Sunday Talks: Secretary Mike Pompeo Discusses North Korea, Trade and Upcoming UN General Assembly…

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears on Fox Sunday with swamp guardian Chris Wallace to discuss North Korea, the global trade reset with China and the upcoming United Nations General Assembly.

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45 Responses to Sunday Talks: Secretary Mike Pompeo Discusses North Korea, Trade and Upcoming UN General Assembly…

  1. cripto says:

    Sec Pompeo has a formidable presence.
    I hope trekkers listen carefully. Looking forward to his UN session on NK.
    Thanks for the Mid-Autumn festival good wishes, back at you.

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  2. vmi80 says:

    Ludi-Chris is Back.


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  3. Sentient says:

    I hope Pompeo still has connections within the CIA. There are still swampers there – possibly some who helped scrub Christine Blasey Ford’s social media.

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    • Sentient says:

      I assume the latest accuser’s social media has also been professionally scrubbed.

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      • SteveC says:

        Probably, like her yearbook. But nothing that has been posted is ever gone.
        Regarding the CIA, I’m still betting that its corruption was much easier to cleanup than FBI or DOJ. Pompeo wouldn’t be at State if it weren’t. Look at all the ex-CIA personnel running (as Dems – shocking!) against the Trump agenda. They are out for a reason.

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        • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

          Stormy’s lawyer Michael Avenatti is apparently running this new attack on Kav. Has put out a tweet demanding total surrender from… everybody. And right now too!


  4. Everywhereguy says:

    Ut oh. New sexual allegation against Kav from Yale years. See The New Yorker.


    • Firefly says:

      Yip. Doubt they can get a Kavanaugh vote in by the 29th September- and have to start the nomination process over.

      Nellie is supposedly cooperating – so she wasn’t subpoena’d. 19 October is only a few weeks from election. So that’s an easy one to delay.

      IG has to get approval from the originating authority to release- doubt that will happen fast either.

      Looks like PTrump is getting a six ways to Sunday special treatment. Doubt the gop is this dumb- they’re just doing kabuki dance so it’s not obvious they are undermining PTrump. If PTrump keeps tweeting big – but backing off – it’s probably not a good sign.


    • Maquis says:

      This is where Grassley screwed up. He pampered the slut and opened the door to an extended assault. He shoulda bitch-slapped Chi–Fi, had her hauled out of chambers, and called the vote on the spot.

      Anarchy Now.


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      • Everywhereguy says:

        According to the New Yorker story (accurate or not), people in both parties on the Judiciary Cmte have been looking into this new Yale thing for days. It also says Ivanka recommended DJT withdraw Kavanaugh but he didn’t see enough evidence at that time.


        • noswamp says:

          New Yorker story just planting more rumors. Of course she would not tell him that. At least not based on these facts. Grassley has opened himself up to all of this. Its his fault this is happening. WTH is going on with the GOP SENATE?


      • bentley1blog says:



  5. SteveC says:

    Pompeo/Mulvaney 2024!
    I’m sure going to North Korea is more dangerous than showing up on deep state/swamp venues, but likely less annoying.

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  6. Michelle Palmateer says:

    SOS Pompeo is the best cabinet choice President Trump has made so far. He would make an excellent POTUS at some point in time.

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  7. RJones says:

    President Trump found a very good guy in Pompeo. Intellectually, Wallace is no match.

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  8. bettycooper says:

    Pompeo silenced Wallace’s insufferable sniping pretty quickly. Chris was off his game or Pompeo nailed it. I’ll go with the latter.

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  9. stablesort says:

    I heard Chris Wallace whining from the back seat: “Are we there yet?”

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  10. Maquis says:

    Chris Butt Wallace is insufferable. “But… But…. But…”

    I kept imagining Secretary Pompeo whipping out a katana and administering the coup de grace that pompous fool so deserves. Mr Pomoeo is a better man than I.


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  11. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Fox Swamp Guardian for sure hahahaha!! Love you Mike Pompeo 😘

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  12. Elizabeth Carter says:

    It is such a pleasure to have competent people in President Trump’s cabinet. We still have a long way to go to get the swamp drained but we are clearly making progress. Mike Pompeo does an excellent job as SOS. They make me proud to be an American.

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  13. Kay123 says:

    Sooo, they have reset Ford hearing
    once again to Thursday….? Really?
    Hmm Swamp Gas has got more power??

    Install Kav and katie bar the door!

    The creeps will twist the facts until another
    hater steps forward. If she has no evidence
    from 30 years ago….. then she lost her chance to
    accuse anybody. If she has no sperm of his… he is
    She wasn’t violated enough to report 30 years ago….
    she has no doctor or police report….or anything.
    Trying to accuse him now is only obstruction and framing.
    Threats to her life are not Kav’s fault……it’s her
    fault for lying to the public.
    NO MORE DELAYS….. it’s all theater!!


  14. sDee says:

    Wallace: Trump says “great progress” but
    Pompeo: whack
    Wallace: But……
    Pompeo: Whack
    Wallace: BUT……
    Pompeo: WHACK
    Wallace: bu..bu…BUT

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  15. ann says:

    Mr. Wallace doesn’t understand negotiation, process, and outcomes are dynamic. Old fossil.

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  16. Tiffthisb says:

    Big Mike is a boss in this interview


  17. frank field says:

    Wallace would fit in perfectly with MSNBC.

    Pompeo 2024


  18. Steve in Greensboro says:

    After boycotting Chris Wallace for a couple of years now, watching Wallace reminds me of what annoying little pissant he is.


  19. Wai cheah says:

    China try to influence Iowa ‘s election w article titled” Dispute: fruit of a President’s folly”.


  20. bkrg2 says:

    made it to 2:58
    I hate Chris Wallace.
    This is officially the last time I ever try to watch an interview with him


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