Judge Sullivan Revokes Flynn Passport, Imposes Travel Restrictions Within 50 Miles of DC…

Ever heard the term: “physician heal thyself“?  Judge Sullivan revokes Michael Flynn’s passport and imposes travel restrictions with major financial ramifications.

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At first blush this would appear to be a judge with a vendetta against Michael Flynn.  However, CTH would disagree.  As Robert Barnes stated earlier: “How does a judge try to torpedo a plea deal and get a defendant to withdraw their plea? They threaten to use the charges they avoided within the plea deal as the basis for their sentence.

Sullivan deploys a strategy we know as “extreme compliance“.  In essence delivering ramifications toward the judicial status quo in order to change the status quo.

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408 Responses to Judge Sullivan Revokes Flynn Passport, Imposes Travel Restrictions Within 50 Miles of DC…

  1. Orson says:

    I can’t help thinking there is a bit more here (actually a lot more here). A lot of these intelligence guys open contractor shops after retirement (which is what Flynn did). But, they are never truly divorced from the government apparatus. His successor was the only private citizen to ever hold the DIA directorship, and was appointed by the Obama administration (David Shedd). Shedd was interim, suggesting a quick removal of Flynn (which suggests a forced retirement). Flynn was less than complementary of the Obama Administration almost immediately. He cast accusations of the handling of Syria etc. So (affixing tin foil hat) who is to say that someone at DIA under orders of the administration, didn’t run an off the books op that used an outside contractor (Flynn’s group) to gain intelligence of the ongoing Coup taking place in Turkey? Perhaps Gen. Flynn was hired by the DIA to do just that, but when FARA reared its ugly head via political wrangling, the DIA conveniently lost (or classified) all documentation of the arrangement (which might have been the plan all along).

    Flynn doesn’t strike me as stupid. His actions from 2015 through 2017 seem more like play acting. And, we have that blurb a week ago about the DIA holding evidence exonerating him entirely. Flynn has said multiple times that he has a story to tell. So, I don’t think the true set up was the FBI interview. I think the set up was much bigger and occurred long before.

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  2. Putting On Its Shoes says:

    I am far from convinced that Judge Sullivan is a friend of Flynn, or justice in this case. Nor can I find any reason to be confident that he “gets” this case and is going to be an ally in overturning the corruption in the Justice Department that has resulted in this mess.

    The fact that he didn’t know as of yesterday that Flynn was not acting as or foreign agent during his time in the White House should NOT inspire a lot of optimism on our part. That’s a huge miss, bordering on if not treading directly into incompetence.

    We are all hanging our hat on what happened with Ted Stevens. However, I’m not sure we can extrapolate that In this case. It is profoundly disappointing for him to make a mistake in that order of magnitude. Putting our hopes in the hands of a person capable of making a such a huge mistake on an issue that has such profound implications for the rule of law, seems like whistling past the graveyard.

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  3. Ned Zeppelin says:

    I posted a version of this yesterday here but it may be worth repeating: the Flynn plea is exquisitely useful to Mueller, as it keeps the “Russian Collusion” narrative alive and well (he admitted he lied about talking to Russians!) in the view of a citizenry deprived of any meaningful facts by a complicit media. The plea is also useful to Flynn and very agreeable since he avoids a no doubt threatened FARA violation prosecution with much more potentially damaging consequences. But the Judge sees that the lying plea is not supported by evidence, whereas (perhaps) the FARA violation is. Opposite Land. The Judge is being asked to bless a plea deal with no evidence which covers up a “real crime,” in his eyes. He doesn’t like being used like this – to advance a narrative? Not his job. And we know Mueller wants nothing to do with a FARA case – why? Ask the whistleblowers about the hijinks of the Clinton Foundation, or Podestas, or Lord only knows how many other swamp critters who have served overseas interests. Shining a media spotlight on FARA violations does the Cabal no good. No good at all. Flynn appears less the heroic soldier selflessly and nobly taking one for the team and his family (let’s face it, our internal narrative for a long time), and more like a a guilty guy picking wisely the least worst option before him. Kind of an “Unforgiven” scenario – the good guys, the bad guys, the kind of good guys, the not so bad guys, all turns to gray. Bottom line: the plea must be tossed, and let the chips fall.


  4. pnj01 says:

    Judge tries to excuse himself with: “I wasn’t suggesting he committed treason. I just asked a legitimate question.”

    Legitimate questions for Judge Sullivan and the SCO:
    Did the SCO reach Sullivan?

    Was he sober when he asked those ridiculous questions?

    Was he off his meds?

    is he a paranoid schizophrenic?

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  5. Patricia Dolan says:

    two tiered justice system. Tony Podesta did the exact same thing and he walks???

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  6. iPack says:

    This judge is a tool, a bloviating knucklehead.

    I also had to agree with many on CTH, that LTG Flynn is not a fighter… also not very bright to talk to FBI w/o a lawyer present.

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  7. Ospreyzone says:

    I’m afraid SD may have swung and missed cleanly on this one. The judge had no reason to further feed the press with his “traitor comments” and now, since he has ordered PDJT to return all recently deported asylum seekers, I think he has pulled his mask off and exposed his true colors. No 3-D chess being played here I’m afraid, just pure Trump hatred by another Dem-appointed jurist.


    • Beau Geste says:

      Exactly, a swing and miss. If the judge wanted to investigate the Star Chamber Attainder which our founders sought to prohibit, he could investigate it in a straightforward manner. Instread, he enables nd promotes it. To threaten “Treason” based on facts not in evidence, on a plea not in evidence, to compel “further cooperation” beyond that requested and accepted by even mueller’s prosecutiuon, is bizarre. The judge is pressuring General Flynn to make up “co-operative testimony” over the next 3 months, which he did not provide when all agree he already gave “full co-operation” to mueller. It appears the judge is trying to force perjury against PDJT.
      Would this judge spontaneously launch into a “treason” charge against the Senate “security” head Wolfe for releasing FISA top secret records despite his sworn official duties, as a sell-out of his country? When that charge is not in evidence in Wolfe’s plea?
      Would this judge charge comey woith Treason for admittedlly releasing “secret” records? Charge hillary in open court for Treason, for making large numbers of secret State records easily accessible (and admittedly hacked by many) foreign governments? How about Treason for the Awans, for hacking congressional records and property =Treason?

      What to do? One approach is to write our congresscritters to request impeachment of this judge for recklessly charging Treason, based on unsupported claimed “facts”, and for enabling and promoting Star Chamber Attainder behavior.


    • Bluto Ruffian says:

      “They” got to this judge exactly the same way they got to every judge that presided over the 100+ cases of Obama’s illegitimate birth narrative. “We know everything about your LIVING family” (as names and addresses are dropped on the desk in front of them). “Just remember what happened to Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, Justice Scalia, and Tom Clancy.” “Merry Christmas, Judge.” “And happy new year…?”

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    • Jederman says:

      Time will tell if it was a swing and a miss. Maybe there’s a method to his madness or, as has been the constant case of late in the judiciary, he’s corrupt.

      It could be a case of the DS pulling a J Roberts routine. Maybe he was reminded of something personal he doesn’t want to be common knowledge. Not a nice thing to think or speculate about but his failure to get into “Brady” related discussion with the “prosecutors” and his in your face comments to LTG Flynn suggested that the flakey SC BS is ok with him.

      Translation: he’s playing ball with the DS even though he KNOWS their sceisse is weak and politically motivated. Hard to tell but I think it’s def a possibility. We have to face hard facts, not much is changed. This place has become rotten to the core.


    • bayoukiki says:

      Agree! And where is the outrage re: his judicial temperament??? Liberals excoriated Kavanaugh for showing his fury at being falsely accused of sexual assault but not a word when this guy goes off the rails. Very disturbing

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  8. LULU says:

    I had to shorten the link to the Robert Barnes tweet/comment (linked in article) to have it open.

    His full tweet:


    How does a judge try to torpedo a plea deal and get a defendant to withdraw their plea? They threaten to use the charges they avoided with the plea deal as the basis for their sentence. That is precisely what Sullivan did today. Fact he got those facts wrong show he was bluffing.
    11:45 AM – 18 Dec 2018

    When asked what the Judge got wrong, it was his statement that Flynn was a lobbyist for Turkey while in the WH. That is not true. The Judge knew.


  9. Doug Amos says:

    And does Herman Munster have the same restrictions?

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  10. tampa2 says:

    Perhaps Judge Sullivan was outraged by Flynn NOT adhering to his Oath “to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”. A “virtue-signaling” of sorts? Sullivan also established that Flynn would not be exposed to the ultimate disgrace of a trial for treason. A parallax view, for sure. But maybe Sullivan wanted the tainted SC’s team fully exposed for the entrapment and tactics used by Mulehead through further discovery, as in 90 days?


    • mugzey302 says:

      Here’s a judge holding a military man who put his life on the line for America to a higher standard than the corrupt FBI and lawyers standing in front of him. You’re a weak-minded dirtbag, judge.

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    • John says:

      I’m praying this is the case. Sullivan has previously shown he didn’t approve of Mueller’s team’s tactics and I think he wants Flynn to rescind his plea and fight them, making Mueller’s SC show their cards and therefore their bias and corruption. Kills 2 birds with one stone, maybe sends Mueller to jail where he belongs


  11. mpmp2015 says:

    It’s looking less and less likely by the hour that Judge Sullivan is a “white hat” trying to help LTG Flynn and POTUS. I’m thinking, he’s pretty swampy right now. There isn’t much to rely on to prove he is playing 3D chess, it’s over for Flynn… Over 3 decades of service now going down the tubes…So sad.

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  12. moe grimm says:

    Doubt this. Simply another black robed monk revealing exactly who he is. This one in comparison to what he’s said previously maybe even schizophrenic. In a healthy Country he’d be censured for what he did Monday let alone today. Like these: http://i.imgur.com/Dc1Al.jpg. And there’s no voting our way out of this. Not that there ever was. We’re on the way to SHTF. Anyone really believe otherwise?

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  13. OldParatrooper says:

    Doesn’t Flynn live in Rhode Island? Is the judge creating more financial incentive for Flynn to roll over? Ninety days of hotel bills isn’t chicken feed.

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  14. Federal Judge Ethics Complaint http://www.uscourts.gov/judges-judgeships/judicial-conduct-disability
    Impeachment (better hurry)
    Recusal (bet he would refuse)


  15. Caius Lowell says:

    Judge Sullivan just ruled that UN law supersedes US law, so he’s not a friend of MAGA…


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