Senator Orrin Hatch Sends Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray – Requesting Notification of Any Witness Delay…

Anticipating stall tactics, Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah) sends a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting notification of any delay in witness testimony surrounding the investigation of supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  (pdf Link)


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336 Responses to Senator Orrin Hatch Sends Letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray – Requesting Notification of Any Witness Delay…

  1. Fish and hunt says:

    Heck, Good! Just a huge reason to declassify stuff. All the President has to say is “this crap must be exposed and ended. The FBI is still compromised”

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    • sandab00 says:

      That’s one hell of a risk the president is taking, if this is indeed the plan.


      • Fish and hunt says:

        Didn’t say it’s a plan. But what’s the risk? He was declassifying 10 days ago.

        And just wait for the rally tonight. Can’t wait to hear what he says

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      • Newton Love says:

        There is no risk PDJT is THE EXECUTIVE. See Article 2 of the US Constitution.

        The press will attack. The (D)s will attack, but PDJT is on a minning streak from the 2016 Primaries to today, and with all of the WINs that he has so far, it’s just the beginning.

        The (D)s and the MSM will be like a 3 year old crying and throwing a tantrum (because they have no power) while we Deplorables defeat them in the 2018 mid-terms worse than HRC got beaten in the 2016 Presidential Election.

        1. Calm down
        2. buy more popcorn and pop it
        3. sit back and enjoy the show!


    • fleporeblog says:

      This will be wrapped up in a few days! The FBI is not even wasting their time with the porn lawyer’s crazy victim. If they were looking to delay they would have added her to the mix.

      Treepers I feel for you. Our President is nobody’s fool. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Judge Kavanaugh will be Justice Kavanaugh by the COB on Monday, October 8th.

      Trust PDJT he has never let us down!

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    • Anonymous says:

      Bureau after the Obama admin:

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  2. mark mears says:

    There is one explanation that solves every ones questions. SHE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING.

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    • jahealy says:

      Yes she did. One tell of dozens: she CONSTANTLY referred to her paperwork when answering questions. Didn’t want to flub her lines or contradict something she said earlier. Her “terror” had to do with trying to keep her flimsy flim flam afloat.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        I’m so surprised that so many think she was credible. I thought she was lying like a rug. Not believeable at all to me….disengenuous. Like fake news on CNN.

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        • jahealy says:

          Absolutely. The SECOND I heard that little girl voice coming out of that rapidly aging face, it was over. Just ridiculous – the voice, the phrasing, the body language – everything.

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          • margaretwalker says:

            You know, she wasn’t raped, but it scared her. I doubt if the boys involved, whoever they were, would’ve done anything t except for the drinking and the possibility that she was already playing around with them beforehand. Just a guess


        • thedoc00 says:

          It seemed like Republican Males on the committee, in the news (except the Fox News Pussy Hats) and in the government felt obligated to be “nice”, “gentlemanly”, “fair”, etc…They went overboard after they switched tactics on Friday but there is time to recover if they start with the caveat, “upon reviewing her testimony….” Mitchell did the republicans a big service.

          It was interesting to hear the Fox News and FBN women who are true conservatives, they ripped Ford to shreds over the lies and back tracks forced out by Mitchell. That was especially true of Liz MacDonald and Candice Owens, who I believe Fox network put in the penalty box.

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          • thedoc00 says:

            Need to add Tammy Bruce (FBN) as well. She and Liz MacDonald also did a number of the female Ford supporters from Fox news who were sent over to add “balance” to FBN.

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        • Kris says:

          The ones that find her “credible” are her allies in trying to bring this man down because 1. they don’t agree with his politics (Planned Parenthood) and 2. They hate Trump because he won!!! That’s it in a nutshell!!


          • Cynthia says:

            You are ALWAYS credible if you are a Democrat woman accusing a Republican man. ALWAYS. Regardless of the facts. Now we need to dig somebody up to accuse Flake of something. 😉


    • Brad Letts says:

      Yes, each of the three wenches (accusers) lied.

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      • lin says:

        miss Swetnick, who said she witnessed at least 10 gang rapes by Kavanaugh and the raper boys,( and I guess it was the 11 th one where she became a victim,)

        I was wondering why she didn’t run out of the house on the first gang rape and call police? also wondering why she attended 10 more gang rape parties with Kavanaugh, & hung out …and didn’t report it to the police.

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        • G. Alistar says:

          Because like Ford, she is lying!


        • Kris says:

          I think even the liberals are having a hard time swallowing that story!!! What enraged me yesterday was a photo of Booker and Harris giggling like grade schoolers while Kavanaugh was pouring out his heart!!! They are so evil and disgusting!!!

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        • Covadonga says:

          >”I was wondering why she didn’t run out of the house on the first gang rape and call police? also wondering why she attended 10 more gang rape parties with Kavanaugh, & hung out …and didn’t report it to the police.”

          Because she was the Madam. Where else would prep school high school boys find girls to abuse like that?


  3. Cathie says:

    Ford testified that the “trauma” from her alleged assault was the reason why she argued with her husband to install two front doors during their extensive remodel. Ford and her husband purchased their home in Palo Alto in June 2007. In November, 2007, they obtained a permit from the City of Palo Alto (permit #07000-00000-02866) for “735 S.F. ADDITION TO INCLUDE NEW BEDROOM & BATH. REMODEL LIVING ROOM & KITCHEN”. This permit was finished/finalized in February 2010. During the hearing she said she was either renting out a part of the home as an AirBnb and/or was renting out a part of the home to Google employees. Ford’s property is zoned R1-7000S, which does allow for either detached or attached accessory dwelling units or junior accessory dwelling units that can be rented out for periods no less than 30 days at a time. It also allows for space within an existing single family home to be treated as an accessory dwelling unit . In order to do that, the City of Palo Alto Municipal Zoning Code 18.42.040 Section 5 specifically states, ” an Accessory Dwelling Unit shall be permitted if the unit is contained within the existing space of a single-family residence or an existing accessory structure, HAS INDEPENDENT EXTERIOR ACCESS FROM THE EXISTING RESIDENCE…” etc.

    IOW, two separate exterior doors were LEGALLY REQUIRED by the City of Palo Alto in order for her to rent out a portion of her home. This blows out her testimony that she was so traumatized by her alleged assault that she was compelled to put in two doors.

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  4. Skippy says:

    RE: Leyland Kaiser “friend” to Christine Blasey Ford or puppit?

    Take a look at Heavy’s article about Leyland Kaiser INCLUDING the XRAY of dear Leyland’s neck!

    To me when Christine Blasey Ford testified and commented to the Judiciary Committee, Ford’s word suggested Ms. Kaiser DELAYED medical help when clearly the opposite is/was true!

    I am aghast that Christine Blasey Ford ever suggested her friend is finally getting treatment (as in for drug/mental health treatment). What kind of a friend is Ford? That’s some SERIOUS neck treatment (more, via Heavy

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  5. Democrats are hoping for a scam investigation by any friendly #Resistance official in Maryland that will drag on and on and on. Who knows; maybe they can get some crooked Justice of the Peace somewhere to file some phony charges an hour before the vote.

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  6. trapper says:

    FBI should just show up at her house with a blanket grant of transactional immunity in hand and question her at their convenience, her lawyers be damned.

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    • Sentient says:

      Good idea, but I doubt she’s at her house. Probably in a secret bunker somewhere, only to be contacted through her lawyers.

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    • ann says:

      Will the bureau buck Dems ?
      This is the same organisation which still will not admit major intell breaches occurred under Mueller and Comey; who evidently had no conflict clearing Mrs. Clinton to hold the highest office in our nation.
      Alledgedly certain agents were dissatisfied. Did they do anything to stop it?

      Given the absence of indictments, despite documented evidence of a pattern of felonious conduct by Crew Clinton, Washerman Schultz, indeed of McCabe, Comey, et al,, apolitical, prompt and proactive involvement is improbable.

      The structure, as is, corrals the nonpartisan public into placing our eggs in the same broken basket.

      Given the history of what has and is occurring in front of our eyes, I support activating an alternative firewalled organisation for addressing domestic security, counterintelligence and justice delivery.
      what we have isn’t working.
      Fmy (completely amateur unschooled ) POV,

      DNC Resist agit prop networks arebdestabilising our very ability to govern, but the funded shadow sisters no quarter RoE is vulnerable, in ethics & by law.

      To win, we can unite to demand prompt action & legal redress, and pointedly object to being forced to resort to the compromised ineffectual bureau.


  7. Concerned says:

    As Canada Free Press letter to the editor writer Paul Bush asks this morning. “What the hell is going on?”

    The skulduggery of the Kavanaugh hearings, right down to activists turned out in Handmaiden Tale costumes and including a defendant dictating the rules from thousands of miles away to Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley transcends Shakespeare at his most creative.

    And now this.

    We don’t even know if Ford is going to show up for the hearings, or even if she ever began her long drive from California to Washington, D.C.

    Wilkinson notes that the accuser’s lie detector test and therapist notes have not been turned over.

    Of course not. They are likely being revised!

    Does the badly beleaguered Brett Kavanaugh need a lawyer who drops bombshells on the perpetually dirt-digging CNN?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Meanwhile, is this media-fuelled soap opera ever going to end?

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  8. Concerned says:

    The FBI has already put people in jail for this (lying) or was it just a mistake?

    BREAKING: Christine Ford Caught in MAJOR LIE – Photos Prove House Updates Occurred Much Earlier Than Claims in Senate Testimony!

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  9. Summer says:

    I have zero confidence in FBI and their ability to properly interrogate Dr. Fraud or anyone else. I also expect them to alter 302s, as per usual practice. Seriously, asking them to investigate anything is a joke. I pray I’d never have to interact with this scum.
    The agency is beyond redemption and must be disbanded. Unlike ICE, we don’t need secret police, aka FBI.

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  10. Gina says:

    I agree, don’t trust the FBI at all. That said, can you tell me this: will this investigation include Ford???? Will she also be investigated or just him?? And one more thing, please say prayers for him and this process.

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    • mimbler says:

      K is the only one being investigated.
      Ford would be -evaluated- for credibility, not investigated per se.

      There is actually a distinction as to what they are looking for in each of them.


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  12. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    ” I think it’s going to be less then a week ”
    Uh-oh. I don’t like that. I thought the one week limit was set in stone.


    • Up to one week. Flake was very clear that the investigation might take less than a week. And every order has been max a week.


      • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

        President Trump just said ” I think it’s going to be less then a week.” at the presser
        Screw whatever Flake says. Does Lindsey Graham really believe Flake is a great guy who “just wants to make sure.”


  13. SharkDiver says:

    Glad to see a lot of you Treepers have climbed off the ledge you had crawled out on yesterday after Flake called for the investigation. This 1 week investigation is necessary to dispel the Dem argument that the GOP was afraid of another FBI investigation, and also necessary to clear Kavanaugh’s name in the eyes of much of the country. I am convinced the GOP and Trump had this planned for several days…Notice how cool, calm and collected the GOP and Trump have been since the investigation was announced. They just let Flake call for it since he has nothing to lose.

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  14. Tseg says:

    My major question is if this is all made up, and CBF clearly laid out a lot of inconsistencies it would seem to me it is obvious that further digging would not support CBF’s/Dem’s cause… why did Dems vehemently fight FOR a seventh FBI investigation? The Dem’s had to know further digging would uncover bad things. Were they purely motivated by Delay, despite all risks? It just seems all this digging at the request of PT really leaves the Dems exposed. Why is no one asking the obvious question as to why the Dems want this extra week at great peril to themselves?


    • anniefannie says:

      They thought the Senate would insist the case go to Maryland where they already had the investigators and prosecutors in their hip pocket. Heck, they probably already had the jurors lined up and paid off. They never thought it would happen.
      Hope they’ll be happy when the next round of investigations begin. None of them are safe.
      BTW, IF Kavanaugh is not confirmed they won’t believe how conservative the next nominee will be. Oh, and for the Ds on the JC, get your house in order. You wanted investigations. They’re coming so be sure to put on clean underwear!!


    • TomR,Worc,MA,USA says:

      As I see it, the problem is all you need is one corrupt agent to say that Kavanaugh lied about something and they could charge him with perjury. At this point the charge would be all they need to further delay/sh*tcan him. I would have never thought it possible before the last two weeks ….. but after witnessing the depths the left has sunk to ….. here we are.


  15. An says:

    The only way I will consider this a good thing is if the FBI recommends that she be charged with lying to Congress.

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  16. kltk1 says:

    To his credit, Senator Hatch is retiring on a high road. This stands in stark contrast to Jeff Flake who on his way out is kicking and obstructing up to his last day. Disgusting.

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  17. TomR,Worc,MA,USA says:

    Sorry to be the one to bring this up. (apologies if it has already been addressed)
    Couldn’t the FBI just run the old “perjury trap” scheme on Kavanaugh, and try to find someone to refute and answer he gave them at an earlier time and charge him. I am sure that would prevent him from being seated.


  18. Walt says:

    The laugh out loud line in Sen. Hatch’s letter: “The FBI is widely renowned for conducting fair, through, and expeditious investigations.”

    You have to wonder about a man who could write something as in-your-face wrong as that.


  19. nimrodman says:

    What was the “google interns” remark that Ford let slip?

    I haven’t been able to follow closely (other commitments this week) but I’ve seen commenters referring to it.

    Thx in advance

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  20. TNGal says:

    Where is George W. Bush? He needs to quit sucking his thumb and go on the offensive for his friend and colleague, Brett Kavanaugh.

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  21. WSB says:

    Is this the part where the Dimms are sorry for what they wished?

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  22. wildbill2u says:

    A complete investigation has to include a thorough questioning of Ford. I can think of a lot of questions that she should be able to answer, both about the night of the assault, and her later political activist on anti-Trump marches in a possible motive for coming forward.

    If there is any hesitation to her being available and open to an investigation by the FBI that should weigh on the scales of justice as to her truthfulness. If you can keep her attorneys out of it.

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  23. JX says:

    Blasey-Ford wants an investigation so she knows what to “remember”

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  24. tgimacb says:

    Deep Impact movie – pre-9/11
    The eastern seaboard is wiped out (one could wish…)
    The new bride finally leaves mom & dad with infant to higher ground.
    Mom & Dad show utmost respect for Leo’s wife – now that’s more believable than blasey (ford) parents wouldn’t show some level of equal sincerity and concern.
    One premise is a movie hook, one story is a joke.
    Father’s don’t let fifteen years old daughters hang with boys in privileged Georgetown area house gatherings (or ANY part of earth in modern day civilized populations (that is, where two parent households raising young people)


  25. Norman Franklin says:

    No deep state rat will drown over any of this, its the FBI. I would love more than anything to be wrong. It seems surreal that these repubics in the senate are just now figuring out that the other side plays dirty. We the people have been telling them this for decades. In light of Maxie pad foul waters recent doxing of reps. Please one brave patriotic congressional staffer step up, and publish the personal cell phone numbers and addresses of all the dem congress critters on any comment board such as this. Let us do the pushback. We finally have a leader who knows how to fight and win. It’s about time the congress get some backbone. I mean the faggy little wampus cat Lindsey Grahm showed more testiculer fortitude than the rest of that sorry committee combined.


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