Hillary Clinton Jokes About Confusing Eric Holder with Corey Booker: “They all look alike”…

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and women’s rights advocate Kara Swisher sat down for a live podcast and taping in New York City. The media has focused on Mrs. Clinton remarks: “I want to be president”, which can be seen in the interview at 00:33:40.

However, there’s also an alarming joke told by Clinton that reflects her tone-deaf racial perspective. At the 01:04:30 moment of the interview Ms. Swisher mistakes Corey Booker for Eric Holder and Mrs. Clinton replies: “I know they all look alike“.

[Prompted – Just hit play]


Can you imagine the level of media and Democrat apoplexy if the leading figure within GOP politics cracked that kind of ‘racial joke’?

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441 Responses to Hillary Clinton Jokes About Confusing Eric Holder with Corey Booker: “They all look alike”…

  1. White Apple says:

    If you are a Black who supports or supported Hillary you must feel like a fool.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    If only Megyn Kelly had been a Democrat, she’d be still be working at NBC today.


  3. MGBSE says:

    Kanye and Candace need to play this on black TV wearing Blexit hats and “Vote republican” T-shirts.

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  4. lettruthspeak says:

    What an ugly human being. God, she doesn’t even have enough humanity to realize what a plague she is on humanity.

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  5. Covadonga says:

    Democrats all think alike.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, Don Lemon say white males are responsible for all the bad things happening lately and something needs to be done about ’em:


  7. John Patti says:

    Everybody has a pinch of racism in them. It’s the fallen nature of mankind from the first to the last humans. Anyway, I always laugh off being called racist because they are just intellectually lazy and can’t debate. This country is the best country on the planet for rights, that includes minority rights. There are more American minorities that are millionaires than all the minorities across the planet combined. There isn’t racism that we saw in decades past. The bigger problem, way bigger, is race hustling. That’s Obama tactic. With all that said……..

    24/7 coverage if a GOP person said this. They would ask everybody if you disavow these comments. They would try to smear everybody associated from grade school and on. Hillary should fry. The clip should be replayed everyday. This attack on all of us, for their political gain, needs to be thrown back in their face at every chance.


  8. tehennessey says:

    Evil and Pathetic


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