President Trump Draws Attention to Murder of Police Officer Ronil Singh by Illegal Alien…

On Christmas day Stanislaus County Sheriff officer Cpl. Ronil “Ron” Singh took a picture with his wife Anamika and his five-month-old son.  Early this morning he was shot and killed by an illegal alien; a manhunt for the suspect is ongoing.  President Trump drew attention to the case in a tweet earlier today.

(California) […] Singh, 33, was shot and killed at 1 a.m. Wednesday after pulling over a suspected drunk driver at Merced Street and Eucalyptus Avenue.

He exchanged gunfire with the suspect but is not believed to have hit him. “It was a gunfight,” the sheriff said. “Cpl. Singh absolutely tried to defend himself and stop this credible threat.”

While Christianson said investigators have identified the suspect, they will not release his name. He said the suspect is in the country illegally. “He doesn’t belong here; he is a criminal,” the sheriff said. (more)


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244 Responses to President Trump Draws Attention to Murder of Police Officer Ronil Singh by Illegal Alien…

  1. NJF says:

    Heartbreaking. I said a prayer & thanked potus on twitter for
    Highlighting this young man’s family. Illegal alien strikes again. Just sickening.

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    • ldalonzo says:

      This needs to be every where, classic case BORDER SECURITY = NATIONAL SECURITY a legal immigrant going after the American Dream., Husband, Dad, homeowner, becoming a police officer to help protect and serve our great country, VS. an individual here illegally committing crimes and in this case MURDER. People over 2000 Americans have been killed by illegals, this needs to stop, build the wall. MAGA


    • Mayo says:

      Jerry Brown – Nancy Pelosi – Diane Feinstein – Kamala Harris……and the list goes on. They are all responsible for this death and that of others in California for they are the ones that made California a Sanctuary State that welcomes these murderers and releases them when they are caught.


      • swissik says:

        Currently the authorities here in the SF Bay area are also looking for a San Quentin escapee who apparently simply walked out of the prison a couple of days ago. Of course the media are not reporting whether he is an illegal so we’ll probably never know, but his photo isn’t exactly that of a choir boy.


  2. David Innes says:

    Chuck and Nancy built that.

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  3. Bullseye says:

    David, no republicans haven’t done anything either…just ask Ryan Uniparty screwing us for a long time

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  4. MAGAbear says:

    This truly sickens me. A young family is left without a husband and father due to the cheap labor/cheap votes lobby blocking our ability to have border security. How they live with themselves is beyond me.

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        The jackass, the elephant, the media, and so many more blind fools just don’t get it. I spent 26 years as a soldier cop and half again as many years as a civilian cop. In all those years I learned many lessons. I learned that my fellow brothers in arms and I have failed the American people in that contrary to our oath we have not protected them from all of their enemies, both foreign and especially domestic. I learned that the greatest threats to the American people are the gangs of incompetent/corrupt politicians/bureaucrats serving only the oligarchy. I learned that my guns were always turned in the wrong direction.

        As I watch the media shoot their ignorant mouths off regarding the President’s border security policies, his trip and visit with the troops in Iraq, while ignoring yet another incident with a fine young American police officer killed by an illegal alien; my latent homicidal tendencies are fast reaching the boiling point. The only thing holding them in check is it seems the one prayer I never dared pray in all my years may be coming to be. The sheriff I never prayed for for fear of living the rest of my life disappointed may have arrived. In short, if Donald trump is that sheriff I will be ready when he calls. This time I know exactly where to focus my sights and my finger has a terrible itch!

        For those of you who doubt me, suggest you sneak into a place where cops and/or soldiers hang out all by themselves and just listen. Think most of you civilians will be in for the shock of your lives. There are many like me. As I responded to the local sheriff when I moved out in the deep woods of East Texas and established a very secure homestead when he remarked that I sure went to a lot of expense to protect my property and family from intruders he just smiled at my response. My response was: “I did not move here to protect myself from outsiders. I moved here to protect outsiders from me!”

        Oh! One more old soldier/cop lessons learned. There are only two requirements to be an American soldier and/or cop. One has to be smart enough to do the work and dumb enough to take the job!

        C.W. Lauderdale Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

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        • Charles, we would like to help.
          The more we can educate, the better off we will be. If you would like to get a Constitution boot Camp event in your area of East Texas, please go to and contact us. I live in Buffalo, Tex. and can facilitate the meeting if you can promote it. Can you gather 20 or more good souls?

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        • Delta County Texas

          E-5 I-Corp Vietnam
          Dong Ha west
          Sensor Install in Laos
          Operation Igloowhite
          Electronic Border Security
          In a combat zone
          In triple comply jungle
          In monsoon rains
          1969 tech

          The Two Party Evil Money Cult Of D C
          works only to supply wage Slaves for D R Horton Homes LLC here in U S and to enable Procter and Gamble to outsource to China for even cheaper more abused wage Slaves.

          I too am a clear and present dange to them all.
          Stand The Ground Time Nears for all of U S!

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          • Judith says:

            ‘Thank you for your service’ cannot convey my deep admiration for your bravery in guarding the perimeter. But I’ll say it anyway.

            God give us strength to meet the challenge of saving our Constitutional Republic. We have a difficult road ahead of us.


  5. David Innes says:

    Chuck and Nancy: a Tale of Corruption and Depravity.

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  6. Cynthia L Williams says:

    How horrible to die at the hands of illegal alien. President Trump, stand firm on border wall. You are greatest President we’ve had as long as I’ve been alive (68 years) God bless you President Trump!

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  7. treehouseron says:

    I hadn’t heard about it, until I read his tweet and found the info.

    I think his twitter game is probably the most effective form of communication any modern President has had.

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  8. Jan says:

    If you go to Trump’s twitter linked up above, you will find that the Left blames all this killing by illegals on whites because “whites murder just as many Americans” as illegals, and it is whites who are murdering cops. We are not in good shape as a country, my fellow treepers. The vitriol on twitter & other social media is way past hate;it is bordering on sanctioning murdering all whites. So much for holiday wishes.

    To my fellow Treepers, enjoy these holidays. There is much work to be done to take back our country. If you find the time, send a letter in support to, and call or email Sen. McConnell and ask him to stand up for America and get us a Wall/fence/barrier.

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  9. Jimmy Jack says:

    Why not name the suspect? Why are they always protected?


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    • Flova says:

      Fox just inadvertently gave us the reason for not releasing the name. The reporter just said that the ‘press cannot check his background without a name.’

      This guy was probably deported many times and was probably released by that crazy female mayor who tipped him off that ICE was coming. He also probably has a rap sheet a mile long.

      Oh and looking at the chains on his neck and the nice truck he’s driving, might be a cartel thug.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Democrats protect their voters…

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  10. hanginfire says:

    All of us need to organize and march on the “Washington Mall” in protest of Congress, Once again
    they pass the buck and turn their backs on the American people by jeopardizing the safety and security of us all. Instead of getting this wall, barrier, rabbit foot or whatever you want to call it, built, once and for all, and at the same time enforce E-Verify by making it a violation of federal law to violate it. Illegals in my state get welfare, food stamps, free phones and medical. It does not leave much to the imagination as to who is paying for it. We need more Border Patrol, Police and Firefighters. It could happen if our hard earned tax dollars were not supporting these interlopers.
    Find and prosecute the people responsible for causing this chaos. If Congress won’t listen to all of
    us and make this issue a first priority upon return,it’s time to vote them out and send them home for good. Just say the word and we will see you on the “Washington Mall”…just say the word!
    Happy New Year to Sundance and my wonderful Treeper family! Pray for peace.

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    • mdt123 says:

      Politicians are just doing what their paymasters in business and media tell them to do. We just had a so-called election and the people voted for them. Replacing them will just be the same situation. We have to change our family and friends one by one who have been brainwashed by the media 24/7 onslaught.

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    • Judith says:

      I’ve “peacefully” marched on Washington and will do it again for MAGA. Hmm 🤔 I’m inspired by Hellary’s prophetic remark, “We’ll all hang by nooses!”

      Nothing like a solid theme to rally the patriots.

      I say, let’s carry a length of rope to encircle the entire DC swamp! Force the press to cover Hellary’s prediction! Bring your signs in support of our Constitution, our right to free speech, assembly, etc.. Show these dregs what USA Patriotism is all about.

      And how about timing it during cherry blossom season? Spring. New beginnings. How very symbolic. Not to mention kinder to these old bones than the frigid winter months.. no offense to George Washington.


  11. teeheeman says:


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  12. Hey nancy chuck funding The wall we must Build completely,


  13. wodiej says:

    Disgusting illegal alien scum took the life of a fine police officer, father, and husband. Build the wall and deport this evil.

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  14. JmkNY says:

    My heart breaks. That beautiful family is now tragically and permanently separated. That needs to be the counter to the media’s constant “but the children” argument for allowing the invasion of our country by these illegals.

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  15. Bill S says:

    Prayers for the family. President Trump needs to take his case for the wall directly to the American people via a speech from the Oval Office. He needs to explain that he fully supports legal immigration and how talented and hard working people can help our country. Then he needs to explain the true cost of illegal immigration to the average US citizen. Tragically, that cost can sometimes involve lives of US citizens. But the cost also involves American jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars to the US Treasury. President Trump needs to call the Dems out on their feigned support of border security. Are they for it or are they against it? If they are for border security, any reasonable person would agree that a wall is one tool that can be effective along with other tools (technology, etc).

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    • testpointwp says:

      100% agreement. Now is the time for an oval office speech.

      Libs are persuaded by emotion. This tragedy should transcend ideology.


    • suejeanne1 says:

      “If they are for border security, any reasonable person would agree that a wall is one tool that can be effective along with other tools (technology, etc).”


      They need to prove that they really are for border security and that includes the wall!


  16. pnj01 says:

    Last night I posted this about an interview of Adam Christianson, the supervisor of the slain CA policeman Corp. Singh, after just seeing the interview live (and without a link to the video), but I now have the interview (see below):

    I just saw an interview of Stanislaus California County Sheriff Adam Christianson by Lisa Boothe who is substituting for Laura Ingraham on her 10 PM Fox News Show. The interview is a MUST SEE. Christianson condemned CA’s status as a Sanctuary State and said that the Congress needed to end the Politics and support Border Security. Christianson made the point that the killed Police Officer (Ptl. Singh) was a legal immigrant while his killer was illegal.

    It will probably be available as a video, but not yet when I just checked.

    Here is the video:

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  17. Bulldog84 says:

    What a beautiful young family. How devastating and wasteful.

    What type of mentality kills a police officer just for pulling him over for drunk driving? Isn’t the typical law-abiding citizen nervous and respectful? Clearly, that’s not what this officer was dealing with. This perp was not simply guilty of crossing the border illegally or drunk driving. What was in the car that he had to protect? THIS is what is crossing our border daily?

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    • Watched Lou Dobbs (David Asman) last night they mentioned this tragedy but failed to show this picture. Guess they didn’t want to inflame any emotions.


    • Alligator Gar says:

      If the illegal were from south of our border, that is what they do. You got no money to bribe the cops? Well, then, just shoot the cops. Logic is not their strong suit, evidently.


      • swissik says:

        As the judgmental and suspicious individual that I am, I looked at the first picture on our local news and said to myself that this is an illegal. One sees far too many of this type here in Cali the sanctuary state. BTW the reports are that he was pulled over because his truck lacked license plates, and may have been stolen.


  18. Daniel Staggers says:

    Another one for the Governor to pardon. The list is getting long. Pretty soon CA. Your cops will get some sense and leave the state. I certainly would.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Democrats!!

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  20. Big Jake says:

    This sickens me.

    That poor man and his family. I cannot believe this is allowed to continue.


    The Son of a Border Patrol Pilot (killed in the line of duty nearly forty years ago). ENOUGH!

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  21. Trump Train says:


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  22. Alligator Gar says:

    I have worked in and around law enforcement for 15 years of my career (Sworn At, not sworn). These sworn officers are some of the biggest-hearted, kindest people you will ever meet. (There are methods in place to weed out the bad eggs through the officer discipline process and very few slip through the cracks.)

    I pray peace and comfort for this poor young widow and her small boy. I pray God’s vengeance for the fallen officer and God’s rest for his soul.

    I pray God to protect all Americans in and out of uniform from the animals that our government continues to unleash upon us while binding our hands from what would be a righteous and just reaction to the mayhem in our communities.

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  23. rockdoc76 says:

    Dear Illegal Aliens
    You may leave now peacefully. If you choose to stay, well, that is your choice.
    American Patriot

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  24. moe grimm says:

    This is now way past out of control. It’s continuance near guaranteed as long as the Border BUM Rush stands. It seems we’re approaching a bad ending for those responsible and their supporters. In a healthy country (we are not) this would be addressed by statute many of which already codified yet flaunted by those responsible for these illegal creeps being here in the first fkg place. Like Kate Steinle, whwre is the Singh Family’s “sanctuary”. If I were domiciled in that area names Oath betraying punks and cowards such as Bown, Newsom, Garcetti and his “sheriff” Villanueva, Fienstein and many more would list pending SHTF. This. Outrage. Must. Cease. And in “one way or another” it will.


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