Magnanimous President Trump Delays State of the Union Address….

A magnanimous and deferential President Trump announced via Twitter his intent to delay the State of the Union address until after the partial government shutdown impasse is resolved…


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  1. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  2. Sparky5253 says:

    We are watching “the art of the deal”in action. And, some of Trump’s deals take a long time to complete. San Fran Nan is getting played by a master. She’s so in over her head and it is wonderful to watch. Trump can think out of the box and come up with solutions, while Nan just spins.

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    • The Boss says:

      True. Yet there are too many here who are not enjoying the ride. Maybe they have saddle sores or hemorrhoids. Get off your high horses and take a rest, eeyores!

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Plus he plans long long long term and plans more than just one way to win.
      PDT must plan a dozen ways to win in my opinion.


  3. TwoLaine says:

    Just a Reminder, Nitwit Nancy and her Crooked Cronies planned to be elsewhere this week,. and taxpayer funded junkets. They NEVER planned on doing anything until after the 29th at best anyway.

    Who shuts down a SOTU weeks in advance? Spiteful, petty TDS creatures.


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    • Daniel says:

      I think Trump endorsed Nancy for specifically that reason — to elevate her as high as possible so the subsequent fall of Pelosi and of the Democrats at large will hurt the most.

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      • candid says:

        Rush says it is a cave, more like unconditional surrender.

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        • G. Combs says:

          Rush is controlled opposition like the rest of the media. Remember he just completed a new contract with Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital in June of 2016. And Mitt Romney hates President Trump.

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          • NvMtnOldMan says:

            G.—I was a Rush 24/7 for years but dropped him like a rock in 2016 for the way he adored little Jeb, Marco and of course, Cruz. He constantly said that Trump was NOT a conservative. I still do not listen to Rush. He is a globalist. Period.

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            • gregc77 says:

              Nonsense. Rush is measured, does not endorse candidates, has been enthralled by DJT’s mastery all along, and has been calling the Russia hoax etc. a coup attempt for about two years. He’s still the go-to guy for good perspective on just about everything, even though he’s sometimes not as strong as we would like.

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          • Zaza says:

            “Rush is controlled opposition like the rest of the media”

            correct. Limbaugh is an example of the super symmetry theory as we can see “fake news” or corporate media messaging is not a one way street and requires an equally false narrative from a mirror perspective to seem plausible for a casual observer.

            This is not to say Limbaugh may not be one of the “true believers” that exist in the state, as we have seen, examples such as Deep State Generals sending their own children off to die in the wars of globalist hubris. The “true believer” may be the most irrational and therefore the most dangerous purveyor of the global news model that sells daily the false dichotomy of right vs left or liberal vs conservative.

            Not long ago Limbaugh went SO FAR as to blame the deep state(globalist) for duping his precious Bush conservatives into a Iraq war, replete with fake media narratives (like the yellow cake and sarin gas speculations) for those who recall the setup for the mid east invasion. Limbaughs irrationality has him searching for an avenue of factual basis to stint his errant beliefs. The egomaniacal like Limbaugh are incapable of accepting the deep and total failure of their rhetorical, errant conclusions, choosing instead an echo chamber of consistent repetition of the crafted mantras that have built their media empires, from cable news to talk radio.

            Until those like Limbaugh are able to understand and admit the incredible failure of conclusions that they willingly self indulge in, they are blind to the reasoning that betrays the untenable false positions they continually push.


          • inspectorudy says:

            Get a grip on yourself! Do you see what you just wrote? That is about as bad a load of BS as the Dims throw out. You can call this a deep strategy if you want to but to me, it looks like a man who is feeling the heat from all of his RINO advisers. 2020 is going to be a nogo if this keeps up.


        • Blind no longer says:

          I was listening. He did not call it a cave…he said the media was calling it a cave! He said it was more like reorganizing the Troops and the battle plan.

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          • Benson II says:

            Didn’t know that before I made my comment but I’ve still seen Rush go back and forth but not as much lately so should have waited instead of taking someone’s word when I didn’t listen to it myself.


            • If you didn’t listen regularly or to the whole thing you could say that. For 3 years I have seen him consistently supportive of Trump and during this madness Rush was my sanctuary …and having Trump respond directly to him and having Hannity also credit Rush gave me some peace of mind.


          • spren says:

            Rush said Trump “never caves. He re-positions.” My wife was also listening and she said “Exactly!” Personally, I don’t really understand and am disappointed. I think a great opportunity was lost to have most of the House vacant and the full Senate there (unless Dems boycotted from there also). Refusing to negotiate, refusing to compromise, refusing to authorize pay for the Coast Guard and other federal employees required to work without receiving current pay, and then refusing to hear the President describe the state of the union along with his considerations and recommendations. All of these would’ve been very destructive to the Democrats who would be seen as only obstructionists.

            But Trump has reasons for why he postponed and I trust that he knows better than I.


            • Zaza says:

              Limbaugh knows, through feedback metrics, that his audience is greatly pro-Trump, ergo he cannot afford to alienate them with too much establishment party rhetoric. Limbaughs “skin in the game” goes no further than his ratings and ability to land lucrative ad contracts. If his audience as a whole ever turns on Trump, Limbaugh will suddenly find numerous reasons to declare Trump unfit, at the end of the day Limbaugh is no more than a weather vane.

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        • Benson II says:

          President Trump wisely knew this was not a fight to go to the wall for. What would it have entailed, tit for tat back and forth with Pelosi. Give me a break.

          Rush always has to show his anti-Trump BS after a big atta boy to the President. I always wait for it after he’s said something great about what President Trump did. Didn’t have to wait very long.


        • swissik says:

          I believe it is a major fail and I don’t listen to Rush. Pelosi is ruthless, she learned well from her father. Don’t expect logic, diplomacy or reasoning from her, she is incapable.


        • Mark McQueen says:

          Trump has taken the issue off the table as far as the shutdown goes. Now, lets get back to funding the wall. 🙂

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        • Voltaire says:

          I called this yesterday.

          Doing other venues, etc. didn’t feel right.

          First he called her out on “security” concern.

          Now he’s got her on record.

          Now he waits…

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        • frankie says:

          What does Rush know?

          He was a Bushie, then a Jebbie, then a poolboy Marco fan. And he was Cruz’s guy until that nitwit set himself on fire the day before Our Lion’s nomination.

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      • corimari2013 says:

        With the President being high-minded and noble, the weight of the shutdown and unpaid workers is on her shoulders.

        President Trump has made it crystal-clear that Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the government shutdown, and the hardship of thousands of US citizens.

        Everyone is, and will be, watching Pelosi to end this hurting.

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        • swissik says:

          Maybe everyone who reads this site, but the majority out there are swallowing everything the msm serves up.

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        • zozz1 says:

          This drama has several more acts and scenes before the final curtain comes down after the SOTU. I suspect Trump will be taking bows to a standing ovation of citizens while poor Nancy must sit there behind him, muttering, “Curses! Foiled again!!” Her problem will not be Trump: it will be the Dems, who are not going to be at all happy with her performance; the critics will savage her, and she risks losing control of the House Dems…. some of them are already becoming restive. The longer it drags on, the worse it is for the Dems…especially inasmuch as Trump has offered a bit of compromise. Intransigency on Nancy’s part is not attractive. Trump now controls the timing, because until he gets a bill he won’t veto, nothing they pass will end the shutdown. All the comments from the punditocracy, including Rush, are just noise at the moment. The audience might as well be quiet and settle in to enjoy the drama. None of us is on the stage; we are just the audience.

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      • bigralphie says:

        Good gawd, when Rancid Piglosi’s floor length mammi finally slam into ground-level it will equal any seismic event of the Left Coast. The Party of Hate is comprised of one wing being the Daycare Center Millennials spewing “socialism is really groovy because, like, you know, dude” with Occasional-Cortex making Groper Joe Biden sound like Cicero with her daily foot-in-mouth genius comments & her BFF Muddaphuka Tlaib; then at the extreme end of the pendulum we have the Demented Fossil Force like Pelosi Galore, Mad Max Waters, Sheila “missing village idiot” Crack-son Lee, caveman Al Green (not the gospel singer) from TX. I keep hoping for a complete, spectacular implosion of their party soon (Whigs: The Sequel). Can’t wait for your next press conference Nan-zi, where you’ll rail against the Big Meanie Donald J. Grover Cleveland by GAWD!


  4. David Vicknair says:

    I think the Dems thought Trump would escalate and so look petty. But he didn’t take the bait, probably to their great surprise. Instead he chose to de escalate. In biblical terms our POTUS has heaped hot coals upon their heads (Prov. 25:21-22, also, Rom. 12:20).

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    • Lone Pine says:

      I personally don’t think the Uniparty democrat ms even notice such things given their level of debasement.

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    • SouthernTrumpette says:

      “I think the Dems thought Trump would escalate and so look petty. But he didn’t take the bait, probably to their great surprise. Instead he chose to de escalate.”

      I’m so glad Trump didn’t keep playing tit-for-tat with Pelosi. Wise move on his part.

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      • Hangtown Bob says:

        These recent events may make it more likely that PDT will declare a national emergency. He will fold in the government shutdown with the uncontrolled invasion and need for border security and will use his emergency powers to move money as needed to fund the wall and government payrolls. The emergency will remain in effect until both are completed. Any attempt by Congress to end the emergency will result in de-funding the government workers.

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      • Joan Horning says:

        called forfeiting the battle to win the war


        • tonyE says:

          The other option is a Pyrrhic victory.

          Well done by Trump. He is choosing his battles carefully. He forced Pelosi to arraign her troops on the field of battle and then Trump picked up his banners and went away without giving battle.

          In ancient times, not giving the enemy a battle, was not considered a loss at all but a smart strategic move. Pelosi was gonna lose anyhow because Trump forced her to show up.

          “The wise warrior avoids the battle.”
          ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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    • mimbler says:

      That is certainly a valid perception.

      But IMO giving the SOTU in front of a camera in the oval office would have made Pelosi look irrelevant, rather than PDJT escalating.

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      • Captain Morgan says:

        Mimbler: But then she gives a response in the House with all the Dems cheering her on (along with the media). I think Trump’s move is smarter. What may appear like a loss to us (more importantly to the Dems) may turn out to be a triumphant move. We shall see.

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        • mimbler says:

          Yes, as always time will tell.


        • Benson II says:

          President Trump does not have dictatorial powers so there is no way he could have forced Pelosi to back down. I don’t understand why others don’t understand this. What was he supposed to do keep sending letters as a back and forth with her? How stupid would that look. How about a twitter battle? That would of shown her who was boss. Geesh!!!

          He didn’t back down he accepted what circumstances dictated needed to be done to handle the situation and did exactly that.

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          • tonyE says:


            Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution: The POTUS “may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses,” This section is interesting as it gives the POTUS great leeway over the US Congress.

            Indeed, in the case of a divided Congress, he may adjourn it too. Which I don’t know a President has ever done. But Pelosi is walking a very fine line here because she’s become extremely intransigent.

            Heck, I think the likes of Maxine Waters should have been adjourned years ago.

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            • Samuel Prentice says:

              I strongly agree with most of your comment, but I suspect the meaning of that language in that section referring to adjournment is different than what we take it to be in modern times. After the explicit statement of his power to “upon extraordinary Occasions convene both or either body of congress” the language using adjournment is giving the president the authority, discretion, and power to choose when the covenement will take place. I don’t believe it gives the president the authority to adjourn congress when it is in session. That would be a distinct violation of the separation of powers. And I don’t see anything granting Pelosi the power to postpone the SOTU or restrict its delivery from taking place in the House chambers, especially if the Senate Majority Leader requested it to be delivered there.

              Speaking of that, where has dear old Mitch been throughout this confrontation? He has been a no-show which isn’t really that surprising.


    • paulyho39 says:

      Love this linking to Biblical truth!

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    • frankie says:

      They need some hot coals on other parts of their anatomies.


  5. Mike Strawbridge says:

    High Ground Maneuver


  6. b4im2old says:

    Arrgh I posted earlier but used wrong email, so will try again! 😦

    Longtime reader/occasional poster!

    Love how VSG POTUS is handling this – continually exposing the swamp critters! This one is tightly around NP’s neck. I swear she’s dumber than a box of rocks – she and her minions, and the LSM walk into the traps every single time as they continually play their games by the same old strategies and SNAP!

    To see how old, read this sara carter article about how the same “Russia, Russia movie” by Glenn Simpson was used before, back in ’07 by gwb and hrc v. traitor mc-no-name!
    Popcorn anyone?

    Loved earlier comments about never getting into a pissing match with a skunk…

    Reminded me of this oldie (but goodie!)… “it (she/they – NP and advisers) shoulda looked left, it shoulda looked right…” la-la-la-la-la…

    Enjoy! 🙂 lolol

    Hugs to all you Patriots!!

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Give us an Oval Office Budgeting 101 speech instead. SHOW US how we come out ahead when we build the wall. Just like you did when you showed us how much you cared in
    2005 about the U.N. Renovation Cost to the U.S. Taxpayers.

    We need clear and professional VISUALS and someone to provide sign language for the deaf. IF Bill Shine can’t handle it, get someone else!

    REMIND all of us, including Nitwit Nancy & Cryin’ Chuck, exactly when the Budgeting Deadlines are, and what you submitted and when. A timeline. SHOW us that they are almost 4 months behind DUE DATE and that is NOT your fault. This is them kicking the can, as usual, and has to stop! REMIND US that they approved their own salaries and left the others to be kicked down the road.

    Tell us that real BLACKMAIL is continually expecting us to provide funding to countries who push their poor and criminals on us, and then expecting us to also house, feed, school and fund them as illegals on our own soil too.

    BLACKMAIL is expecting us to fund opioid and drug abuse prevention programs when we are not the culprits spreading those drugs and making all the profits off them. WHY are we being blackmailed year after year for drug prevention programs. WHY aren’t the manufacturers and doctors and drug peddlers funding this? WHY is it my problem all the time?

    BLACKMAIL is the amount of housing and judges we need to support non-enforcement of our existing immigration laws at the hands of activist judges, and the fact that Congress won’t do their jobs and fix the things that are broken.

    As a citizen, I also want to know why we paid families for deaths in 9/11? I want to know why we aren’t paying angel moms and dads, and families? Or families affected by gangs? This is all preventable, just like vaccines supposedly prevent disease. I want a day of memory for all of them as well. We have one for 9/11 where much fewer people died. WHY?

    I want to know where we stand on the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Report and other independent reports. Are we safer now than we were then? What are the holes we need to plug STAT?

    The networks will have to carry it.

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  8. On the other hand, it’s appeasement. Break up into groups and consider that. Write an essay, due when the next insanely irresponsible/criminal action is taken against us. Trust the plan (hee-hee-hee).


  9. railer says:

    Brilliant move by Trump. He spotlights Pelosi’s cancellation, and after the wall is funded, he gives his state of the union speech in the House, praising the Congress for doing the right thing, with Pelosi sitting behind him.

    It’s perfect. I didn’t think of it beforehand, but now I’d say this is about the perfect scenario here. It helps him now and it helps him later. Gotta hand it to the guy, he really knows tactics and strategy.

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  10. EJ says:

    The comments here are bizarre and sound in one up-manship. This was a trap. If Trump bullied his way through and held the SOTU, then he would look like a tyrant. He did the right thing. Pelosi looks petty. Trump tweets nonstop and delivered a message the other day from the Oval Office. We are not lacking in communication.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Everything is in the “eye of the beholder”.

      Trump haters and NeverTrump will crow that Trump got used.

      Trump sycophants will crow that Trump is brilliant [and some are saying he folded].

      The truth is in between: Pelosi had the power to pull this stunt, and used it. Trump understood the reality, and instead of trying to nuke it, said “OK…we’ll do it your way. I’ll give the speech after the shutdown, which you Dems triggered, is over”.

      He is NOT giving a written SOTU. He wants to give a speech with Pelosi sitting behind him making faces while he rips her a new one for her childish stunt.

      Today the Senate will fail to pass any bill. The shutdown will continue. Federal workers will increasingly wonder why the Dems are hurting THEM over a lousy $5B for better border security. The Dreamers will increasingly wonder why the Dems won’t take a deal that makes THEIR lives better over a lousy $5B for better border security. The pressure on the Dems will increase daily to negotiate.

      The real concern is for the GOP in the Senate to not cave. A guess is that Trump NOT going nuclear on this speech was necessary to keep some of these RINOs in line. So be it. A general has to work with the troops he has.

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      • If we think that the people are not going to have to take a step further out of our sideline position to support the president we’re delusional.

        The opposition are people who were CERTAIN that they would be trillionaires AND world leaders over one global government with full ability to repress any disagreement.

        i say CERTAIN because that is what I heard first hand from one of their ranks when Trump had been nominated and he shared with me their dream, having too much hubris to realize that not everyone attributes wisdom to him simply because he has been able to make money by getting in bed with sharks and abandoning integrity and humanity.


  11. G. Combs says:

    Actually President Trump has several other cards in his hand.

    1. The ‘Caravans’ heading to the Southern Border
    2. Muslim terrorists and who knows what else embedded in those caravans.
    3. Venezuela in the middle of a coup and the presence of RUSSIA.

    10 Dec 2018 The Guardian: Venezuela welcomes Russian bombers in show of support for Maduro — Two nuclear-capable ‘Blackjack’ bombers arrive for exercises

    With this play by Russia and the escalating tensions in Venezuela, President Trump has a clear reason to close the darn border esp since Mexico has sided with the Venezuela dictator and Russia. (snicker)

    So President Trump can certainly come out looking as the adult in the room while Nasty the Pig looks like a spoiled brat playing idiotic games.

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    • railer says:

      Good post. Trump can use all of those things.


    • It is not just that. The lowest unemployment for blacks on record. More women in his cabinet and them NOT getting a different salary from men (bring up the page on Hillary and Obama, please and their disparity of pay), the progress he has made with the VA.

      and for good measure throw in a montage of all the homes with walls around them captioning where they live (since they’re so fond of doxxing )


  12. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    If PDJT does decide to do a speech from the oval or somewhere else, he should start it off with a video like the one he showed to little Kim. This is the way our country Is going and what it can be if we all work together.


  13. mashall says:

    “Not one penny of our hard earned tax dollars should be going to a government that is unwilling to protect Americans. Absolutely no money should be going to foreign countries to provide security until a wall at our southern border is built first”


  14. Mark McQueen says:

    2 main takeaways. Nancy is petty and vindictive. Nancy has lost any leverage she MAY have had with this issue. Build that wall, Nancy.


    • I’m waiting for what happens between Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi. Women in a catfight play a LoT dirtier than men.

      And I say that as a woman and also submit to you the feminist movement. Had male chauvanism been this BLATANTLY biased and vindictive, women would never have gotten the vote.

      AS Trump’s entire transcript describes, the media is holding on DESPERATELY by lying about Trump, his mindset, his popularity, Rush’s opinion about Trump and Pelosi’s advantage and the party unity.

      As someone has said, read the Art of the Deal. Trump has had to maneuver in all sorts of situations and he has had to compete.

      These privileged know nothing ancient barnacles and pimples on the butt have zero experience in that realm.

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    • And yes, you get a LIKE from me too. 🙂

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  15. It doesn’t side which side hates, they always hear through a filter. Right now some are saying Rush is caving on Trump, that he was a Jeb supporter.
    I’m sorry, but unless the Bay Area has a different broadcast of Rush’s show he never loved Jeb and he never was against Trump.
    My evidence?
    Like me, Rush knew that Trump’s journey through all sorts of industries with the public gave him a unique vantage point to interact with all levels of society.
    Like me, Rush knew that Trump, as a Queens millionaire, was fawned over for his money, but was sneered at for his ‘class’. Given Trump actually DOES like to find the good in people I suspect the most hurtful thing for him has been to see how many people who he contributed to, to whom he gave the benefit of the doubt, who have turned on him so viciously, e.g. Oprah’s rah rah go for the presidency interview in 1984 (before she turned into a racist heifer) and more recently Romney’s jaw dropping flip from praising him as a benefactor to criticizing him as a fiend.

    I actually listened to Rush REGULARLY during the campaign and since because he was explaining Trump to people. He made it explicitly clear that he never endorses because that lands the entire media against a candidate, but he gave sound advice and was supportive, evidence of which is that Trump WROTE in once and CALLED in twice to thank Rush.

    If you listened to ALL of Rush today you would have heard him explain that the MEDIA says that Trump caved. He did not and is not saying that. He is standing by, watching and rather trustful of Trump’s instincts.

    From the transcripts of the program today, at the end, i submit this:

    (First, look at the title)

    “Oh, so the reason Trump caved on the State of the Union is because you are abandoning him out there. That’s right. You want Trump to get this government back up and running. You think Trump’s been making a big blunder here, big mistake. So you are leaving. You are abandoning Trump and Trump’s finally seen the evidence of that, and so he had no choice but than to relent on the State of the Union otherwise he would lose you. That’s the media story. That’s what they’re sticking to.”

    Hatred of Trump or hatred of Rush…either way, your filters can get really whacked.


  16. Buck says:

    Hardly. More like a neutered and weak President. Had he not spent his entire presidential campaign and first year in office criticizing fellow Republicans with childish insults he probably would’ve gotten something done when he had all both hoses of Congress.

    Unless he gets something done on trade and permanently saves American steel, he is s one term president who was all talk and no action.

    I am with Coulter.


    • Coulter is a lot like Buchanan. On any day you can find her blowing hot and cold.


    • Never Trumpers never realize how much they reveal when they share their version of what happened and it so does NOT gibe with reality.

      Childish does not apply to the president but I certainly would not rule it out for your characterization.

      I am no elite and I know darn well that neither is he. Most of hte NEver Trumpers have some interest in globalism.

      Coulter, to her credit, is just a very plain spoken, very insightful woman who cannot completely shed her ties to the beltway.

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  17. Mark McQueen says:

    Pick your battles. This is a rather insignificant skirmish. What is Nancy going to do now?


  18. Lou Battalia says:

    For those who are praising PDJT’s decision about the SOTU and angry at the posters who are criticizing or questioning the decision, I would like to remind you that two completely opposite actions cannot both be right. Had POTUS decided to do the SOTU at an alternative location, the same people applauding this current decision would have applauded that opposite decision. No one is right 100% of the time. Why are you afraid of healthy debate, and particularly afraid of criticizing an action you disagree with, even if it is President Trump? He’s a big boy, I think he can take it.


  19. tsmifjones says:

    If Trump caves to that 100 year old hag polesi he’ll lose my vote!

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  20. Doc Moore says:

    He caved. He should NEVER give an inch to that bitch. NEVER.


    • LookUp says:

      I actually thought what he did was brilliant. He was extremely polite and handed this ugly plate of turds back to Pelosi and her army. If SHE wants the government re-opened, SHE is going to have to do it. Trump and America can wait.


  21. L. E. Joiner says:

    The Senate failed to pass the two bills ‘opening the government’ today. The President must have the partial ($5.7b) for The Wall. The ‘caravans’ are still coming, Mexico is not helping, and Venezuela is in turmoil. Nancy is not going to give in, and we must have the Wall. It’s now time to declare the National Emergency, send the Corps of Engineers down to the border to build the Wall, and sign the CR to pay the furloughed government workers. /LEJ

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  22. Sean Supsky says:

    Tradition. President Trump is keeping with tradition and showing respect to those traditions.

    The shutdown is now in Pelosi’s lap. The MSM will spin it as Trump’s shutdown because Nancy doesn’t want a wall. No, she desires the illegals keep coming in.

    Is this issue now at an impasse?


  23. BussBozo says:

    Gaming the Botox junkie, not caving. How many times has POTUS got her all worked up and then just changed the narrative? I trust DJT more than any other elected leader, and constantly remind myself that he has been far more successful with plans of all kinds than any of us. Who knows but when the SOTU is finally given with the Madame Speaker behind him, perhaps we will get to enjoy watching her really give those teeth a work out. Pass out the floss with the boxes of popcorn.


  24. NC Patriot says:

    well–bye, tsmifjones————are you new here? Did he ever have your vote? He will ALWAYS have mine because there IS no other choice !


  25. GSparrow says:

    I’ve changed my mind about PDJT’s decision to delay the speech so he can deliver it in the House. I believe now that it would have been better for him to be more like the Trump of 2016 but it doesn’t lessen my overall support for him and his policies. The border (if possible) would have been the optimal location given the Dem intransigence.

    Mark Steyn who is definitely pro Trump and is a regular guest on Tucker Carlson wrote:
    “I retain my queasiness about the whole ghastly ritual, (SOTU) and I have a general preference for the non-house-trained Trump – the Trump that demolished Jeb! & co by not playing by their rules, or the media’s, or the Democrats.”

    Perhaps Gorka’s heads up about something big coming “within 24 hours” will shake things up again and it will make sense.


  26. JJ says:

    What bothers me is no one speaks about the population of America relating to demographics if the invasion of thousands a year isn’t stopped. By 2050, can you imagine the majority of the US???


  27. vista charlie says:

    US constitution, Article 2, Section 3> Duties of the president> “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information on the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.”

    Trump is making a mistake! He should convene both sections of congress for the SOTU address. And have Nancy Pelosi arrested for treason if she trys to interfere. Note that on top of the SOTU the president is expected to address congress and MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. I can think of no better subject than the wall and border security. Is this an extraordinary Occasion, the longest government shutdown in history(Yes, and it is his duty). For too long congress has not passed a budget and relying on temporary spending measures and kabuki theather drama to get them passed. Now congress is not doing their job, which primarily is to pass a budget, does not deserve to get paid, get benefits, etc. Maybe Trump should adjourn the house and tell their home state to send someone else.


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