Thread #3 – 2018 Midterm Election – “Ignore Fox News” – Results and Open Discussion

Reminder. The corporate media, writ large, are front-loading bad news in a coordinated effort to influence polls still open. Take a walk, do something constructive. Ignore the MSM messaging, they are constructing narratives – nothing more.

In an stunning display of manipulative politics in media, Fox News, via V.P. Bill Sammon on behalf of the Murdoch clan, has forecast the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives WHILE VOTING IS STILL ONGOING!   Remember this for future reference. This is how a specific manipulative narrative is framed.  Fox News should be punished by viewership for such horrendous behavior.

New York Times – Results Available Here

Politico – Results Available Here

CNN – Election Results Here

Decision Desk HQ – Election Results Here

AP Politics – Election Results Here

Remember, ignore exit polling, early voting analysis and Fox News. Western States MUST continue to vote through poll closing times.  FINISH STRONG ! Voting still open:

♦10:00 p.m. Idaho (10pm and 11pm), Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah
♦11:00 p.m. California, Hawaii, Washington
♦12:00 a.m. (Nov. 7) Alaska


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2,396 Responses to Thread #3 – 2018 Midterm Election – “Ignore Fox News” – Results and Open Discussion

  1. LULU says:

    Just noticed inpassing that Fox’s post-election discussion panel this AM is one Republican (Brad Blakeman), Marie Harf and that slimy Robert Wolf, who was an Obama adviser. Fair and balanced has tipped…


  2. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  3. JOSEPH ANGEL says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…


  4. Firefly says:


  5. spacette55 says:

    In Washington State, there are no polling places. It’s all vote by mail. Voter registration is based on state issued Drivers License and can be done online, clicking the approriate box that you are at least 18 yrs old and ;qualified to vote . The voter registration website is available in +/-8 different languages. Illegal aliens without valid ID can become licensed drivers by providing 4 months of utility bills proving residency.


  6. CM-TX says:

    Just a suggestion… it’s the least Ryan could do for us:


  7. snellvillebob says:

    I remember about half a century ago, when I lived in California, the roar of upset people at the big national news brodcast their estimates and results when the polls in Pacific Coast time were still open. The papers, leftist even in those days, rampaged for weeks about it until a law was passed banning the release of that data until the polls were closed. I hope FOX has to pay a $billion dollar fine. I saw it and it was not an accident or a slip of the tongue. Someone made up a graphic presentation for it and the broadcaster was talking about it.


  8. leftnomore says:

    At some point we have to get our identity together. To continue with the “uniparty” accusation will assure a percentage of us will stay home. Slamming the Republican brand only depresses turnout when it’s most needed. We needed our uniparty in control but gave it away. How do we resolve this? We can’t expect maga purity.


  9. Moe Grimm says:

    Aside from Tucker Carlson, Hannity who seems poised to leave, and Dobbs (Business), Fox Cable’s decent accelerates. Martha MacCallum did fine work, but when she returned from her “First Hundred Days” assignment in Mordor returned as stewpidt as is her previous foil Bill Mega Cuck Hemmer who has a new one in this idiot Sandra Smith. Afternoons remain relegated to Shepard Smith followed by an increasingly silly “The Five” offering morons like Juan Williams and Dana Perino the still Star-Struck and former Bush WH entry level aide. Later comes Bit Baier and his oft and sullen “expert” Brit Hume summoned via emergency from his semi-retirement in FL. I don’t know how Hannity structured his contract, but hoping he moves to Newsmax where Bill O’Reilly is doing really well even with limited appearances.


  10. noswamp says:

    Cut ties with Fox News and all cable channels in 2005 and never looked back


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