President Donald Trump U.N. Press Conference – 5:00pm Livestream…

President Donald Trump is hosting a highly anticipated press conference in New York City at the conclusion of the Unite Nations General Assembly.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders previously tweeted the President will discuss ‘the news of the day’, likely fielding questions on the ridiculous smears against supreme court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as well as his upcoming meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Anticipated start time 5:00pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkGST Livestream Link

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397 Responses to President Donald Trump U.N. Press Conference – 5:00pm Livestream…

  1. Larry Bucar says:

    What about the hit on sparkle socks? sooooooooooo, deserving to bozo trudou, hahahha


    • fleporeblog says:

      We received a miracle on November 8, 2016. What an incredible press conference. Our President hit on everything. Some of the highlights for me:

      1) Canada 🇨🇦 is screwed and there is absolutely nothing they can do to reverse it. Barney the Dinosaur 🦖 will live in infamy for that stunt she pulled off. You want to see what a “Tyrant” is really like. That is exactly what they will get in spades ♠️. They can kiss their auto sector goodbye and welcome in a Recession that will take years to get out of.

      2) China 🇨🇳 got the EAGLE 🦅 on full display. The olive branches were put away while the ARROWS are pointing directly at their heads.

      3) Love the way he through the money payoffs that were provided to the POS that accused him. He gave actual dollar amounts in two cases ($58,000 to payoff a house and $750,000 was offered the last woman who came forward to report it). Any allegations in 2020 will fall to the waste side.

      4) He spoke about the GREAT Judge and just as important his wife and two daughters. He KILLED them by saying he has an open mind and will be watching the hearing intensely tomorrow. He destroyed the POS porn lawyer.

      5) He praised Kim Jung un and said that they know things that the press doesn’t know. He hinted to more structures being destroyed in the coming weeks.

      6) He destroyed Barry and John Kerry for the awful Iran Deal. He talked about the economy being on the brink of collapsing and protests happening daily throughout Iran 🇮🇷. He told the Iranian people that unlike Barry, he will be there for them.

      The POS Press absolutely didn’t get what they were hoping for!

      Absolutely breathtaking?

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      • Every 2000 years the world receives a miracle! Im thankful to know about the first one and to be alive to witness the second

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      • Paul says:

        I am truly amazed at the breath of knowledge demonstrated by our President

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      • Kristin says:

        Flep: I was just mesmerized by our Presidents’ handling of the press conference. Unscripted. Right from the heart.
        Notice how he answered everything with deep knowledge and conviction.
        He even knows about Jerusalem stone!!
        Definitely: not ever voting for any democrat even if her name was Mother Theresa.
        My husband reamed the republican money begger this afternoon.

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      • tdaly14 says:

        That presser was outstanding, he stood tall like our modern day George Washington. He knew everything about world events, social events, current events and bitched slapped the media like a red headed mule. 80 minutes of genius. Remember folks, we’ll never ever have this Trump fenom again! We love you President Trump, because you tell us the truth. That’s all we ever asked for, from our government, just tell us the truth! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Awesome Summation! I hope you don’t mind that I quoted it and passed it to a friend from a another site!


  2. CNN_sucks says:

    We should not let demoncraps win this war. If K does not confirm, we will be left with CON MEN and WOMEN that would join the government and carry the evil agenda of democraps party.

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  3. kea says:

    Wow just wow. The press are idiots but wow just wow.

    Awwww its the nacho guy from this video…

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  4. Paprika says:

    The title of this should not have been: “President Trump hosts a press conference”.

    The title should have been: “President Trump Roasts the press conference”!

    Joking aside, he really does not hold press conferences, he hosts conversations with and for the American people. He just uses the nattering nabobs of the press as a vehicle to convey his views and news to us. He speaks to us, not them. He informs us, not them. He answers to us, because he works for us, not them. He hears us, not them. He is not a politician, he is us, we are him.

    He is America, we are America. We are ONE. One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For All.

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    • Kristin says:

      Paprika: so true. Like.


    • Paprika, it is safe to say that your comment, very beautifully, precisely and without long stretched wordplay conveys the essence of feelings of fellow treepers for President Trump.

      It is mind boggling and at the same time mind numbing to see that there are pussy hat wearers protesting this once in a lifetime President. SAD!

      I have said it before and will repeat again that if history is honestly written, then President Trump will get his own Mountain if there is no space on Mount Rushmore.

      Disclaimer- I have not visited Mount Rushmore yet so no idea if there is room for President Trump and I mean no disrespect to the great Presidents already residing on / at Mount Rushmore..


      • zorrorides says:

        I’ve been to Mount Rushmore and It. Is. Cool.

        Trump deserved a new mountain of his own. Wouldn’t be able to recarve Teddy R into DJT. George, Thomas, Abraham, and Donald are America’s big four. FDR played for the unAmericans.


  5. trumpismine says:

    Again our POTUSVSGPDJT stands in for the average American and takes on the evil press. Will this never end? Don’t look away and spit and cough and puke.
    This man has had enough. God Bless him

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  6. Katherine McCoun says:

    Wow! 1 hr 20 min. I am just at the beginning. Already impressed at how relaxed he is. He is in the middle of a tough week, or at least what would be a tough week for most people, and yet he is relaxed facing the press, knowing that they want to trip him up with every single question.

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  7. Mark Mears says:

    Doesn’t belong here but thank you Tucker Carlson for critical thinking on your show tonight 9/26/2018. Those backing Kavenaugh you would be smart to just repeat Tuckers questioning verbatim.

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  8. Mark Mears says:

    I know, I know a woman questioning for optics but the logic of Tucker tonight is irrefutable.

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  9. CNN_sucks says:

    Molly made a good point in Tucker. Why was this adult Sweatchick doing in the children’s party?

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  10. RyderLee says:

    And then there was me , Smiling like a Big Fat Cat all through the Presser ,
    Showed the msm Just Who is The Boss !
    Off the Cuff , Uncensored , Trump being Trump !
    Thank You President Trump , for being a Man of the People !
    We LOVE You ! MAGA/KAG 💖

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  11. StanH says:

    This is a man in charge. Folks, whatever comes at him he’s got it.

    MAGA! …by trusting President Trump.

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  12. The “press” is SO woefully unprepared to deal with a man such as this, truth laid bare, and the scene of reality in real time…….. Pathetic.

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  13. Leon Brozyna says:

    If I could ask PDJT only one question, it would be, “Are you going to direct Director Wray to use the full resources of the FBI to investigate the full range of allegations brought up against Judge Kavanaugh; especially, finding out who is running and funding the operation so that the full range of depravity of the perpetrators can be exposed to the American public?”

    He wouldn’t even have to answer; just having that question hanging out there for all to see should put the fear of God in a number of bodies.

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  14. Lawrence says:

    CNN watchers and Hillary lovers on Reddit are ready to kill themselves over that press conference. You should step over to r/politics if you want a chortle or two. Or it may make your blood boil that people can be so clueless. Up to you.

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  15. Katherine McCoun says:

    who was the reporter that asked about Canada & trade deal? she was sharp

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  16. JackB says:

    Ditto on all the love, admiration and pride expressed by all you treepers for our VSGPDJT. Did you notice when PDJT said how well he gets along with the various world leaders and the ones he doesn’t get along with he sloughs off onto Pompeo, Kelly or Sanders. The camera panned over to the three officials mentioned and caught them laughing to each other.

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  17. Uncle zeb says:

    He should hold one of these every other week

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  18. SandraOpines says:

    I Love My POTUS ❤ I always enjoy his pressers!

    More Trump Pressers please!

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  19. Herbert Kroll says:

    @56:00 President Trump refers to a prank call a Russian comedian made to rep. Adam Schiff. Great stuff to listen to:


  20. He should charge all of them $5,000 for the fact filled, truth filled , accurate lecture!

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  21. LibertyONE says:

    Pres. Trump, except for a few little mistakes, basically gave the BIG middle finger to the DemonRATS, the fake news, the NWO and any foreign country that is attempting to usurp OUR country.MAGA!


  22. Eastender says:

    Best 80 minuets of TV in years! Our mesmerizing President made me chuckle out loud. Talk about commanding the entire presser – as I said, the best TV in years. God bless our President.

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  23. I watched this press conference last night and I’ve got to tell you, it was thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying watching him beat the crap out of all those whiny little reporters!! He just ran rings around them and jumped right over all their little verbal traps! I think I’ll watch it again. Ha!

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    • Stillwater says:

      He throws them off balance by constantly interrupting them or inserting comments while they try to weave their verbal traps. He also can repeat himself over and over again on the same question without it sounding repetitive. It’s sort of like filibuster that takes a lot of time but is totally substantive, hammers home his point, and redirects the emotion of the exchange to where he wants it. It makes if very difficult for the reporters who are “concern trolls” in many ways.

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