President Trump Impromptu Media Presser in Nevada…

While attending a MAGA rally in Nevada, President Trump paused for questions from the media. Topics included: the Migrant Caravan at Border; a decision to terminate an agreement with Russia; discussions with Saudi King Salman today. Additionally, President Trump addressed media on Saudi explanation of missing journalist fate, military at border, also hopes Joe Biden win Democrat nomination.

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81 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Media Presser in Nevada…

  1. Sentient says:

    VSG noted slow-Joe Biden, pocohantas and Spartacus for mockery. Can’t wait until he names Kamala Harris. I think she’ll be the nominee

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  2. NC Patriot says:

    It is comforting to me to watch “our leader and VSG” do impromptu pressers and be so “in charge”.

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    • Justice says:

      It’s endlessly impressive that we actually have a warrior defending this nation. I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime. Reagan was wonderful, but this kind of battle chief is unique and keeps me particularly motivated. Trump helps me to keep moving and often moves me to tears.

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    The MSM and all the MORONS that have drank the Muh Russia Koolaid must really feel pretty stupid after hearing from our President that he is pulling us out of the INF Agreement. The next thing we will read and hear is that our President wants a nuclear war with Russia 🇷🇺 in order to coverup the Collusion. They are that dumb!

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  4. DT2020 says:

    Middle income tax cut before the election is YUGE.

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  5. composer55 says:

    I am very proud of are President!


    • Kenji says:

      I’m proud of our President too !!
      I’ve never seen anything like him. He CRUSHES it every single day.

      And I can just imagine our military patrolling and securing our border. They would form a LIVING wall. Congress won’t ACT and actually FUND an effective, modern, high tech … physical …wall. A BARRIER to caravans of Globalist open-borderists marchers. So we will deploy our military to form a de facto wall. I admire your guts, and direct speaking style. I admire Trump’s motivation … which is to DO what’s BEST for the people of America. MY President understands the JOB of President better than any POTUS in my entire lifetime. Thank you, God, for delivering PDJT … please bless him, protect him, and keep he and family safe and secure.

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  6. SR says:

    I can not wait debate between rigged candidate Hillary and PTrump.

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    Mexico 🇲🇽 absolutely got the message! Another epic fail for Soros, Koch Brothers, CoC, Globalist, Democrats, MSM etc. Their plan failed. No children and mothers will be shot by our Marines at the border (that was their dream scenario).

    This paragraph says it all!

    “Every time there’s a (migrant) caravan there are police sent to the southern border … but we’ve never seen anything as dramatic as we’re seeing today,” said Eunice Rendon, coordinator of migrant advocacy group Agenda Migrante.

    “This has everything to do with Trump,” she added.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Eunice – are you getting the message yet? Go coordinate something else, like helping these people find jobs and safety in their own countries.

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    • Flep, it gets even better: See post below on the Nukes.
      Brilliant Trump move.

      Then there’s the Middle Class Tax Cuts, 1 week before the Mid-Terms:
      • With TV Spots reminding voters of Dem Leaders’ commitment to End the Cuts.
      • Right when Dems are DESPERATE.
      • Which will create #BreakawayDems to vote for it.
      • Splitting the Dem Leadership’s stranglehold on its members’ votes.
      • MagaBrilliantly preventing UniParty RINOs from undermining the Tax Cuts Bill!

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    • gman-reloaded says:

      OK reality check here.

      **They will keep coming
      **Trump will tweet threats but nothing of any real resistance will be done

      Most will get in and they will get free education, health care, housing, food, clothes, etc., paid for with OUR tax dollars.

      Resettlement agencies will be falling all over themselves seeing who can provide these invaders the most free stuff.

      Until someone literally drops a bomb on one of these caravans and/or border patrol agents are given permission to shoot on sight w/deadly force, this will continue.

      Any chance of Congress “fixing” this is remote and even then 1 year away at best.

      That’s reality. And that’s why I retired early and live a minimalist rural life style so I don’t have to pay any more taxes to support the very things that are ruining America.

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  8. jeans2nd says:

    Withdrawing from that nuclear treaty is a big deal. John Bolton really knows his stuff. Bolton is behaving surprisingly well for a neo-con.
    POTUS really nailed this short presser. imo Concisely covered several topics in a few short minutes.
    Was the press slightly respectful this time, or is that just wishful thinking?

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    • Elizabeth Carter says:

      The most amazing thing about President Trump is that he actually knows what is going on and can respond to questions without a teleprompter or notes.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      “Neocons” who are warriors in the Real World for real purposes of international power with regard to the place the American Republic, not Empire, but Republic, in international power-politics are of great value. They are not wimps. We cannot afford wimps.

      President Trump’s work with China and reinventing that “relationship” is one of the best examples of American strength. How many wimps, both liberal and conservative,. both Republican and Democrat, did we have before our magnificent Lion???

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  9. Humble Soul says:

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  10. Joe Biden 2020 = Bob Dole 1996….

    Except Bob Dole is a true war hero, has a legendary sense of humor and could usually remember what he ate for breakfast.

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  11. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    I thought PDT & the Republicans were just going to make some portions of the recent tax cuts permanent. Did not realize they were were going for even more cuts for the middle class. Nice.

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    • That will take all the air out of the room…
      There will be reports about it for a whole week before it happens..
      Dems will oppose it and Trump will talk about it loudly. This is far more effective October surprise than any dirt flinging or other revelations.

      At the danger that it doesn’t work out Trump will demand more republicans to make it happen after nov. 6th
      They are in recess but I guess they could make it happen?

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      • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

        Very effective strategy by PDJT.
        This is the first presser I heard it at, but I think he will probably repeat the new tax cut plan at every impromptu presser from now on.
        Pretty soon he will have the fake news refusing to show up & ask him questions when he leaves the White House.

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      • This is the ultimate Trump WIN-WIN-WIN:
        • We need more Republicans elected … VOTE TOMORROW.
        • We need to dump Democrats who voted against the American Middle Class … NOW.
        • We just proved that ONLY Trump and the Republicans could get Dems to cooperate.

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    • Waiting for Pelosi to say “they are just crumbs and garbage”!!!!

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  12. James Street says:

    “We’re looking at putting in a very major tax cut for middle income people, and if we do that it’ll be sometime just prior I would say to November.”

    That’s one October Surprise. I was wondering why a main talking point by the Democrat social media NPCs today is that “Trump’s first tax cuts benefited business, not the middle class”.

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    • Lawrence says:

      The Dems 4am narrative is that Trump’s last tax cut went to the 1% and created massive deficits that somehow failed to get their attention when Obama was racking trillions in debt with no benefits for Americans. Look up tax cut on Twitter. The NPCs are on repeat.

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  13. ck says:

    I’ve driven to Guatemala, it’s a long way away. They better pick up the pace.


  14. Ivehadit says:

    The invasion is a health issue.☺

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  15. NJF says:

    I’m watching Gutfeld’s show and they played several clips of Psycho Mika.

    She is bat sh$t crazy, if these reporters are showing some respect it’s likely bc they’re not the usual DC suspects.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “I’m watching Gutfeld’s show”

      That is one of my favorite TV viewing hours of the week, because I can get my news and entertainment at the same time.


  16. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Best two votes of my life (and I am old enough that I voted for Reagan): Primary & General for Candidate Trump.

    President Trump has not disappointed me, so very proud of how he handled the Justice Kavanaugh hit job.

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  17. Amy2 says:

    What a refreshing presser! Substantive questions and a nice variety. Maybe they are getting the message!!

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  18. missilemom says:

    My favorite line from President Trump, if the caravan keeps coming , I will shut down the border and bring in the military not the reserves.

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  19. Imagine “Sanctions on Saudi Arabia”
    • Severe Sanctions demanded by the E.U. & Globalist Corporations operating there and in China.
    • Like banning all financial transactions for their oil.
    • Just in time for the Iran Sanctions to go into effect on THEIR oil.
    • Screwing the E.U. & Globalists & China to the wall.
    • At the very moment that America has become Energy Self-Sufficient!

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  20. romy911 says:

    Sundance, thanks for posting that presser. It was excellent. Our President is excellent. He exudes confidence. We are blessed.

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  21. Trump on Intermediate Nuclear Ballistic Missiles: WINNING!
    • He just assigned OWNERSHIP to Russia and China to END NUCLEAR WEAPONS.
    • He just generated MASSIVE LEVERAGE to force them to do it or go bankrupt.

    “We’ll have to DEVELOP THOSE WEAPONS
    … unless Russia comes to us and China comes to us and they ALL come to us
    … and they say ‘Let’s really get smart and let’s NONE of us develop those weapons’.”
    • That’s IRAN
    • That’s NORTH KOREA
    • That’s PAKISTAN

    “But if Russia’s doing it, and China’s doing it, and we’re adhering to the agreement, that’s UNACCEPTABLE.”

    “So we have a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of MONEY to play with on our military
    … $700 Billion plus $716 Billion.”

    “So Russia has not adhered to the agreement, so we are going to TERMINATE the agreement and we are going to DEVELOP the WEAPONS.”
    • Message to Putin: Remember how Star Wars bankrupted the Soviet Union?
    • Message to Xi: Feeling flush as you sell off Treasuries to prop up your Markets?

    “If they get smart, and if OTHERS get smart, and they say ‘let’s not develop these horrible nuclear weapons’, I would be extremely happy with that.”
    • To do it they’ll have to FORCE the Rest of the World to DENUCLEARIZATION.
    • … because the Rest of the World has ONLY got intermediate/short range Nukes.

    “But as long as SOMEBODY’s violating that agreement, then we’re not going to be the only ones adhering to it.”


  22. Cguy Aok says:

    Had an “elderly” Demonrat come to my door today to “help” me decide my vote-I asked him to leave right away and he refused so I asked him why he refused to leave -he said he really believed! I told him my beliefs- He was a Communist that stole the election from Bernie-Clinton’s are criminals and traitors like Feinstein-also pedovores/pedomonsters, Antifa Nazis ending free speech with violence-I told him my belief in private property gave me the right to call the police, that I felt harassed, threatened, and would respond protecting my person by wrapping his scooter around his neck in the shape of a “Q!” “Globalist/Satanic scum, ” was my last accusation as he put up his kickstand. He left! Did I miss anything?


  23. Roger duroid says:

    I like that he specifically said military, NOT reserves, to seal the mexico border.


  24. MTeresa says:

    He’s amazing. Question after question – he answers without hesitation.



  25. paulraven1 says:

    Brilliant. The boss.


  26. Fools Gold says:

    What you women got to do is get you a 12 gauge shotgun per smoking joe Biden

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