President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing The White House…

As President Trump departs the White House for a MAGA rally in Fort Myers, Florida, the president pauses to answer a variety of questions from the media.

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97 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing The White House…

  1. Diana Allocco says:

    SO reassuring.

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  2. Pam says:

    Don’t you just love the scumbag media asking POTUS if he is fearmongering about this issue. If anyone is doing the fearmongering it’s the media.

    POTUS is a champ!

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    • FofBW says:

      PT does not do fearmongering or stunts. He is VERY serious.

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      • FL_GUY says:

        ….. He is VERY serious….

        You got that right. I only met him briefly during the primaries but I immediately knew that this was a guy you DID NOT want to get on the bad side of. He says what he means and means what he says.

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      • Pam says:


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      • fleporeblog says:

        And that is what scares them to DEATH 💀! Our President means what he says and always acts accordingly. The Democrats, MSM, CoC, RINOs, Koch Brothers, Globalist etc. know damn well how the American people feel about illegal aliens. There is nothing they can do to change that. They can continue this charade but it is just a matter of time before they all go extinct.

        That process will commence next Tuesday and will be finalized in November 2020!

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        • You are so right flepore.

          As you say the open borders squad know that it is only a matter of time before it is over and there is nothing they can do to change any of this.

          But we still must vote and we still have a lot of battles to fight and win before the war is won.

          But is is so, so nice to see our beautiful country being Made Great Again!

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      • YL Calif says:

        “The support that we provide to the secretary for Homeland Security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of Customs and Border police,” Mattis told Pentagon reporters.

        “We don’t do stunts in this department.”

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    • Redhotsnowman says:

      Our very stable genius OWNS those tools. I love it!

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    • YL Calif says:

      Trump is the only one speaking of the TRUE numbers of illegals in the U.S.
      Trump w/Press before boarding helicopter in video in article above: 5-min mark

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  3. Successful .....Winner says:

    He looked rather good for a hard working 73yr-old. He’s controlled his pitch, tightly focused on message, and pleasantly unbothered. Didn’t say fake-news once, now that he knows he can beat them in court. Vote! Keep the House!

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  4. H.R. says:

    Maybe they should demonstrate that Active Denial System on the YSM Press Corpse Jurinalists first.

    You know… show ’em how humane it is. Maybe Sarah could do the demonstration at one of the briefings.

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  5. Tom H says:

    I loved the reference to Harry Reid “before he went insane.” Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. JonS says:

    He’s very plain spoken. Hard to misquote. Deadly clear in message. I’m already sad to see 2024

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  7. JMC says:

    Me! Pick ME! HaHaHa! Just love it how our PDJT turns these press lice into little children vying for the adult’s attention.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    30 million illegals! He said it! Yes, 30 to 40 million illegals are in the USA!! Real estate values show this is the reality in USA!!!

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    • yy4u says:

      Ann Coulter has been saying this for years. The eleven million was back in Bush-Clinton era. Obama let in half the world so long as they weren’t European.

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    • oldschool says:

      So do supermarkets. Try stopping at the customer service desk and having to wait 15 minutes because everyone in front of you, who are not necessarily customers, are wire transferring funds to South America.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Our President has fought many battles. He’s scarred and at times bloodied.
      But he has won

      Many times he has had to bend, but not break. He has had to take time, for others to make mistakes, so he could gain leverage

      He has traveled across America meeting us……We the People.

      All of this, his hard work and sacrifices is now shown to all Americans.

      He is our President. He has nothing left to prove from all his detractors.

      Now, if you notice, his tweets are more to the point. He actually disregards the press now. On many occasions. He just walks away from them.

      He has basically stopped responding to many of his detractors. This is driving them crazy.

      The reason:

      Our President is now in “complete control” of his environment.

      We take the mid-terms and then show everyone, what America once was and supposed to be like.

      He saved us. He saved us all. Thank God.

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  9. Lawrence says:

    The Boss is ON FIRE! Running unopposed again.


  10. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Ha, I laughed at the Harry Reid remark too! I think it went over their heads however.


  11. Robert Holmes says:

    OK. So we’re nearly 2 years in and our president will stop and talk to the press.

    He’s not nervous. He lets it rip, Brilliant!

    When have we last seen that? Not in my lifetime.

    Usually after a year they’re punch drunk babbling idiots.

    Dr Trump is preforming surgery! Cutting out the metastasized nonsnense from society.

    I’m amazed that for once a politician is doing everything that I HIRED him to do.

    What a breath of fresh air he has been.

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  12. yy4u says:

    My take — Cold Anger in the president. I think the media’s unhinged lunacy trying to blame him for the Pittsburgh shooting was a “bridge too far” for him. He has endured their slings and arrows with good nature, punching back by calling them “fake news”, treating them as one does a spoiled brat one sees as annoying but harmless. With the Pittsburgh shooting, the media showed that they’re not a spoiled brat at all but rather a venomous, malignant entity that is out for blood. In other videos I’ve seen of POTUS and the media, there has been on his part the behavior of a doting father who knows his kid is a pain in the tush but still has affection. This time I saw COLD ANGER, a subtle change in POTUS’s behavior that suggests he has had enough of them and no longer is willing to overlook their malignancy. Blaming him for a Trump hater killing Jews was too much. Furthermore, he now knows that they are giving millions of dollars in in-kind advertising to the Democrats he’s trying to defeat. In short, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    Others may have a different take on it, but that’s how I saw it.

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    • They are the Goebbels 2.0 media.


    • Rudy says:

      No, you are correct. He totally controlled that ‘interview’…it was DJT telling the press how it was, is and will be.
      His posture, that little scowl…reminded me of some old news reels. Of Winston Churchill. Yeah, we got real lucky, no doubt about it. My Dad used to say that there was something about the USA, that whenever we got into real trouble someone would appear to ‘pull our chestnuts out of the fire’. God, Destiny, whatever, it seems to be working out that way. I hope so.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      For goodness sakes….his granddaughters are Jewish….cold anger yes….

      They are jackels…all of them….to say such things……

      No words….

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    • Kent says:

      …’a venomous, malignant entity’…

      Jim Costas and the structure supporting him?


    • Lion2017 says:

      I just watched this interview & agree with you! He didn’t call the media Fake News tonight at his rally. He called them the Far Left Media. There is a definite difference between the two. He is focused and determined. God Bless President Trump and the First Family!

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  13. Dear Honorable Secretary of Defense Mattis,
    When your superior talks about 15,000 troops, that is not simply a suggestion.


  14. The msm have changed, especially with him in person. They know who’s boss and they have respect even though they still hate him. He’s the real deal and they know it.
    Love me some VSGPDJT……

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  15. Phil says:

    What ticks me off everyday is that I see a billboard on the way to work telling me, no admonishing me that ” ‘1 in 6 children in America face hunger’. What am I going to do about it?” Everyday! Well 6 days a week. I am told I need to give more. I average 60 hours a week every week but I need to do more.
    I guess I should be elated because that statistic used to be 1 in 5, so all that work I have to do must be working!
    I dread what happens if the caravan isn’t turned back. It’ll be back to 1 in 5 children or worse and I’ll have to work even more!

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    • ” ‘1 in 6 children in America face hunger’.

      That counts those who didn’t get a 5th slice of Pizza.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        Given WIC, and EBT and other forms of welfare centered around children, WHY is there so much hunger in the US? Who are these hungry children? Where is (are) their parent(s)?


        • Phil says:

          That’s the problem. The liberals want to redefine hunger. I mean why the heck not, they want to redefine everything else. You know as well as I do you would be hard pressed to find that many hungry children. Ah-ah-ah, counting ‘hungry’ teenagers is cheating too!


        • Free Speech says:

          I work with a guy who was telling me one day about how he hates his cousins. I asked him why. He said all they do is sit on the porch and watch traffic go buy all day. He and his wife work for a living. When they come over to his house to cook out, he has hamburgers. But when he goes over there for a cookout, they have steaks they bought with their EBT cards. True story. I find the 1 in 6 thing hard to believe.


        • wondering999 says:

          Rhoda, I’m going to venture a guess… there is malnutrition all around because the work of caregivers/mothers was not lifted up by the feminist movement, and many children are indeed hungry and neglected.
          I spent part of my time in home health care settings. I’ve been told this is “humble work” — my feeling is that healthcare is essential work. If I want to receive kind and decent healthcare, I also have a responsibility in return to help provide kind and decent healthcare.
          When I began with caregiving around 2011, many healthcare workers had taken deep, deep pay cuts because employers could get away with it in the dismal economy. I don’t know if employers likewise took pay cuts. Hourly workers who had been earning $13/hour were reduced to $8.35/hour in my region.
          While I can’t prove this allegation, I have a strong suspicion that at least one of my coworkers (supporting several children) was taking amphetamines to stay awake to work many overtime hours to keep her family fed and to provide things like musical instruments for band in school. That woman died of a heart attack, at home on a rare “day off”. No one can prove this. But I strongly suspect that amphetamines were involved. Please pray for her children who were left without their primary parent.
          There are many women (and men) out there who are seriously overworked while trying to raise families. They eat fast food in a hurry and take medications and visit doctors to try and keep going, hour after hour at low paid jobs.
          This isn’t new. In former times also, women have been abandoned or widowed, and families have lived in poverty and hunger.
          But I do see malnutrition all around me, both in adults and in children, sometimes even at very high incomes. The work of cooking, cleaning, and daily care is not lifted up as the holy work that it is


        • rbrtsmth says:

          Feeding people rather than changing the economic conditions that allows them to provide for themselves is inefficient. The government buys their votes at their own expense. The government is like a parasite controlling and killing their host slowly.


      • dave says:

        Michelle’s lunch program.


      • Anonymous says:



    • Walt says:

      That ‘one in six’ stat comes from a survey question that amounted to ‘did you at any time in the last year have less food than you wanted to eat?’

      Well, how ’bout you, Treepers? Any of us part of ‘hunger in America’?

      In other words it’s a total scam. I expect you could search engine it and find one of the debunking articles.


    • Anonymous says:

      2 in 5 children in America are overweight. It’s not a “hunger” (boo hoo, we need “social justice” redistribution of wealth) problem.


  16. Kent says:

    …an ‘active denial system’….sorta frames the word ‘NO!’ in a different light

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  17. letty bromenschenkel says:

    IF TRUMP is doing so badly as POTUS why is OBAMA frantically running around the country all day every day trying to take credit for TRUMP’s economic miracle and other achievements.

    Obama even has Biden as a chaser… they know they can snow the snowflakes.
    63 million decent citizens elected trump.
    we beat their 2 billion in lies and slander and their rigged election FOR Hillary..

    Trump brought in the best economic numbers in 65 years and OBAMA is clawing to take credit … after being out of power for 2 years after being a loser for 8


  18. letty bromenschenkel says:

    Loving OBAMA screaming that his army of Central Am terrorists & invaders are more gentle than a lamb…

    The poor things are so emaciated, famished & starving harmless skeletons who would never even swat a fly for the next crumb……..

    Nothing for women and children to fear…


  19. Doc Moore says:

    So we’ve gone from “I will cut off aid immediately” to “I am thinking about cutting of aid.” That IS what I call waffling, and it disgusts and embarrasses me that the only President I have ever liked in my entire life cannot just do the right damn thing about these parasites.


  20. abstain says:

    It seems to me from the video that Marine One has been upgraded.


  21. 🍺Gunny66 says:


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