President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Marine Barracks Washington…

Today, the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump and the First Lady, Mrs. Melania Trump, visited Marines at Marine Barracks Washington. The Commander in Chief and First Lady personally thanked Marines for their actions in supporting Washington D.C. first responders during the recent fire at the Arthur Capper Senior Center.

Additionally, the visit served as an opportunity to personally thank the Marines for their continued service to the nation, and provide desserts in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

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94 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Marine Barracks Washington…

  1. I don’t recall Obama doing a visitation with any of our armed forces. But then Obama was never a people person.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      He might have if you were the Black Panthers.

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    • GB Bari says:

      From what I observed, unless BHO was at a podium with double telePrompters he was mostly tongue-tied. There’s a lot of video footage from 2008-2018 to prove that.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Apple Valley Club, Trump was like a father to them and they are soo young. Marines are the greatest and followed by the Navy (had a brother in the Navy WWII and the other a Marine in Korea and a supposed conflict that killed so many). His and Melania’s appearance do so much to make our service members know they are respected as well as necessary for our freedom. Melania also made their day with her courtesy and appreciation as well. She grew up under communism and misery so she can treat our America’s soldiers with affection and caring. We are blessed with them both.


  2. Dan W says:

    Meanwhile CA burns with directed energy weapons, brought to you by your Federal Government!!!

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  3. Mr. Grabby says:

    God bless our President, and First Lady.
    God bless our military.
    Long live our glorious Republic, and our Constitution.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    But Kelly is gone…i see him in the pics…Marines???

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  5. Eastender says:

    It’s always nice to see our President out doing what he does so well. He reached out to touch each and every marine he could, while shaking hands with as many as possible. Gestures that will go a long way and be remembered by every one he saw today. What a nice man our President is!

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  6. The Marine Barracks should be moved from Imperial City DC to our southern border. I would move Ft. Sill there too.


  7. gawntrail says:

    POTUS and USMC. Can their be a symbol more American.

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  8. IMO says:

    That’s awesome POTUS loves our Military and so do we.

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  9. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Contrary to popular opinion, the U.S. Marine Corps does not guard the White House.

    The U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division (viz., the White House Police) is the federal law enforcement agency charged with that responsibility (including manning the gate houses and other entry points).

    The President and the Vice President, and their immediate families are guarded by the Secret Service Presidential and Vice-Presidential security details.

    The only Marines permanently posted to the White House for direct security purposes to the President are the four Marine non-commissioned officers (chosen from among sergeants and corporals stationed at Marine Barracks Washington) who stand post as unarmed, ceremonial sentries at the outer door to the West Wing of the White House. They are on post (one at a time for thirty-minute watches) anytime the President is in the West Wing, which is where the Oval Office is located.

    Their function is to serve as doormen for the many visitors, officials, and Secret Service agents, etc., and yes, to the President, whenever he chooses to exit or enter the West Wing via that one specific door.

    There are other Marines who belong to the Presidential Security Detachment present inside the White House complex at any given time for any number of reasons, and sometimes they may even be armed. But it is the Secret Service that provides armed security and protection to both the White House and the President.

    There are other Marines (and other military personnel) who work at the White House in the Military Liaison Office, Protocol Office, Communications Center, Medical Office, Food Service, Ground Transportation, etc., but they have no armed security function.

    The Marines stationed at Marine Barracks Washington (commonly called 8th and I, because of its location at the corner of those two Washington, DC city streets) provides armed, physical security for the Presidential Retreat at Camp David, MD.

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    • wendy forward says:

      Loved our Marine guards at the Embassies when I was in Foreign Service-The Marine House was where the action was! I had to go home for a couple weeks for a family emergency in 1981. Punk, proto-punk, mil-punk and New Wave had totally taken over. When people asked me what the styles were in L.A. I just said “look at the Marines”.

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  10. luke says:

    Perhaps send them to Broward County 🙂


  11. luke says:

    Perhaps send them to Broward County 🙂


  12. Kim says:

    President Trump and the classiest FLOTUS EVER!


  13. Kim says:

    I’ve never been as proud of this nation! Ever!


  14. General Kelly showing some love too I see, proud of his president treating marines with respect.

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