President Trump Remarks “Our Pledge to America’s Workers” – 2:30pm EST Livestream…

President Trump delivers remarks during “Our Pledge to America’s Workers,” at the the White House.  Anticipated start time 2:30pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkCNBC Livestream LinkPBS Livestream Link


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48 Responses to President Trump Remarks “Our Pledge to America’s Workers” – 2:30pm EST Livestream…

  1. fleporeblog says:


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  2. FL_GUY says:

    Food Stamp and Welfare roll numbers drop due to having real jobs that gives them money to buy stuff, media-rats report national tragedy.

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  3. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Our best years are yet to come! I totally believe this! Sweet!!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, Democrats:

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    • Anonymous says:

      Remember and vote GOP!

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      That pretty much sums it up!
      Regarding the 14th Amendment, if I understand that correctly, it was to help the slaves who had been emancipated to be full-fledged and enfranchised citizens of the United States – that it would enable them to gain a foothold in their new status as citizens and to help their children and grandchildren, all their posterity, to be recognized as American citizens.

      So, the Jim Crow laws which the Democrats instituted in the South were attempts to circumvent that.

      The enslavement on the government system of the destruction of the family unit was a comprehensive attempt to circumvent that.

      The efforts of Margaret Sanger to “cull” the American family of black children was an attempt to circumvent.that and continues today as a Holocaust under Planned Parenthood.

      The importation of illegal citizens and giving their children birthright citizenship is an attempt to circumvent that, coupled with the massive abortion rate of black children.

      The importation of illegal citizens to overwhelm our systems so that citizens are not served, our children are not educated as they once were and our streets are not safe because crimes by illegals are allowed/overlooked –

      so Jamiel Shaw, Jr. was killed by an illegal alien, just steps away from the front of his house while his father was waiting for him –

      black people like Jamiel’s father and mother who worked to do everything right to build up a winner who was possibly going to Stanford to play football – all of that, lost –

      The American Chamber of Commerce, Koch Brothers, lobbyists whose clients favor “open border” and politicians who care more about the illegal alien population as a voting bloc down the road, endorse sanctuary cities which put the LEGAL citizens and their children in harm’s way.

      The 14th Amendment is being mis-used to actually harm the people it was written to protect.

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      • highdezertgator says:

        Quote FTA –
        “In the 1892 Nishimura Ekiu v. United States case, a Japanese woman sued immigration officials for denying her entry to the U.S. on the grounds that she might become a public charge. The man who rejected her claim, and chastised the courts for even entertaining it, was Justice Horace Gray—the author of the Wong decision. There are two relevant quotes from Ekiu by Justice Gray:

        “It is an accepted maxim of international law that every sovereign nation has the power, as inherent in sovereignty, and essential to self-preservation, to forbid the entrance of foreigners within its dominions. . .“
        “It is not within the province of the judiciary to order that foreigners who have never been naturalized, nor acquired any domicile or residence within the United States, nor even been admitted into the country pursuant to law, shall be permitted to enter, in opposition to the constitutional and lawful measures of the legislative and executive branches of the national government.”
        “Birthright citizenship, as current federal policy stands, was neither the holding of Wong or the intent of Justice Gray’s decision, thus it cannot and does not operate as binding precedent on the Supreme Court—a point that the Hamdi case illustrates.”

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yup. Dems have been screwing black Americans, from day one.
        Lincoln was the first REPUBLICAN POTUS, and he ‘freed’ the slaves.

        Antebellum and imediately post civil war, the population ratio in the South was, maybe 100 blacks (former slaves) to 10-30 whites (former slave owners).

        So, just WHICH party, do youvthink those newly ‘freed’ slaves would vote for, if allowed to? REPUBLICAN, obviously.

        And, which party would the former slave owners vote for? DEMOCRAT, obviously.

        In addition, many of the large N.E. cities hag large black populations; escaped slaves and black “freemen”, now, WHO do you think THEY would vote for? REPUBLICAN,” party of Lincoln” ( reminder, FREED the slaves!).
        So, if these blacks were allowed to vote, the Republican party would have an electoral lock, in Presidential elections, and virtual lock on Congress, as well.

        Hence, Jim Crow, and KKK, established as “the militant wing of the DEMOCRAT party”, and thats,according to google, if they haven’t changed it.
        So, we KNOW why they want to tear down ALL the civil war statues, mostly on College campuses, of Generals of the Confederacy; they were ALL DEMOCRATS.
        Bedford Forrest, and his cohorts in the KKK, DEMOCRATS all, terrorised WHITES who taught blacks to read, (burned cross on lawn) or attempted to register to vote (lynching, if cross burning didn’t discourage).
        Then the Jim Crow laws were passed. And yes, it was to legally socially stimatise the blacks, but at its heart, keeping them ‘down’ meant keeping them ignorant, and keep them from voting REPUBLICAN.
        Mary Sanger, a eugenecist, studied eugenics, and did some nursing in England, and learned the basics of how abortions are done. As a eugenicist, she believed in a superior white race, and inferior ‘mongrel’ races, and came up with a plan for America.

        Open no or low cost abortion centers, on the edge of major black population areas. Abort as many black, and to lesser degree any other ‘persons of color’ as possible.
        But, since it was no or low cost to the recipient of the ‘service’, she needed someway to pay the rent, salaries, etc.
        So, WHICH party did she approach with her ‘plan’?
        DEMOCRATS, of coarse, pointing out that every black baby aborted, was one less Republican voter, 18 yrs. down the road.
        The Democrat party embraced her plan, and lined up donors for the initial stage, and then arranged federal funding through Congress.

        Martin Luther King Jr. was a lifelong REPUBLICAN.
        George Wallace, 2 term Govenor of Alabama, who ‘stood in the schoolhouse door’, to block integration was a DEMOCRAT.

        While I hate ‘identity politics’, blacks are a ‘natural’ constituency for the REPUBLICAN party, and were for many years.

        The blacks who are ‘walkingaway’, are simply coming home.

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  5. Pam says:

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    That was totally awesome! I absolutely loved the concept of having Larry moderate the conversation with Ivanka and our President.

    It is always awesome when they have everyday Americans speak about how their lives are improving because of our President’s agenda. That was an awesome group. A career changer, a young mom that got out of the military and a Sophomore in high school.

    These companies training the work force is an incredible idea. The Government under our President is putting the pieces together to allow it to flourish.

    We are so blessed and we can’t ever take it for granted!

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    • CirclinTheDrain says:

      Maybe you’re too young to know, but in the 80s and earlier, companies always had training programs. Then under Pappy Bush and Clinton, the Feds took over job training and like everything else they do, turned out an inferior product that few needed. This is just returning to what should be.

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  7. Ken says:

    “The best years of America are yet to come.” -President Trump

    When is the last time a President said something like that?

    I love this President. Gives me hope for my kids.

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  8. Successful .....Winner says:

    Good steel is very important. shipped over an antique Jaguar In 1976; fell apart at the first pothole. Brought a new 750 Triumph cycle to tour Europe on, the mushroom-joint of the transmission shift rod kept snapping, (3 – 1/2 diameter). The English; too much carbon mixed in their steel, when in Germany got a stainless rod and a lath cutter returned perfection.
    Steel that contains stones and sand, weakens tension because their shape leaves pitted holes that hold moisture which creates rust-virus. For bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers and things, the purer the better; but requires, special, limited, coal for heat.

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  9. Alligator Gar says:

    I saw a stupid D ad here in FL where the smarmy actor said in essence, “Don’t vote against your own self interest. Don’t vote for a guy who says he’s going to fight for you. He doesn’t even know who you are!”

    I laughed out loud. It was in the Dr. office, so I drew attention. The left have no clue. Absolutely no clue at all.

    Release the Red Tsunami!

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  10. talker2u says:

    “I hate this!”
    — Debbie Downer Democrat

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  11. Nickelodeon says:

    …Results of yesterday’s (10/30) IOWA YOUTH POLL STATEWIDE…

    Iowa High School Seniors and Junior civics class voting in school using state voting laws.

    It has been very accurate the past several elections…5 for 5 in 2016 (ex: Trump straw poll+11.1%…won Iowa by 9.41%) in statewide and CD races.

    Votes were 40,000 votes statewide…

    Race(PVI)…votes…%won R/D…%poll avg R/D…Difference in votes & polls

    Governor…40,000 votes…+8.4%R…+1.5%D…+9.9%R
    1st CD(+1D)…12,258 votes…3.0%R…+10%D…+12.8%R
    2nd CD(+1D)…6,695 votes…3.8%R…+24%D…+23.9%R
    3rd CD(+1R)…12,169 votes…8.3%R…+1.5%D…+9.8%R
    4th CD(+11R)…7,563 votes…18.5%R…+4.5%R…14.5%R

    * R’s take all races (including “flipping” CD-2)
    * Polls here in Iowa are junk (off by average of 14.9%)…if off anywhere close…lots of surprises in races nationwide. Impacts to WI/MN since we tend to be ismilar and much of midwest (MO/MI)?
    * Independents in Iowa went +3 to +8+ percent to the R’s.
    * If even close and replicated on election day…nationwide looking at a very good result for R’s.

    The political experts know how reliable this straw poll has been. Surprised no discussion anywhere, at least in Iowa. It foretold Trump election in 2016 and was close on seats up in Senate/House here.

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    • Ausonius says:

      Don’t be surprised it is not in the news, because it offers a counter to the agenda that a “Blue Wave” is coming,

      1984 is alive and well among the Leftist MSM: Memory Holes, Twisting History, or even Inventing History are all at their disposal, along with Pushing a Twisted View of Present Reality.


  12. Pam says:

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  13. jjs says:

    And the Democrats just keep churning out leftist activist in their collage training programs.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Oh, THATS what the fake chipendale non bomber was doing with the van windows, final project for his collage training program.
      NOW I get it!

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    • peace says:

      And the teachers’ unions are still doing everything in their power to get their members to vote for the democrats. This alone tells me they don’t care about the kids and the newfound ability for many teens to get jobs and work training skills.


  14. nats1mom says:

    I found this very interesting (Your Voice with Bill Mitchell)


  15. Howie says:

    The leftist scum can not force their minions to vote. That will be their downfall.


  16. youme says:

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  17. Alex M says:

    Republicans Promise Pivotal and Permanent Tax Cuts With Tax Cuts 2.0 Bill While Democrats Propose Perpetual Tax Hikes


  18. Pam says:

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  19. Cooper45 says:

    When I was in my late teens, circumstances made studying and calmness at home impossible and I became a late term high school dropout and then left home.

    That did not set up a great future, especially at a time when the economy was in a serious downturn. Fortunately, I had a relative that pulled me through those dismal depressing times until the economy revived and I became employed after months of trying. Without a skill or education, it wasn’t easy, but I did gain a strong work ethic and some much needed awareness during that time.

    That newly created decent paying production job made all the great things that would follow in my life possible. It gave me more than money. It gave me hope, confidence, optimism etc . I went to night school and easily acquired the diploma I lacked. The next, positive steps in life were all possible due to that one job that had created a staircase of opportunities for me. I believe I made good use of each step I took and I always had a desire to be self reliant. (A job is not charity especially when you have an education and skill sets that employers need.)

    Trump’s efforts on job training and job creating resonate most with me even though he has numerous other impressive successes. His policies are changing so many lives for the better and creating more staircases of opportunities for millions of unemployed and even for the employed that wish to make a change. It reminds me so much about my past.

    Only a corrupted, disreputable media would ignore these great Trump accomplishments.

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  20. rbrtsmth says:

    lol, Kudlow looks tiny.


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