Very Important Tweets From POTUS – Action Needed…

There are no coincidences; and I need to request help.  It is critical that everyone assist in pushing into the general psyche these two tweets from President Trump released a few minutes ago:  (LINK) [Pacific Time Zone in Tweet]  11:04pm Eastern.

Against the backdrop of an exhaustive earlier conversation the most important part of these tweets is the date and time.  Please, retweet them, and make a record (via screen grabs etc.) with specific note of the date and time.  Just trust me, and bear with me, it will be important later on.  This is proactive.

Additionally, get completely familiar withe the specific wording of the comments made by President Trump, surrounding AAG Matthew Whitaker, as he departed the White House earlier today, November 9th, 2018.   Bookmark the transcript [see here].

[Transcript] THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t speak to Matt Whitaker about it. I don’t know Matt Whitaker. Matt Whitaker has a great reputation, and that’s what I wanted. I also wanted to do something which, frankly, I could have brought somebody very easily from the outside. I didn’t want to do that. When Sessions left, what I did, very simply, is take a man who worked for Sessions. Again, he worked for Jeff Sessions. He’s a highly respected man, especially by law enforcement. And I think he’s going to do a great job. He’s there in an acting position. He’s a — probably, from what I hear — a very strong person, a very strong personality. And I think that’s what they need.

… Now, in all fairness to Matt Whitaker, who, again, I didn’t know — okay? — other than through reputation. His reputation is excellent.  (transcript link)

At a later date this will all become clear why it is so important.  At a future date the media, and all of President Trump’s political opposition, will attempt to frame a narrative around Matthew Whitaker and President Trump.  You need to help counter that predictable future narrative by making these remarks, and when they were made, set-in-stone now.

With the possibility of losing the FL and AZ senate races this is more important for future confirmation issues (DOJ and FBI) within the Senate.

I will be updating this.  I need to carefully think about how to word it; it is not my intention to post in riddles; but I need to be cautious and I need to seek counsel.  Check back for an update that will follow; hopefully soon/overnight.


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399 Responses to Very Important Tweets From POTUS – Action Needed…

  1. Harleyd says:

    The issue is not what PDJT said, it’s what he did or did not do.

    It is easy to understand “knowing” someone by their reputation and public behavior. You form an impression. I “know” my Senator, “Da Nang” Dick Blumenthal, is a lying slime ball, but I’ve never met him (and hope I never do).

    On the other hand, “know” can also mean, or at least imply, personal contact that is deep and often enough to develop an extensive personal relationship.

    Each side in this saga can be expected to define the word “know” to their own advantage.

    The key will be the degree to which there is any documented personal interactions between PDJT and Mr. Whitaker. All else is speculation and politics.


  2. ADDgolfer says:

    This article of course an extension of yesterday’s article
    You can best believe my head will be on a swivel when out in public.
    Being hit by a bus and never reading the outcome of this is not acceptable to me.
    Thank You Sundance

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    • Nobodysfool says:

      Look at what they’re doing to election results in FL, GA, & AZ. Look what they did to Kavanaugh. When they get ready to destroy Whitaker, do we think they will be thwarted by documentation showing proof of no prior association between him and our President? They have no respect for truth, they create fake realities & the media pushes it thru. The lies, distortions & goal for mob rule by one party is real, That’s why we lost the House. Before Nov 6 we retweeted, we tried to wake people up. The lies on the 6 o’clock news is apparently impossible to beat. Nothing we do now will aid Whitaker but try if want.

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      • formerdem says:

        Did you try? Tweet it. Scream about three days since the election, three days after the election, November 9. In a spirit of pure helpfulness here are the Saints whose day that was: St. Agrippinus
        St. Alexander
        St. Benignus
        St. Eustolia & Soprata
        St. Orestes
        St. Pabo
        St. Theodore Tyro
        St. Ursinus of Bourges
        St. Vitonus
        Whatever you can do with that.

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      • Jan says:

        I think this has to do more with whether Pres. Trump can even appoint someone not approved by Congress as Acting AG. Former AG under George W., Michael Mukasey, is maintaining that Pres. Trump has to appoint a senior DOJ lawyer confirmed by Congress, which would be Rosenstein and a couple others in the DOJ 9 (and whatever lawyer confirmed by Congress elsewhere in his admininstration). Mukasey cited another statute besides the Vacancy statute which, while not mandatory, pointed towards his conclusion that the President should only appoint someone already confirmed by Congress.

        Clearly, Pres. Trump would not appoint Rosenstein because of his conflicts (the Dimms would be ok with RR, though not anyone else). Krystal is dropping ads tomorrow against Whittaker’s appointment, probably for these reasons. This should be interesting.


  3. Mary Brandeberry says:

    The democrats are afraid of Whitaker for one main reason. He has mentioned about investigating Hillary and the use of using private e-mails instead of the government e-mail servers. Obama was found to do the same. If she is investigated what else will be revealed? They accused President Trump with dealing with Russia. However, Hillary herself had dealings with Russia and the selling of uranium. Questions like what are they hiding, what is their agenda, what deals have been secretly made with foreign countries, and last how does the creep Soros have so much say here in the USA. He is furnishing money to some of the organizations that are fighting President Trump and trying his best to make this a Socialist country, no borders and making a one world government.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      The Uniparty wants to delay and buy time for Mueller! It’s not just Pelosi…a RINOs and Nevertrumpers too…

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    • Guaca Mole says:

      They are very afraid of sunlight.

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    • Annie Ok says:

      George Soros is the character “Specter” in the early James Bond films. Is that his model, or was the character modeled after him? At any rate, he seeks to sow international discord and chaos. And what does he think will happen to him amid this global chaos? He is obviously insane. Insane, and evil.


      • swissik says:

        Unfortunately for us, nothing is going to happen to Soros. He is extremely rich and knows exactly who can be bought in order to avoid trouble to himself. Most people sacrifice integrity for money, that is the reality of the situation.

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      • steph_gray says:

        So odd you should say that, Annie. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching the early Bond films for pretty much the first time (saw one in the theatre with parents when very young). They are fun period pieces and nice brain fluff to clear the palate between doses of politics…

        I too kept thinking the SPECTRE organization reminded me so much of the chaos-sowing globalist cabal!


      • Joemama says:

        Soros works for the banking families. He does their dirty work, so nobody looks their way.


    • 335blues says:

      There are no coincidences. But there are universal truths.
      There is only one marxist movement, and it is worldwide.
      Including right here in America.
      Including russia, communist china, venezuela, cuba, etc.
      Including the marxist democrat party. Right here in America.
      It is all but one octopus with its tentacles spread wide.
      Another truth is the marxists will publicly accuse the target
      of that which they already illegally do to obfuscate their trail.
      The charge of “collusion with russia” occurred precisely because
      the marxist democrat party IS colluding with russia.
      After Diane Feinstein was caught RED-HANDED with a chinese spy
      she’d had in her “employ” for 20 years I fully expected Trump to be also
      charged with colluding with communist china as well as russia.
      Because the marxist democrat party will eventually be exposed
      to be another tentacle of the octopus. Right here in America.
      In my opinion, of course.

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    • Skipper says:

      These recent comments could actually be much bigger than Trump’s perceptual concern about hiring Whitaker. While I was taking some graduate courses in clinical psych, a number of years ago, I had a chance to work with a professor who was considered one of the more experienced doctors in the nation dealing with PTSD. The one thing I gained from that experience is how to tell when people are breaking-down from an ongoing stressful situation, such that they eventually give in to it and become mentally helpless, and, in some cases, traumatized. In Trump’s case, he’s clearly starting to show signs (especially in his language usage) of breaking down, and he’s also beginning to look and sound somewhat traumatized by the constant barage of hate that he receives from The Left. What they are doing to him, that most people are unaware of, is using the same mind-numbing (psychological) techniques that were/are used on citizens in countries like China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union. My point is: all that seems careful and measured in Trump’s tweets and conversation could well be a sign that he’s caving psychologically. What this man is enduring right now may be greater than what any common day man has ever had to endure mentally.


      • Joshua says:

        It’s called subterfuge

        I’m certain his subconscious has been prepared.

        One can see it in another’s eyes.

        It’s an extreme tactic, very expensive, but if there is any voice u wish to collar…. let me know I will tell you how. If they have not been through it already only the strong survive.


      • CanYouHearMeNow? says:

        I hear you Skipper, but consider this: POTUS Trump ran for president bc he had a motive. Motive drives the man, it is his armor, and is rooted in knowing that he has an objective, a strategy, and a plan to achieve his objectives. Do you think he ran for president to fuel his ego, or could there be another motivation which thereby makes him impervious to the media?

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      • swissik says:

        I can’t claim any psychological insight however I agree with Skipper’s observation. To me the president just looks tired, has a slight bend when he walks as though he had the entire world’s burden on his shoulders. Almost like Atlas. It worries me.


      • Justice says:

        A large part of his problem is that he never sleeps. He didn’t do well at that press conference, no matter what anybody says. He was heavy laden and in a bad mood.

        Most leaders cave in to the opposition just to get some relief. That’s why we have to continually pray for him and bear him up.

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      • calamitymay says:

        I’ve been wondering about that. First, the man doesn’t stop. Second, thru his rally speeches & self-referencing, saying how much HE is getting stuff done, implies a deep psychological drive & personal investment–and a clamoring for recognition. And I’ll heap tons on him, happily. I love Trump’s mega doses of courage, fortitude, and tenacity.. The man motivates me, And for the works of him and his administration, I feel patriotic again.
        But there’s got to be a toll. Heroes too get exhausted. Slings and arrows. May he feel our love and be sustained by our prayers.


      • formerdem says:

        Lincoln had it worse. Now SD has an idea of how to help PDJT. Have you sent your tweet yet? Per SD instructions above. Scream about Whitaker being made AAG on November 9, and hammer in the date. Being a clinical psych grad you will have a good memorable idea.


      • steph_gray says:

        Any suggestion that VSGPDJT, who knew what he was getting into years before running, is allowing anyone on the other side to “get to him” psychologically, is plain silly IMHO.



  4. Publius2016 says:

    Remember, Ginsburg will retire…she’s too frail to leave the house and is an embarrassment serving on our Highest Court!

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    • Jan says:

      How is she embarrassing other than looking more like Steve Hawking everyday & occasionally falling asleep during political speeches or SOTU? She’s not supposed to comment on politics though she frequently does, but she wrote the 1st opinion of this session that started in October for the 3rd time in a row. She fell in her office and went home and then decided to go to the hospital in the morning. She’s very lucid and sound of mind. You can’t help that your body falls apart no more than you can help that you’re in good physical condition and your mind goes.


  5. gymcy81 says:

    I do not know him…non-association…
    It sounds like a built-in buffer that offsets or puts some space between the dems inappropriate (political) demands for another AG recusal from the Trump – Russia investigation / hoax
    and thereby retaining an acting AG that could supervise and review the (non) performance of the deputy AG, Rosenstein (that appointed a special prosecutor Mueller – without Senate approval).

    Whitacre is a solid, conservative, constitutionalist, lawyer (which is a rare thing coming out of a lot of liberal academia / colleges) …
    …and most dems will look for (make up) reasons to dislike or discredit the accurate interpretation of written laws (again).
    As such, in advance, Trump provides some political protection to counter the anticipated the dems pol. playbook.



  6. sabinasails says:

    done…getting others to do the same…God Bless.

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  7. Gipperguy says:

    As requested, I have tweeted out the two tweets from our POTUS, thanks for all of your great work Sundance

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    Some truths re: AAG Whitaker –
    AAG Whitaker grew up in Ankeny Iowa, graduated University of Iowa, was confirmed as US Attorney 2004. After leaving DOJ AAG Whitaker joined a law firm in Des Moines and joined the Rotary Club.

    The Rotary Club is a very big deal in Iowa. Des Moines may be radical, Ankeny is decidely not (my people are all from around this area).

    AG Jeff served on Judiciary with Sen Grassley, who knows AAG Whitaker well. AG Jeff spoke to the Des Moines Rotary 17 August 2018 and delivered a major policy speech on immigration at the 8th Circuit Judicial Conference.
    At Rotary – “My chief of staff, Matt Whitaker, is a proud former member and…the only Rotarian ever to make it into the Ankeny High School Athletic Hall of Fame.”

    “Sessions spoke at the 8th Circuit Judicial Conference…held at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center…
    Sessions appeared with his chief of staff, Matt Whitaker, who was a Des Moines lawyer and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa from 2004 to 2009.
    Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, chair of the Judiciary Committee, also appeared at the conference, held at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center.”
    —>>>””It’s not right to say we’re going to build a wall around America. That’s hogwash,” Sessions said.”

    If AAG Whitaker had any influence at all, it would appear to be on immigration, imo, and not anything “deep state” (which is laughable imo), which seems decidely not in AAG Whitaker’s bag of tricks.

    “Deep State’ et al have no idea how Deep Flyover Country thinks. smh
    Just another Fake News conspiracy theory, imo, and perhaps should be treated as such, but keep those bookmarks and timestamps if for no other reason than S&G.


  9. notunderwhelmed says:

    Due to the fact the MSM is owned by powers that are opposed to constitutional American interests — through whatever format left to We the People– the president’s executive decisions must be praised, agreed with, championed –relentlessly.

    The constant backlash against him and his agenda needs to be countered, loudly.

    I contribute to judicial watch and others who are fighting for our freedom. Any other suggestions?

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  10. Molly Pitcher says:

    Each day, every hour, “they” are crafting and implementing a psychological war against us. Their ministry of disinfo presents the lies in a quasi question format. Then they have ‘experts’ and politicians who discuss it and things are no longer debatable in the public’s truth according to them.
    Then the daytime talk shows and late night comediennes present it to the masses who don’t follow news. Print news outlets carry out it further. Their very special disinfo agents, the big tech agents with thousands of paid shills and genuinely brainwashed posters spread things like a disease through society.

    The finest but most diabolical minds have taken their knowledge of how to manipulate beliefs and self interest on a grand global scale . Most certainly the USA is at the target of their operation and POTUS is defying. We are defying.
    I pray everyday that it’s not too late.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Regarding the process: exactly. Around the time Marion Barry became infamous, his counterpart up the road, Kurt Schmoke, was calling for a “dialog” about legalizing drugs.

      Then, we unsuspecting folks of good will pipe up and say “Schmoke wants to legalize drugs!”

      The trap has been sprung. We are in the “wrong,” since we have put words in his mouth. On top if that, we of Govans and Frederick and Westminster are now “racist” for trying to smear a Black man simply trying to decently participate in Red, White, and Blue everyday civics.

      He is not “for” drugs, but is just trying to get a dialog. Some say we are shorting the good ol Red White and Blue Opportunity of took many young men simply because of petty crimes with great penal implications.

      Shouldn’t we have some discussion about this? Isn’t that normal civics?

      The next thing you know, we are softer than ever on crime, various jurisdictions are ignoring parts of code law, and legal MJ initiatives are on the ballot.

      It was all a setup. Schmoke is no dummies. Where did Schmoke go to school?


  11. I think POTUS is trying to figure out if he can trust Whitaker to carry out his vision for DOJ. He must have felt trust in Sessions, especially since he was his first political endorsement by an elected official very early on in 2015.

    Wow… 2019 is almost here. Them getting the House and these late 2 Senate seats has given the Democrats new life, fair or unfair.


  12. Elwood says:

    I smell another Trump rope-a-dope vs the media.

    He will let them flail away about Whitaker then bust them in the mouth with his “new” AG.

    Since when has he not had their number?


  13. Lactantius says:

    In two years of on-the-job training, President Donald J. Trump has gotten a Titantic sized load of DemonizingRat obstruction education. So have his advisors and lawyers.

    Second email above: “I did not know Mr. Whitaker. Likewise, as Chief, I did not know Mr. Whitaker except primarily as he traveled with A.G. Sessions. No social contact…..”

    That timestamped tweet establishes the baseline for President Donald J. Trump. Now the DemonizingRats have to make a case that is beyond reasonable doubt that President Donald J. Trump and Whitaker reached some quid pro quo before President Donald J. Trump appointed Whitaker to be Acting Attorney General.

    As A.G. Sessions’ Chief of Staff, Whitaker would have to be brain dead not to know the details of the Department of Justice mountain of activity surrounding the Mueller investigation. There is substantially more reason for Rosenstein to recuse himself than for Whitaker to be forced to be recused.

    My reading is that President Donald J. Trump is going to drive Whitaker down the throats of the DemonizingRats. The whole arena of “advice and consent” resides in the Senate and there would have to be some overwhelming reason brought forth as to why the Whitaker is not acceptable.

    If some Progressive judge were to step in with an injunction, President Donald J. Trump would get the matter streamlined to the Supreme Court. SCOTUS would decide whether the courts have jurisdiction or not. That is to say, the lower court judge who issues an injunction better have SCOTUS level research backing up the injunction.


  14. Bionic_Granny says:


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  15. Oldretiredguy says:

    Here’s an angle that might deserves some thought. Yes PDT is under constant attack, but he’s been under attack for decades from different entities. Some people thrive on adversity, it appears he does. The one thing PDT CAN NOT afford to do is make the grand reveal of the corruption of those aligned against him and not be prepared for the fall out. That would be like firing a shot with out looking behind the target. The midterms were a point in time that some things needed to wait for. But, this period of time between now and Jan 2019 is pretty critical in his war against those deep state actors who plotted against him from the time he announced his candidacy. You can bet he’s been thinking about knock out blows for a long time. Nothing he does over the next couple months will be by accident

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  16. weareallandrew says:

    Passed it along to Drudge, Bb, and PJM as I dont #deadbird.
    Looking forward to more…
    Popcorn, faster plas!


  17. emet says:

    Need EO now for Whittaker Secret Servive protection.


  18. aumechanic says:

    yes, the news is trying hard to say pdjt knows whittaker, newsy the new enemy of the people was pushing this hard last night.


  19. jello333 says:

    Just to throw one more thing into the mix:

    Does any of this — the insane reaction to Whitaker being promoted — come as a surprise to Trump? Do we think Don didn’t know exactly what to expect, and therefore have prepared for it? In my opinion… NOPE.


  20. By chance would SD’s wanting Treepers to note date(s) and time(s) have a possibility that indictments to be unsealed by Whitaker were actually initiated before PDJT’s statements?


  21. beachbum31 says:

    “C) it all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘know’ is… and unlike Bubba, DJT was not under oath, and DJT committed no crime
    Just like they want Whitaker to ‘recuse’ himself so they can continue their stupid little game. They are going to get a steady drumbeat going, the media is going to ‘demand’ it, yada, yada, yada.
    Just say “no”. It’s not a popularity contest, and the media doesn’t get a ‘vote’ in the decision. Tell ’em to *&^% off, and then do whatever you’re going to do.
    Why are we even talking about this?”

    Am I the only one thinking/wishing Trump and entourage should make the walk to capital hill, unannounced ala West Wing, and call out Nadler, Schiff, Blumenthal etal and their STUPID
    ‘what came first? the scandal or the manufactured scandal??’ GAME? Bring tents! bring unredacted things!


  22. Dixie T says:

    Well, for sure, Pres. Trump wants people to know that he DOES NOT KNOW Matt Whitaker!!!! (lol)
    In essence, the President is seemingly “distancing himself from Matt Whitaker”—whether there is a specific, public reason behind that, I’m not sure. Pres. Trump is a very “wise” man—-and I’m not going to try to guess what’s behind his reasoning in appointing Whitaker as Acting AG.


  23. JimmyJack says:

    Did I miss the update?


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