Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence Visit Georgia Recovery Efforts Following Hurricane Michael…

Vice President Mike Pence meets employees at Flint River Mills in Bainbridge on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. Vice President Mike Pence touched down in this Southwest Georgia city Tuesday and addressed the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition in Moultrie as he surveyed storm damage from Hurricane Michael.


The Vice-President’s visit comes a day after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled through the Florida Panhandle and central part of Georgia to met with residents, farmers and recovery workers.


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9 Responses to Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence Visit Georgia Recovery Efforts Following Hurricane Michael…

  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “First Lady Melania Trump traveled through the Florida Panhandle and central part of Georgia”

    Nice shot of those boots at 0:35

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  2. Pam says:

    May God bless all of those affected by this disastrous hurricane.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Mother Nature can be so cruel! Those videos showed the devastation from Hurricane Michael. The people that got a chance to meet our President and VP really appreciated it. They know that they have Leaders that care about their well being. They also know that our President will provide every resource necessary for them to rebuild. God Bless both men and their incredible wives.

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  3. Bob says:

    This disaster is a call for building codes that can make homes and businesses built to withstand the weather and the storms that we have in Florida and other areas that continue to be ravaged every time a storm hits.
    Just as they do in areas with earthquakes, it will take time, but well worth the investment.
    Examples can be seen in Spain….their new houses will last for a thousand years.

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    • Cowwow says:

      Bob, there have been many discussions talking about your points, but also that of trying to have hurricane/storm damage plans for farmers. The pecan crop was destroyed, and that is a huge cash crop for Ga. and it takes nearly 7 years for newly planted replacement groves to start reproducing again.
      Some of those south and south west orchards are very old, mature trees. It is a gorgeous place in the springtime.
      The cotton crops might be salvageable in areas like the peanuts, but not the pecans.
      God bless them.

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  4. IMO says:

    Hundreds found by rescuers after Hurricane Michael but many still missing; death toll at 17 | Fox News

    Relieved to hear people were found hope they find more.

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  5. Your Tour Guide says:

    There’s a train that you can take from Cordele to Americus
    to Plains. Called the Sam Shortline train. It’s actually part
    of the Georgia State Parks systems. An enjoyable 9 hour
    round trip. When it leaves from Cordele you go for miles
    and miles and miles through Pecan Orchards. At least 15
    minutes worth, maybe a half hour or so. Hershey Chocolate
    used to own 10s of thousands of acres of pecans in the area.

    Couldn’t wrap my mind around the crop loss, until I
    remembered going through all those mile of pecans on the
    train. BTW if you’re in Georgia, look it up. It was very
    enjoyable. I took my oldest on it and camped nearby on
    his 16th birthday.l


  6. digleigh says:

    fyi. major damage at a family house member. Two in my family without power for 8 days,one with small children.Large debri Rakes to fix yard are being stolen to remove debris, etc.,and no more to buy.Gasoline stores were out completely with no pumping power for day or two. Now, only half in working order and some restaurants and stores still not open. Groceries of 200-400 loss per family at least.Some losing at least two days to a week of work wages. Insurance adjuster meeting not until Nov. 1 for one house. (21 days since event) One job place with over 500,000 worth damage /job insecurity… Just asking for prayers and to give a grounds eye view of our area (South Ga.) we had 2 large tornados a year to year and half ago, and there were still tarps over houses from those events…. This is fifth poorest city for its size ! If anyone goes through this, charcoal, matches, grill, water,canned foods, and family help is the most important! We are making it fine, but I am sure many do not have family to help!


  7. Bendix says:

    VP and Mrs. Pence are always so hardworking, and so reassuring, and so dignified. The dignity befits the largely ceremonial office he holds, but the two of them go above and beyond the official duties.
    I don’t recall Dr. Jill doing anything like this.
    I think I like Karen Pence’s longer hair.
    Boots are stylish right now, Melania has reminded me that I need to get out there and get some.


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