President Trump Participates in Christmas Call To Military….

Earlier today President Donald Trump participated in a Christmas call to service members stationed at remote sites worldwide thanking them for their service to our Nation.

The participants were units from all five branches of the Armed Forces: •Army – Task Force Talon, Anderson Air Force Base, Guam; •Marine Corps – Marine Attack Squadron 223, Sheik Isa Airbase, Bahrain; •Navy – Naval Forces Central Command, Manama, Bahrain; •Air Force – 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, Al Udied Air Base, Qatar; •Coast Guard – Coast Guard District 7, Juneau, Alaska.

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34 Responses to President Trump Participates in Christmas Call To Military….

  1. Bob says:

    The President can give the Energizer Bunny a run for it money….he is constantly working for the People…all the People.

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  2. Tad says:

    God Bless our troops and our President!

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  3. Michael Brower says:

    May God Bless VSGPDJT, his family, our heroes in the armed forces, their families, and all you fellow patriot Treepers and your families as well!
    Merry Christmas!

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  4. emet says:

    Its comforting to know POTUS is standing watch over Christmas.

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  5. citizen817 says:

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  6. montanamel says:

    What’s the area code (or, is it a Country Code?)….
    ADAK, Alaska…or, Atau ????

    What a leader in chief we have!…

    Waiting for that mass-call on New years day….for all good men to come to the aid of their Country.


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    • John says:

      Adak area code: 907
      Should be the same for Shemya and Attu.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      All of Alaska has one area code, 907. We used to have 4 time zones also, but that made calling the state capitol in Juneau somewhat difficult for people in Nome (not to mention calling the East Coast!); so they artificially compressed us into one time zone, even though Alaska is 1200 miles wide.

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      • Please don’t ever forget….Diomede Island and Wales, Alaska are two communities where we can see Russia from a ‘front porch’. Don’t believe it Tina Fey? Look it up.

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        • BetsyRossRocked says:

          Love our Sarah !

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          • mac says:

            The hit job on her by the MSM, combined with the knives in her back from the McCain campaign management, was as dirty a traceable deed as I’ve ever seen in U.S. politics. I have disliked McCain ever since the Keating 5 scandal and still sympathize deeply with Gov. Palin for what happened to her through becoming involved with his corrupt cabal. Clear example of the old saying about needing a very long spoon when you sup with the Devil.

            When I voted in 2008, I was voting FOR Sarah Palin. McCain was just baggage on a ticket that, bad as it was, was still immensely preferable to being ruled by Stanley Ann’s bastard whoreson.

            President Trump is the first President I will have voted FOR since the sainted Ronald Reagan in 1984. I am still truly amazed at the fact he won. It might not quite be the “Miracle on Ice” of 1980, but it was darned close. May God bless us to not blow what may be our last chance to save our nation.

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      • Newton Love says:

        > “… they artificially compressed us into one time zone, even though Alaska is 1200 miles wide. …”

        Time zones are arbitrary and set by politicians. Actual solar time is only accurate at the center of the time zone, where the sun is directly overhead at noon. To the west of that Longitude, the solar time is before noon, while east of that Longitude is afternoon.

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  7. Bullseye says:

    Remember the days when “they” were trying to shame us out of saying Merry Christmas. Times have changed. Merry Christmas to each of you

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    • Newton Love says:

      I posted this on FB:
      To any and all who are offended by being wished Merry Christmas, I would like to point out that Christmas is a US Federal Holiday.

      If I wished you “Happy Independence Day” on the 4th of July, would you be offended?

      So, I wish you a (Federal Holiday) Merry Christmas, and I don’t care if you are offended.

      It got lots of pleasant replies.

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  8. Dan says:

    Minor Correction: That’s Coast Guard District 17 (not 7) in Juneau.

    Might have been a little awkward though during the call. Coast Guard members, being DHS not DOD, are not getting paid during the shutdown.

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  9. sixtygunnuh says:

    Hope all of YOU take very serious Family time today through for many the rest of this week. The serpent is awake. As part of Phase I in the battle for Western Civilization itself, the next two years and likely more will summon the 9th circle of hell itself. I wonder how many are in every way prepared for what’s coming.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Americans back our President when it comes to Immigration! It has and will always be a winning issue that the MSM, CoC, Koch Brothers, Democrats, RINOs etc. cannot overcome. The numbers are staggering every time a new poll comes out.

      Especially when yo key in on Independents!

      From the article linked above:

      The findings reveal, for example, that eight out of 10 of all U.S. voters — 79% — say the U.S. needs secure borders; 93% of Republicans, 80% of independents and 68% of Democrats agree with that.

      Another 79% of voters overall say immigration priorities should be granted on a person’s “ability to contribute to America”; 87% of Republicans, 79% of independents and 72% of Democrats agree.

      Meanwhile, 68% overall oppose a lottery-based immigration system which is meant to ensure “greater diversity: in the U.S.; 78% of Republicans, 65% of independents and 62% of Democrats agree.

      In addition, 61% overall say U.S. border security is inadequate; 84% of Republicans, 64% of independents and 40% of Democrats agree.

      Another 54% overall support building a combination physical and electronic barrier between the U.S. and Mexico; 85% of Republicans, 54% of independents and 30% of Democrats agree.

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  10. Jeff says:

    I love a Commander in Chief that cherishes his troops. I was fortunate enough to have Ronald Reagan as my Commander in Chief, and he too cherished the troops. And we loved him back.

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    • mac says:

      I worked for MSC when Reagan was President. We thought he was a great man and were so grateful that we finally had a President with courage again after the peanut. President Reagan’s picture on my ship was honored and served as an inspiration.

      I left MSC during Bush 1. One of my friends who stayed told me that after the Arkansas libertine came to power, Ol’ BJ’s picture had a mysterious habit of disappearing over the side within a day every time they left port.

      The troops know who loves the country and who doesn’t.

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  11. treehouseron says:

    He swats away the reporters at the end like flies.

    – Soliloquy for 10 minutes about how we need the wall.

    Reporter – “Whats your message to the Federal Workers, sir, who have been impacted by the shutdown in some way, either they’re not getting paid, or…”

    Trump – (Cuts off moronic reporter) “Well, I think they understand what’s happening, THEY want Border Security….. Many of those workers have said to me, communicated, STAY OUT until you get the funding for the wall! These federal workers want the wall. The only one that doesn’t want the wall are the Democrats!”


    He’s teaching us a masterclass on how to handle haters.

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  12. Bendix says:

    He looks so sweet, there in the still picture before you click on the video.

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  13. Hardest working President ever,
    Thank you President all You Doing,

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  14. David Innes says:

    I would feel more like thanking them for their service to our nation if they were on our southern border where the Founding Fathers would want them. Maybe now that Mattis is out, we can get our geography straight.

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  15. Bones (USCGR-Ret) says:

    Alaska is CG D-17, not 7.


  16. Monticello says:

    It really means a lot, beyond words the appreciation President Trump shows to our military who sacrifice each and every day for our safety.

    I have been at those remote assignments and did a long tour at Cheyenne Mountain watching when everyone was sleeping…..a simple recognition goes a long way.


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