Florida Secretary of State Orders Election Result Recount…

Rick Scott’s margin over Bill Nelson in the unofficial U.S. Senate race result is 12,562 votes. Ron Desantis is holding a 33,684-vote lead over Andrew Gillum in the governor race; and in the Florida agriculture commissioner race Democrat Nikki Fried has a 5,326-vote lead over Republican Matt Caldwell.

By order of the Florida Secretary of State, Ken Detzner, a mandatory recount will now take place.

Per state law, any Florida election result with an outcome below half a percentage point triggers an automatic recount. The machine recount result is due next Thursday.  However, if the final difference in votes is found to be less than .25 points, a hand recount will begin.

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742 Responses to Florida Secretary of State Orders Election Result Recount…

  1. JIm says:

    Here is a suggestion to combat the election fraud seen perennially in Florida and Arizona. The mail-in ballots appear to be a major source of fraud. Mail-in ballots serve a purpose (military, expats, etc.). Florida has 26 electoral votes, Arizona has 11 electoral votes, Texas has 38 electoral votes. It’s not a function of size. Texas has early in-person voting. Mail-in ballots are restricted and limited. Early voting in Texas is easy, effective and reasonably immune to fraud.

    Fraud comes in many forms. In Texas, the AG is indicting fraudsters. In Florida, the fraud appears to be internal and systemic in certain precincts (Broward and Palm Beach). To combat the systemic fraud I recommend that Network Video Recorders (NVRs) be set up in every precinct. Have multiple closed-circuit cameras in the Board of Elections offices. Have 8 to 16 cameras to cover all angles. Have one camera trained on the NVR itself. Capture data continuously, store data for 6 months. Allow the minority for each precinct manage the NVR for that precinct. Have one camera in each precinct available online all the time. It could be the camera trained on the NVR itself. If the NVR went down, it would be known immediately. There is nothing partisan or racist about this approach. It would be consistent across all precincts.

    This would encourage the Board of Election for each precinct to adhere to the letter of the law. It would provide good validation that the Chain of Custody has been followed. If irregularities are suspected, the NVR would be a useful source of information / evidence. As long as the BOE is following the law, there should be no need to examine the NVR data.

    My suggestions to improve voting integrity:

    1. Restrict mail-in ballots. (common sense)
    2. Utilize early in-person voting (simple and efficient)
    3. Implement NVRs to provide a contemporaneous, visual, legal record of events (largely unnecessary, if 1 and 2 are implemented).


  2. JX says:

    Former Lt Gov of Fla

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  3. JX says:

    Broward’s elections supervisor accidentally mixed more than a dozen rejected ballots with nearly 200 valid ones

    The mistake — for which no one had a solution Friday night — was discovered after Snipes agreed to present 205 provisional ballots to the Broward County canvassing board for inspection. She had initially intended to handle the ballots administratively, but agreed to present them to the canvassing board after Republican attorneys objected.

    “We have found no clear authority controlling the situation faced by the board,” said Broward County Attorney Andrew Meyers.


    20 of 200 = TEN PERCENT.


  4. JX says:

    “The Broward supervisor has continued to magically find boxes of ballots that have potentially altered the course of the race,” Caldwell said in an interview Friday. “And after all that time, we still cannot get a straight answer as to where they came from, when they were cast. We just heard there is another magical box of 2,100 ballots they supposedly found here (Friday).”

    “The fact that it’s my opponent’s home county and you continue to have ballots just be found at random times without any explanation I think it just undermines the faith in the entire process and certainly leaves me doubtful about the current count that has been presented out there,” Caldwell said.


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  5. Donna Donna says:

    This is who Arizona has overseeing their vote counting:
    “….Adrian Fontes faces accusations of employing corrupt vote-counting practices as Maricopa County delivered a late-breaking lead to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in the U.S. Senate race with Republican Martha McSally. McSally led the race for two days until large batches of votes in Maricopa County flipped the lead to Sinema.”
    “Democrat Fontes also spoke publicly at a November 2016 event featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders and supporting Hillary Clinton.”
    “Maricopa County recorder Adrian Fontes defended Manuel Celis-Acosta in 2011 after an arrest for involvement in the Fast and Furious government gun-running scandal. “Before he was elected in 2016 as Maricopa County recorder, Adrian Fontes was an attorney representing clients in narco-terrorism and firearms scandals,”………. Celis-Acosta reportedly transferred thousands of guns to the Sinaloa Cartel. This included the firearm used to kill Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.”
    From: https://www.breitbart.com/midterm-election/2018/11/10/pro-bernie-sanders-arizona-vote-recorder-attorney-fast-furious-gun-buyer/


  6. dogsmaw says:

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    • jello333 says:

      Careful there, Pam! Someone, somewhere might called you a rayyycciiissss! Ben Crump on Line 2…


      • jello333 says:

        Whoa, I just read your letter to the FDLE commissioner. So far, so good. Now if the idiot doesn’t do as you requested, as you DIRECTED him to do, please do YOUR duty… and fire the guy. If you need to ask Trump to call in HIS people, I’m sure that would work too.


  7. -Gary says:

    I’m angry and this post will relay that anger. I’ve had it. I want them all arrested for Suspicion of Sedition. Oh, that law doesn’t exist, well I DON’T CARE. Clinton(s), Brennan, Clapper, Moonbeam, Lynch, Holder, Huma, Chia pet Schultz, all the roaches…..round them up, kick down their doors, again I DON’T CARE. Fly them to Gitmo and lock them up until the election results are final.

    By final I mean all investigations deemed appropriate are completed. Now let this garbage drag on for weeks, months, years…the cheaters will now have to suffer along with the rest of us. In the meantime, put unbearable pressure on Beetljuice Snipes and that horrible beast in Palm Beach, sweat them until they crack. Seems a bit harsh, well again I DON’T CARE,

    Watch how fast things get wrapped up. I hate these people. If the lackey paid punks riot in the streets, round them up too and throw them in jail, any jail…let out the minor drug users who are in there and put these rent-a- troublemaker in their cells. I’m sick of this crap, so, so very sick of this. Also, any loudmouth lawyers who pontificate their nauseating vomit words, lock their damn asses up too. Scorched Earth….baby. I hate these people AND I DON’T CARE.

    I play by the rules. I try to be a good man. I live my life and let those around me live their lives in whatever fashion they wish, so long as their behavior does not harm or infringe my existence. The lines have been drawn and crossed by these creatures. I despise them, all of them.

    One very pissed off 60 year old white man and proud of it. Don’t like it ….TOUGH and by the way I DON’T CARE.


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