President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing White House for Iowa….

“We go right back to business” – While departing the White House for a MAGA rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, President Trump again stops by the media pool for an impromptu press conference to answer the media’s questions.


The media have so much transparent access the don’t know what to do with themselves.

South Lawn – 3:38 P.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: So we’re heading out to Iowa, where we have a big statement to make, as you know, on ethanol and for our farmers. Likewise, we’re taking care of our refineries and our refiners, and they’ve done a fantastic job. But we want to get more fuel into the system, and this is a great thing.

But they’re great for our farmers, and it was a promise that I made during the campaign. And, as you know, I keep my promises. So that’s the way it is.

So we’re heading out to Iowa. I assume some of you are coming.

Yes, please.

Q Mr. President, in terms of who may succeed Nikki Haley at the United Nations, the name “Dina Powell” is out there. That would be a trade — one strong woman from another. What are the chances of that happening?

THE PRESIDENT: It’s certainly a person I would consider. And she is under consideration. We have, actually, many names. And, you know, Nikki has been great. Nikki is going to be working along with us and helping us with the choice. Plus, she’s going to help us with 2020. And Nikki is a great friend of mine. We’ve become real friends over the last period of time. But she’s done a fantastic job. And so she’ll be involved. And Dina, certainly. And there are others. I’ve heard a lot of names.

Q What about Ivanka?

THE PRESIDENT: I’ve heard Ivanka. I’ve heard — how good would Ivanka be?

Q Would you consider her?

THE PRESIDENT: The people that know — it’s nothing to do with nepotism. But I want tell you: The people that know, know that Ivanka would be dynamite. But, you know, I’d then be accused of nepotism, if you can believe it. Right?


Q Is it a serious consideration though? Would she be a good fit for that job?

THE PRESIDENT: I think Ivanka would be incredible. That doesn’t mean I’d — you know, I’d pick her, because you’d be accused of nepotism, even though I’m not sure there’s anybody more competent in the world. But that’s okay.

But we are looking at numerous people. And it is interesting, the name you just mentioned.

Q What’s the real reason for Ambassador Haley’s resignation? There’s a lot of speculation about the timing, on a day when you should be celebrating the Kavanaugh nomination.

THE PRESIDENT: We do a lot. You know, this administration does a lot. So, you’re right, another administration would — after like the Kavanaugh victory — it’s really a victory for the people; it’s not for me. It’s a victory — they’ll have a great Justice for hopefully many years. But a lot of people would celebrate; we go back to business the next day.

And, you know, Nikki and I talked about this a year ago. And we ought to — she really wanted to be here for about two years. We finished our big week last week at the U.N. We had a tremendous success. It was great. And we finished 30 days out.

But, you know, Nikki is going to be involved with us for a long time. And she’s going to help me also make that final pick. We’re going to make a final pick. I want to get somebody really good.

I think she’s also brought a new level of prestige to that position. That position is — in terms of people wanting it — easier now, in a way, than it was before. Nikki has brought, obviously, great competence, but she’s brought great prestige to that position.

Q How do you keep your base energized now that you have this Kavanaugh victory?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that’s a very good question. “How do you keep your base energized now that you have the big Kavanaugh victory?” I would say that just by winning. Got to keep winning. We’re doing a lot of winning.

We’re very happy with the USMCA, which is the — I don’t want to use the word “NAFTA” because it’s a terrible word, because it was a horrible deal for this country. But our deal with Mexico and Canada was fantastic. China wants to make a deal so badly. We’ll see where it goes. But I don’t think they’re ready yet, personally.

Q Do you think the Democrats, on the other hand, will be energized because they saw the defeat of someone that they wanted (inaudible)?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, probably. I mean, there could be. But, you know, a lot of those were paid protestors. You saw that. They were all unhappy because they haven’t been paid yet. I’ve been calling it. They were paid protestors. That was professional. That was orchestrated, when you look in the halls of Congress, and you see screaming like that. And it’s like chimes — one goes; the next goes. These are paid protestors.

I don’t know that their energy is great. I can tell you, the energy on the Republican side, I don’t think it’s ever been greater — maybe 2016, where, as you remember, the energy was very good.

My man.

Q Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Say hello to your father.

Q I will. You’ve already got two Supreme Court Justices through in your first term. How many more do you think you might get this term?

THE PRESIDENT: A lot of theories on that. It could be three. Under one theory, it could be four. And then some people could say two could happen.

So, you know, it could anywhere be from, I would say, one or two, to four additional. So well see.

You know what? I hope everyone remains healthy. I’m very happy the way it is right now. And we put a great man, and I think going to be a great Justice on the court. But, you know, its a guessing game. You don’t know.

What is an honor is that there have been Presidents — many Presidents that never had a choice. And here I am, not even two years, and we have two. And theyre confirmed and (inaudible).

Q You’re meeting with Kanye West on — you’re meeting with Kanye West on Thursday, Mr. President. When will you talk —

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I believe Kanye West is coming to the White House. Hes been a terrific guy. You know, he loves what were doing for African American jobs, for so many different things. Median income, as you see, at an all-time high. Poverty level at the best rate — meaning the lowest rate so far.

And Kanye is a smart guy. And he sees that. And also coming with him — he said, Do you mind if I bring Jim Brown? Big Jim Brown. Boy, would he be making a lot of money today, right? He was un — I call him Unstoppable Jim Brown. And hes been a friend of mine. Hes been really with us. Because he gets it. He really gets it. He sees that African American — and, by the way, Hispanic and Asian — have never done better in this country. And he likes it.

Q Were you concerned about the way that China treated Secretary Pompeo when he was there on this most recent visit?

THE PRESIDENT: No. They’re just trying to get me a message. But those messages don’t work. They don’t work. But no, I think they treated him with great respect, actually. You know, they had meetings besides just the news conference. And I think they treated him with great respect.

He had a great meeting with North Korea. And China, its — it wasn’t so much — I guess he was giving them a message, and they were giving him a message to come back to me.

Q Do you have any updates about the Saudi journalist? Have you heard anything recently?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know anything. No, I don’t have

any updates. No. Its a sad situation.

Q Have you read the U.N. report this week warning about climate change, requiring drastic action —

THE PRESIDENT: It was given to me. It was given to me. And I want to look at who drew it. You know, which group drew it. Because I can give you reports that are fabulous, and I can give you reports that aren’t so good. But I will be looking at it. Absolutely.

Q What do you think about Hope Hicks new job at Fox?

THE PRESIDENT: I think its fantastic. Hope?

Q Yeah.

THE PRESIDENT: Shes the greatest. I love it. I think Hope is — I’m so proud of her. And I’m very happy. I’m very happy for you, right? Was that announced officially now?

Q Yes.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m very happy for Fox because they have a winner. Hope is a winner. And she has been from the beginning.

You know, she was like literally right from first day. That was a small group. And — no, I’m very proud of Hope. And Fox has themselves somebody who’s really great.

Q On ethanol — the petroleum industry opposes this idea of moving to 15 percent ethanol year-round. They say its going to hurt their industry. What do you say to them?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I want more industry. I want more energy. I want more, because I don’t like $74. Its up to $74. And if I have to do more, whether its through ethanol or through another means, that’s what I want. I want low prices. So I’m okay with it.

You know, it’s an amazing substance. You look at the Indy cars — they run 100 percent on ethanol. And you look at other certain forms of very modern energy, it’s ethanol-based, and that meant a lot to me. But what it really means is we’re helping our farmers and we’re also going to be helping our refiners, and you know that too — because they’re both very important. But the farmers have been so terrific, and they produce great product. So I think it’s going to be great.

And it has no impact — 12 months. That was a misnomer. There is no negative impact. In fact, there are those that say, you do this and the air is cleaner. I agree with that. But they say, you go 12 months instead of 8 — you go 12 months, and the air is actually cleaner.

Q Just yesterday, CREW filed an ethics complaint against Nikki Haley, saying that she misused —


Q CREW — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics. They fired an ethics complaint, saying that Nikki Haley misused private planes. Did that factor in at all into the timing of the announcement?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I know nothing about it. I know nothing about it. I know Nikki. This is one of the most honest human beings you’ll ever see. So I just — I haven’t heard about it.

Q Would you like to see Nikki Haley be the next U.S. Senator from South Carolina, sir?


Q Would you like to see Nikki Haley be the next U.S. Senator from South Carolina?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that all depends on who shes going to be running against. I mean, I could tell you, you have some few really good ones right there, right now. So I don’t see her doing that, no.

Q Does Lindsey Graham have a place in your administration after the midterms?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Lindsey is a terrific guy. I think he wants to stay right where he is. Certainly, I would. But I think hes really happy. Ill tell you what: Lindsey really stepped up over the last two or three weeks. I thought it was fantastic. So, Lindsey is a popular guy, and Tim is a popular guy. I think those are two people — and Nikki doesn’t have that in mind at all.

Q Is Senator Graham popular enough to be your next Attorney General, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: He is somebody that never asked me that question. I think he’s very happy where he is. Hes having a good time. And he really stepped it up. Hes doing great.

Q Mr. President, do you believe Nikki Haley when she says she doesnt want to run for President in 2020?

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, yeah, a hundred percent.

Q You guys used to clash with one another.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s right. But we’ve — I didn’t know her. I mean, she supported somebody over me in the primary. It turned out very well for me. She respected it. And after that, we got along, as you would say, very well. She helped me in the election — you know, once I won the primaries. And weve really been friends and we’ve been compatriots. We’ve been — we’ve done a great job together.

You know, the United Nations is at, I think, really a new level of respect. And we work together. We had a tremendous week last week.

So, no, Nikki wants to work with us and also to keep it going. She wants to work — I guess she said today, a few times, she wants to work on the 2020 Election with us.

Q Mr. President, what about your comments yesterday that some of these forces against Brett Kavanaugh were, quote, evil?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I think they were. I think they were. Yeah.

Q Who do you (inaudible) — when you say evil you mean evil?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I’m not going to say who I mean. I’m just telling you, you had forces saying things that were evil. They were bad people. And he is a very, very fine man. And what was said about him should never have been said.

Q (Inaudible) fellow Americans?

THE PRESIDENT: I know many. I know fellow Americans that are evil. I know — are you saying we shouldn’t say that a fellow American is evil? Ive known some fellow Americans that are pretty evil.

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDEN: Well, I like to see low interest rates. The Fed is doing what they think is necessary, but I don’t like what they’re doing. Because we have inflation really checked, and we have a lot of good things happening.

So, I will say this: Were normalizing money, and that’s good, but I think we don’t have to go as fast. I want to be able to pay off debt. Also, and very importantly, I think that the numbers that were producing are record setting. I don’t want to slow it down even a little bit, especially when you don’t have the problem of inflation. And you don’t see that inflation going back. Now, at some point it will, and you go up. I just don’t think its necessary to go as fast.

Q Have you talked to Jay Powell about that? Have you told him what you think?

THE PRESIDENT: I have not spoken to him about that.

Q Have you met with him this year?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I like to stay uninvolved with them. I have not spoken.

How are you?

Q Mr. President, again — hi, good, how are you? Have you considered Jared Kushner, your son-in-law, for U.N. Ambassador?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, he’s very talented, but no, I haven’t.

Q Okay. And the second question —

THE PRESIDENT: Only because I know you people. What would you do if I said that, right? What would they do?

Q But Ivanka is in the running?

THE PRESIDENT: Jared or — how do you feel about Ivanka?

Q Great.

THE PRESIDENT: I think CNN would support her.

Q What about the difference between Kushner and Ivanka?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, look, they’re two very competent people.

Q And on Rosenstein, he (inaudible) Congress. Is he a —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I guess hes going before Congress. We had a very good talk yesterday. And hes going before Congress. Well see how it all works out.

In the meantime, as you know, Senator Richard Burr came out just recently and said there was no collusion. He saw no collusion. This is after what? A year and a half. And Devin Nunes, as you know, a very — smart people. He came out. There’s no collusion. There is no collusion. So that’s all I care about.

Q Mr. President, with the nomination of Kavanaugh now behind us, how do you recommend we address the divide in the American political climate?

THE PRESIDENT: Well start getting together. Well start getting together.

Thank you, everybody. Thank you.

END 3:53 P.M. EDT

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86 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser Departing White House for Iowa….

  1. redline says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but President Trump sure seems to do a LOT more of this than the last guy.

    Remember? The “most transparent, open, and accessible administration America will ever see”, or something like that?

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  2. Haveaspine says:

    Do not appoint Dina Powell to replace Haley.

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    • tdaly14 says:

      She will have to promote the Trump agenda like everyone else that works for him. Stop posting irrelevant stuff. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t understand your “irrelevant stuff” comment. I wanna know why not to select Dina, as she was mentioned is the article above.

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      • Tired Mom says:

        It is not at all irrelevant to be concerned about Dina Habib Powell. In addition to ties to the Clintons and Obama, she previously had a role on the White House staff and was revealed to be a leaker, leaking classified information to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times. No way does Trump bring her on board as ambassador to the UN. He’s toying with the deep state by even speaking her name.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Why is discussion of Ms. Powell irrelevant? Besides, you don’t get to tell other Treepers what to post and what not to post. Thank you!

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        • tdaly14 says:

          I never told anyone what to post. But she is irrelevant. She doesn’t want the job, and like anyone else that works for PResident Trump, they must promote his agenda.


    • Herbert Kroll says:

      Goldman Sachs. ‘10.000 women’ program. All alarms going off…

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      John Bolton has experience with the UN gig. And appointing him again would also set progressive heads on fire so it’s twofer.

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    • Sprawlie says:

      Hate to break it to you, but if it’s not Ivanka it will be Dina Powell. There’s not much danger in it though since UN Ambassador is largely a figurehead position. It was why I was glad neocon rising star Haley was relegated to the role.
      Why Dina? She was working with Jared on the Mid-East ‘Deal of the Century’. This deal appears to have similarities to the Peace and Economic Development deal being worked with North Korea so Powell, and her many deep pocketed connections, will be very useful to President Trump as this deal of the century starts coming together. Her job will be to attract investment into the disputed areas and whip the UN membership into going along with the deal worked out by the President.

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    • noswamp says:


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    • WSB says:

      “Q Mr. President, in terms of who may succeed Nikki Haley at the United Nations, the name “Dina Powell” is out there. That would be a trade — one strong woman from another. What are the chances of that happening?”


      Would love to know who asked that. They would be in the Deep State cabal.


  3. Sandbar Ed says:

    True, He talks to the media at almost every opportunity and his campaign events are public as opposed to “Friends only” fund raisers. Still, I would wager that between now and midterms we will see articles complaining that it’s been xxx weeks since Trump held a formal press conference.

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  4. Pam says:

    Liked by 4 people

    • JBT says:

      Makes sense – he’s our Campaigner in Chief right now.
      I hope, though, that he becomes better informed about how the ethanol decision will affect a couple of fronts:
      1. Farmers who raise livestock (including poultry) are paying a LOT for corn/feed; and
      2. Ethanol is eating up motors like crazy
      We can increase fuel production without involving ethanol. That whole situation has been artifically-induced, and it’s a case where the rules should be removed.

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  5. JonS says:

    Trump is hilarious! He is a level five Jedi master troll!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      He really is! He doesn’t care what topic the MSM wants to talk about. It must be pretty amazing to say there is nothing that is off limits with me. He is also so accessible to these MORONS.

      I actually think Ivanka would be incredible in that position but our President wouldn’t do it because the Democrats would try to impeach him for nepotism 😉.

      Lindsey Graham is the poster child for the remaining RINOs in the Senate. You can go from being totally despised to being fully embraced by the President. They played golf together on Sunday. They are building quite a friendship.

      Our President having these rallies will continue to motivate our base including Independents. He will not let the Democrats run away from what they did to Justice Kavanaugh and his family.

      The polling is mortifying for the Democrats, Left, MSM etc. Especially when CNN is the conductor of the poll with all their bias kicked in.


      The Economy is completely humming along! It is incredible to witness it day in and day out.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Can you imagine ( I know, shudder) a madam president Hillary doing a “nothing is off limits, no holds barred” press conference,… EVER?
      Never unscripted, and with a phone book sizes list of topics that were verboten.

      His openess and easy bantering comes from an unbelievable confidence, we haven’t seen this from a President, since well at least,since television.

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  6. Pam says:

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  7. tdaly14 says:

    Nothing wrong with Dina Powell, if she’s the one replacing Nikki, she works for President Trump and will push the Trump agenda. Stop freaking out!

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    • Newton Love says:

      Has she “pledged allegiance” to PDJT, or is she an Deep State Globalist who will be lip service in public while scuttling PDJT’s agenda off-record?

      I need a sworn oath or public statement before I believe her!

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    • WSB says:

      Dina Powell is a McMaster groupie. Never, never.


      • Julian says:

        McMaster was Trump’s man. Trump selected HR to follow-in-the-footsteps of Michael Flynn.

        That’s MAGA enough for me. Why else would Trump have selected him?


        • WSB says:

          I am not so sure McMaster was a President Trump pick.

          I think swamp creatures wanted Flynn out, and Flynn is not a McMaster friend at all. I still believe he was a referral from the swamp.


  8. Linus in W.PA. says:

    That was interesting how Trump talked about some ‘evil Americans’ and he didn’t back down at all on it, in fact he challenged the reporter to defend her contention.

    Like a freight train rolling!!!!!

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  9. Linus in W.PA. says:

    It felt like reporters were treating the Trumpet with more respect.

    Did anyone feel that?

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    • wyoskeptic says:

      Linus, that is a feeling I have had for a little while as well. Particularly in these impromptu sessions. It seems to me, generally, that the ones who were so dominant before (i.e. Jim the “accoster) do not seem to be quite as loudly strident. Maybe it is just a lull. But I certainly would like to see it.

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    • Newton Love says:

      > “It felt like reporters were treating the Trumpet with more respect. …”

      Is this the “Trumpet” of whom you speak?

      When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more,
      And the morning breaks, eternal, bright and fair;
      When the saved of earth shall gather over on the other shore,
      And the roll is called up yonder, [The Deplorables will] be there.

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      • Linus in W.PA. says:

        Yes, perhaps, but I liken it more to Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Are You Experienced’…..”Trumpets & Violins I can hear in the distance….I think they’re calling our name. Maybe now you can’t hear them, but you will, if you just take hold of my hand.”

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  10. Doppler says:

    “The media have so much transparent access the don’t know what to do with themselves.”
    They do have a formula. They pick one thing they can criticize the President about, fairly or not, and in which the President’s unscripted comments are neither eloquent nor “good” from the context of the anti-Trump narrative, and they present them in isolation as if the President held a press conference to say this one thing.

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  11. G3 says:

    President Trump mentioned Ivanka not Jared.


  12. Harlan says:

    This is a terrific venue for DJT to take questions. Journos are unable to posture, make speeches or preen for the cameras.

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    • prairierose123 says:

      Good point! I think we shouldn’t have cameras facing the dumb jouros, so this is much better. But these always seem to have loud background noises, which also drives me crazy. I LOVE reading the transcripts though – THANK YOU SUNDANCE for doing this service for us, the readers. I really appreciate it!

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Harlan – agreed. I think that is why the lamestream is coming off as a bit more respectful – no showboating here to be broadcast – they do seem to have calmed down a bit.

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  13. stablesort says:

    Well, it sure sounds like corn ethanol is going to get a boost. I wouldn’t mind, really, if I didn’t have to buy that crap. But I do have to buy it and I really resent supporting a scam that does not improve an atmosphere that doesn’t need much improving anyway. I don’t think stripping our soils of their minerals and nutrients to fuel our transportation is in anyway a good idea.

    Free market on ethanol: if somebody wants to make it and somebody else wants to buy it, no problem. Just don’t force me to buy a new lawn mower, to move train/truck loads of that corrosive low density energy fuel through our neighborhoods.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “But I do have to buy it and I really resent supporting a scam that does not improve an atmosphere that doesn’t need much improving anyway.”

      The list of stations that sell ethanol free gasoline in the U.S and Canada

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    • JBT says:

      Absolutely, and it’s creating a shortage of corn thus raising the price of livestock feed (checked the price of eggs lately?). Remove the rules and let the market place dictate.

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      • trialbytruth says:

        The initial regs on ethanol caused a serious dhortage of feed and food it was to big and poorly timed. the harvest is in now. Ethanol corn is a specific corn. More fields will be put in production next year. This also helps to offset any attempt China tries to bottom out grain prices. Think big picture. As far as ethanol issues in engines blame the ridiculous quality of the steel the Chinese are using in your small engine carburetor. Pull the float bowl and look at the screw, it will be flaking rust everywhere see if you can find a stainless replacement. I did replaced my snowblower carb three times in three years now its been good for three years.

        Liked by 5 people

        • cthulhu says:

          Now that I know what to look for, I could MAKE a replacement. I had been thinking it might eat the rings, but the carb screw makes a *lot* of sense. Any other places to watch?

          Liked by 2 people

          • PaulM says:

            Ethanol eats the rubber parts. Hose, o-rings, seals.
            There’s a lot of different kinds of “rubber”, neoprene, vitron, nitrile etc so you might be able to replace some parts with impervious ones. Would be a good research project.

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          • trialbytruth says:

            I have heard valve horror stories but what I have actually experienced is the rust some call it scale in the carbuerator. I know over the years you can get a leaking bowl from pinhole rust. The problem is as the alcohol ages it distills down to water A little water a little air and cheap steel is a bad combo

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Yup. Don’t put that stuff in your snowblower or ATV either. I am not a fan of this at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. stablesort says:

    As far as the UN Ambassador is concerned, turn out the lights. lock the door and hang a sign that reads: “closed until further notice” on the door.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Hank says:

    I love the way he shut them all upright at the beginning with a wave of the hand like obi-wan

    Liked by 5 people

  16. Mncpo(ret) says:

    He’s the most accessible President in my lifetime! Even Reagan wasn’t this open.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The media have so much transparent access the don’t know what to do with themselves.”

    I think that is part of the VSGPDJT strategy with dealing with them. They are so used to being brushed off and disregarded by previous administrations that they are dumbfounded when he takes a time out to deal with them, despite how unfairly they (for the most part) treat him.

    1Thessalonians 2:2 But even after that we had suffered before, and were shamefully entreated, as ye know, at Philippi, we were bold in our God to speak unto you the gospel of God with much contention.

    1Corinthians 6:7 Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?

    2Corinthians 2:10 To whom ye forgive any thing, I forgive also: for if I forgave any thing, to whom I forgave it, for your sakes forgave I it in the person of Christ;

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  18. Monticello says:

    We the people got the best deal ever with DJT!
    Burning up our soil in the Midwest is a very bad idea. Maybe. in the short term it’s a hedge against China but it needs to be ended and not subsidized.

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  19. clipe says:

    Being an old retired airline worker, I love the sound of Marine One’s auxiliary power unit roaring.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. MfM says:

    Trump looks thinner, maybe it’s because this suit doesn’t look baggy on him.

    He looks good. A strong walk and total control of the areas he wanted to talk about. When a reporter asked about Nikki and using private planes he morphed into her being a fine person.

    Liked by 2 people

    • GB Bari says:

      White House Doctor has obviously put him on a diet that contains few less Big Macs than the Prez would probably prefer. But I’ll bet he eats very well. To have all that energy, both physically and mentally, he has to.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Pyrthroes says:

      Interesting observation… we’ve noticed El Excellente’s somewhat leaner, meaner build. For a 72-year old Boomer, VSG seems in phenomenal condition… only wish Big Mike Pompeo would take off thirty pounds. Meantime: Vivat Rex!


  21. Jeff says:

    If the media don’t know what to do with themselves, I have a few suggestions.

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  22. cthulhu says:

    I’m just going to highlight one section:

    >>>Q Mr. President, what about your comments yesterday that some of these forces against Brett Kavanaugh were, quote, evil?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I think they were. I think they were. Yeah.

    Q Who do you (inaudible) — when you say evil you mean evil?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I’m not going to say who I mean. I’m just telling you, you had forces saying things that were evil. They were bad people. And he is a very, very fine man. And what was said about him should never have been said.

    Q (Inaudible) fellow Americans?

    THE PRESIDENT: I know many. I know fellow Americans that are evil. I know — are you saying we shouldn’t say that a fellow American is evil? Ive known some fellow Americans that are pretty evil.

    Q (Inaudible.)

    This is just OUTSTANDING! He’s officially painting anyone trying to gloss over the difference between good and evil as a naif and his questioner is shocked into inaudibility.

    Liked by 8 people

    • GB Bari says:

      This will be twisted into a lie by the media in the same way they twisted his truthful assertion about the protesters at Charlottesville Va.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, and he referred to it again in the rally. His talks recently have centered on crime, morality, what is right–i.e., Dems are party of crime, apologizing to Justice Kavanaugh, this conversation.

      One of the strengths of POTUS is that he speaks plainly and with common sense. He is not afraid to label bad or evil things as bad!

      I’ve noticed a couple of recent, large-scale arrests– of sex trafficking rings (in Michigan, sadly many children and teenagers) and gangs and criminals in MS (something like 150+ people arrested). Then POTUS admits that he sees horrible things as part of his duties as president.

      Keeping this in perspective as he determines how best to manage the timing and tactics of cleaning out the Swamp. We do need some sunshine justice for those that were conspirators. I am sure that both HRC and BHO are deeply implicated; how to get that out and believed is quite difficult.

      Great impromptu presser

      Liked by 5 people

    • znoxide says:

      I absolutely loved that section! We always get accused of not understanding nuance. That reporter attempted to catch Trump in a silly word game.

      I’m not sure why they are still trying that bait and switch after the MS13 animals comment. The political ad wrote itself when the democrats said with tears in their eyes that these beautiful people were “children of God”.

      I suspect there are attempts to either infiltrate or at least catalog those evil groups. Sunlight is a great disinfectant. This was simply another data point in the web of terrible organizations.


  23. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    President Trump is da bomb!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. jmuniz1 says:

    Dina Powell was fired by our President for hitting Syria more fake news. It wont be her. Shes an Obama holdover.


  25. Retired IG says:

    I know this comment is really WEIRD coming from me – but given the President’s animosity towards the MSM – these impromptu question and answer sessions – where the camera never shows the people asking the questions, or giving any attribution or visual of the people asking the questions seem pretty strange and bizarre to me. Bobbing microphones shown without any faces doing the questioning. Our President, who has been excoriated by the mainstream media (and letting us know how he feels about how he has been treated, suddenly being friendly and kind to reporters?)
    Do not forget, our President, was formerly a TV actor as well. No problem with that. So was Ronald Reagan. Can’t help but think something smells fishy about these impromptu conferences.


  26. Margarita says:

    Q Mr. President, what about your comments yesterday that some of these forces against Brett Kavanaugh were, quote, evil?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I think they were. I think they were. Yeah.

    Q Who do you (inaudible) — when you say evil you mean evil?

    THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I’m not going to say who I mean. I’m just telling you, you had forces saying things that were evil. They were bad people. And he is a very, very fine man. And what was said about him should never have been said.

    Q (Inaudible) fellow Americans?

    THE PRESIDENT: I know many. I know fellow Americans that are evil. I know — are you saying we shouldn’t say that a fellow American is evil? Ive known some fellow Americans that are pretty evil.

    Exactly, Mr. President! Exactly!

    Liked by 1 person

  27. sysconfig says:

    Incredible on the spot briefing..did not miss a beat…extraordinary mental agility as well as substance…I remember when Hillary was shuttled around a full year before she had a press conference..and even roped the press from getting near her..

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Stillwater says:

    These impromptu pressers are always great but that’s a beautiful green space backdrop for it as well. Trump really takes advantage of the optics.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Howard Richman says:

    The alcohol in the ethanol does tend to separate, but only if it sits around. It doesn’t hurt my car, because the gas does not stay in the tank long enough for it to separate and newer cars are built to handle it. I’ve found a local source for pure gasoline for my lawn and garden equipment.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Mike diamond says:

    News media should be picked by invitation only,if they are negative,and ask stupid questions then they don’t get invited back! Only a few of the press should be allowed to speak to President Trump,CNN should be banned!


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