Several Media Reports Claim Covington Students Invited to White House…

Earlier today President Trump noted the evil smears, and aspersions by Fake News, cast against Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington High School.

A few hours later Fox News host Laura Ingraham was the first media person to claim that Covington High School students were going to attend a White House event {See Here}.   Minutes later Zero Hedge joined in {See Here}.  Then, a few hours later, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, citing their independent sources, confirmed the students were going to visit the White House {See Here}.  It was off to the races from there.

However, despite President Trump’s personal sympathy toward the terrible injustice done to young Mr. Sandmann; including the school students and the larger Kentucky high school reputation; it is unlikely the claims of a pending White House visit are credible.

There are times when the best intents of any president are overruled by those charged with defending and protecting the ‘office of the presidency’.  A divisive controversy that could potentially backfire on the White House, is a case-study example in political caution.

The Daily Wire article holds the clue which lends caution (emphasis mine):

On Tuesday, Nick Sandmann, the student from Covington Catholic High school who was at the center of the controversy with Native American Nathan Phillips last Friday near the Lincoln Memorial, confirmed to The Daily Wire that the White House has reached out to host the students. Sandmann said, “The President wants to send a plane down to get us.” (read more)

There is a difference between something the President ‘wants to‘ do; and something the office of the presidency is comfortable actually doing.  The difference between those two points is where factors of divisive outcomes are gauged.

A familiar reference point might be the FISA document declassification issue.  The President might want to declassify documents, but the office of the president (lawyers charged with protecting the president) may have an entirely different reason for counseling the opposite position.

Bottom line, don’t take surface claims as predictive for actual outcomes…. there’s always a bigger landscape that must be reviewed.  Perhaps the Covington students will visit the White House; perhaps not….

In an era where the media rushes speculation into print just because it meets their ideological objectives,… pause when the reports are overly bold in either direction.


By all accounts they are good decent kids from good honorable families.  The media went bananas…. way, over the top bananas…. they exposed themselves too much.

Damage control.

To save face, and affirm they are credible agents of influence, the same corrupt media executives will attempt to control the narrative as it reverses; that means the shape-shifting media manipulators will reach out to exploit the families purely for the media’s interest.

Honest and decent people, when they become victims of media abuse, consistently fall for the follow-up trickery and promises of the media.

The cycle of abuse is a universal truth….

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178 Responses to Several Media Reports Claim Covington Students Invited to White House…

  1. apfelcobbler says:

    The NBC narrative overlay with Savannah Guthrie was slick. Savannah apparently slept through the media’s despicable role in any of this flap and instead implied that the hat, the boys cheering, and/or Nicholas’s smiling were even remotely a factor to be considered in any perceived “misunderstanding”. Also, instead of even mentioning that the mob came out to Kentucky, bringing their activism with them to bellyache about nothing, she showed a photo to illustrate that indeed, even in their own turf, they can be made to “see” the error of their ways.

    And so the “outreach” re-education efforts in this community begin in earnest. Just Say No and Hold Your Ground.

    The one good thing to come out of this is seeing that there are still plenty of families who are doing a really good job of raising solid kids – in spite of swimming upstream against the Leftist converged institutions. You might call it “resistance”!


  2. Jederman says:

    Inviting them would be an interesting compare and contrast with obama’s “clock boy” or the if I had a son, Travon Martin scam.


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