President Trump MAGA Rally, Missoula, Montana – 8:30pm EST Livestream…

Tonight President Trump is in Missoula, Montana for a campaign rally to benefit republican Matt Rosendale in his bid to unseat Democratic Senator Jon Tester in the upcoming midterm election.  Anticipated start time for POTUS is 8:30pm EST with rally speakers ongoing:

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link


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320 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally, Missoula, Montana – 8:30pm EST Livestream…

  1. phoenixRising says:

    Gorgeous photo!

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  2. Pam says:

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    • Sunshine says:

      Think about it: 33,000 emails deleted and she got off with no repercussions. That alone is infuriating.

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      • Remington..... says:

        Not really…when you understand those emails were just webbing pics and yogurt lessons….(?)


      • thinkthinkthink says:

        So much sunshine, so little time.


      • cali says:

        @Sunshine: It may appear that way. However remember our president and his team has the Awan servers, DNC servers, Weiner laptop and iPad, Hillary’s 2 servers (one recovered in Benghazi by the patriots whom she had slaughtered), the Google planted NK server and the Google server itself.

        Our military spec ops night riders recovered them all ergo “They have it all”.

        The roll-up is underway and yes – she the beast and psychopath already considered and labeled ‘national security threat won’t walk.

        Just be patient!


  3. bflyjesusgrl says:

    Pocahontas and her test, PT always said he has more Indian blood than she does and he was right!! LOL

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  4. wyntre says:

    My long specific tweet disappeared!

    Anyway, on Tester’s treatment of Ronnie Jackson.

    This is personal to POTUS. Ttester did to Jackson what the demonrats did to Kavanaugh.

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  5. Revenant says:

    Just a guess — but I bet all the Hillary references are an attempt to goad some kind of response from her. She’s toxic to the whole country now, but she was brought in to try and help Menendez in NJ.

    Getting her face in the news may help GOP turnout (and suppress Dem turnout).

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  6. Pam says:

    Pocahontas aka Liawatha 😉

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  7. Howie says:


    By the grace of Almighty God our forces stand again onAmerican soil — soil consecrated in the blood of our people. We have come, dedicated and committed, to the task of destroying every vestige of enemy control over your daily lives, and of restoring, upon a foundation of indestructible, strength, the liberties of our people.
    The seat of your government is now therefore firmly re- established on American soil.

    The hour of your redemption is here. Your patriots have demonstrated an unswerving and resolute devotion to the principles of freedom that challenges the best that is written on the pages of human history. I now call upon your supreme effort that the enemy may know from the temper of an aroused and outraged people within that he has a force there to contend with no less violent than is the force committed from without.

    Rally to me. Let the indomitable spirit of Bataan and Corregidor lead on. As the lines of battle roll forward to bring you within the zone of operations, rise and strike. Strike at every favorable opportunity. For your homes and hearths, strike! For future generations of your sons and daughters, strike! In the name of your sacred dead, strike! Let no heart be faint. Let every arm be steeled. The guidance of divine God points the way. Follow in His Name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory!

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  8. covfefe999 says:

    Yay Montana! Excellent rally! loved the people in the camera view behind Trump, they were very engaged and having a great time.

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  9. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    We may never have this again. This man is incredible, a Godsend.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I know. The thought makes me sad. I wish my father could have seen this. My father passed away in Dec 2016. He was able to see Trump win but wasn’t able to see just what a great President he is. Or maybe my father IS able to see it. 🙂

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    • Paula Daly says:

      We will never ever see this again… the greatest President ever!!!! Most transparent too! That’s all we ever asked for. Love you Trump!!!!

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  10. zooamerica says:

    I love Donald in his long coat.

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  11. Lion2017 says:

    God Bless President Trump!

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  12. mot2grls says:

    Ok guys, am I the only one who knows his closing speech by heart and recites it with him? I love : Because we are Americans and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue..”
    Geez, I wish he’d come back to Albuquerque!

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  13. Pam says:

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  14. Sentient says:

    Tester poses on a four-wheeler. Big deal. Tester is Montanan by accident. Rosendale is Montanan by choice.

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  15. Successful Loser says:

    Our lion grumbled and stretched.

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  16. Joe S says:

    Wow, what a pummeling he gave to Tester!

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  17. Pam says:

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  18. CharterOakie says:

    What a great rally. POTUS was so engaging and entertaining. So many funny quips.

    He’s enjoying things, and he deserves it.

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  19. Summer says:

    I hope Tester is going down. He is still a few points ahead in the polls if you believe polls.

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  20. Pam says:

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  21. Curry Worsham says:

    How cute.
    Some of the President’s most ardent supporters were turning the “L” on Mt. Jumbo into

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    • Lumina says:

      That L looks too permanent to have been switched. I think it L for Lolo high school just outside of Missoula. I think there is a M for U of Montana…
      Missed it live so rewatching, and I’ll be so homesick….

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    • OKPatriot says:

      Got the LIAR right.

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      • Beverly says:

        What you ALL should know about the AARP: it’s run by HARDCORE Leftwing extremists. How extreme? well, check this:

        Remember Andrea Dworkin? the radical lesbian man-hater who said ALL intercourse between men and women, including MARRIED couples, is RAPE? (here she is: photo, and a long (obscenely violent) quotation: )

        So, okay, That piece of work had a best friend, a self-loathing homosexual Episcopal priest, John “ALL Masculinity Is TOXIC” Stoltenberg. These two got MARRIED [in name only, since they were both gay], so Stoltenberg could take care of this harridan when she became terminally ill.

        And HE was the EDITOR IN CHIEF of the AARP magazine!!!!! And of course they knew who and what he was when they hired him — This guy makes Hagzilla Clinton look like a Methodist housewife!!!

        So don’t think that the AARP is like the Reader’s Digest, a benign American institution, folks. These people are wholly on the Dark Side, and they use your money to pimp for the most extreme radical leftwing causes they can. Seriously, if you like the bennies of such an organization, try the conservative alternative, AMAC.

        Please spread the word. I actually met Stoltenberg at a party in the East Village over 20 years ago: he had serial killer eyes. The worst, and most frightening, case of impacted rage I’d ever seen. Cold, limp hand. I still shudder at the memory, and I didn’t know “who” he was at the time: after the fact, it all made sense. Someone taught him to hate his own maleness so violently that he went right over the cliff.

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        • Beverly says:

          AARP operated as an extension of the Obama White House: but AMAC is the patriotic alternative. See this link for a Wall Street Journal excerpt detailing how they worked with Obama against the wishes of their own membership on Medicare: “The AARP America Doesn’t Know:

          “AMAC is the conservative alternative!

          “If you are looking for an organization that offers exceptional benefits and also stands up for the values that have made America great, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to AMAC – The Association of Mature American Citizens – the fastest growing 50+ organization in America!

          “If you’re like many other frustrated Americans, you may have found us because you were searching for an alternative to the other 50+ organization. AMAC was founded to be your conservative alternative, and AMAC was built by folks who feel the same way you do.

          “Over just a few short years, nearly a million and a half Americans have joined and now proudly carry an AMAC membership card because they felt that the “other” organization no longer represented them. You are not alone! AMAC is here for you, and that should be a comforting thought!”

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  22. dutzie60 says:

    Everybody notice the Red Tie at most all his appearances lately? #MAGA

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  23. Landslide says:

    The John Lovitz imitation was hysterical! Replayed it and laughed out loud twice!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂

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  24. nwtex says:

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    • Beverly says:

      CARPENTERS UNION FOR TESTER. This is good how?


      • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

        I’d call it indirectly good for a couple reasons;

        Missoula is probably the most leftist city in MT. This march was the dregs of the counter-rally led by the fatass addict mayor of the town. Only a few hundred strong, they shuffled some number of blocks from a city park to the county registrar’s office, which I believe had already closed for the evening by the time they got there.

        It was a pathetic showing for a lefty college town, Tester himself was a couple hundred miles away in Butte at a rather sparsely attended event.

        Notice also, the complete lack of violent, confrontational protestors at the Trump rally itself. This ain’t Portland, and I have no doubt there was enough firepower left in all those vehicles parked to attend the Trump rally to put down next year’s UM graduating class twice over if necessary.

        Trump going to Missoula was confronting MT’s Left right on their home turf. Like kicking in someone’s door, taking all the tasty stuff out of their fridge, and sitting down to eat it at their dining table while staring menacingly at them the whole time.


        • Kris Langley says:

          I used to live in Washington State, and do a LOT of motorcycle riding in Montana.
          I remember riding into Missoula one time, and seeing a “Keep Missoula Weird” bumper sticker, and asking myself what had happened to Montana.

          BTW- both of my parents were from Montana (Opheim and Wolf Point, father and mother, respectively), and my ‘Brother from Another Mother’ is a native Montanan.


  25. nwtex says:

    Some really great comments and short videos on this twitter “account” “feed” “timeline”….whatever it is called ;(


  26. nwtex says:

    He must get some rest. I know of no one who has worked as tirelessly for this beloved Country…….not a single person. And especially with the rubbish he must wade thru every minute of his public life. Thank God for his family…sister and brother included, of course. To God be the Glory.

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  27. zooamerica says:

    Big Sky Music…from the spy plane.


  28. Troublemaker10 says:

    That Montana sky (all the photos posted) is sure some kind of beautiful.

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  29. Cathy M. says:

    Hooollly Cow!!!
    Videos prior to the rally. People are walking miles to get to the rally venue.

    “JAW-DROPPING’: THOUSANDS LINE UP IN COLD for President Trump Rally in Missoula, Montana – Photos and Video (Update: Cars Abandoned as Attendees Walk for Miles to Rally)”

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    • Beverly says:

      Reminds me of the YUUUUGE lines at the Inauguration! Betchya President Trump makes sure they DON’T keep us out of the Mall next time!!!

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    • Cold? Seriously? It was maybe in the 50s which is short sleeve weather in MT. The people parked in an adjacent hay field and had to take buses to the hanger area. It filled up fast, too. People were trying to park on Hwy 93 and walk to the hanger. It was awesome.


  30. feralcatsblog says:

    A man who would not honor the land his father is buried on is worse than a wild animal.
    – Chief Joseph

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  31. IMO says:

    President Trump went off the cuff tonight I love when he does that. He was on fire like dragon energy.

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  32. SR says:

    No president ever working so hard in midterm like PTrump. I can not wait for first 6 months after winning both house and senate.

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  33. James Street says:

    Is that Hillary in the front row immediately to the right of President Trump in the red hat and “Women For Trump” sign?

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  34. blognificentbee says:

    Wow! POTUS is having fun and on fire!!! 🔥

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  35. dissonant1 says:

    I realize this has probably been asked to death, but why would a historical/traditional Red State like Montana elect someone like Tester? Are there any left coast influences filtering in? I also thought that the response of the audience was more muted than it has been in other places (despite what I feel is one of VSGPDJT’s best speeches)?


    • jmclever says:

      It only sounded that way because it was an open air venue rather than an enclosed arena.

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    • jmclever says:

      Plus I think it got cold after the sun set


    • Lumina says:

      Montana was old school Democrats, then Californians have moved in a few areas raising home costs and real estate taxes greatly. Missoula has always been very liberal town. The schools & universities were pretty good when I grew up. They would say they educated the youth to move out of state for better jobs. They haven’t really grown new industries much to employee the MT educated engineers and all. A lot was due to government restrictions. Now a lot of the youth are pretty lost on the going no where track of drugs, drinking and government assistance.

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      • dissonant1 says:

        Hi Lumina, sorry to hear it. I have an uncle who was a prof at Montana quite a few years ago and he (although now retired) is a liberal. Pretty hard to employ the STEM grads when there are no companies in the state to do it, and a lot of those jobs have to be at corporate headquarters. This is a longstanding problem for a lot of the Midwestern and Plains states. Have to admit I am shocked at the scope of the drug / Opioids problem throughout these states, as a Midwesterner who lived on the east coast for a couple of decades and then came back. Very much appreciate your relpy!


    • FL_GUY says:

      I’l express my opinions on your questions:

      1. You cannot gauge crowd response from streaming. Crowd noise is suppressed and only shows up accidentally while President Trump is speaking. Having attended 5 President Trump Rallies, if I watch the same rally I attended afterwards on streaming, had I not been there, I would not recognize the rally because crowd response is muted.

      Looking at the enthusiasm of the crowd prior to the main event, they WERE enthusiastic. Also, as usual, it took President Trump many minutes for the crowd roar to settle down before he could speak but you couldn’t hear it because of the stupid sound track. When it takes President Trump many minutes to walk 50 feet to the podium because he is having to stop and wave frequently, THAT shows enthusiasm. Contrast this with the other speakers who just walked right up to the podium and started talking.

      One other thing, all that cheering and clapping is VERY tiring. Add that to the stress of attending, e.g. standing for hours in the weather to get in and then, as for most at this rally, standing more hours for the program. Take it from me, it takes a lot out of you. This crowd was amazingly animated when you take all these factors into consideration.

      2. Tester and a lot of the D-Rat senators who got elected in 2012 benefited from Loser Romney depressing R turnout coupled with massive vote fraud. Romney’s “rallies” were don’t bother to vote rallies. I went to one before the election and it was the biggest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen. It was a morale crusher. People not showing up for Romney helped all the D-Rats.

      3. As I understand it, Montana is trendy for the hollyweird crowd to buy property. However, in 2012, I believe depressed R turnout was the problem because it couldn’t overcome the vote fraud. Montana is going to fix the Tester problem in 2018 by retiring him.

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  36. jmclever says:

    Our Lion is so relaxed and confident talking about the issues that most of us get so upset about. And he has all the info while we only have bits and pieces. I’m not going to worry about things anymore. The Deplorables’ job is to deliver a Republican supermajority in both the house and Senate so that President Trump can “gitterdun!”

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  37. Jane in Florida says:

    Trump praises first lady Melania’s ‘so cool’ reaction to having to change planes when smoke filled the cabin and defends the ‘colonial’ hat she wore in Africa by insisting she bought it in Los Angeles

    President Donald Trump had kind words for his wife on Thursday in Montana
    He applauded her ‘so cool’ reaction to the cabin of the plane she was aboard on Wednesday filling with smoke while she was en route to Philadelphia
    The first lady’s spokesperson said a ‘minor mechanical issue’ was to blame
    The plane, typically used as ‘Air Force Two,’ turned around 10 minutes into the short flight and landed back at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Wednesday
    After she boarded a waiting backup aircraft less than an hour later, the president joked: ‘I hope this plane’s better than the first one’
    Trump also addressed the controversial ‘pith’ hat Melania wore while visiting Kenya in early October pointing out that he thought it was bought in Los Angeles
    Where it was bought was the less the concern than what it represents, which is oppression and 19th century colonization in Africa and other places

    snip >
    In Montana, Trump described how he reacted when he got word that there was ‘fire on the plane’ carrying his wife, and how promptly the issue was handled.

    ‘I got a call, “Sir, your wife is up in the air, there’s a fire on the plane,” I said, “Don’t tell me that. Don’t tell me that.” And they came down quickly. Great people, great pilots, great pilot,’ he said. < snip

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  38. Elizabeth Carter says:

    The fake news is made up of “stupid people”.

    How much would it cost to do National ads saying “At Montana rally, President Trump endorses Rep. Greg Gianforte.”? Who would even notice the ad? Who would remember Gianforte’s name?

    This way, the MSM puts it on every show, newspaper and blog for free over and over for days.

    Trump Economics!! Winning!!


  39. faridrushdi says:

    I heard several pundits on TV this morning suggest the Kavanaugh wave may be fading, noting that crazy poll out of TN that has Blackburn down a point (I don’t believe that one for a second). That said, I grew up in DC and have watched every election since 1964 pan out and along with my trust ‘ol Poly Sci degree, I have some experience figuring this stuff out.

    Many times I have seen a wave push one side from 10 points down to a point up before falling back to a 3-5 point loss. Many reasons, all different. That said, I don’t see this wave that way. Kavanaugh and the Dem crazies aren’t a one-off situation. This will continue in power or out. I think the people understand that.

    That said, losing the house could be the best scenario for the Republican party and Donald Trump. Squishy Rino’s would be chased out of the party and the Democrats 2-year overreach party would decimate them for a generation. The economy would slip and in 2020, Trump would be standing on a rock somewhere, sword in hand and scream, “C’mon folks, lets go get ’em!” True, Dems would create some bat-sh*t crazy laws, and attach them to priority legislation, but Trump would have the strength to veto every bill and blame the Dems. And all of the investigations into Trump et. al. will embarrass them, not the President.

    The Senate will be stronger either way, and will continue to stock the judicial shelves with conservatives. And the Congress can’t do a thing without 60 votes in the Senate, which they will never have.

    From the guy who predicted Goldwater over LBJ: if the Dems take the house (I am 95% sure they won’t) they will scar their side for a generation and in 2020, Republicans will pick up 60 seats and have a super-majority in the senate.

    And the reason Ed Rollins and the other Republican pundits are predicting a Democratic House next year is because they are reading polls, not counting results already in, as guys like LarrySchweikart are doing and finding very positive signs.


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