Hannity, Solomon and Carter Preview the Penultimate Tick-Tock…

On tonight’s broadcast of Fox News with Sean Hannity: the team of Sara Carter, John Solomon and Sean Hannity preview great expectations for the first week in December:

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485 Responses to Hannity, Solomon and Carter Preview the Penultimate Tick-Tock…

  1. rustybritches says:

    Hi With all that the New York courts are saying they are going to do to PT can they bring his whole Presidency down or will they just continue to mess with him and his family because they know they can?? ..


    • Dutchman says:

      IMHO, how about applying logic to your question.
      WHAT can the NY STATE PROSECUTORS find that Mueller and team, with unlimited budget and time, and FBI and DOJ, with unlimited resources, including 702 searches and Fisa warrants, haven’t found?

      They can harrass him, like a fly buzzing around you. They are NOT a mosquito, carrying malaria.

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      • xeroxero says:

        Look at what Mueller has already done. The Cohen charges were passed off to the SDNY, and he was prosecuted there. And they got all his records, and found discrepancies in them and then nailed him for them.

        Mueller prosecuted Manafort in two districts at once: DC and Virginia. The Virgiinia one he was convicted on various tax evasion and banking fraud charges. The banking fraud all stemmed from him using assets to collateralize loans that were encumbered. My friends in commercial real-estate say that is not an unusual thing, but it is technically illegal to fail to disclose it.

        So, the NY State AG is a huge threat to Trump because he can start going through all of his records (with some cooked up warrant, which should be easy to get in NYC), maybe referencing the Cohen convictions (some of which there is some tenuous connection with Trump on) and go on a fishing expedition.

        Do you think that in 20 years of doing real estate deals in NY and elsewhere that Trump never over-stated an assets value, or failed to declare an asset was already pledged as collateral elsewhere?

        My belief is that Trump can be had using the same formula that Mueller has used to get Gates, Manafort, and Cohen. And it might be better to do that in the NY State courts because Trump can’t fire the State prosecutors, like he can fire Mueller.


  2. rayvandune says:

    I wonder if all these tick-tocks are not penultimate, in the true sense of being perpetually the next-to-last!

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  3. zooamerica says:

    Democrats take over the House on January 3, 2019.


  4. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Unless someone goes to prison, don’t bother me with your smiles and “breaking news on Monday!”


  5. iratenate says:

    Fairly sick and tired hearing about “breaking news”. In my opinion, it’s been broken for a while…


  6. Curt says:

    I’m sorry but I’m tired of all the prognostications that seem to never end. Something BIG is going to happen tomorrow or whenever. give me a break! Time and time again it turns out to be a lot of hot air. Those of us here, on CTH, know our government is basically criminal at the highest levels. We also know that nothing will be done about it. They hold all the cards. Believing the constant reporting that Huber, or anyone else, has evidence of wrongdoing is a fool’s errand. We need to support those few high level leaders who honestly believe in America, starting with President Donald Trump. There are others, but unfortunately, not enough.


  7. JonS says:

    Tic tok tic tok …. Still waiting


  8. twohawk says:

    It’s Tuesday, and, I’ve seen nothing drop that fulfills the tease of this video.


  9. Apollo says:

    Nothing yet. 😦


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