President Trump MAGA Rally, Biloxi Mississippi – 9:00pm EST Livestream…

President Donald Trump holds his second MAGA rally in Mississippi today to benefit Cindy Hyde-Smith in tomorrows special election.  The anticipated start time for President Trump’s remarks is 8:00pm CST / 9:00pm EST with rally speakers and events before.

RSBN Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link – Alternate Livestream Link

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136 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally, Biloxi Mississippi – 9:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. zooamerica says:

    As Mezzz pointed out above, the number of comments are much lower than usual…ratings are down and I have my own theory on that…no, it’s not the Thanksgiving hangover effect either.

    Many Republicans that voted for Trump are still wondering why Rod Rosenstein still has a job and why the POTUS did not declassify the documents that would exonerate him and end the Witch Hunt before the midterms.

    I’d rather have President Trump save his Ace cards for 2020 purposes..

    Had President Trump blown his leverage before the midterms by firing Rosenstein and declassifying the documents…we would all be in the same position today, but without any defense.

    That’s some heavy political artillery President Trump is firmly holding on to and I’m glad he is.

    Mueller and Rosenstein can’t believe it.


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    • Holding onto some heavy artillery may have merit, however, throwing several rounds down range certainly would help.


    • purpleibby says:

      I think you’re reading too much into it…the midterm hype are pretty much over except for Mississippi and a few other races. People are settling in for the holidays. I’ve been commenting between getting the kids into bed, holiday shopping, putting lights on my house and wrapping presents. I’m in full Griswold holiday mode. I think Trump and the first lady are setting a great tone with their holiday cheer and all the lovely Christmas stuff at the White House.

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  2. IMO says:

    Mississippi will give us our 53 tomorrow 🇺🇸

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    • purpleibby says:

      Praying they will deliver for their state and their nation! Keep Mississippi RED and standing for freedom and American traditions for ALL it’s citizens! If I lived there, I’d haul my whole family to the polls like I did in Texas(5 votes out of my lot).

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  3. kea says:

    Ahhhhhh I forgot to watch it live. WIll have to watch it again later. I need my MAGA fix

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  4. MfM says:

    I wonder if Democrats behavior since the election earlier this month will bring out the vote of Republicans in this election. I know it would me.

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    Ratings are down? Less comments? Maybe there is less to say since its a very simple race…we either get Rep or Dimm in Mississippi?? Seriously??? 57 to 43 unless the Dimms have no shame!


  6. frank field says:

    Let’s pray that Flake, Kasich or prominent others don’t run for president in a third party. Trump will win in a two party race. I’m concerned about a “splitter”. Perot gave us Clinton.

    Great rally

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    • rightmover says:

      Perot gave us Clinton because he took votes from the GOP candidate (one I couldn’t, in all candor, bring myself to vote for a second time). I’m not sure a nonentity like Flake, or a deeply unpopular liberal buffoon like Kasich, is going to be taking votes from the right the way Perot did.

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      • TheWanderingStar says:

        And I don’t think any comparison could be made between President Donald J. Trump and creeper George H. W. Bush. Not even close.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        people who would vote for flake or kasich would not vote for Pres. Trump anyway. They would take votes from “independents” which would have gone to dems.


  7. Did anybody else ever watch. TROY. ( with Brad Pitt as ACHILLES ) ? THAT OPENING BATTLE SCENE IS WHERE WE ARE AND WHAT IS NEEDED NOW .


  8. G3 says:

    Dishonest people in the media are fact- checkers?….
    That’s gonna get 4 Pinocchios


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