Representative Jim Jordan Discusses UniParty Strategy to Run Out The Clock…

Representative Jim Jordan appears with Sara Carter and Greg Jarrett to discuss the refusal of Fusion-GPS media hub and professional propagandist Glenn Simpson to appear before congress.  [Discussing This Story]


Jim Jordan also points out the risk in President Trump’s current strategy. Timing the most damning evidence against the soft-coup usurpers to come out after the election; in combination with the DOJ/FBI influenced IG report on FISA abuse; can also mean that if Democrats win the house the corruption scandal simply melts back into the swamp…

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334 Responses to Representative Jim Jordan Discusses UniParty Strategy to Run Out The Clock…

  1. Curt says:

    This poem was read into the Congressional record in November of 1949 by represenative Clarence J. Brown, a “Pie for Everybody “speech. He described its author as a prominent Democrat.


    Father, must I go to work?
    No, my lucky son.
    We’re now living of easy street,
    On the dole from Washington.

    We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam,
    So don’t get exercised.
    No one has to give a darn–
    We’ve all been subsidized!

    But if Sam treats us so well
    And feeds us milk and honey,
    Please, daddy, tell me what the heck
    He’s going to use for money.

    Don’t worry, son, there’s not a hitch
    In this here noble plan–
    He simply soaks the filthy rich
    And helps the common man.

    But, father, won’t there came a time
    When they run out of cash,
    And we have left them not a dime
    When things will go and crash?

    My faith in you is shrinking, son,
    You nosy little brat!
    You do too damn much thinking son,
    To be a Democrat!

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  2. JX says:

    Subpoena Rosenstein. If he fails to comply then find him in contempt and send the Sgt at Arms to arrest & imprison him.


    • mztore says:

      This is something I can’t understand……all these people “refusing” to comply, yet nobody is ever arrested and-or sent to jail like you or I would be should we “refuse” to comply with any kind of demand to appear and testify. When will this stupid congress stand up and take charge…….never I guess.

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  3. Bone Fish says:

    Has worked out well for all treason actors so far.

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  4. Mark Ryyan says:

    One thing I find curious is that President Trump sent no tweet (that I can find) about Rosenstein ditching the House Committee hearing Thursday. If this was a new revelation to Trump, it would likely that he would have sent at least one tweet disparaging Rosenstein. I am of a notion that Trump knew this would happen and agreed to the reasoning for the the no-show; or maybe Trump commanded Rosenstein to not appear.Something is up.

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    • Concerned says:

      If I recall correctly, President Trump send out a message expressing his surprise at Rosenstein not making the meeting.

      Note: I am not a supporter of Rosenstein.

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      • MelH says:

        I never saw a mention of POTUS expressing anything about Rosenstein beyond liking him and “getting along” with him, which highlights the cognitive dissonance we experience while working so hard to be Trump Supporters! If RR isn’t a Black Hat, no matter what POTUS is saying now, I will slink away and be forever apologetic for not ALWAYS thinking Potus is The Most Brilliant Man Ever to run our country.

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        • Judith says:

          POTUS knows they have nothing and he can deflassify to prove it. For now, he doesn’t need to. And maybe he never will. This damning info is more valuable to him now as leverage to dangle over the swamp. They are going insane.

          In the meantime, they are desperate for a misstep to accuse him of obstruction. That would be their leverage. It is the last gasp of Russia. This is why he always plays nice with Rosey and Mueller. It doesn’t cost him a thing and it spares him a world of grief while the investigation remains open.

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  5. Kid Jupiter says:

    Trump has already screwed this up. Should’ve followed through on the declassification. Ridiculous.


    • butch cassidy says:

      Oh ye of little faith (and I don’t mean kayne, at least he has faith). Since you have no idea what is in those classified materials, as far as who, what and how it will affect, relax and let Trump do his thing. He has not disappointed so far. This game being played out is above our pay grade. Yes we can speculate but we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Your post is ridiculous.


  6. Lactantius says:

    “Time and tide wait for no man.” – Geoffrey Chaucer.

    That includes President Donald J. Trump. For all the bitching about individual players in the Republican Congress, even President Donald J. Trump has to use the team he has, not the fantasy team he can imagine.

    It is now October 14. The Republican members of the House of Representatives have to get reelected and some of them have enormous distances in their districts to cover. The time has come for reelection and trying to hold the House. President Donald J. Trump has been out campaigning like no other president in memory. Just having those daily mega-rallies has a huge psychological effect on the enemy. President Donald J. Trump has thousands on the outside who can’t get in and the DemonizingRats have rallies at IHOP with table space to spare.

    Who knows what October Surprise the DemonizingRats will attempt? We do know the leverage President Donald J. Trump holds in his vest pocket: Dump the unclassified documents and watch the cockroaches dive for the back of the refrigerator.

    This is President Donald J. Trump’s first mid-term election rodeo. He got the job as POTUS by other than conventional means. To hold him hostage to the conventional politics is ridiculous. There are no conventional politics — on conventional wisdom —- which is 50% right and 50% wrong and about as useful as getting your news from CNN.

    All this three dimensional to 64 dimensional chess chatter keeps the “smart” people chasing their conspiracy tails. Can you imagine how far Trump would have gotten in building his career if he spent all of his waking hours conspiring to make the next five minutes pay off? President Donald J. Trump has terrific (not infallible) instincts. They serve him well, because he knows those he faces are too beholden to conventional ways and means. He knows that when conventional ways and means will suffice, he gives them room to proceed.

    President Donald J. Trump understands that “time and tide wait for no man.” Certainly, he did not fully understand how low the DemonizingRats would go on Justice Kavanaugh. He does now. Does that mean he will “play it safer” or that he will come back meaner and stronger? His instincts will decide. He will will weigh the circumstances and the consequences and proceed accordingly.

    I trust President Donald J. Trump. Even if he fumbles.

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  7. 6x47 says:

    Greg Jarrett’s description of what a strong, competent Attorney General would have done on day one when the “Small Group” cabal pressured him to recuse from their investigation is exactly what I’ve been saying from day 1:

    He would have looked into the “Russian collusion” counterintelligence investigation and quickly realized 1) there isn’t any criminal investigation and hence nothing to recuse from, and 2) just how dirty the Black Hats really are.

    And then he would have marched straight into the Oval Office, informed the President of the sedition afoot in the DOJ, FBI, and Obama’s IC – and a Special Counsel would have been appointed to investigate the conspiracy, not to frame President Trump. Comey would have been fired, and a systematic purge of the small group would have commenced.

    And IG Horowitz would be feeding his findings to an aggressive Special Counsel for prosecution, not filtered through an ass-covering bureaucracy that minimizes and ignores its own malfeasance.

    But battered conservative Sessions, consumed by guilt and shame, merely cringed, apologized, and recused. He surrendered his command without firing a shot, allowing the Deep State to establish a beachhead inside the Trunp Administration. Vichy Sessions.

    Now: Cue the chorus of bleating sheep, “Sessions has to recuse, the conspirators were investigating the campaign and he was part of it.” That was a LIE, the whole thing was and is a HOAX, and if you believe that you’re falling for a ruse when you’ve been told repeatedly it’s a ruse.

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    • MelH says:

      6X47,That’s the first time I have heard a 24-karat credible reason to believe Sessions is NOT playing some fabulous game of chess but is, in fact, just doing the best he can in a position he didn’t anticipate would exceed his Peter Principle. What he did was GREAT, but far less than WE expected, and NEEDED, of the person holding that position.


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