Update: Mississippi U.S. Senate Seat Special Election – Results and Discussion Thread…

UPDATE: Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith easily wins: 55-45

The Mississippi Senate Seat of retired senator Thad Cochran will be decided today as Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith and Democrat Mike Espy have a runoff today.

Mississippi has a history of sketchy political power schemes between professional democrats and professional republicans that often crosses party boundaries. The outcomes are often under the control of a few big money interests; ie. “The Big Club”.  That said, polls in Mississippi close at 8:00pm EST.

New York Times – Election Results Here

Decision Desk HQ – Election Results Here

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650 Responses to Update: Mississippi U.S. Senate Seat Special Election – Results and Discussion Thread…

  1. spoogels says:

    Cindy Hyde-Smith and the Media Lynch Mob

    Another smear — complete with a forty-year-old yearbook.


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  2. fleporeblog says:

    Liberals would commit suicide in large numbers if this were to happen!

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  3. the good thing about Cindy Hyde-Smith…. even though she was the MS Repub machine choice, her feet will be held to the fire by Mississippi voters. Trust me on this, she won’t be able to pull any of the Collins/Flake/Murkowski crap on judicial appointments or border stuff…. not that she would anyway, but if she has any of those tendencies Republicans in that state will not take kindly to it.

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    • Pied Piper says:

      I imagine Murkowski and Collins are already planning a “we girls have to stick together” meeting to start working her over to block Trump when possible. She may well fall for it. I keep reading she was a democrat for a long time so I simply can’t trust her. Time will tell but I can see us right back where we were with Ben Sasse taking Flake’s place and Murkowski, Collins, and Hyde-Smith rounding out the 4 thwart Trump votes.

      There are people on our side who absolutely despise Trump and will do anything to undermine him. Romney is the new McCain and hasn’t even been sworn in yet. Sasse thinks he can wear big boy britches now and Miss Lindsey can swing either way depending on the winds. There are others, too. This is no piece of cake.

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  4. mashall says:

    Politico Story…
    “Clyburn has 150-plus backers for House majority whip bid”

    They didn’t write that that did they?

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  5. Donald says:

    A big, well-deserved hug to all our friends here at the Tree House who hold the president close to their hearts.
    We needed this victory, and we got it!
    Let’s bury our hatchets for now and rejoice!
    The Senate will be securely in Republican hands, as this will all change significantly the Pelosi and Schumer calculus to counter the President, who is in no way the same man who took office 22 months ago.
    Rinos may also be feeling more queasy since they will also have much greater difficulty bucking our President as he grows every hour in his confidence about the powers he possesses, and the need now to use it fearlessly more than ever: note his bold action at the border will be only one example.
    I personally will relish every day of the next 12 months. For those that know boxing, it will be similar to the 8th and 9th rounds in a 12-round bout. A veritable brawl! It will be for all the marbles.
    Watch and behold.

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  6. Midterm Wrap-up:

    1) Romney got in, but he’ll just have pull up his magic pants and vote for Trump’s judicial nominees unless he and the other three RINO “moderates” vote no. i.e. Murkowski, Sasse, Collins. Not likely to happen often. 53-47 and all thanks to P45.

    2) House becomes a loony bin in January. Get your popcorn out, there will be a daily highlight reel of people doing and saying incredibly dumb stuff. Nothing will get done, but the upside is definitely in the entertainment value and should play into Trump’s hands for re-election.

    3) Voter fraud is now a national issue and in the mainstream of political debate. So far little is being done about it other than some arrests and resignations at the periphery, but that and spotlighting the people who otherwise would do the fraud is better than nothing. What we need is candidates and state officials to fight hard when there’s obvious shenanigans going down. No more pretending that there isn’t a problem or caving to the intimidation tactics.

    4) Mueller. So this may all come down to -is there 2/3 of the Senate that will vote to convict- against impeachment proceedings. This was a big reason Trump focused on the Senate in the midterms. Mueller is trying to maneuver people like Corsi into “composing” a Russian collusion narrative, and I expect he will eventually present his made-up story to the democratic House regardless of whether he can embellish it with extracted evidence/testimony from people like Corsi or Manafort. If there’s no angle to a combined dem/RINO 2/3 conviction, Mueller will try to drag his investigation out in perpetuity unless the courts rule against him on his non-confirmed status or Whitaker curtails his mandate to -only- Russian collusion. If either of those happens, the impeachment circus starts but will die in the Senate. The fighting with Corsi/Manafort is over votes in the Senate for conviction. If they “compose” for Mueller, more RINOs can swing over to join with the dems. The key thing to note here is if there isn’t a 2/3 majority available in the Senate, Trump will push Mueller hard to make his report because a repeat of the Clinton impeachment scenario is good for the GOP in 2020 and will drive turnout.

    3) Whitaker watch

    4) RBG watch

    5) Lindsey Graham 2.0 watch

    6) Government shut down. If “bi-partisanship” fails with the new Congress (it will, communists don’t do bi-partisanship), Trump gets to shut down the gov’t over the Wall and blame the Democratic House. It was tough dealing with a GOPe Congress on this point because a government shutdown looks really dumb when theoretically the R’s control both chambers and the WH. But in January its a whole new ballgame. Huge pain coming to the “democratic socialist” activists in the federal bureaucracy who are basically dead weight. That much is for sure. Lots of pain, until we get our Wall.

    Merry Christmas all!

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    • Judith says:

      I grudgingly agree there is an upside to the Dimmies burning down the house. They will be a lot more entertaining than a bunch of backstabbing Republicans sitting on their hands. Comedy gold.

      And if the UNiparty gets too full of themselves, they are in for a world of grief. POTUS has treated them with kid gloves thus far.

      This does feel like the calm before the storm.

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      • Jan says:

        And there’s always Ocasio-Cortez. She’s a loose cannon right now until Nasty Pelosi gets House Majority Speaker. I’m thinking Nasty doesn’t want to spend all the money it’s going to take to shut Ms. Cortez up & there aren’t enough cushy assignments for Ms. Cortez either. Ms. Cortez is going to make Maxipads look like an elder statesman in comparison.

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        • sat0422 says:

          I believe that the composite IQ of the Congress just went down by 100+ points or more. We have some dim witted and incompetent people who have been elected. I say this because they can’t even speak or answer questions that reflect a comprehension level beyond what an average 8th grader can give us.

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          • kyblue says:

            Adam Schitt is gleefully rubbing his hands over all the investigations & tie- ups he’s busy constructing already.
            Seems to me he doesn’t have much faith in Mueller’s Russian collusion probe, does he?

            Pencil Neck is well aware Russiagate is a farce. Schitt isn’t That much of a loon. He’s playing to his base of rabid loons.

            So while he & the rest of his fellow dem dingbats in congress are busy trying to GET TRUMP maybe they won’t screw the rest of the country too badly. Call me Pollyanna.


        • Joshua2415 says:



        • tonyE says:

          Browns and Blacks don’t much get along in Los Angeles. Or anywhere in Calimexistan.

          It’d be funny to watch Maxine and Cortez “The Killer” (*) trying to scream “Impeach” over each other… I wonder if the Killer can pull Maxine’s wig before she gets her eyes poked.

          Meanwhile Trump will be packing the Courts.

          (*) Remember that song by Neal Young?

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      • The Defiant One says:

        Demoncrats won’t just burning down the house… first they’ll cover it in fecal matter and Marijuana smoke, they setting fire to it, ie, look at California this month under FOUR TERM DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR MOONBEAM BROWN!


    • Hereward the Woke says:

      That sounds pretty spot on. Just one thing left out: what DJT has in his ammo pouches concerning Spygate. What leverage does he have against Mueller and the Deep State? How will he play the leaking of docs to undermine and maybe indict (I can dream, can’t I?) the enemies of the republic?

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  7. duchess01 says:

    This is strange – the polls closed at 8:00 CST – and the only county left to report is ‘Perry’ –

    Candidate Party Votes Pct.
    Cindy Hyde-Smith*
    474,471 53.9%
    Mike Espy
    405,486 46.1
    879,957 votes, 99% reporting (1,781 of 1,797 precincts)
    * Incumbent

    NYT Feed

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  8. SMP Belltown says:

    Here’s a simple 101 level question –

    Is it possible for senators to officially “abstain” from votes? Or do they have to vote for-or-against the bill or the person in question?

    In other words, is a 48-for, 47-against, 5-abstain vote possible on some things where 5 senators disagree on a particular detail but don’t want to cross party lines and wreck the whole issue. (Of course, maybe there are a lot of kids who have pending marriages….)


  9. Jeff says:

    What’s with all the negative waves Moriarty ?
    WINNING !! still not tired of winning !!

    2 Oct 2018 – 3:31:13 PM
    Final Senate Result of Midterm Elections? (Q Proof)
    13 Nov 2018 – 12:12:14 AM


  10. webmailhelps says:

    we lost a net 6 Governorships. This should be a wake up call to all of us. http://webmailhelps.com

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  11. Gunner says:

    WOW…reading so much negativity about this election. She didn’t win by a larger margin…a weak candidate…blah, blah.

    I woke up this morning and see where the U.S. Senate is 53-47 (GOP over the SPL (formerly Democrat party). Take it and move on folks. Go to work, go to school, rake some leaves, go shopping, have a cup of coffee…smile, please!

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    • TimeIsNow says:

      Yeah, this has been a Black-Pilled site for a while now. Not all shills, but all black-pills do help the Left, paid or not. None ever get even warned about their Left helping behavior.

      MORALE DESTROYERS, allowed to run free here. Site is all but lost, and close to meaningless. Infiltrated, like all weak Tea Party efforts. The Black-Pillers have control of the comments now. The good commenters will soon leave…and many lurkers will avoid even reading.

      This election was important and will help PDJT, as she will cooperate with the White Hats.


      • Pokey says:

        My experience with this site is that it is an elitist club of posters who mostly just want to fawn over the Executive Branch while Rome appears to be burning all around them. I have tried to express my opinions here but most folks quite understandably don’t want to face what I believe is the reality. That is my opinion and I have been around watching the US political scene for over 50 years. I really do fear for our country and I can only pray for a better outcome for our Republic than I expect. The Dimcommies did manage to steal more elections around this country than they have in any election since I have been a voter, as I predicted they could. The next election could be even worse for us because of the advances they have made within this branch of political science.

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        • Gunner says:

          Well, Pokey, I’ve been called a lot in my 66 years, but ‘elite’ ain’t one of ’em. But trust me, I too am grounded in reality and I realize all is not rosey for our Republic. I’ve also posted some bleak scenarios on this site, while never once ‘fawning’ over anyone.

          But, every now and then it’s just plain comforting to take a win when we get one and not over-analyze it. That’s all I’m saying.

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          • Pokey says:

            I call them like I see them. If I was singling you out I would have probably replied to your post. I guess that is all I am saying, too.


            • Gunner says:

              You said “My experience with this site is that it is an elitist club of posters who mostly just want to fawn over the Executive Branch while Rome appears to be burning all around them.”

              That sounds like a fairly broad brush covering folks on this site — of which I’m one. And I was responding to you that I’m not ‘elite’ nor do I ‘fawn’ over anyone.


              • Pokey says:

                Glad to hear that, Gunner. Yes I did paint with a broad brush which mistakenly included you. But I wondered why you felt singled out by that broad brush, since I don’t recall that my post was even in response to you. Try reading my original post again and maybe you can get your feathers a little bit less ruffled.


    • MAGAbear says:

      That kind of thinking is partly to blame for the losses we suffered this past election. We won some special elections in solid red areas by the skin of our teeth during the past year and many said “hey, we won, don’t sweat it!”. Ignoring the numbers is not helpful.


      • Gunner says:

        OK, let’s just agree to disagree. You want reality? Here it is…no damn politician will save this Republic. None of ’em. POTUS is not a politician…but he’s surrounded by them and unfortunately he has to work with them (unless this special Republic morphs into an autocracy).

        Get a conservative win by 8% or 80% — it’s a win and should be celebrated for what it is. I won’t speak for anyone else on this site — I’m not ignoring numbers…I’m celebrating a win.

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  12. Caius Lowell says:

    I had the misfortune of watching a snippet CNN yesterday (don’t turn away, I know, but there’s my sanity to consider), and their communist propaganda, race-bating, smearing Republicans as white nationalists was over the top…


    • T man says:

      It is ridiculous isn’t it? I can’t stomach the continual lies and spin. Example would be the constant drumbeat of gassing “children” at the border. There like 2 children there. The rest were military aged men rushing the border and attacking our citizens (Border Patrol). It is ridiculous to say we gassed children. We gassed grown men attacking us. If they brought children there, that’s on the Mother who put them in harms way. So they focus on the 2 children and ignore the thousands of men.

      Other times it is downright comical. Like watching Joyless Behar or Mika Dumbinsky. Unbelievable that people can be that hateful and dumb at the same time.

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  13. Arc86 says:

    I asked one question, I did try to understand the meaning by her statement. When I researched it yesterday, the majority of the msm media were calling it at a racial statement. I asked for the context of her statement, since I had a disagreement over the term with a co-worker, who is from Mississippi. And I get HAMMERED of here. Laughed at ridiculed, called a troll. Man, I wish I had NEVER even asked the question. The commenters on th is site are such as mean spirited as what you would see on Facebook. It’s insane that I get ridiculed by my family, friends, and colleagues for espousing a different opinion and then I get the same treatment from those who are “supposed” to have the same ideology as I do. I am greatly disappointed in the “internet mob” that is present within this community.


    • Q&A says:

      Seriously, you have posted the same response 3 times, insulting the CTH each time with the “internet mob” label. Give it a rest or add something new to the conversation.

      Grow a thicker skin and get over being hammered. It’s the way of the internet. I’ve been called on the carpet for my thinking on a topic and the poster was right when I went back and did more research on my own.

      You wanted a quick answer to a complex issue on your terms. If you reread the responses, you will see not only your answer, but the complexities involved. Blaming others for being “mean-spirited” serves no intellectual purpose. People express themselves in unique ways. Some are more salty; others are more subtle. Try to ignore the emotionality and get to the essence of what someone is saying. This skill will serve you well.

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    • lurker2 says:

      Here’s what you wrote yesterday:

      I was informed by a colleague that Cindy made some derogatory comments about a public hanging. As an African-American this is completely unacceptable and appalling that any politician would joke about something so heinous. I looked for more context of her comments but the only websites I could find were liberal leaning. Does anyone here know more information concerning this issue and where I can locate additional sources?

      I google’d “cindy hyde smith public hanging” and the 3rd result is a video that was posted 3 days ago. You couldn’t find that? It contains pertinent transcript so you could see exactly what she said and know that it had NOTHING to do with lynchings. NOTHING.

      We have a lot of people who are “concerned” about things and are basically just stirring the pot wasting time discussing nonsense. You certainly made yourself appear to be one of them.

      Also, stop being a snowflake. Do you think blacks are the only people who have ever been hanged? Are we not allowed to use that term in speech because you might be offended?

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  14. SharkFL says:

    53-47 .. i’ve seen that somewhere before ..

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  15. DMWT says:

    I was born/raised in Delta, Mississippi. As an acting replacement for the last year, Cindy voted FOR planned parenthood funding and AGAINST funding the border wall. I am hoping that she can come on board now. Since she was a Democrat for three terms in her history, I hope she is “born again”.


  16. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    Praise the Lord Incumbent Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith won!


  17. thedoc00 says:

    53-47 in the Senate, OK. Now let’s see the committee leadership line-up McConnell puts in place as that will tell the tale on the level of “Republican Support” the president is likely to receive or not recieve.

    As for the House of Representatives. It should be interesting to watch. Again, selections of Republican minority party leadership slots and committee membership allocations will say allot on how the Republican Party plans to act when the Democrat Party Pogrom starts against the President and his agenda.


  18. rustybritches says:

    I watched the votes last night and really proud of the fact she won and wish her the best of luck in the year to come, I heard what Paul Ryan had to say this morning to about the Republicans and its funny but the only time that you hear them talk that way is when they know they are about to lose something like the house, Ryan Lost the house along with a few other people who cared nothing about going out and trying to figure out a way to bring other people into the house in replacement of those who were bailing out the door. I think it was 40 something who quit and Ryan did nothing to stop or change that, and he refused to do anything to help the President to make sure they kept the house. I just hope that in 2020 the Republicans will get more people out to the polls to watch what is going on and in every district they need their own people who help with the count so that there are no Found votes at the last min..
    I will take any win that’s for sure too, and I am grateful to the President for all he did to help keep the senate Thank God he is also doing what he has at the Border, some times things cant be helped you have to do what you have to do, These people have no rights and today they are making demands but no one should listen just let Mexico decide what they want to do


    • Pokey says:

      He has not built one foot of the wall, which was the main reason I voted for him. I am getting tired of the bs about the wall. He can build it without congress giving him money explicitly for the wall. I don’t thank God for Donald Trump. I thank God for giving us a chance to vote for somebody besides an Obama or a Clinton.


      • myshariamoor says:

        The Wall is going up at Columbus, NM (S. of Deming, moving E.) & at Santa Teresa, NM (W. of El Paso, TX, moving W.)!
        They’ll meet somewhere in the middle.
        See the VIDEOS.


        • Pokey says:

          What videos? Do you know how many feet have been completed? I have not heard of this construction going on in New Mexico and I grew up in New Mexico. This may be construction of a fence that was authorized during the Bush administration, and was not built during Barry Sotero’s reign. This does not resemble any of the example walls that were built for PDJT and Homeland Security to decide among.


      • jello333 says:

        Donald Trump gave up more, and risked more, to run for president than any other person in history. Some of us VERY much appreciate that, and love him for it.


        • Pokey says:

          Most of us don’t owe anyone any allegiance because they decided to run for the Presidency. We only owe these people our votes if we believe they will do a better job for us than their opponents. I also decided to vote for Trump, partly because he didn’t have to make any real financial sacrifice in order to run. As for the risks he took, history shows that every candidate must accept those risks before they decide to run.


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