U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Announces Resignation – Returning to Private Sector….

During an Oval Office press availability today, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announces she is leaving the administration at the end of the year.  Both President Trump and Ambassador Haley made the announcement together.


There are dozens of multinational corporate executive job offers -worth hundreds of millions- at her fingertips as she returns to the private sector.

Resignation letter below:


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430 Responses to U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Announces Resignation – Returning to Private Sector….

  1. Big Jake says:

    What a deal. Never did a thing worthy of note and she’ll be a mega millionairess.

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  2. Angel Martin says:

    Read that resignation letter again.

    She publicizes her “conditions” to being appointed to the job, instead of thanking the Pres for graciously raising UN Amb to Cabinet level. (translation. I am big so he he had to beg me and bargain with me)

    If she waited until after the midterms, she would be one of many resignations/departures. Instead she does it before the election and gets all the attention. Just one of many in DC over the years who elevates themselves by causing problems for whoever is President.

    NeverTrumper Kristol et al. think this is the start of her 2020 campaign.

    She is a snake.

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    • feralcatsblog says:

      Like her mentor/hero John McCain, it is always about her.

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    • feralcatsblog says:

      Tup, NeverTrumper and WarMonger Herr Adolf Kristol. And Meagan McCain, daughter of Satan, has already offered to be her campaign manager. She likely got a ‘heads up’.

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    • Kaco says:

      I thought she turned in her resignation 6 months ago and it was said it was only going to be for 2 years for her to begin with. They just kept it quiet until now.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      Yes, I noticed that and agree. Her first sentence omits the President in name, only refers to “his administration.” She’s always been stingy in this respect and lacking in sincere respect and gratitude. I have always actively disliked her and hope her presidential ambitions dissolve into nothing.


  3. feralcatsblog says:

    Nikki Haley
    ‏Verified account @nikkihaley
    Tonight we say goodbye to a true hero. A man who never sought accolades. A patriot who fought everyday for American freedom and dignity. A warrior of strength, a patriot of heart, and a man of conviction. There will never be another John McCain. May he rest in peace.

    As far as I’m concerned, Nikki Haley can go be with her hero and mentor fellow war monger John McCain where he is now at.

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  4. Julia Adams says:

    On the lighter side of the day’s unfolding events:
    Meanwhile, Hurricane Donald, a Category 5+ freak of nature continues to batter the District of Columbia…all weak structures have already been toppled and historic political cabals are shrinking before the storm.

    Meteorologists predict it will continue to gather strength until it reaches an unheard-of impossible Category 6 on November 6 when all will be swept before it. Officials warn American citizens to seek shelter in the voting booth before it is too late. Duration of the storm is uncertain, but seems likely to last until January 20, 2025…if not permanently, perhaps very much like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

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  5. ck says:

    She’s done an excellent job and has my thanks.

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    smart for Haley…no upside professionally as Pompeo will be leading the charge against UN in the next two years. she becomes front runner for 2024 VP!


  7. Cheese says:

    Get ready for Senator Haley of SC and Attorney General Graham after midterm.


  8. She is a pretty face smart enough to follow Trump’s orders. I’d never trust her though but do expect to see her in 2024.

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  9. Jimmy Jack says:

    Good riddance. Globalists gonna globalist.

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  10. feralcatsblog says:

    When I look at Nikki Haley
    What I see is John McCain looking back at me

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  11. lizzyp says:

    Interesting theory I just saw on the ‘net: Graham gets a cabinet appointment and Haley is appointed to finish his term in the Senate.


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  12. Dennis Leonard says:

    This was her biggest mistake as written by,

    Instead of focusing on the act, the media decided that event was about the Confederate Flag. I wrote at the time,

    The Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is an enigma, to say the least. First she allows Democrats to pass the racism torch to Republicans, as she symbolically removes the flag that a Democrat governor hung.

    I said that what Haley should have done is gather all the media so all Americans could see, then say,

    Since America sees the Confederate flag as a symbol of oppression and want it removed, I have gathered South Carolinians together to do so. We will remove this symbol today. And I’d like those who put hung this oppressive symbol over the Capital to be the ones who take it down…the Democrats.

    Not only did Haley miss a moment to educate Americans about the history of Democrats, but she would have made the bigger point of who the real racists are.

    Instead, as I wrote at the time, she transferred that “oppression” to the Republicans. We are now looked at as the people who put the flag up, and then were made to remove our vile history.

    For the record, I see the Confederate flag as a symbol of Southern pride. It offends me in no way. But I digress.

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    • betseyross says:

      Most who say they are offended by the Confederate flag have no clue as to what they are saying. How can a flag offend someone unless they make up a bunch of cr@p to make it sound good?

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      • Akindole says:

        They don’t have 3rd and 2nd great grandfathers that fought for the south.

        The same family lines of mine that fought in the Revolutionary war.
        The same family lines of mine that fought in the war of 1812.
        The same family lines of mine that settled Comanche Territory Texas with land grants from their military service.

        These scumbags are newcomers or descendants of federalists from the north.
        Or, just plain ‘ol Bolsheviks.


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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          AMEN. I was raised on abolitionist soil, but I was still raised with RESPECT for Southern history and honor. Robert E. Lee was taught to us as a hero of American history. And like you say, Revolutionary ancestors that fought on the same side.

          The anti-American history agenda is a FOREIGN agenda – an ALIEN agenda. Get it OUT until it learns respect or DIES.

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        • fred2w says:

          The Confederates lost the moral high ground on states’ rights by not separating themselves from the pro-slavery Democrats in their midst.


        • Zee says:

          Mine settled Virginia in the mid 1600’s moved through Tennessee in the early 1800s on way to settling in Texas near what is Cleburne today. Have fought in every major American war since the French and Indian war.

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    • amwick says:

      This ticked me off.. I have never really forgiven her… btw.

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      • scott467 says:

        “This ticked me off.. I have never really forgiven her… btw.”


        She never apologized, so there’s nothing to forgive.

        She is proud of her lifelong immersion in political correctness and wears it like a virtue-signalling badge of honor.


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    • SouthernTrumpette says:

      Thanks to Nikki Haley, my city no longer has its beautiful Confederate monuments. She was quick to jump on the politically- correct-bandwagon and make a national name for herself by equating the Confederate flag with the Charlston killings.

      Nikki Haley is an opportunist.
      She did a good job for Trump at the UN and for that I am grateful, but I am glad she is moving on down the road. I hope she makes a million bucks in the private sector and stays out of politics in the future.

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    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      Yes. I see it too as a symbol of Southern pride.


    • RJones says:

      At the time I thought it was racial opportunism dressed up as moderation. Would have been better done by a democrat but was probably destined to happen anyway. This type of “compromise”, in which a group of Americans with a touch a harmless imperfection is thrown under a bus, is a signature trademark of the neverTrump “sophisticates” who deem themselves our moral betters.


  13. Piggy says:

    I would like it better if she was our last UN Ambassador. She could be our exit from the UN Ambassador.

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  14. feralcatsblog says:

    Nikki Haley is nothing so much as a mini-me John McCain insane rabid war monger who, like John McCain favored/favors jihadis over Christians in Syria.


  15. Theo West says:

    I don’t trust her.

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  16. Orson says:

    Well, what do you know. This news didn’t leak ahead of schedule. Someone has been cut out of the information loop in the WH. I wonder whom that could be.

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  17. dufrst says:

    I like Nikki Haley and if there is to be a woman president in my lifetime, I sure as heck hope its a GOP woman. She will be back. I see this more as a political move as she methodically angles for 2024. I think leaving ahead of the midterms leaves her untainted if things go awry (which they won’t) and it allows her to see the lay of the land ahead of 2020, not so that she can run (however anything can happen. Trump may not run, death, accidents, God forbid assassination, etc.), but so she can either be a Trump advocate if he continues to do well (he will) or a Trump critic with credibility because she was a former Trump administration official, if things go south (which can happen, think about how George Bush started off in his first 2 years and then how things unraveled. It led to Obama), so she can be untainted by Trump for her own political future (she’s only 46 years old).

    So, it’s a savvy and strategic move on her part and it doesn’t hurt to go out and get rich either! She has the connections and she has an open door to return to the administration as Trump says for any position she wants (if its open). She will undoubtedly be the lead candidate for Secretary of State, if and when Pompeo decides to go to the private sector to make money himself! So, actually she’s positioning herself now kind of like Hillary was doing thinking she was going to become president ahead of 2016. Nikki Haley can use her anticipated ascension to secretary of state and potentially leading vice presidential (for Pence) or even presidential contender in 2024 to make a lot of $$$$$.

    Hey, folks it’s the way of the game unfortunately, but she sure as hell knows how to play it! For that I have great respect for her.


    • Landslide says:

      Sorry, but No to Pence & No to Haley. Also, things will NOT “go south” for President Donald J. Trump. And Pompeo would make a good President. (Still a long way out until 2024) We are in WARRIOR mode now….and will be for the forseable future. We need strong warriors for the top positions. No more mister nice guy! 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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    • madeline says:

      She isn’t natural born her parents were not citizens when she was born. Just like Obama.

      Trumps parents were citizens when he was born. McCain was born in Panama not natural born.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I pray this gets settled by SCOTUS or a clear amendment. We need CLARITY on who can become President. This is a WEAKNESS that was intentionally targeted by the communists – over and over. Set it in unmistakable stone. It has to be so explicit there can be no arguments.

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        • amwick says:

          This is one of the things I told my best bud, Justice Kavanaugh… Really, eligibility needs to be 100% perfectly clear… I have my own opinion, lots of people do, and it amazes me how much variation there is on this important topic….

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      • California Joe says:

        Born on a US military base is US soil!


      • Somewhere in Dixie says:

        Actually, McCain was because his parents were on a military base assigned overseas.


        • Flashman says:

          Military Bases are not US soil, unless they are on US soil; despite what your sergeant or equivalent told you; they are set up by treaty, which may let them be treated under US jurisdiction. Only embassies are.

          That fact and that the Senate did not request Naturalization papers of Obama when he first became a Senator which is required for foreign born members , sealed the deal. It was a distraction for the Republicans during the election of no elector benefit; they needed to attack his ideas, but did not. As Haley was born here it should not of any consistence other then to trolls, parents grandparent sorry does not matter. I do not think she is interested in running anytime soon anyways. I probably would not support her as there are many I put ahead of her. I would expand on this, but for the next 30 days it is the MIDTERMS, vote R – a R vote is a vote for TRUMP.

          If Trump did really like her, he would of just wrote a letter and a tweet saying she was good; like he did many times before when people leave. I believe he really likes her and believes she did a great job so he did this video with her. There is quite a bit of work that goes into being a good UN ambassador.


      • Rf121 says:

        Here we go again. Give it a rest. As you stated Obama did not have a citizen parent so was not Natural Born. But as he served eight years as President then guess what? Case closed.


  18. We need a killer negotiator at the UN. I am sure P Trump’s roladex is full of suitable replacements. For you kiddos, this is what a roladex is :

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  19. Dutchman says:

    Firstly, since we are in a WAR, it is perhaps helpful to remember that, during WW2, the U.S. was allied with the U.S.S.R.

    So, I’m willing to accept GENUINE help, from questionable sources.

    Secondly due to the nature of US, the electorate, politicians HAVE to be cautious; one wrong word, or look, or taking of position can destroy their career.

    For a long time, the dems got away with putting repubs in a lose-lose situation, with these acusations of ‘war against women’, and accusations of rascism, sexism, etc.

    DJT is one of the few to show a different way of responding: fighting back. Even he stumbled a little, imo, when he apologised for charlotttesville.

    So, some Rinos may not be ‘bought and paid for’, they may have just been baffled by how to deal with this lose-lose scenario, set up by dems.

    Even on early and vigorous support for DJT, many initially DIDN’T take his candidacy seriously, and so it would have DEEMED prudent, back then to support a different candidate in the primaries.

    At this point, I agree I don’t trust any of them, but I’ll accept GENUINE support, wherever it manifests.

    Also, would point out one of the first politicians to come out boldly supporting DJT was Sessions, so perhaps early vocal support shouldn’t be a sticking point?

    Anyway, other than one kerfluffle which she quickly pasted over, Nikki has been a GREAT supporter of POTUS, MAGA and a fantastic U.N. Ambassador.

    And yeah, I think anyone ‘offended’ by a flag, needs to get a life!

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  20. Right to reply says:

    I thought Trump said they couldn’t work in the private sector directly after leaving their positions?


  21. tunis says:

    Good to see an uber-neocon leave. Hope Trump doesn’t nominate another neocon warmonger.

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  22. Firefly says:

    Nikki Haley’s resignation comes one day after an ethics watchdog requested an investigation into her acceptance of free flights on private jets

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  23. railer says:

    Trump left it open for her to come back to his administration, so he obviously thinks she’s got enough talent to help him somewhere. He’s not careless in such things. He puts people in jobs for good reason.

    I can’t see her as SoS, as she doesn’t have the chops, plus she’s a neocon neolib with no hard Pompeo-esque savvy and edge to go with it. She may come back as Sec of HHS after the heavy lifting on ObamaCare dismantlement is done, or at HUD when Carson decides to pack it in and has finished what he set out to do there. I don’t think she’s as talented as those who she’d be replacing, and she’s a peacock and won’t like the low profile of those jobs, so there just may not be a fit for her with Trump, no matter his courtesies on her departure. She was suited to get in front of the cameras and regurgitate administration policy, but as for serious work, I doubt she’s fit.

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    • RJones says:

      I agree. She’s a relatively adept politician, but has no vision for the country other than one in which she is in charge. Re her her performance at the UN, she was was no Jean Kirkpatrick. Lacked a bit of weight in my view. Not saying Trump was better at the start, but he has grown immensely in a very short time and his chops are now clearly demonstrated. She’s no PDJT.


  24. Doug Amos says:

    This is an excellent opportunity to set the UN up for dispatch to another country which welcomes criminal organizations. Leave the post open until we hear want we want to hear or leave the UN in limbo. Let the tin pot despots laugh at someone else on somebody else’s dime.

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  25. mikeyboo says:

    She did a superb job as Pres Trump/America’s Ambassador to the UN. I will miss her.

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  26. Jimmy Jack says:

    Nikki Haley will eventually be exposed for surveillance acthvities on Trump during the campaign and while I. Her UN position and for her role in Uranium One using SC ports, especially Charleston. I’d bet $ they’re using Savannah River Site for uranium ratlines. It’s coming so get ready for it.

    Nikki Haley’s vocal stance on Israel has brainwashed conservatives on her. She’s GOPe and dirty. She uses the pro Israel stance as a smokescreen and conservative evangelical Christians in particular fall for it bc it aligns w their belief system about Israel.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Makes me wonder if VSGPOTUS tipped her for a soft landing, as a sign of appreciation for a job well done, and forgiveness – no hard feelings.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        I honestly don’t think that’s the case… She served an agreed-upon time under this Administration and it’s time to move on. I wish the people that are posting negative things would actually post facts or links to support their statements otherwise it’s just a hit job by conservatives I don’t like it when either conservatives or liberals post comments when there are no facts to support it, it irritates the crap out of me

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I hear you. I have such a bird’s nest of theories, and watch the news coming in so fast, I just file the potentially true no data stuff along with the data stuff and sort it out later.

          This stuff all comes out of George Webb’s research. A lot of people regard that as “edgy at best”, but the fact is, his work typically precedes stuff that hits the hard news in a matter of weeks to months. All the McCabe Hillary stuff came out of his work.

          If this is coming from Webb (where JJ gets most of her stuff), then there is at least some truth to her name coming up later. So while this is debatable now, I’m not ready to dismiss. What I posted is pure speculation, of course, and probably only a minor aspect even if true. I think Haley’s plans were clear. But if Webb found a problem, I’m assuming there is a problem.

          The left has really been targeting Haley. I have to ask why. I think she is hurting the Democrats’ foreign allies, and their agenda, in a big way.

          I like that, and I will miss her. Whoever follows her is going to be in the same hot seat. EXPECT FAKE SCANDALS, and molehills magnified into mountains.

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          • Uncompliant says:

            I didn’t see/couldn’t find anything on Haley and the uranium ratline through Charlston harbor from GWebb. Admittedly, it was a quick search. Any idea on a date for whatever he might have said?

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            • Uncompliant says:

              oops, sorry … should have read before posting.

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            • wolfmoon1776 says:

              VERY interesting. I checked myself. The searching has been monkeyed with this topic BIG TIME. That tells me a lot right there.

              I’m just taking JJ’s word on this, because she follows Webb extremely closely. I know a lot of the U1 scandal ends up in S.C.

              There is definitely some “there” there in terms of South Carolina and Uranium One, which means they can tar Haley whether it’s justified or not. My feeling on Uranium One is that it ran so long and so big and so dirty, that EVERYBODY can be tarnished, and NOBODY is safe. Don’t think it’s worth worrying about – if there will be justice, it’s coming. If not, there NEVER will, and it falls into the “everybody wants it gone” category.

              If it’s bad for Haley, it’s far worse for everybody else. EVERYBODY.


          • Sayit2016 says:

            I think you are a hundred percent correct on this.

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    • graphiclucidity says:

      If you’d stop watching George Webb videos about “ratlines” you might be a little less paranoid.

      The conspiracy theorist whose videos on YouTube led to an hours-long shutdown at the Port of Charleston on Wednesday says he didn’t mean to cause a stir.

      In a video posted Friday afternoon, George Webb Sweigert said he wasn’t the first person to alert authorities in South Carolina about the threat of a radioactive “dirty bomb” aboard a container ship moored in Mount Pleasant. Instead, he said, word came from people who saw videos posted Wednesday in which he said he’d heard explosives were on the Maersk Memphis.

      Those calls, received about 8 p.m. Wednesday, led to the closure of the port’s Wando Welch terminal into the early hours of Thursday morning. Authorities evacuated the area, closed a portion of the Cooper River and swept the ship for evidence of uranium.

      Authorities didn’t find any evidence of a bomb after searching four shipping containers said to be at risk, and they reopened the port around 3:30 a.m….

      – June 16, 2017

      – June 15, 2017

      Nikki Haley is not a Donkey in Elephant’s Clothing, Deep State Spy, International Illegal Uranium Dealer, Traitor, Satan-Worshiping, Jew Hater, who has all Evangelicals fooled.

      George Webb is a nutcase.


      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Nikki Haley is not a Donkey in Elephant’s Clothing, Deep State Spy, International Illegal Uranium Dealer, Traitor, Satan-Worshiping, Jew Hater, who has all Evangelicals fooled.

        Yikes! Where did Webb say that stuff? Outrageous!


    • Sharon says:

      So if Nikki is so dirty why did our President invite her to come back some day? You guys are so hateful!


    • singingsoul says:

      Jimmy Jack says:
      “Nikki Haley will eventually be exposed for surveillance acthvities on Trump during the campaign and while I. Her UN position and for her role in Uranium One using SC ports, especially Charleston. I’d bet $ they’re using Savannah River Site for uranium ratlines. It’s coming so get ready for it.

      Nikki Haley’s vocal stance on Israel has brainwashed conservatives on her. She’s GOPe and dirty. She uses the pro Israel stance as a smokescreen and conservative evangelical Christians in particular fall for it bc it aligns w their belief system about Israel.”
      Your post sounds like a beginning of a novel.

      Nikki has great ethics and was exactly the person POTUS needed in the UN where she did an excellent job.
      I am astounded how many people try to tear down an intelligent strong woman..
      She would make a great first woman president 2024

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  27. Tiffthis says:

    On OANN they mentioned something about an ethics violation by Hailey and that’s why she resigned. But nothing confirmed, it’s an ongoing investigation

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  28. Sayit2016 says:

    So here is evidence that Nikki Haley was not trying to undermine Trump or make a run in 2020 that was sheer speculation by some and now proven to be completely unfounded.

    I think Nikki did a great job at this position and I hope whoever President Trump nominates is equally as forceful and forthright and has no clue how to pull punches.

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  29. Firefly says:

    PTrump decides to keep Rosenstein and now want Dina Powell to replace Nikki.

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  30. tommyd22 says:

    For the most part Nikki pushed the Trump agenda very well.. She didn’t take s#!t off nobody either..
    President Trump was totally sincere in his praise for the loyalty and the job Amb. Haley has turned in during her time…
    Amb. Haley deserves the accolades..

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  31. Dora says:

    Please Mr. President, don’t even think about it!


  32. jello333 says:

    I know that overall she’s done a good job at the UN. But I just never felt comfortable with her, I was always worried that at any moment she could turn on Trump. Not sure why… I suppose it has something to do with how she handled the whole Confederate flag/monuments thing. Just hard for me to completely trust her after that.


  33. Mike diamond says:

    We love President Trump,and Nikki Haley will be missed,we love her and the great job she does at the United nations,she’s one of the best!!!!


  34. jello333 says:

    I nominate… Kanye! 🙂

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  35. FanGirl says:

    Dennis Rodman … where IS Dennis?


  36. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    I’d like to see Richard Grinnell take her place.

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  37. Rex70 says:

    Ivanka. If not her, then definitely someone Jewish and in strong support of the Trump agenda.


  38. Sarah Marios says:

    Hi everyone. For all those who said that she was like John McCain – she isn’t like John McCain. John McCain would never have spoken truth to Muslims, would never have defended Israel (he wanted Israel to give up all kinds of land), John McCain was in the pocket of Soros, and did tremendous harm to our President. John McCain was an evil man.

    She might have had some good words to say about him, because he was military, and I disagree with her on that. Someone might be military, but if that former soldier aligns himself with an enemy of the U.S. (Soros), he is anti-American, no matter what he may have been before. However, everyone reacts differently to the deceased, and many people say that one shouldn’t speak ugly things about the dead. I’m of the belief that it’s better not to say anything at all, than say something good (or bad) about someone bad who died.

    Nikki Haley might not have been a Trumper, but she was a tough woman who reformed the UN and made it clear that our country will never bow to the pack of rabid Muslims running the UN. She also said she would help Trump campaign in 2020. I’m fine with that because she did a good job.

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  39. swissik says:

    I think she did a good job and I am sorry to see her leave.


  40. Jesse T Mims says:

    From: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jesse-t-mims/attention-south-carolinians-re-nikki-haley/1849044778477064/

    Duty calls! Via your former governor’s announcement that she intends to vacate her position as US Ambassador to the United Nations, she has made clear her plans to run for president no later than 2024; EVEN THOUGH, she is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution.

    Foiling Haley’s plan to become the next usurper of the presidency will require the attention and efforts of ALL right-minded US citizens.

    However, the citizens of South Carolina are in the unique position of having experienced first hand the political and traditional related injuries that can result in Nikki Haley being in a position of power over a constituency whose history and modern inclinations she does not have the background to comprehend.

    For that reason, I hereby issue a request that South Carolina citizens immediately begin to educate the rest of America about the danger a President Nikki Haley poses to the entire nation.

    Please share your personal anecdotes from her tenure as your governor any time you see her name mentioned; especially, as a potential Republican presidential candidate. You may start by posting in comments your experiences and feelings about Haley’s governorship; as well as, what you think she or any other non-natural born citizen might mean for America as usurper to the presidency.

    TO ALL AMERICAMS: Please also spread the word that Haley is not Constitutionally eligible to become president; and, remember to include whatever input is offered by the good citizens of South Carolina.

    Permission is hereby granted to share this post wherever you wish; and, I THANK EVERYONE FOR YOUR EFFORTS!

    Related links: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/10/09/final-thoughts-on-nikki-haley/


  41. Scott Brooks says:

    There were a couple of other discordant notes that Haley hit over the past two years which gave me reason to distrust her. I don’t remember exactly what they were, but they had to do with refusing to stand firm with the President when he was being attacked. Buhbye.


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