorables out in the hinterland, the only ones that have to carry the Maga burden?


    • mr.piddles says:

      Slim Pickin’s, sadly. The MAGA Men and MAGA Women are not anywhere near the top of the Political Hierarchy, in general. There are a handful, sure, but certainly not enough to make up a fully-functioning Federal Governing Apparatus. Folks like Wray need to go through a Status-Quo-Never-Trump-DC-First political meat grinder… if you’re as much of a threat to the Status Quo at your position as Trump is to his, then you ain’t gettin’ the votes. And the ones that may even LEAN TOWARD supporting The President have to PRETEND that they WON’T support The President. It’s like leaving your Red MAGA Hat at home when you take your kids to McDonald’s. That’s the world we live in.

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    • Nanky52 says:

      Joan…it does seem that way…Fire Wray…I am sure Trump can find someone with patriotic hutzpah to take over the FBI who can clean up the mess in the FBI…what the heck is up with nominating Barr???A Bush globalist holdover? I want Comey, Brennan, Obama, Clintons, Podestas,Rosenstein, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Soros etc. etc. indicted now, sedition and treason, plenty of evidence…Mueller and his henchmen need to go…Come on Whitaker in the AG’s office…Heads need to roll…losing patience with Trump,


    • A lot of it is Unionized Government Workers….the basic premise is insane.
      First reform I would make would be make it go away.
      We are getting Fed by career unfirable Civil servants


  3. titan28 says:

    Why did Trump pick this guy? Wray is “deplorable.”


  4. James B says:

    Lawyers protect Lawyers regardless of Party affiliation…Especially the Politician Lawyers…..Virtually all of the corruption that has been exposed at the FBI/DOJ has been willfully committed by Lawyers…and not one of the corrupt Lawyers has had their Law license suspended or revoked for unethical/illegal behavior….Ask yourself why??? Because the Politician Lawyers(House & Senate) protect the Lawyer bureaucrats in those agencies…. None of these people(Lawyers) will be held accountable that’s obvious to anyone paying attention….Sad….


  5. says:

    Ask McConnell, why he will not recess and let the President make recess appointments? At least then #MAGA could field a team.


  6. iPack says:

    Sending 29 heavily armed goons to Roger Stone house was somehow appropriate and a good use of resources?

    This guy is a snake! 10x worse than Comey. Comey was just an ego-inflated, vain buffoon who was manipulated and played by Brennan and Lynch. This guy is a real peace of work! And Trump appointed him.


  7. Mike says:

    Dear director Wray,

    Instead of the tax payers paying for the FBI, why doesn’t the Clinton Foundation and the DNC pay their salaries?

    After all that’s who the FBI works for.


  8. JustaVerb says:

    ‘TOENSING: Why Did Christopher Wray Allow Mueller’s Thugs To Use 29 FBI Agents On Roger Stone?’


  9. Hebo Sabe says:

    No wonder President Trump doesn’t want to telegraph his moves.

    ~50% of America is below the median IQ.

    MAGA regardless.


  10. mugzey302 says:

    Obama’s IC collected blackmail on congress, admin, judiciary, media reporters, whoever he needed to influence for his purposes. That info is still out there, in the hands of SOMEBODY. Who are these people? They need to resign (SCOTUS Roberts is one).


  11. halgl8888 says:

    ??Priorities?? – FBI Director Christopher Wray Delivers His Corrupt Message From The FBI….

    chris wray is deep state corrupt – deceptive and criminal just like his pervious fbi corrupt predecessor was

    I will never trust any FBI director that doesn’t have President TRUMP complete trust

    Go To Hell christopher wray!!!


  12. Eagle says:

    Dear Mr. Wray, take your “110 year old brand” and stick it up your colon. You and your organizations contempt of the American people is acknowledged and noted. Stick it.


  13. clairebee says:



  14. Mort says:

    Every body who is or has been in contact with the democrat media should be fired!


  15. Pokey says:

    To understand the mentality of a Bureaucrat, I recommend a small book written in 1944 by economist Ludwig Von Mises and appropriately titled “Bureaucracy”. It is the most straightforward indictment of big government and collectivist claptrap that I have read.


  16. G.W. Long says:

    Seriously does ANY RANK AND FILE FBI AGENTS believe this AZZHAT? Good Grief. How much did this video cost We The Taxpayers?


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