Trish Regan Extensive Interview With President Donald Trump…

Fox Business News host Trish Regan is granted an extensive interview with President Trump.  Multiple topics are covered including the midterm elections, the Fed, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. economy and President Trump’s 2020 presidential run.

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  1. theresanne says:

    Enjoyed this so much more than the 60 minutes “interview”.

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  2. Donald says:

    Yes, she’s just another dope!
    Sorry, Trish!

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  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Excellent interview. If you compare what POTUS said with what he said to AP tonight (see thread from Sundance), it’s very similar in parts. But there are plenty of people who will only see or read one of the interviews, so the repetition doesn’t matter.

    Trish was very harsh on POTUS for Helsinki, as she said. Too harsh, if I recall right. Glad she admitted that here. Just another instance of “allies” overreacting to something said or done by Trump. Sometimes they just need to give it a day or two and let things cool off before condemning POTUS.

    Love that Trump already has an idea of who his 2020 opponent will be. I hope Brad and the rest are already working on opposition research for that person.

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  4. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Fox Business News host Trish Regan is granted an extensive interview with President Trump.”

    She was skeptical of “MAGAnomics” at first, but seems to be coming around. She certainly could not refute the present economic statistics and the resulting good news. The Board over at The [non] Federal Reserve need to be red-pilled with CTH posts.

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    • Red Tsunami! says:

      Yes she was, even criticized PDJT particularly over tariffs. Best part of the interview was when she admitted to not always being on board with PDJT. Said it like she better understands him now.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      With regard to women voters, she said, “If you look at the poll numbers, they’re not liking you – so how do you overcome that right now?”

      I’ll give her credit for allowing PTrump the opportunity to explain why he’s great for women – but I wholly disagree with her premise and reliance on statistics.

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      • Akindole says:

        (Polls are not statistics. Polls are propaganda. If you substitute that word it works well at the close of the sentence)

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      • ladypenquin says:

        That’s a FOX false narrative being pushed by Trish Regan. Based on the percentages Trump is pulling from the African-American and Latino voters, women are strongly moving towards him. Pollsters might be using selective white women groups to come up with negative numbers, but POTUS’ support from AA and Latino voters certainly gives him a strong women’s vote.

        BTW, Recent AA support is 35% and Latino is 41% (might be more). Significance? Means the Dems lose those votes – which previously they counted on for their electoral wins.

        FOX polls are always negative towards POTUS, and they make all their players push them, including Dobbs.

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        • Peoria Jones says:

          Thanks for the great details, I agree. Most of the women I hear speaking about politics are very supportive of the Trump agenda. I’m not fooled by the shiny objects on Faux. They’re better than CNN, but they’re not our friends.

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        • scrap1ron says:

          Polls are being used to try and shape public opinion, not gauge it. This is a play on people’s tendency to “follow the herd” go with the apparent “winner” and nudge low information people to think and vote “correctly”.

          Reminds me of high school. Anybody who wants to be somebody needs to be in alliance with the cool kids. Some people never mature beyond that mindset.

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          • Carolina Kat says:

            If you spend a little time with a Progressive (too much to ask, I know) you discover they swallow the media bile because they believe it to be ‘mainstream’ and they don’t feel safe with individuality, they don’t trust their own judgment and rely upon the judgment of others. So the media ‘telling them what to think’ is their comfort zone.

            I have seen this over and over. Pointing it out to them makes no difference. Lemmings WANT to be lemmings.

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          • JC says:

            100% accurate, scrap1ron and Carolina Kat. Fundamental truths from which pervasive errors are spawned. Polls in general a major tool of leftist lies and propaganda. Candidate Trump smashed the polls and massive propaganda in 2016. President Trump will crush them in the midterms.

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            • Publius Covfefe says:

              CK, hence why the NPC meme is so accurate and why it is reviled by progressives and democrats everywhere-when one lacks critical thinking skills, one looks to others to tell them what to think, so they fit in, as that is important to cucks.

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            • mugzey302 says:

              Shhhhh…..don’t tell anyone, but I suspect that worked in our favor in 2016. The lazy louts thought “Her Thighness” had the election in the bag, so they didn’t bother to vote. Hence the screaming at the sky when she lost.


      • sat0422 says:

        The polls and MSM news about anti-Trump women only feature uber liberal progressive types.
        I have been for Trump since I gave up on Ted Cruz after the first debate. I know a lot of women who support Trump 100%+. The MSM and all news in general is like the local news in many ways. The use the negative news to get people to watch and the lie that women don’t like Trump is just that. What a lot of women say is that they trust and support Trump but they don’t like how he says things. Well, they are women and women usually soft coat what they say so they can avoid the “witch” label. Go figure. He is a Daddy figure to many women. Trash the polls and take out your binoculars.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      Ive seen enough of Trish Reagan over the last 2 years or sp to understand she definitely prefers DJT over both Pigbama or Hilldebeech. She was even a critic of Hilldebeeches before she was at FBN, when she was at CNBC. Shes not Catherine Herridge or Maria B, but shes more with DJT than with the RATS.

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  5. White Apple says:

    As usual Trump did a fabulous job, but so did Trish. Notice Trumps speaks in a way the average person can understand. Trump answers question with explanation grounded in truth and matter of fact. Trump does not come off as some pompous elite trying to impress with polished vernacular. Trump truly wants us all to understand without the need for scratching our heads.

    Trump screwed-up with Sessions and the Fed Chairman. Trump readily admits it and agrees with all of us he screwed-up and is now dealing with it in the best manner he can deal with it.

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  6. MAGAbear says:

    I know it’s wrong cuz she’s married, but I’d like to snuggle with Trish. 😮

    PDJT on top of his game.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      It’s probably more wrong if YOU’RE married, and I’d like to see Trish interview the POTUS in a dress she could breathe in – or maybe even a jacket. 😉

      That said, yes he was on top of his game. And she wasn’t overly contentious, and I appreciated that she let him talk. While she hasn’t been a great Trump supporter, she was respectful. It’s nice to actually get something out of an interview, though there were no big bombshells here.

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    • Please don’t let My Misses know “WHAT” I think about “Trish Regan”..
      I think She already does turning off the TV or computer when She is broadcasting.. 😉 Even My DOGS are Watching! 😉

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  7. Citizen 817 says:

    Most transparent President in my lifetime. When was the last time a President was so available to the press…and willing to answer on the fly. This man is passionate about the country and loves the job…and when you love what you’re doing, Success follows.

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    • SGH says:

      I agree! It’s too weird to not feel like I’m being lied to!

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    • anniefannie says:

      Amazing how some in the media accuse him of not holding press conferences. He holds an impromptu one almost every day. Difference is that he won’t “stand still” behind a podium (prompter) like the previous CiC! I would much rather have off the cuff, honest remarks than the staged performances (likely most O’conferences)!!

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      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You’re so right, annie.

        President Trump is very time-conscious (Time is money, after all!). Why waste time holding a press conference when you can answer questions and get the info out while on the way to the helicopter? Walking across the lawn is “dead time.” Our President makes that time productive by getting a presser out of the way.

        The man IS energy which is commonly described as “the ability to perform work” and to perform work you DO stuff. You don’t stand around talking about it. So he holds press conferences while on his way to the next task. That’s our Prez!

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      • Carolina Kat says:

        The Press doesn’t want impromptu press confabs because they don’t think well on their feet. They need to get their talking points in advance from the DNC so they can frame them as a question.

        President Trump is onto that game, so formal pre-announced Press Conferences will be extremely rare.


    • ladypenquin says:

      Psychologically, people like a winner – and that translates into votes on Election Day. In the past, when the candidates weren’t so far apart (back when Dems were still American) someone might vote for the perceived “winner” even if they had previously voted for the other party.

      Some of that might hold true for the upcoming midterms, it certainly will in the next General Election.

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    MeAgain Kelly Lite…….

    I watch OAN real news.

    Tired of opinion news.

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    • cozette says:

      OANN is great except for the disinfo shill, Posobiec. At first I thought he just wasnt very smart but then I started noticing outright lies. When corrected, rather than admitting his mistake, he consistently doubled down. That is my tell that what hes doing is intentional. Like FAUX, he lures innocents in with a MAGA/patriotic facade.


    • thedoc00 says:

      News broadcasts are good, the rest is not so good and rather amateurish. Like watching Hanity on steroids.


      • The Tundra PA says:

        I can’t watch much of “regular” Hannity, much less on steroids. Everything is hair-on-fire, busiest news night in the history of the world with him. Between the hyperbole and the constant interruptions, I’m throwing shoes at the TV. The only people he lets answer a question are President Trump and Mark Levin. I’m surfing right past.

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  9. cripto says:

    My opinion, a fairly standard interview , but the AP interview posted previously was much better. Ms Regan got a bit coy, like the 60 minutes interview by Ms Stahl, all those women, did they like the President or not. Pretty poor fare. Didn’t add anything to the conversation. But that is OK, as it will be aired and commented on. The President did not deviate from his previous statements. A big score of zero for her. But optics matter, lol.

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    • PVCDroid says:

      So sick of Russia questions and the phony setup of Helsinki. Ridiculous someone from FOX is asking those questions. I turned it off. Amateur trying to impress her swamp dwelling colleague, Chris Wallace.

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      • The Tundra PA says:

        With you there, PVC. I wish he could just say “Why didn’t I come out attacking Putin? It’s called ‘diplomacy’. It’s how you get things done.” Media hacks haven’t seen any in so long, they don’t recognize it.


  10. stats_guy says:

    it’s too late for me to watch the whole thing but the contrast between Trish and the trashy hack Stahl is amazing. In the part I did watch, Trish was moving into the hard questions. But there was none of the shrewish scold that Stahl radiated.

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  11. Looks way better in a purple dress than that summer’s eve female? from Canada

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  12. Monticello says:

    Can’t imagine either of the Bushes doing such a splendid interview………


  13. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    The most transparent president ever. The most interviews and pressers ever!

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  14. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Ok…here I go…..

    You know who is a great reporter and should interview the President?

    Catherine Herridge…award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, D.C. She covers intelligence, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

    Now she digs, has reliable resources and gets the news…..

    She is not some “so called reporter”, with an attitude, and considers herself intelligent because she looks pretty in a form fitting low cut dress..

    Allow me to give a prime example. The NFL…..I know…I know…but a prime example.

    Virtually all….almost all of the hosts of the NFL pre-game, and many of the prime time games are now female.

    Did you ever even listen to them for one minute?……Have you seen recently how these former players….bow down to their expertise?

    What is wrong with that picture?….da….There are no Females in the NFL and never have been.

    They put some cheesecake in a tight dress in front of the camera and immediately we are supposed to believe that now she is some sort of expert on NFL football, never having played…

    Give me a break….

    And now, all of these supposed female reporters who do not know a lobbyist from a farmer we are supposed to believe? Pffft….

    Ya know who is a great reporter, intelligent, great at interviews and is sexy as hell….

    Maria B……dawg….conservative dress….professional…..but man….that Al Smith dinner…

    With the Red Dress….long white gloves……Maria B.

    With her….Maria B….Marie Osmond…..and Sarah Palin…..

    Give me some news….put me on a diet, and send me to Alaska……

    I’m like a dog off a leash…………..

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Hey, I’m a girl, but Maria B at the Al Smith dinner, red dress and white gloves, was breathtaking. She nailed it.

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    • oldschool says:

      Gunny totally agree. How fair and balanced of you! I got scared for a moment, you not liking cheesecake? Ha! Maria gets you everytime👠👠💕💕


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:


        There probably never ever, be a time when I do not love cheesecake….

        “A man unsatisfied must have luxuries. But a man who loves a woman would sleep on a board”
        D.H. Lawrence

        And my mind has been where no man would probably ever want to go now or before…

        But, be that as it may….

        We…me and you…have got an understanding from way back when……

        So, I hope you and your family are well and in good spirits…..

        Have a great day…and love your posts…..stick to your guns…


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        • oldschool says:

          I have a gut for special men. You are definitely one of a very few gunny!! Always a pleasure to spend time with you. My best to you also😘


    • ladypenquin says:

      Agree, Catherine Herridge is the best reporter out there. Maria B is good, took her a little to come full circle to POTUS, and her expertise is business. I like Catherine for overall reporting on the deep stuff.

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    • Gunny…know what you mean. Now, put your tongue back in your head…


    • RobInPA says:

      Excellent post, and very appropriate choice of dog breed for the pic! Jack Russell Terrier’s are energetic, tenacious and persistent, and were originally bred to hunt FOXES!

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Totally agree with you, Gunny! Catherine H and Maria B are among the few credible women reporters I will watch. Trish Regan to me is among the lightest weight Fox has in its cast, and no matter how proud she is of her legs, it doesn’t make her sound smart. Just give me the news and solid information, guys. The parade of women (and men) in tight clothing is getting rather old.

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    • KnowSERENoFear says:

      Yup – totally agree. What I really appreciate about Catherine is that when she speaks, you know it’s the well-vetted truth. And Maria really knows the business side of the news. Another favorite of mine is Liz Wheeler at OANN…she’s still a little green, but she’s tough and always backs up her opinions with facts. I’d love to see her interview VSGPDJT.

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    • The Boss says:

      Thanks Gunny!
      It’s 9:30 AM and I have to take a cold shower!!

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Way ahead of ya man…..I tried to take eagledrivers advice about getting my tongue back into my head….but….

        It is difficult……because I believe…

        “You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.”



    • highdezertgator says:

      Sharyl Attkisson ….. gets my vote and has reached fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo

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    • antiqueiron says:

      I agree Gunny. Herridge is the best actual reporter. I’d like to see her go eat a whole pie or something, too skinny. Still have the mental image of Maria in that red dress. She reminded me of old school circa mid 60’s elegance.


  15. daughnworks247 says:

    Go Trish. Wife of a Navy Seal, mother to three, and a triathlete.
    If you listen to the soundtrack, when PDJT is talking, Trish is constantly uttering, “Uh-huh, Um Huh” and visually, she is nodding.
    PDJT controlled the interview and she let him. Good for him to get his message out and kind of him to grant her an interview to start her new show. She will be on panels for future debates and the kindness matters.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      She follows Lou Dobbs now, that will help. I haven’t cared for her previously – thought her a lightweight and her disdain for POTUS wasn’t helpful. She has evolved somewhat. Her show took over Kennedy’s slot.

      I’m very disappointed on their moving Charles Payne to 2PM. No reason to take him out of the 6 PM slot lead in to Dobbs’ show.

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      • NJF says:

        I’m very annoyed about Charles’s move to 2:00 as I’m at work!!

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        • ladypenquin says:

          No good reason to take Charles out of his 6 PM slot, unless it’s payback for his POTUS support. He’s far better than what they’ve got there now, does great with the closing bell information. Bet they didn’t like his ratings being so high, and they led right into Dobbs’ show.

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        • DJ says:

          Have to admit I’m in the opposite camp. I’m home all day, but out doing chores, workouts and yard work at 5 – 6 pm so almost always missed Chas. Now that he’s on at 2pm, I can catch him.

          Funny thing about Trish from my POV… She was on Bloomberg before coming over to FBN. Back then I used to switch from FBN to Bloomberg in the afternoons to watch her show there. She was ok for about the first year on FBN, but then something changed – she became more emotional in her reporting and rather sappy at times – and I started muting the TV when her show came on. Just never got back into her after that.


    • Mac says:

      Thanks for that info. I didn’t know that about her and it definitely improves her credibility in my eyes.


    • Rami says:

      And she has an amazing voice, she really gives the anthem it”s due.

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  16. Piper77 says:

    I wish Trump would substitute another word for “tremendous” sometimes…lol

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  17. jeans2nd says:

    Watching all these FOX and FBN reporters obtaining exclusive sit-downs with the President causes a fleeting thought of Kelly Meagin, who now sits on a teensy NBC sound stage with paid audience members, is universally hated, and has the lowest-rated show in television history.

    Trish did a great job here, imo. Throw a question, allow the President to talk, and actually listen to the answers..
    Too bad others like Leslie Stahl are more interested in themselves being heard than hearing the President.

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  18. pattyloo says:

    Not that this ‘should’ matter, but since we’re talking about the women’s vote, I thought I would mention it. I think it could sway some women to vote for PDJT.

    PDJT is the first president I remember that has any sex appeal at all. During the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, I specifically recall a male friend trying to convince me that I really found Bill Clinton attractive – even though I hated his politics. I kept trying to imagine him in that way, but I couldn’t see it – not my type. Ditto for Obozo even though we were bombarded with messages about his great physique. JFK was before my time, so I have no memory of whether I found him attractive at the time. However, now that I know about his philandering, I don’t think I would have found him attractive either. GWB was cute and funny, but not sexy (to me).

    I was a DJT fan for all of Celebrity Apprentice, so going back about 15 yrs. So, when he ran for Pres, I was already convinced he was outstanding in the field. I supported him even when there were 16 GOP candidates and many were calling him a faker. The treatment he got from GOP, Dems and Media is similar to what they did to Kavanaugh – only it went on for a year or more.

    In my mind, his sex appeal has only gotten stronger with all this winning. Getting so many hostages back from abroad when previous Presidents didn’t even attempt this, puts a real ‘face’ on him as a protector. The way he’s been tough with other countries is also appealing. These are things that matter to women at an instinctual level.

    And how can you help but respect the crowds he’s attracting when he speaks (for Free) at his many rallies – and how he still gets so much work done even while campaigning.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      JFK was attractive—-more than most—but he and all the other Presidents have been politicians and that has never been “sexy” to me. VSG, on the other hand, was wealthy, successful in business, a showman and an attractive playboy. He grew into this political role because he is a fast learner. He is friendly and kind and has that boyish grin at even his age.

      I am his age (female) and have always thought he was sexy. Still do. But he has the strength you want in a father, the wisdom you want in a leader and a clear and undisputed love of this country! What is not to like? I trust him! He is like no other!

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  19. Cheeshead54016 says:

    Am a fan of Trish. Real questions, no sideways, mischievious agenda.


  20. We’re supposed to be all broken up because Osama bin Laden’s best friend may have bought it at the hands of other Saudis?

    Every day there is another Kate Steinle in America–and that’s something these politicians could fix. Do these people give a damn about Americans? No. Only about this partner of terrorists.

    Why was al Qaeda’s chief propagandist given a job writing terrorist propaganda at the WaPo, anyway? Was Khalid Sheik Muhammed unavailable? Does the Washington Post even remember that other bin Ladenists tried to level Wahington D.C. with jetliners? It was in all the real papers.

    Khashoggi’s plan is to flood America with Muslims, create an alliance with transgendered bike racers, Prof. Ford’s Deep State beach friends, the Willing Slave Media and bitter, clinging failed presidential candidates and then institute a Sharia dictatorship democratically.

    And then, after making Americans third-class citizens in their own country, cancel elections. As fellow Muslim Brother-hood Erdogan puts it, “Democracy is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off.”

    What if Erdogan, the Ayatollah and all the rest of the Brotherhood sent Khashoggi? Gave him a suicide pill and sent him into the embassy as a kind of diplomatic suicide bomber? He could do much more damage than a regular bomber by blowing up the alliance and the arms deal.

    By the way, Erdogan, who is conducting this “investigation”, regularly disappears journalists and other political enemies himself. Real journalists, not al Qaeda spokesmen.

    If we’re going to ban every regime whose political opponents mysteriously disappear, we going to have to cut off relations with Turkey. Then Iran. Also Cuba, Venezuela, China, and Russia.

    And the Clintons.

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    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      I want to go on record that i don’t care one bit about the Saudi citizen who may or may not have been murdered even though the WaPo and NYT want me to care very much.

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    • Carolina Kat says:

      Agree so completely with your well written comment. I’ve been suspicious from the start – as it comes at a time when Iran’s regime is collapsing due to the sanctions and the relationship between Israel and KSA has been improving. The Neocons hate that – Lindsay Graham is back to his old useless self attacking Bin Salman. Ben Sasse, too. GAK, South Carolina and Nebraska deserve better.

      Look who is pushing this and pushing it hard. Pro-Iran treaty people.

      Let’s look also at the original pretext for the so called journalist to go to the Turkish embassy. Divorce papers? Really? His lawyer could not acquire those for him? Any lawyer in America could do it, and are we to believe that no Saudi lawyers could do that?

      Every detail is so false on its face. I’ll be so angry if this quells our advancement for peace in the Middle East.

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  21. Arrest Soros says:

    Holy crap. You guys have to look at this thread about an RNC coup against DJT in October 2016 which included Paul Ryan and Mike Pence.
    Sundance do you have any info on this????


    • Arrest Soros says:

      Oh G_D


      • Sandra-VA says:

        And that is fake too.

        In that tweet thread, he is calling Sundance “paid” to push disinformation to hide “this”. Huge clue that this is not on the up and up.

        Why are you going after Mike Pence?

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      • Deb says:


        Pence is doing a good job promoting MAGA. Perhaps that explains the attempt to use him to drive a wedge.

        Paul Ryan did backstab PDJT in 2016, it’s well documented here in WI. One reason why he’s retiring. The GOP here in WI is dropping the ball with the midterms, we’ll see if those of us who are MAGA can drag them over the finish line.


    • Sandra-VA says:

      I read a couple of those emails and I call FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE.


    • CM-TX says:

      I would immediately question the legitimacy of those email addy’s. Just a bit too convenient they’d all be using @ protonmail, + those choices in handles (spkrryan..?🙄). Especially in the wake of the whole Clinton private email debacle… Nope, all too obvious. However, I would not doubt that many Rinos were well aware of, if not also a part to the actual coup plot by Dems.

      It reminds me of that time they easily used McNoName in an attempt to cover their tracks… hoping to pin the PP-Dossier on Repubs, a/o explain how it landed in FBI’s hands. A lame attempt given the dossier had been circulating for months prior, & already been shopped to every MSM Tom, Dick, & Harry.


  22. Golfbro11 says:

    Sessions is doing a good job on the Border. This doesn’t absolve him of the Recusal and the storm that the recusal caused. However the media has largely left Sessions alone because they think of him as a foil to the President. This has allowed him to implement policies to fight illegal immigration and gangs without being labeled a racist by the media.


    • Alligator Gar says:

      How has he done anything but allow tons of these invaders into our country? We were invaded in the Spring. We are about to be invaded AGAIN by another organized group of central American rabble. Nothing is stopping them. Nothing.

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  23. dbethd says:

    “She wanted to put windmills all over the place which don’t work.”

    Not far from us, there are hordes of these stupid windmills. Huge eyesore.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      Most of the time half of the windmills here in WNY are not spinning, anyway.
      Supposedly “down for maintenance” or something when they are still relatively new.

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    • DJ says:

      I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but wind energy is costly and extremely inefficient.

      Here is an article detailing some aspects of Minnesota’s commitment to “Renewable Energy”:

      A quote on capital equipment costs:
      “For example, Xcel spent over $800 million on repairs to both Monticello and Prairie Island nuclear plants in 2013. The next year, these power plants together generated over 12,500,000 MWh of electricity. The $600 million investment on the Borders and Pleasant Valley wind farm in 2015, on the other hand, only yielded a combined 1,445,095 MWh of electricity in 2015. It would take nearly 9 years for these wind farms to generate the same amount of electricity.”

      And also an explanation on how wind power actually causes the cost of “normal power” generated electricity to increase:
      “Since generation from wind cannot be easily predicted, our other non-wind generating units must cycle in order to accommodate the random influx of generation onto our system. This cycling results in more wear and tear on our generating units, which leads to higher O&M costs. As the wind generation increases to meet our RES Requirement, as well as other Minnesota utilities’ RES Requirements, we expect the cycling and corresponding O&M costs to steadily increase.”

      But hey, it’s GREEN!

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      • DJ says:

        And I should add that Xcel – the power company in question – sends out letters several times per year imploring their customers to VOLUNTARILY pay more than the amount being billed to them because – gee whiz – the nasty electrical commission wouldn’t allow them to actually raise their rates so that they could FORCE you to pay the extra amount…


  24. Pedro Morales says:

    Did Trish actually say something???? I was only paying attention to the dress and heels.


  25. Lactantius says:

    President Donald J. Trump has decided to do a charm offensive on the media. The Leslie Stahl opener showed how The Donald can give as good as he takes when the “interview” is actually a snark-fest. Now he going about the business of showing off his moves, depending on what is being thrown at him. He is breaking the players away from the pack and giving them the opportunity to show their competence or lack thereof. I can’t wait for the sit-down with Jim Acosta.

    For those who are hyper-critical about the FOX women, I would remind you that it is a bu$ine$$ and they stage their props and promote their products just like Victoria’s Secret or Wal-Mart does. For every trollop who annoys you, there is a rabid fan to offset your disgust. They are selling catheters, gold, pillows, and pharmaceuticals, and their ratings tell the tale.

    I suspect that President Donald J. Trump has decided to separate the Fake News artists from the Journalists and pit them against one another. Another rat fight is not going to disturb him one iota.


  26. Kevin Jullion says:

    Can someone help. I used to be on the mobile friendly version of CTH but I clicked on View Full website recently and now that version of the site has become my default. Which I don’t want.



  27. stablesort says:

    Too many voters want to be seen as voting for the winner of the election regardless of whom that might be. Pollsters and campaign managers make their living encouraging voters to engage in that nonsense.


    • Deb says:

      This is human nature. It’s why conservatives lose so often, most of them have no idea how to behave like a winner. They are mostly wonks like Paul Ryan or nerdy types like Ben Shapiro. We need more alpha males and females like PDJT and Melania.


  28. MfM says:

    I don’t know if others noticed but the interviews were in two different rooms. The one with Leslie Stahl was in the big pretty open and public Diplomatic Reception Room. An interesting space, but not great.

    This interview is in the Roosevelt Room, steps away from the Oval Office and much more interesting. No one is going to be walking through and comes across as more private.


  29. SouthernTrumpette says:

    For the past 10 days or so, Trump has been talking more and more about the Fed…and not in a good way.
    My prediction for 2019 – Trump puts the Fed on the chopping block.
    That is going to be so much fun !


  30. Cooper45 says:

    I’m quite impressed how a few posters here have kept detailed records of how a TV personality like Trish commented on every issue related to Trump every day for years.

    Trump is certainly worth fighting for and defending especially for all the positive things he’s doing for his country and all the vicious crap he receives in return, so those that defend him against anyone that has ever spoken in a negative way about him is an example of admirable loyalty.

    But I think it can go too far as well. I am one of the many that has changed my political views considerably from the days I was young, impressionable and foolish until now. While, I have not changed my supportive mindset about Trump since his historic Down Escalator Speech, I have held misguided and misinformed political views at times in the past.

    But my desire to choose right over wrong and good over evil etc has not changed. Only my perceptions of what is actually right and wrong or good and evil have sometimes changed.

    I see Trish as a young, competent and kind woman whose perceptions still change over time but is a good and decent woman and not a pernicious enemy of POTUS.

    Finally, we often never know what travails others have had to endure in their lives or what negatives they have experienced and why they might be more sensitive to certain comments than others.


  31. Good interview; Lesley Stahl could take some lessons from this.

    Liked by 1 person

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