Midterm Election Ground Reports – 12pm to 3pm ET – What’s Going On?

The U.S. media always have an agenda on election day and are generally unreliable for factual information.  That’s where you come in.  Your ground reports are much more reliable barometers of what’s happening in/around your neighborhood on election day.

So, what’s going on?

How is turnout in your precinct?  How does today compare to prior elections at your polling places?  What issues are important to your community? What is the general sentiment? Are there any voting issues or concerns?

Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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983 Responses to Midterm Election Ground Reports – 12pm to 3pm ET – What’s Going On?

  1. Davenh says:

    Just returned from polls in Rockingham County, NH. Small town leans slightly red, out of 3200 registered voters 1522 voted already. This was 3:45 pm still 3+ hours to go. No early voting in NH so other than absentee ballots this is the total number. Weather has been rainy drizzly all day with heavier rains coming in the next few hours. All in all good turn out. Let’s hope that translates to red tsunami

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  2. Two “shenanigans” to report here in Harris Country–
    1) Post that recommends reporting voting irregularities to FB on my neighborhood email/internet site. I posted the data that was upthread on how to officially report.
    2) On the same neighborhood site, there was a link to local ABC station recommending that people check out League of Women Voters for election guidance! We know these folks are partisan, and I posted that.

    These are the small ways that the left tries to put is thumb on the scale and influence less informed voters. Despicable, really

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  3. quagmire86 says:

    I live in Michigan’s CD-1, smaller town of 10K or less. Went to vote at 10:30AM and it is the first time I had to wait in line to get my (paper) ballot. I was number 204. It seems like a large turn out even for a mid-term.

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  4. Live here in central Florida, between Tampa and Orlando. GOP has been lighting up my phone for days with text messages.
    The latest one says:
    “URGENT!!! Liberal Extremists are making a push at the polls! We can’t let them win. Your vote will block their radical agenda.”
    Voting RED after work!

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    • bumpsmart says:

      “URGENT!!! Liberal Extremists are making a push at the polls!

      I got that one too. Been getting slammed the last week. Glad we are getting but come on. Its getting old. Answered once and said I had already voted MAGA and don’t spend time on me.


      • I’ve received 3 today alone! I’m glad to see this big push. I’ve never seen a mid-term election like this! Should be interesting when I do vote today, in my small town. I had to wait 20 minutes during the primary election to vote. But folks there are nice, and its warm and in the 80’s.

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  5. Marian says:

    I voted around noon in a rural district in Lancaster County, PA. A lot of Amish live here. Many don’t vote. According to those working, it was a steady trickle. That would be a good turnout for us. By the speed everyone was voting, it was straight ticket. We use paper ballots fed into a scanner. Here most vote Republican. Remarkable given the GOP didn’t even bother to mount a campaign for their ticket.

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  6. Got yet another phone call, From My Misses Sister & Her Husband. She (and Him) are also Legally blind & don’t drive..

    (Please note: My Misses & Her Sister both “inherited” **Glaucoma** down though the Family tree unfortunately , thus they are BOTH Blind)..

    So I had to go get them & drive them too vote, along with yet another “blind friend” of the Misses Sister & Her Husband, 3 more total..
    Went to the polling Booth, This time I had to Help them with their Ballot Sheets & choices..
    They, all 3 voted the #MAGA Ticket.. Straight RED..

    As I mentioned Earlier, My Wife/Misses relayed to Me that the Numbers were in the 4 digit range.. When I took Her & Her friend to the polling place.

    Last Ballot was number 2500.. When I helped Her Sister put the ballot into the Machine.
    Voting has Slowed, though was steady…
    I expect it too pick back up as Folks get off from Work..

    Again, I got several thumb’s up, because of My #MAGA Hat.. 😉

    As a side note, I forgot too mention..
    The past 2 times I took Folks to the Polls the police were there.. Milling around, inside & out..

    something else also..

    ALL THREE times I went, voting Myself Early this Morning, Lunchtime and NOW this time..
    Funny thing also, is…
    Folks are showing up, pulling out their ID’s / Licenses, even though We don’t have “voter ID” Laws, here in the State…

    THOUGH, We do have a “constitutional Amendment” on the “Ballot”, for N.C. For *Voter ID*

    I DID NOT, Have NOT,, see ANY Hispanic/Latino Folks.. Even though this District has ALOT of Hispanic/Latino Folks residing in the area..
    Well, that is it for today, 3 trips to the Polls, Morning/Lunch & well, now Dinner time.
    One other thing…

    You know, I chatted with a older Female POLL Worker..

    I mentioned, to Her the reports about the Ballot Machines, being dysfunctional upstate due to *Humidity*.. How the Doors were “open” here , YES,, it’s quite HUMID, and WARM, inside the building.

    I said, It’s sounds kinda Hinky, I opined… (what’s going on in Wake County, NC, etc..)
    She “winked & smiled” and said, I agree with you.. Something isn’t “Jiving” up there..

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  7. stuart says:

    voted in manahahawkin nj easy to vote but parking lot was jammed….good sign for our republicans our town strong republican usually a sleepy shore town other then presidential….good sign for us to win the senate over crooked menendez….would be first republican victor in some 40 years……


  8. Went to vote this afternoon in OH. There were about ten people voting on machines, and seemed a little slow but steady. My voting machine was labeled “Diebold.” Not sure if that means Smartmatic or not. Diebold, now, Diebold Nixdorf, is located in a nearby town.

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  9. Minnie says:

    Cast my ballot proudly for Marc Molinaro (NY gubernatorial race) and Republicans across the chart.

    Our schools parking lot was packed but lines moved quickly – my confirmation was # 609.

    Now, we continue to pray 🙏🏼

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    • mjstix@hotmail.com says:

      I did the same, Minnie. Got in the Republican row/lane and filled in the dots all the way across whether I recognized the names or not. I recognized most of them. 😉

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  10. JX says:

    My area in Florida between St Augustine and Palm Beach – heavy turnout (i won’t dox myself more than that). Almost at presidential year level. Three or four twerps holding Gillum signs, quite a few DeSantis.

    I pray to God DeSantis wins.

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  11. Conversefive says:

    CA 27. Just voted. Less busy than 2016. At that time there was a table filled with ppl filling out provisional bAllots but not this time. Pasadena is pretty liberal. More white ppl fewer miniritues voting for what it’s worth.

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  12. We live in Brevard County, Florida (precinct 441). Voted at 9:00 a.m. VERY heavy turnout. Comparable to past presidential elections. Anecdotal, I know- but there you go. #RedTsunami #MAGA

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  13. BurmaShave2 says:

    Essentially, no lines In Weston, MA (MA-5) at 1:35pm (also heavy rain). My ballot number was over 900. That is a pretty high number for midterms; however, we have early voting.

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  14. Terry Gilmour says:

    My precinct in rural southern GA has been steady voting all day. At probably around 3:00, I was voter #497 for the day, which is a good day for one precinct. There are 3 precincts in my county and early vote totals were 2500 before today started. Last election Trump had 88.6% of the vote here, so probably gonna be a red night here. 🙂

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  15. Fasterpill says:

    2 things:
    1. My voting district in Upstate NY has just over 800 active registered voters. At 1:45 PM 279 of us had voted already.
    2. For the first time in 32 wonderful years, my wife voted on her own AND beat me to the polls by a couple hours. We both know this election is a referendum on the freedom to practice our faith.

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  16. elmo says:

    New Hampshire 1st Congressional district. I took my elderly widow neighbor at 1:30 pm. It’s a very rainy day here, but not bad driving. There were no lines to speak of, but it was after the lunch hour. Unfortunately my neighbor has 2 SJW daughters who are teachers and their Mom doesn’t want to disappoint them. I’ve tried to talk up our awesome economy and suggested not watching Cnn but no luck so she canceled out my straight Republican ticket, grrr. And the majority of our 55+ community are sjw hissy fits so it’s not friendly to deplorabes. There are a few of us but we are reluctant to display too much enthusiasm. Already had one hissy fitter yell at me for no reason. Love, love this Treehouse because it cures loneliness.

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  17. Blue Moon says:

    Went to vote at lunch time here in “McConnell and Rand Paul” country. only 3 people ahead of me but I did not have a wait at all. voted straight R. The only ones with R didn’t have any opposition and the only ones with a D did not have any opposition either. Here in our southern Kentucky county they are expecting at least 50% turnout where normally it is maybe 25-30%.


  18. Akindole says:

    I’m heading down the street right now. In the dark.
    Ask them.
    Take them if need be.

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  19. kinthenorthwest says:

    According to MSNBC the race was over last night LOL

    ‘Misfire’! MSNBC accidentally airs voting tallies of Fla. governor’s race day before the vote


  20. jmgreenwell says:

    Indiana update: Due to some voter machine issues reported earlier today, a judge has ruled OK to extend voting from 6pm to 8:30pm in a couple of Indiana Counties (Johnson Co. that I reported on earlier is one; don’t know the others).


  21. Pamela says:

    Both my daughters just finished voting, one lives in Winter Park, FL and the other in Palm Coast, FL. They said it was easy, no lines at all. My husband and I voted during early voting. We all voted straight Republican.

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    • babethebeagle says:

      Do you think Palm Coast is Red or Blue? My folks lived there years ago, but it’s triple the size now. There were a lot of retired New Yorkers back then.


  22. Beverly Sweet says:

    Does anyone know what’s going on in Dallas TX?


  23. Brant says:

    Heard a neat thing on radio. Maybe Rush. A bit late now, but something to remember. Someone wore a Trump shirt and MAGA hat in. Was told she could not wear. She had looked up laws. The law is if the person is not on the ballot, you can wear political things.


  24. Polentone says:

    Voted in Atlanta midtown (very very blue) around 6:00pm. Not much happening at polling place. About 20 machines set up and no lines/waiting. Heard one of the helpers mention it might pick up before 7pm close. But I think most folks have availed themselves of early voting. John Lewis and most city council Democrats running unopposed. Had to show my drivers license. Lady next to me filling out voter info card had NY drivers license and they were trying to figure out what other info she needed for provisional ballot.


    • 1stgoblyn says:

      That was what I experienced in DeKalb County at 10:30 this morning, but it is the exact opposite out in Gwinnett County right now. My d-i-l is standing in line since before 6p with over approx 200 others. She says the line is moving rather slowly.


  25. Bert Darrell says:

    565,000 votes were cast in 255 (of 2634) Georgia precincts.
    The results so far are:

    KEMP 375,200 votes
    ABRAMS 203,846 votes

    Judging from the color map Kemp will be the next governor of Georgia, as most blue areas have already been reported. A few blue spots in a sea of red on the Georgia map.



  26. Bert Darrell says:

    761,500 votes were cast in 449 (of 2634) Georgia precincts.
    The results at 8:55 PM are:

    KEMP 484, 005 votes
    ABRAMS 278,687 votes
    OTHER 4932 votes



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