President Trump Remarks and Press Conference Following Midterm Election…

President Trump delivers remarks on the outcome of the midterm election.

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53 Responses to President Trump Remarks and Press Conference Following Midterm Election…

  1. jimboct says:

    Jim Acosta: Dear Diary, that bad president sicced a white house aid on me and dared to tell me to shut up. They even TOOK MY MIC!!!! MY MIC. Everyone knows the first amendment guarantees the right for me to do whatever I want. Please Papa Mueller, can you make the bad orange man stop???
    Love Jimmy A

    Thank You VSGPDJT for putting little Jimmy Acosta in his place.

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  2. visage13 says:

    This was comedy gold, I listened at work and all through my lunch hour. His take down of Acosta, Ryan and some guy named Pete was too funny. He needs to take away Acosta & Ryan’s press pass. It is time to take the gloves completely off.

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  3. Ms B says:

    The media’s behavior made me cringe.
    All the hard work and caring that Our President has put in over the last two years for this country has been unprecedented. And he gets this horrid treatment! I wanted to smack most of them.

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  4. Caius Lowell says:

    PDJT is *SIGNED UP* — outstanding job Sir!

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  5. Cetera says:

    He really does seem tired. God bless him. He worked his tail off campaigning.

    Thank you, President Trump!

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    • My autistic son & I started watching when some male reporter started really going after POTUS (we’d just been listening on the radio before)…& after seeing the circling sharks we both started praying for the President. In a few minutes it seemed that some degree of civility was restored.

      May the Lord continue to Protect, Equip, & Empower President Trump & may He continue to give him Godly Wisdom…


  6. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Enemy of the people! Presstitutes driving a fake narrative. Hostile hyenas! Greatest line ever “I did this country a service by retiring Jeff Flake, another beauty” hahahahaha!! Give em hell POTUS, we love you!!

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  7. das411 says:

    This was hilarious – if he does just this and nothing else for two more years, he’d STILL be the best President we’ve had since…Reagan at least?

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  8. kallibella says:

    Since there was NO Blue Wave, they’re very angry. There will be no peace until these totalitarian crowd gets 100% power.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I’m sorry, but there was no peace when they were in power either.

      Remember, “No JustUs, No Peace”?

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    • Jederman says:

      They would find something to be angry about even if there was a blue wave. Unhappiness and anger seem to be their prime motivators. Hence their voting patterns: usually vote AGAINST something, if voting FOR something it’s usually some abstract, light weight platitude (as in hope and change).

      Time to drop all pretense. PTrump should start asking citizens EXACTLY what is it they want gvt to do/not do. Stop the window dressing and coded speak. Both sides need to throw down and declare EXACTLY what they want from gvt and WHO WILL PAY FOR IT.

      Lets get it out there and clearly define the battle lines.


  9. What a rude pack of reporters (I use that term loosely). Acosta should be banned. The rest didn’t even have the decency to respect the President.

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  10. quintrillion says:

    Fortunate to have watched this video live earlier on the Presidential thread. I don’t believe I could stand watching it again. President was fantastic but the hyneas were as menacing as ever and seemed to be hoping to draw blood. I quit watching most press briefings long ago or clips of Sunday news shows. I just don’t wish to get sucked into any of their dark narratives at all. I don’t care what they say or do it’s all crap.

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    What needs to happen is the communications department should get their axx wiped. They should have visuals for all briefings, and every time one of these hyenas brings up a false fact they need to hammer them back with the facts, visually. IF every network is gonna’ cover it, make them report the TRUTH. What is the matter with these people?

    Jimmie, you call them immigrants. They aren’t immigrants. That would imply a status that does not exist for any of them.

    Jimmie, you say it is not an invasion? How many would you say would be an invasion? 100, 200, 300, 400, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, how many? Then show the invasion. There are lots of pix and video, show what the towns look like when they take over.

    Jimmie, are they carrying U.S. flags? No, then that’s an invasion, and especially when they are TELLING YOU in advance that they are going to INVADE YOUR COUNTRY. Kinda’ like Iran and their death to America chants.

    Jimmie, what’s your address? We have homeless people here already who need a place to stay.

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    • Plain Jane says:

      “Jimmie, are they carrying U.S. flags?”
      Great comeback.

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    • Cooper45 says:

      I’m surprised at the low number of comments. I hope it doesn’t indicate many are fed up and discouraged.
      Trump did great under the circumstances.

      Acosta is a set up man whose only job at a Press Conference is to deliberately rile Trump with the devious hope that he loses his temper uncontrollably in front of the cameras of the world. He and a few others are hoping to initiate an Alec Baldwin kind of tirade that can be played endlessly by his opposition and label him as a man out of control.

      I noticed the vote tallies for most of the winning and losing candidates yesterday as they were being displayed at the bottom of the screen and I was surprised how close many were even in California. There were some blowouts of course but the ones I noticed, seemed closer than I had thought.

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    • Cooper45 says:

      2 thumbs up TwoLaine.

      The Comm department could get more visually involved in setting up some proof and context of the issues that are likely to be discussed in a PC. On the other hand, it could look hokey or overdone if not done well. Ross Perot’s use of charts etc bombed later on during his POTUS campaign.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Times have changed. They got a Fox hotshot. Make it happen.


      • TwoLaine says:

        With this group and those on the other side of the tubes it needs to be classroom style learning. What we need is complete and total re-education, and we need to start NOW if we want to WIN in 2020.

        Learning Styles
        Learning by Seeing, Hearing and Doing

        Learning styles is a theory that suggests people learn better using different methods of learning. The VAK model categorizes these sensory methods of learning as Visual (V), Auditory (A) and Kinesthetic (K) learning styles.

        The reality is that we all have a custom “learning style”…


  12. R.Shanker says:

    DJT today offered a sincere olive branch to the incoming Democrat House. Even said nice things about Pelosi !! I think it was sincere because I belive he is more interested in moving the country forward than in petty mean-girls games.
    Unfortunately, I am quite sure the Democrats will NOT accept the olive branch. they will continue to act like spoiled children.
    This is about to get Real !!

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    • R.Shanker says:

      This is good. I think most people would like to see a Justice Department tat acts like one. This aint no party, this aint no disco, this aint no foolin around !!

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      • R.Shanker says:

        DJTh as the Power now to do what needs to be done:
        – He has the Moral Highground – He has created a great economy, solved North Korea, New Trade deals, tax cuts , regulations cut. On and On. He has produced.
        – he is the POTUS , has complete control over the military and foreign policy
        – he owns the Senate – the new senators are not RINOs. They know that they would not have the job without DJT’s unceasing efforts.
        – He has dramatically changed the complexion of the courts and has 5-4 majority at the SC
        – he has managed to get a majority Republican governors.
        – He has managed to create a Democrat majority house with a very slim margin. But – as the majority – they are no longer off the hook for decisions. He will blame them for their failures and their shortcomings(which are Numerous!).

        In short – he is loaded for bear. Would prefer to spend the next 2 years doing things for the Nation – but if the Dems want war – well… Say Hello To My Little Friend.

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        • R.Shanker says:

          Oh and this new found frienship with Pelosi is pure genius. lets not forget that she is under pressure from a lot of the Dems to only be the leader for a short time and then step down. She has enemies in her party.
          DJT will enjoy dividing and conquering.

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          • R.Shanker says:

            Again – I truly believe that DJT would rather focus on prison reform, immigration, rehabilitating our inner-cities with entrepreneurship programs etc etc. I really do.
            But – unfortunately , I think the next two years will be all out war with the crazies. Then in his second term he can focus on the real issues.

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  13. Plowboy says:

    Please call the secret service and escort this sack of shit out of the room.

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  14. Robert W says:

    Dear Mr. President,
    Thank you so much for your unselfish help to us and our true Americans. May God bless you. Please stay the course. Don’t allow the media to have access to you anymore than you really want. Please kick them out. I wish you would stay President for 12 years, like Roosevelt. We love your leadership and ask all mighty God to bless you and keep you safe from harm. You Sir, are my President. Thank you.

    With Love,

    Us Americans

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  15. dufrst says:


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  16. woohoowee says:

    PT45 is a fighter like no other and he WINS! Acosta and Ryan are meeting their match.

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    • Maquis says:

      They are no match for PDJT, they are beating their foul foolish selves against the Rock that is our President, never striking above his heel, bruising only themselves and proving their ever more obvious Contemptuous Conspiracy Against American Freedom.

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  17. woohoowee says:

    Last night it didn’t occur to me how many seats were open b/c of all the “retirements”. Thank you for the reminder, winning the Senate (and everyone you campaigned for!), the rallies, and encouragement, PT45 🙂

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  18. kea says:

    Wow just wow!!!!! See who has control

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  19. Maquis says:

    I think we may well be witnessing an Apotheosis, as so many long ago viewed George Washington’s first example of a Constitutional Republican President exercising power within the constraints of Liberty, and surrendering it peaceably to those that would, until modern times, follow suit, honoring the choices of the American People.

    This great man never rises to Communist bait, he has long ago risen so far above them above them that they never draw blood nor gain the points they long to trap him into making.

    They believe they are going for the juglular yet fail to so much as nip his heel. I go through a lot of FFFFFox words watching these, yet marvel throughout how effectively, calmly, and decently he deals with it and gets the truth out in spite of it all. An amazing truth thst swells my heart, every time. Anti-American Narrative Engineering FAIL.

    That said, I think the White House Press Aide moving the microphone about should be armed with a stun gun. Touch her, resist her, refuse her, you are going down.

    I killed cable TV today. Kept phone and internet, but am now free of the shame of contributing to the Enemies of Freedom and Morality.


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  20. Super Elite says:

    Mr. Trump is definitely a Christian. The hostile, mean-spirited dirty digs from the falsely so-called press (they are really democrat operatives) and yet our President remains a very stable genius. Praise the Lord!

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  21. bkrg2 says:

    So glad I took the 1.5 hours to watch this
    President Trump put me at ease after yesterday election results. He put the challenge right at the feet of the Demonrats.
    I love his pushback on reporter after reporter. Great job team Trump,

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  22. jello333 says:

    Has April Ryan called Trump a racist yet, for daring to tell “a black woman (!!!!)” to sit down? 🙂 I agree with others, that she’s next in line to lose her precious White House credentials.

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  23. scott467 says:

    I’m just watching this for the first time. Favorite line so far (at about the 1 hour, 11 minute mark):

    Reporter (paraphrasing): Why do you think so many (Republicans) retired this cycle?

    DJT: “In Jeff Flake’s case, it’s me. Pure and simple. I retired him. I’m very proud of it, I did the country a great service. He is retired. I’d like to call it another word, but we’re gonna treat him with great respect. Jeff Flake, that’s another beauty.”


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    • Jan says:

      Speaking of lying, CNN’s response to Acosta’s White House Security pass was to accuse Ms. Sanders of making the whole thing up about the intern. Sarah replied, attaching a video & a photo of Acosta’s assault. CNN and Brian Stelter have tweeted back with their own version of the video which says it proves Acosta didn’t “acost” her and that Ms. Sanders is lying and posting a “doctored” version. Another journalist attached his own video he shot and all 3 versions look like Acosta did what it looks like he did. You can view it all over at “The Gateway Pundit.” If there’s a press conference, it’s probably going to be a lulu. In lieu of that, let the games begin. You go Sarah. Take CNN to the mat.

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  24. notunderwhelmed says:

    It is about time– inappropriate jerk. I am tired of Acosta accosting the White House. I miss reporting and discussion presenting both sides of an issue.


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