President Trump Impromptu Presser United Nations Day #3

On Day #3 of the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump paused for questions from the international media about topics related to a variety of issues.  Video and Transcript.


[Transcript] New York, NY – United Nations Headquarters.

Q (In progress.) meet with him? He’s asking for a meeting with you?

THE PRESIDENT: If I had time, I would. I mean, to be honest with you, he has to straighten it out. He’s got to be — he’s got to act a lot more humanely. The people are suffering tremendously in Venezuela. There’s no reason for this. So I would certainly be open to it. I’m willing to meet with anybody. Anytime I can save lives and help people — if it’s one life, I’m certainly willing to meet.

Q Mr. President, (inaudible) he has said that its very important for them to be able to work with the United States, but they don’t want to —


Q Venezuela has said. But they said also that they don’t want to declare it a humanitarian crisis because they believe that will lead to an intervention, and they have included examples like Chile and other countries. What’s your response to that? Because you have said —

THE PRESIDENT: I just want to see Venezuela straightened out. I want the people to be safe. We’re going to take care of Venezuela. Okay? We’re going to take care of Venezuela. What’s happening in Venezuela is a disgrace.

If he’s here, if he wants to meet — I don’t know. It was not on my mind. It is not on my plate. But if I can help people, that’s what I’m here for.

Q Are you going to ask (inaudible) — are you going to ask to protect your allies in the region after Maduro sent troops to the border in Colombia?

THE PRESIDENT: Our allies are in no trouble. We’re with our allies. Our allies — we are with our allies 100 percent. They have no problem. We met yesterday with Colombia. We had a great meeting with Colombia. And we’ve met with numerous others of our allies and they are absolutely in no trouble.

Q (Inaudible) are you going to meet Mr. Putin?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t know. I look forward to meeting him again. But I — we don’t have anything set, but I look forward to meeting him again.

Q Mr. President, on North Korea —


Q On North Korea, what needs to happen? What does North Korea need to do —

THE PRESIDENT: A lot of good things are happening.

Q No — what needs to happen — on North Korea, what needs to happen on North Korea? What does North Korea need to do before you will meet Chairman Kim again?

THE PRESIDENT: We are denuclearizing North Korea. We have a wonderful relationship going between our country and them. We’re being helped a lot by Japan, and very much by President Moon of South Korea.

And North Korea — its going along very well. We really have had a tremendous amount of progress since this time last year.

Q Every option is still on the table against Nicols Maduro? Every option is still on the table? Even (inaudible) —

THE PRESIDENT: All options are on the table. Every one. Strong ones and the less-than-strong ones. Every option — and you know what I mean by strong. Every option is on the table, with respect to Venezuela.

We’re going to take care of the people of Venezuela. We have many Venezuelans living in the United States. Many of them live in the Doral area of Miami. I’ve gotten to know them very well. These are great, great people. We’re going to take care of those people. Okay?

Q Secretary Pompeo said today that North Korea might be okaying the inspectors to check their nukes. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Because that will be (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT: Chairman Kim wants good things to happen for North Korea. And good things are happening with respect to North Korea. And it’s going to be great for Chairman Kim and great for the people of North Korea. And that’s what we’re all about.

Q What are you going to discuss with the Japanese Prime Minister Abe today?

THE PRESIDENT: A very good relationship with — as you know, with Prime Minister Abe. He was in my apartment just the other day in Trump Tower. We had a very long, couple-of-hour discussion. He loves his country.

He had a tremendous victory in the election, as you know, which I was very happy about. I don’t know if you’re supposed to endorse somebody or not, but I endorsed him and I will endorse him again. He’s a great gentleman and a great man, and a person who is a great leader for Japan.

We have other things to discuss. I think more than anything else, we’ll be discussing trade.

Q Mr. President, where will you meet Chairman Kim in the future?

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll be meeting with Chairman Kim in the very near future. It will be announced. We’ll announce it. In fact, we’re having a press conference today. We’ll start talking about that.

But we’ll be announcing where and when in the very near future.

Q Thank you. Mr. President, you said yesterday that the First Lady will travel to Africa.


Q Which part of Africa? Has she considered going to Angola?

THE PRESIDENT: They’re going to announce it in about an hour. You should be there. She’s got a press conference in one hour. You should be there. They’re announcing she’s going to four countries in Africa.

Q It’s not Angola?

THE PRESIDENT: They’ll be announcing it in about an hour, exactly. She’s going to be making the announcement, which is much more exciting when — than when I make an announcement.

So she’ll be announcing she’s making a big trip to Africa. We both love Africa. Africa is so beautiful. The most beautiful part of the world, in many ways.

Q It is. Angola is —

THE PRESIDENT: Just let me — let me just say that she’s having a news conference in a very short period of time. She’ll be announcing exactly where she’s going, and I hope you’re going to be there.

Q It’s not Angola? Not Angola?

THE PRESIDENT: You’ll see in about an hour.

Q What is your thoughts on the woman questioning Kavanaugh’s accuser tomorrow?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think the Senate — the Republicans could not be nicer than the way they’re handling this. They could have pushed it through two and a half weeks ago, and you wouldn’t be talking about it right now — which is, frankly, what I would have preferred. But they didn’t do that.

The Republicans could not be nicer, could not be more respectful to the process, certainly could not be more respectful to the woman, and I’m okay with that. I think I might have pushed it forward a lot faster.

But I’ll tell you what, I know — I know this particular man — Judge Kavanaugh. He’s outstanding. You don’t find people like this. He’s outstanding. He’s a gem. He’s an absolute gem. And he’s been treated very unfairly by the Democrats who are playing a con game.

They know what they’re doing. It’s a con. They go into a backroom, and they talk with each other and they laugh at what they’re getting away with. It’s a con game, and that’s what they play. And that’s about the only thing they do well.

Thank you very much.


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39 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Presser United Nations Day #3

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  2. magakathryn says:

    Sundance, I know, wrong thread. Have you read the docs provided by Dr. Ford’s attorney? Her polygraph and a handwritten note from her signed and dated August 7th. Her note says 4 boys and a couple of girls (it’s a mess). Who is missing?

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    • rf121 says:

      It really would be nice to have a thread without promoting all the slander against the judge. Ain’t nothing we do or say on this is going to change a thing. The senate will vote yea or nay next week. Then it is over until the next one. So how about keeping all this crap in the thread Sundance posted for it.

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    • scrap1ron says:

      When your whole life is just a series of lies it’s hard to keep them straight.

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      If you know it is the wrong thread,than why are you posting it.

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    • Ristvan says:

      The polygraph testis a problem for Blasey Ford for two distinct reasons. The Arizona prosecutor will shred her credibility with it tomorrow in the hearing.
      1. The holographic (handwritten) note
      (a) is contradicted unnwriting by her therapist notes, her Feinstein letter, and her more recent Judiciary statements because
      (b) previous claim was therapist 4 boys, later corrected to three boys and one girl, all of whom have given sworn testimony that it did not happen. The Aug 7 polygraph test note says four boys and two girls. So she was wrong on Aug 7 or was wrong both before and after Aug 7 (or both).
      2. The Aug 7 test was in Maryland. So she could fly then but not now? It is not credible that she would drive both ways across the country twice in 6 weeks. Therefore the given delay reason for Monday to Thursday is BS

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      • MVW says:

        In other words she lied about air travel.

        And in case some are calling this off topic, Kavanaugh question was asked by a journalist in the impromptu press gaggle. (though I fully understand people are fed up with this topic, me too, it is a bit old)

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      • cali says:

        @Ristvan: There is also a big problem with the letter she provided to Feinstein: Look at the very first sentence – it is written using different fond and appears to be a pro-forma letter as though it was for a different candidate.
        Words has it that she tried to smear Gorsuch before Kavanaugh – any constitutionalist judge the president nominated.
        There is something not right.


  3. TMonroe says:

    PDJT: “They know what they’re doing. It’s a con. They go into a backroom, and they talk with each other and they laugh at what they’re getting away with. It’s a con game, and that’s what they play. And that’s about the only thing they do well.”

    It helps their scheme when the entities that are supposed to act as a kind of referee are on one side.

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  4. Dave Sanderson says:

    It is sooooo awesomely wonderful to FINALLY have a plain speaking world leader like President Trump, instead of another one of those typical ‘tongue-dancing’ politically correct gasbags we’ve been inflicted with for several decades since the Reagan era. Thank you for all you do and God bless you, President Trump! MAGA!

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    • Yes, Dave, I totally agree. His virtue of honesty and direct speaking may not be typical at the UN, but it translates into clear communication and allows him to accomplish so much more. Pres. Trump is AUTHENTIC–such a contrast with his opponents (RINOs and Dems, globalists, and our not lamented former Pres BHO)


  5. drdeb says:

    Thank you God in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior for President Donald J. Trump. Bless him, keep him safe, healthy and happy. And God Bless all he loves. Also God, Bless the USA!

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  6. Popoy says:

    The only reason why the wicked porn lawyer found a wicked college girl in a high school party is because they couldn’t find any other wicked woman false witness the same age as Kavanaugh.

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  7. Popoy says:

    What is happening with the wicked Democrat party the way they scorch earth on Kavanaugh is a sign of a wicked enemy who knows they are being defeated.

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  8. FL_GUY says:

    I love the way President Trump fearlessly faces the media-rats down and tells it like it is and deals with the media-rats on President Trump’s terms. To use a line from Blazing Saddles: “Whatta Guy!!!!”

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Paraphrasing Nikki from her Fox and Friends interview.

      “These people [UN reps] hate PDJT’s policies, but they respect him because he tells it like it is.”

      I bring up the interview because at the UNSC brief PDJT fearlessly told it it like it is to China, Iran and a few others.

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  9. Enoughisenough says:

    I want to state, emphatically, that every single day, POTUS reaffirms that I made the correct decision to vote for him in 2016. Not one of the candidates running had the fortitude or wisdom to deal with the daily-changing landscape that is politics. Not one! President Trump continues to unapologetically stand for me and millions of other Americans, and I am eternally grateful that he fights for me at great expense of abuse from the left/globalists (distinction without a difference).

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  10. Suzanne says:

    “And that’s about the only thing they do well”… Boom!

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    • GB Bari says:

      YES! PDJT did not leave any daylight between his statement and factual reality.

      Democrats only know how to CON the American public.

      And that includes their propaganda arm – the eneMedia!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Ditch Mitch says:

        Interestingly PDJT began with “Fake News” the communicating arm of the CON. For a CON to work you have to have deception.

        PDJT has now exposed the Confirmation CON. Today PDJT went much further pretty much calling all dims operations CONs.


  11. H&HC, 2nd - 16th says:

    Democrats should bear in mind PDJT shoots from the hip…….and seldom misses. If I were them, I’d be wary if the President decides to take careful aim.

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  12. GB Bari says:

    President Trump has now mentioned on several occasions words like he just spoke:

    I just want to see Venezuela straightened out. I want the people to be safe. We’re going to take care of Venezuela. Okay? We’re going to take care of Venezuela. What’s happening in Venezuela is a disgrace.

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  13. Summer says:

    I don’t want to invade Venezuela. I don’t care whether they are great, great people or not. I don’t care if they live or die. Both outcomes are fine by me. Yes, I am that much callous and unsympathetic to their plight. Build that damned wall already.

    They voted for Chavez and socialism so the Maduro dictatorship, humanitarian crisis and the collapse of their chosen political system are all too predictable consequences of their foolish choices.
    Make no mistake, Venezuela will elect another corrupt commie after Maduro is gone, that’s a given.

    Let them take care of their problems and we will take care of ours.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Agreed, although President Trump’s strategic solutions usually seem to be a bit more creative than mere military force.

      Liked by 2 people

    • pacnwbel says:

      Summer, It is a dangerous thing to make a broad sweeping statement about a whole country. You cannot tar all Venezuelans with the Chavez/Maduro dirty brush. Many good people have been broken and are living in limbo with families split in this ongoing communist destruction of a once prosperous country. They have lost everything to a power/money seeking ideology. What has happened in Venezuela can happen here all too easily if complacency allows the demonrats to regain power.


    • cali says:

      @Summer: I agree!

      I really appreciate and love that president Trump does not consider military force as the first option or not even at all. That is a welcome strategy because it demonstrates that problems can be solved without bombing a country into compliance that solves nothing. The label ‘Imperialist America’ overthrowing one leadership/country after another did not solve a thing beginning with Iraq, Arab Spring and the rest of the last gang in the white house.
      War should be the very last option if all fails and endangers America’s security and its people.


  14. Minnie says:

    Notice particularly how Mr. President did not steal our beautiful First Lady’s thunder.

    Questioned repeatedly – where in Africa will First Lady visit?


    Love his steadfast respect and admiration for our First Lady ❤️

    We love her, as well!

    God speed, First Lady Melania 🙏🏼

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  15. pacnwbel says:

    The President has hit his stride. He has the measure of these pitiful querulous press people. It is delightful to see him taking charge and controlling their rude verbosity.


  16. Dave Sanderson says:

    All this excessively disgusting bull$#!t surrounding the SCOTUS confirmation + the upcoming Inspector-General report + upcoming unredacted release of texts & other ‘Big Ugly’ document makes me more confident every day of a November red tsunami.

    Seriously, every time leftist loons hound somebody like Ted Cruz out of a restaurant it gains the GOP another 100,000 November voters. I hope Thursday’s confirmation hearing is a total circus of unparalleled extremist insanity … send in the clowns, Dems, because the whole country will be watching.

    Democrats >>> FIRE! THEM! ALL!

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