Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – October 29th (Video)…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers the press briefing for Monday October 29th, 2018:  Video Added

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47 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – October 29th (Video)…

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Eric says:

    Sarah is an amazing woman. Imagine having that job!

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    • DJ says:

      Yeah, I have a Sarah crush – but not the romantic kind. How she can do what she does is beyond me, because I certainly couldn’t.


  3. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Sarah did a great job as usual. I enjoy watching how she handles the Enemedia. As she says, “you know who you are.” LOL

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  4. kea says:

    Amazing job Sarah.

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  5. I love Sarah and watched this on FOX…..I don’t know how she doesn’t tell some of these arrogant A Holes to shut the FU** up!! She must bite her tongue constantly!!!!

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  6. Bill_M says:

    I see the journalist has the meme in force that the pipe bombs and Pittsburgh shooter are the President’s fault. I guess nothing else has been working for them so they have to find something else to blame the President for. Mr. Trump is correct, if there is blame to distribute, it belongs to the news media for their incessant blame shaming attempts towards the President and his party.

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  7. bour3 says:

    I get 5 or 6 minutes into these things and that’s it. Our White House press corps is intolerable. Listening to them only makes me despise them. I got as far as “Does the president say enough against White Nationalism?” Go f yourself.

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    • hoghead says:

      I’ve been saying since early 2017 that the White House press corps should be moved out of the WH and into a cleaned up [or not] old rest room at the Old House Office Building across the street.


      • RoostyScoot says:

        My long standing pet project: disband the whpc and replace it with 50 local papers from the 50 state capitols. Talk about hungry journalists fighting for their careers, rather than these big business cosmopolitan fops condescending to the american public.

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  8. My husband comes out to see what’s wrong when I watch press conferences. Language like that is virtually unknown in our house (except at press conference time).

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  9. FL_GUY says:

    I would like to see FCC FINES for each FAKE NEWS story reported on air. 5 FINES, NO MORE LICENSE!

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  10. trumpthepress says:

    Sarah and President Trump are the most underpaid people in the entire world.

    Sarah is the absolutely the best at turning the pretentious rhetoric right back in the faces of the folks out in the “toddler room” asking those slanted questions.

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  11. kea says:

    The MSM are idiots… Sarah handles them so well.

    Really reminds me of

    Only 1 Trump!!!

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  12. bosscook says:

    This press conference, right here, should be a front and center ad from now until next week.

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  13. Artist says:

    John Roberts is an insufferable prig.
    When he ask Sarah Sanders about Trump not being welcome in Pittsburgh because ” Jewish Leaders want him to denounce white supremacy” I pretty much lost it.
    If one is going to hold a position like John Roberts they cannot be so @#$%ing irresponsible as to insinuate half truths.
    The ” group of Jewish Leaders” all happen to be ultra progressive members of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, a group founded by Alexander Soros, son of unrepentant Jewish Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
    I am Jewish and spent half my childhood in Squirrel Hill, in Pittsburgh. This story has really affected me. What many people do not understand is that Jews, like any other group, are not monolithic. There is a huge divide between Jews who fall on the left and those of us who are conservatve.
    For John Roberts to make it appear that ” Jews” did not welcome President Trump was total fake news. The group that feels that way are really followers of the ” Social Justice” religion, not Judaism. They support Beto even though he was one of only eight dems who voted against funding Israel’s Iron Dome, they supported obama and his Iran Deal, they don’t really care about the Embassy in Jerusalem and they keep supporting the “Two State Plan” which is ridiculous…just watch the rioting hamastinians today.
    Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, of Tree of Life, when asked this morning on CNN, said that President Trump is ” always welcome” at Our Synagogue, ” He is My president”.
    More than ever, truth is vital.
    Lies result in more hate and violence.

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Hear, hear, well said Artist and thank you for the insight👏

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    • Remember, John Roberts got his start on CNN and CBS. That’s all you need to know about where he’s coming from. By the way, a big shout out to President Trump for going after Bret Baier on Fox News last week at his rally. It was about time he called him out for his negative reporting on the Trump Administration.


      • Zimbalistjunior says:

        Actually to be precise John Roberts began his broadcast career as JD Roberts, a veejay (video disc jockey for the kids here) on a toronto tv station and for muchmusic. Canada’s version of MTV.
        For a Canadian of a certain age, Watching roberts pretend to be a serious journalist is akin to watching Alex trebek, the former host of incredibly cheesy Canadian game shows transform into the pseudo intelligent host of Jeopardy.

        It’s like lipstick on a slice of Canadian bacon.

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      • Earl West says:

        He got his start in Toronto hosting the old music video station Much Music


    • Red Tsunami! says:

      He probably found one Rabbi (if any). I have not heard of any. Even had a Rabbi at the rally that evening to pray with all the Americans there and watching or listening.

      I see Johnny as the in the field version of Chirssy. Also noticed Johnny no longer does the updates on most FNN shows anymore.


  14. rustybritches says:

    Sarah was having a hard time controling the tears today, and cant blame her, They only know how to blame the President and she has to be on Guard all the time because of the stupid inconsiderate questions they asked , I get so mad at the dumb questions I just want to throw something at my TV, but I have learned that she is the greatest about putting these idiots in their place However I don’t think they learn anything from one time to another Sarah is sweet right to the core of her being and if she leaves that will be a sad day for all

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  15. Cheeshead54016 says:

    Im tired and fed up with 90% or more of what these media folks in the white house ask Sanders. They are causing much more harm than any good in my opinion. Might be closer to 100%…….

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  16. Michael in Dublin says:

    I became skeptical about the reliability of the media fifty years ago. Since then there has been a huge increase in speculation, opinion disguised as news, hearsay and unverifiable claims. There has been a simultaneous, widespread decline in solid, well reasoned, investigative journalism.

    The belittling of the views of simple, decent people for not accepting the progressive views of liberal politicians and the media is pervasive. They often seek to discredit their views by branding them as hateful and alt-right while not allowing a careful, reasoned argument, which would easily discredit the media views. This is not what a friend does – only an enemy!

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  17. Critical Mass says:

    They’re disgusting. Why waste words on them?


  18. Red Tsunami! says:

    Today I realized how much I missed Sarah and her ability to handle the propagandists. Sarah does a great job of letting propagandists like Jimmy, April and Haley make fools of themselves. She also knows when to ask who to ask a question as with giving Hayley the final question of the day. Gave Haley what for and walked off the stage.


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  19. ringoagogo says:

    I have no idea how she does it. They ask the same dumb questions over and over. Even when the President gives them an opportunity to ask him directly the do it over and over same question. They are like children. And the “Bomber” he is such a plant and not the one in charge of that little operation. Someone made a good point Chrissy B Ford did not know how to get ahold of her Congress person (PHD no less) how the hell did this person get all of those addresses to send bombs to? Hmm and how did they get there all at the same time? Without going through the post office. Not buying it. But Trump will circle back on this hoax. It was time to dissipate the coverage. We got him.. so let’s move on. IMO


  20. Comrade Mope says:

    Note to Sarah: The same people that refuse to show rowdy baseball fans running onto the playing field show the faces of these murderers. Why is that?


  21. Tdog says:

    PLEASE Sarah, don’t leave! I’ve been watching this stuff for a long long time and you are the best ever.

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  22. Bill S says:

    Sarah is a national treasure


  23. @ChicagoBri says:

    Credit where it’s due….Jim Acosta’s questions were good ones, about naming the outlets that are “the enemies of the American people.”. Absolutely a legitimate question (for once) from Acost?


  24. visage13 says:

    Boom!! At the end, I love her. It is true every last word Sarah said. Drop the mic baby! The thing that the #fakenews media will never understand is their version of what they think Reps should be is gone. We as in me & you, The President, his Cabinet, Senators & Representatives are going to fight back. I have said it before and I will say it again, the media, especially the #fakenews opinion news, is no longer RELEVANT. We have boots on the ground everywhere and this little devil called social media. The President talks directly to us and they can no longer spin, try as they might, we know the truth and every day more and more people are waking up. That is why they are angry. And to April Ryan, why is the Governor race in FL any consequence to you? Why are outside interests not located in FL trying to meddle in my state’s election? Hmm…That was a retorical question. And one more thing, I knew at 10pm eastern time, the night of the election, that Donald J Trump was President. How? Rubio won FL and that is all I need to hear. For the record, I did not vote for Rubio or the Dem I left it blank. Don’t worry I voted for Gov Scott. #Fakenews refused to declare it but they knew, they all knew. I cannot wait to share election night with my fellow treepers and I pray we crush them. My cold anger is starting a slow burn…..

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  25. smiley says:

    AWESOME , Sarah !

    so proud of you.


  26. jstanley01 says:

    The DOD press conference that Ms. Sanders referred to :

    OCTOBER 29, 2018
    Defense and Homeland Security Departments Joint News Conference on Border Security
    The Defense Department announced they would be sending over 5,200 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in response to the migrant caravans coming from Central America through Mexico. The Homeland Security and Defense Departments held a joint news conference in Washington, DC, to outline the deployment efforts and took questions from reporters.


  27. Raquel says:

    I really appreciate Sarah Sanders. God bless her! I loved her last statement in this press conference. It was worth listening to the whole infuriating session!


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