AP Calls Georgia Governor Race for Republican Brian Kemp After Democrat Delivers Speech Complaining…

Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams ‘conceded-not-conceded’ the Georgia governor’s race in Georgia after more than a week of vote counting and party anxiety about her inability to generate the needed post-election day ballots to overcome the voter deficit.  Republican Brian Kemp is now the Georgia Governor-elect.

In her nationally televised concession-not-concession remarks, Abrams make it clear that campaign assistance from President Obama and Oprah Winfrey should have entitled her victory.  Alas, now she threatens to sue the State of Georgia for not supporting her.

ATLANTA (AP) — Democrat Stacey Abrams ended her challenge to Republican Brian Kemp in the Georgia governor’s race on Friday, but pledged to fight the former secretary of state’s “gross mismanagement” of the elections with a federal lawsuit.

Speaking defiantly to a news conference, Abrams said her actions did not constitute a concession, but she acknowledged that she had no further recourse under the law and that Kemp would be certified the winner.

“Let’s be clear: This is not a speech of concession,” she said. “Because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper. As a woman of conscience and faith I cannot concede that.”

Officials from Abrams’ campaign had told The Associated Press on Thursday that the candidate was considering the unprecedented move of invoking a state law that would let her challenge the results based on “misconduct, fraud or irregularities … sufficient to change or place in doubt the results.”  (read more)

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435 Responses to AP Calls Georgia Governor Race for Republican Brian Kemp After Democrat Delivers Speech Complaining…

  1. budklatsch says:

    I am appalled that the Democratic party constantly puts up such remarkably unqualified and undeserving candidates for election in all capacities! Moreover, it disgusts me tremendously that too many of these miscreants win. God, what has happened to this country?

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    • Mrs.E says:

      It’s because they want people they can control; if they ever regained power, it would be what they say, 24/7. They are not interested in anything that Abrams thinks, on any issue. They just want someone that will do what they are told to do. Just like obama.

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  2. pete says:

    I have the translation of her speech given to me by wikileaks” bbbb wwwwwww…..I want to win, I should have win, it s not fair I didn t win, I m gonna stamp my feet until I get what I really deserve as a member of so many oppressed groups and the dnam Dems fixed all those other races why not mine.

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  3. VJ Damron says:

    I live in Georgia & am registered Independent. The first thing I found out about Abrams was that she had 170k in student loans and owed the IRS 50k in back taxes. It would not be intelligent to turn over the state finances to someone who cannot responsibly handle finances for one person. Gender and race were not even a consideration.

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  4. C R Lord says:

    They didn’t think he would win. Democrats are the most vile people in America, completely lacking in grace and forever in the “I think we should have won” mode This is just one more example of the shallow thinking prevalent among them. No surprise however. Socialism and globalism is the goal.

    The greater wonder is that any Democrat male or female in the current group could have ever won anything in the first place. It shows how totally duped the American public has been for decades.

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  5. mcfyre2012 says:

    The Georgia race was only close because: Abrams is black, she muddled the election with her campaign of getting lots of people on provisional ballots, the outside influence of the Oprah, and Abram’s sister, an Obama-appointed federal judge in Albany, Georgia, to use to file suits.

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  6. jerseyjoe says:

    The foundations of our nation are crumbling. Our enemies know the way to beat the US is from within. Divide and conquer. This will not end well.

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  7. Screaming eagle says:

    Since 2000 this is the Gimmydats strategy. Every Republican win is illegitimate. They have operatives in battleground states, that slow the count down, stretch things out for days, bring in lawyers, cry racism. They do this every election cycle, and they don’t give a damn about all of the anxiety this causes to our citizens and damage it does to our belief in the election system. Its not going to stop, its going to get worse. You already have cities defying the rule of law. Senators saying that any Trump appointee is subject to recall or impeachment, when they get back in power because Trump is not a legitimate president. This will not end well.

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  8. NJ Transplant says:

    Stacey Abrams is complaining that it is too hard for citizens to vote. I think she means “non-citizens,” i.e., illegals. She didn’t like that ballots with wrong birthdates were not accepted. Birth date is a recognized factor used in designating correct identity. I am sick to death of these Democrats. My husband and I can’t believe we ever voted for Democrats. It is so obvious how wrong they always are.

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  9. pnj01 says:

    What an absolute slug this bee-atch is.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Go and get the heck on– don’t let the door hit your big butt on the way out, babe!

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