Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Discusses Broward County Election Fraud….

Unfortunately, this Broward County ballot issue is not likely to end well.  Broward County Supervisor of Elections (SoE) Brenda Snipes doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of her corrupt ballot manufacturing processes.  She has a history of doing it, and she is never held accountable.

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370 Responses to Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Discusses Broward County Election Fraud….

  1. Gunner says:

    Latest I heard is that a recount has been ordered for Florida’s Senate, Governor, and Agriculture Commissioner races, ALL due to Broward and Palm Beach counties.

    So my question is this, do we offer congrats now to Nelson and Gillum? A recount because of total ineptness at best, and fraud at worst.

    Damn, when do we start taking back our Republic? We’ve been told to start that process with our votes…hell, even I’ve endorsed that. So, how’s that working out for us?


    • lanahi says:

      Don’t worry, this is the best thing that could happen. This was a real sting operation, IMO. They had to let the crime be committed in order to prosecute it. The recount will be attended by those looking for the fraud, and they will find plenty of it. Prosecutions will arise and Snipes and others will be doing serious jail time. A new movement to protect the elections will arise and more election fraud around the country will be discovered. Bills for protecting the elections will be introduced and, if the Democrats fight them, they will have egg on their faces. This will again boomerang on the Democrats big time…as always. By 2020, the vote really WILL be protected, because of the 2018 issues, but the elections everywhere will be investigated for this cycle too, even in California.


      • Apollo says:

        This sounds way too much like “trust the plan”.

        Remember how “silent assassin” Jeff Sessions had 50,000 sealed indictments that were going to bring the Scheme Team to justice and swing the midterms red?


  2. TwoLaine says:

    Every snippet I hear on TV about this office they always throw in that Broward County is 2 to 1 Democrats. I’m thinking, how would you ever know that for sure?

    Also I hear this whiz kid Snipes is an elected official and she just keeps getting elected. Really? PROVE IT! Is she the one counting the ballots?


  3. TwoLaine says:

    As to what I would do. IF by law she was required to give updates and gave ZERO updates, then the update is ZERO.

    Whatever total were reported on election night are what we go with. PERIOD. Next time report as required by law.

    Problem solved.

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  4. Go right head Taking action about Democrats corruption again and again,


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