James Comey Lies in Tweet About Lying….

This is rich.  Here’s the Comey tweet:

Here’s the actual federal Pay Schedule:

Former FBI Director James Comey is a liar.

If he’d lie about a little thing; what else would he lie about?….



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154 Responses to James Comey Lies in Tweet About Lying….

  1. Judiciary says:

    If Comey isn’t lying then he’s incredibly stupid not to know 83% of the government doesn’t shut down especially for essential personnel.

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    • CV60 says:

      I’m a retired FBI employee. When I was with the FBI, all operational personnel (agents, and about +90% of the support staff) were considered to be essential government employees, and were unaffected by government shutdowns.

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  2. Lucille says:

    David Kupelian slams former FBI director who ‘revels in his own deviousness’


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  4. LMAO !!—>Not only is James “the PATHOLOGICAL-LIAR” Comey a [MORON] he also failed 2nd Grade Calendar-Reading as Well.

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  5. CornPicker says:

    More plop from the guy who couldn’t look our President in the eye so he hid in the curtains.

    Same *Plop-aganda he used when tweeting to hold a public hearing giving the plop a look of transparency but in reality would only limit important questions.

    Same plop the turtle used pretending that it’s our Presidents job to come up with a deal ,
    CTH>(It’s not President Trump’s job to write legislation. McConnell is desperately trying to retain a UniParty ruse, by passing the buck to the White House. McConnell doesn’t want the American people to see republican senators supporting a bill against voter interests.)<CTH

    It's all plop !! but sadly I would not have caught it ,the plop would have gone right over my head if Sundance here didn't tip my hat to it , there are a lot of Americans who aren't catching it , I bearly understanding everything that's going on ,we need a book "crooked government for dummies"

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  6. notfaded1 says:

    My question… who are the idiots that follow and like this guy on twitter lol!

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    • Coast says:

      Probably most of the corrupt FBI.

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      • My immediate response to this, in fact, was to make a comment asking if any FBI people had replied to his tweet, correcting him. I would guess not, as that would be real news, that Sundance would probably not have missed, and would have included in the above post.

        My second response is to emphasize that Comey lies just as Obama/Soetoro always does, setting himself up as blemish-free and the unquestionable moral authority. Sundance’s last line above, “if he’d lie about a little thing…” is precisely what I noticed first about Obama, in the 2008 “Rev.” Wright episode, when he lied about not knowing Wright, though he knew him for 20 years. An unnecessary and totally transparent lie, just so he could shrug off any human failing attaching to him; and I immediately knew he was a man totally lacking in character, who would lie throughout his time in office (and so he did, blatantly, outrageously, continually, and always without his followers — his cult followers, to be precise — calling him out in any way).

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    • sixtygunnuh says:

      I’ve never subscribed to Twatter/Facekok, but often see neuz articles with cuts embedded from both. If you read them you KNOW what kind of imbeciles subscribe to these. And I suspect many of them claim the Right to Vote. According to Pew Research over 2/3 of Americans “get at least some of their news on social media.” Add in the likes of mslsdcnnnbcabccbs, Bezos Blog, and the JYT…. get it? One day, if there’s anything left, historians will marvel at profound often willful stupidity of this era in American History. That a swath of this once noble nation sits generally asleep as to what the Dept. of Just-Us and its armed jackboot proxy Famous But Incompetent let alone a James Co-Me – including its dead silent FAT pensioned “rank and file” needs no further detail. From everything I’ve studied about them our Founding Fathers would have already been shooting – Men and some women who could hit the Morgan’s Shingle (7″x10″) at 250 Yards with SMOOTH BORE Muskets. Who knew how and WHEN and WHY to use them.

      It also makes me wild crazy that “Mad Dog” Mattis wrote his resignation in the manner he did. I know of NO “ally” that was disrespected. None. Though carry them we absolutely have. Think “Mad Dog” is aware of the fact that we rebuilt Japan (MacArthur revered by Japanese after WWII) and too what’s now the “e.u.” that we rebuilt Europe after WWII (Marshall Plan) and have carried them ever since as they’ve opted for Frankfurt School mentality, sodomy, and miscegenation by the mongrel hoards in a maniacal lust for self-extinction. An Outrage. WE ARE OWED!

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    • NME666 says:

      his own multiple personalities???


  7. Edwardo says:



  8. Coast says:

    As an x-federal employee, I never missed a paycheck in 40+ years….shutdown or not. And anyone who doesn’t have enough money to get past a two week or three week shutdown shouldn’t be a federal worker.

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  9. Bulldog84 says:

    Well, he himself isn’t getting an FBI paycheck, but of course that’s because he was fired.

    In case he’s ever charged with a crime, I hope someone is archiving his tweets. They show what an incredible lying, amoral political tool he is.

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  10. MALTHUS says:

    Ecclesiastes 11:3b, NIV
    “Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where it falls, there it will lie.”

    If Comey falls down it the forest and everyone ignores him is it still a lie?

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  11. MALTHUS says:

    Here’s another question: If Comey lies about lying, is he speaking the truth?

    Answer: No, he is now a lying liar.

    I would very much enjoy witnessing this artless liar examined under oath by a competent prosecutor.


    • Where is Matlock when you need him.

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    • Bing says:

      Even a competent prosecutor would not get past the protection provided to Comey by Mueller.

      No question in my mind that the first act conducted by Mueller was providing immunity to Comey for all of Comey’s prior crimes, including but not limited to leaking classified documents/information, and lying under oath.

      In addition Comey is probably provided protection for lying under oath if it is done in the spirit of protecting the Mueller witch hunt.

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        Comey’s such a psychopath that I can totally see him jerking everyone’s chain, knowing he has immunity from SC.

        But… Mueller can’t make that deal for Comey’s congressional testimony. And he has supposedly been referred to DOJ for criminal charges, but there’s no will there to follow up. Let’s hope that’s about to change.

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  12. webgirlpdx says:

    Comey. Dude. Math isn’t your strength, obviously.
    Take this caravan for instance. P45 put his foot down, they couldn’t get through and are now hanging around in Mexico (if they haven’t turned back already) and they’re housing and feeding them.

    Stopping those filthy invaders saved us billions that they and their generations spawned would have cost us in welfare, healthcare, education and our penal system.

    There. Fixed it for you. Now shut up and go away.

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  13. Comey doesn’t want the Wall no matter who pays for it. This is a common leftist trick. Comey is trying to use Rule 4 of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. That Comey would use this ploy indicates just how much of a Communist the guy actually is.

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  14. YeahYouRight says:

    Little things? He’s already been caught in some whoppers with all the talking and congressional testimony.

    We can make informed guesses about his other lies.


  15. Jimmy says:

    Lol suddenly the FBI is appealing to ordinary broke Americans for sympathy. No one cares about the FBI or their precious paychecks. Starve like the rest of us!!


  16. Attorney at Law says:

    Wells Fargo had a donate section for those impacted by the gov shutdown, went to take a screenshot and PoOf it’s, gone. No surprise there.


  17. txjohn says:

    Like the Clintons…liars lie. He can’t speak and NOT lie.

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  18. Mike diamond says:

    Dear James the comey,if your worried about the fbi,not getting paid tell Chuck schummmmerrrr,to approve the wall,!


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