Are you concerned about President Trump’s suspension of the declassification directive? No-one, well, almost no-one… has any idea how Donald J Trump creates leverage from places few can fathom.


Think about how President Trump took Kim Jong-un out of the hands of Chairman Xi Jinping (one of the most looming influence agents on the planet), and handed young Chairman Kim to Moon Jae-in on a joy-filled optimistic platter.

“The impossible is only our starting point”..

~Donald J Trump

There’s a reason why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laughs when people question the more distracting aspects to President Trump (ex. tweets); there’s a very good reason.

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366 Responses to “Leverage”…

  1. Again, this only serves to highlight the fact that British and Australian officials were recruited by Brennan to subvert our election. The president knows what he’s doing.

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  2. Suzanne says:

    I understand why VSGPDT wants and creates leverage.
    I, however, want to see nooses, firing squads, life sentences at Gitmo…
    He will hold that leverage for 6 more years at the end of which these criminals (that’s not what I usually call them… I cleaned it up for here) will go right back to what they’ve been doing for the last several decades unless they are behind bars or get the same treatment as Julius and Ethel.

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    • 700MAGA says:

      First, everyone has to remember that Trump is a businessman, not a politician. Knowing this, any business person knows when taking over a company you have to have goals, you state them to your supporters and always work toward those goals. Second, when taking over a large company that has been in trouble, you can not fix everything at once, it is like “how do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time”.
      Third, you have a vision, you have supporters of that vision, then you create allies. Not all those who say they support you are truthful, those you tell get in line or get out of the way. Those that want to stab you in the back, you find info that brings them into the light, either exposing them or threatening to. They’ll hate you for it, but will also fall in line rather than being exposed for what they are.

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    • Sharon says:

      Suzanne Our President knows what he is doing and knows a lot more than you obviously and is smarter than you! ITrust him not your foolish feelings !


  3. ladypenquin says:

    I left a comment somewhere in the threads that it was actually important to think about diplomatic issues when other countries are involved in domestic incidents. It’s one thing for our bad guys to work against the U.S. or interfere in our elections, it’s another for a supposed ally to do so. POTUS holding back on his declassifying because of the UK’s and Australia’s involvement gives him bargaining chips with those two countries. SD’s “leverage.”

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  4. Ken says:

    This makes more sense. Earlier, I was thinking that the swamp “got to” Trump. If this is true (Trump is using this as leverage), I am happier.

    But, to be honest, this is like being told as a 6 year old that tomorrow is Christmas, then waking up the next morning only to be told that Christmas has been cancelled. I was SO looking forward to seeing some of these pompous righteous swampers exposed for the criminals that they are…

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  5. JoD says:

    I’ve been wondering why so many of our “new friends” are so negative…..hmmm?

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    • WSB says:

      Because they are new.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Some are old timers. My answer is that some people in life have a propensity to be negative. They don’t get beyond the unexpected events that don’t play out to their liking. They throw in the towel. Stuck in the mud. Woe me! All is lost!!

      Granted, some things are a shock, at first, but one with a mind searching for truth in the situation would step back and read Sundance’s explanations, Treepers’ explanations and begin to grasp there is a bigger truth then what they themselves cannot initially conjure up, because they aren’t apex predators; therefore, can’t understand much less play that game.

      So instead of trying to learn truth they wallow in negativity, and, take others down with them. I have little tolerance for that mindset.

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      • ByrdDeplorable says:

        I’m with you, MaineCoon. I can’t tolerate negativity; what has it ever accomplished!


        • Matthew LeBlanc says:

          Caveman Tom:
          “Let’s stay away from the watering hole Jim was eaten at yesterday”
          Caveman Joe:
          “Don’t be so negative and think positive”
          Caveman Ann:
          “Where is Joe, he’s not back from fetching water?”
          Caveman Tom:
          “A sabre tooth ate him”

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      • Christopher says:

        New? Give me a break. Pease tell me how this action doesn’t protect our beloved deepstate and then tell me why I should be happy about it?


    • formerdem says:

      So have I been wondering.


  6. TheMachine says:

    I voted for him specifically for one main thing: supreme court judge… I also knew if he won, Hillary loses and we get a little outsider chaos in DC which was desperately needed.

    After my vote, I immediately got exactly what I was promised. A conservative supreme court judge. But then I got everything else that was promised by him but I never planned to hold him to his promises because no politician in my 50 years of lifetime even kept one promise. But all of a sudden TPP died, he pulled out of the Paris Accord (I still can’t believe that happened), he talked North Korea off the ledge, shot the economy through the roof, a so many more things and is just about to deliver a 2nd constitutional-based judge to the supreme court all the while taking a billion arrows from the media!

    I truly have never seen anything like it and I am glad to be alive and be a part of it!

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    • prairierose123 says:


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    • Retired USMC says:

      Reagan did…

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      • TheMachine says:

        Reagan was my first vote. I agreed with his foreign policy. I disagreed on a few of his domestic strategies, starting with the PIK program. Trump would have handled the food surplus economics differently than how Reagan handled it.

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    • formerdem says:

      pipelines, GDP, African-American employment, restoration of the industrial towns, NATO funded, PLO restrained, DeVos restores due process at universities, we are biggest oil producer in the world, trade deals being reformed, steel industry rescued, aluminum, small business boiling with enthusiasm, 401(k)s restored value, someone to care for us during hurricanes, … I think we can entrust this redaction business to him also….

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    • nimrodman says:

      “he pulled out of the Paris Accord”

      Not only pulled out, but left it in shambles

      The whole thing collapsed and other big important nations like Germany said they wouldn’t commit to the proposals either. Right?


  7. Greg1 says:

    President Trump has a ton of leverage. The NYT story provides even more.

    Imagine Rosenstein going to the White House to meet the President regarding the things he ordered declassified……..knowing full well (how could he not?!) that the NYT story was out there today of all days…….

    Now, imagine President Trump clearly having a copy of the NYT on his desk while acting normally during his telling the DOJ/FBI what he wanted done, giving them the ultimatum that they tell on themselves to the IG, and if they don’t fully do so he still declassifies everything.

    Imagine President Trump dismissing everyone from the meeting…..and as they head toward the door saying “Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein, I’d like to speak to you privately for a moment…….”

    That’s not really hard to imagine. Yes, Trump has leverage.

    McCabe has leverage, too.


    In this story it is mentioned that he memorialized his discussions with high level officials.

    Remember when McCabe allegedly said he won’t go down alone? I believe he now is willing to use his leverage over others that he has due to his contemporaneous memos about what went on.

    The funny part? He gave copies of the memos to Mueller A YEAR AGO!

    And that means Mueller has full knowledge of the coup attempt in progress on President Trump AND HAS CONTINUED HIS INVESTIGATION FOR THAT PURPOSE.

    McCabe has unwittingly ensnared Mueller in handing him the memos.

    Life is about to get verrrrrry interesting for a lot of folks. Sooner rather than later.

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  8. Sparty says:

    Thanks to you SD, connecting the very important dots that have, at least in mind, woven a clear picture of PDJT and all that he stands for, how he rolls. The works.

    Remember how many of us were all worked up about Jared’s omnipresence in the White House, all the media spin involved in it, Bannon throwing gas on the fire? Fast forward. Now I know why POTUS briought Jared in. He could and still can TRUST Jared among a throng of Vipers. It dawned on me Jared was dispatched to Saudi Arabia to cut a deal and kick off what has become an incredibly important strategic relationship? Why? PDJT trusted him to not leak and not screw up the deal. Where is Lord Bannon now?

    How about on trade? Genius. Everything he does? Sheer Genius. The guy is amazing. I trust him. Bigly. If POTUS issued that “reversal” he did so to gain as SD outlined leverage. These govt snakes are no match for him. And he builds his foundation of strength and fluency brick by brick everyday. Thrilling to watch.

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  9. TreeClimber says:

    Can’t tell if Un’s wife is happy in that photo and just out of practice smiling, or if she’s still scared stiff…

    You know, every so often I spare a thought for someone who used to be featured on this blog and who has since, long-since, been dropped… wonder where he is and how he’s doing…

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  10. Curt says:

    President Trump has proven over and over that he’s totally astute. He really has kept his promises and then some. The man seems to have boundless energy. The upcoming mid-terms will determine if he can continue with his MAGA agenda and help Americans everywhere. If real Americans and those who believe in this republic don’t get up off their rear ends and vote then we know that most are uninformed and or just lazy. Make no mistake, the leftist political establishment is energized to stop President Trump…. and they will turn out to vote: some even more than once! The Leftists are at total risk! Donald Trump represents an existential threat to everything the Socialists have established. If Americans, who claim to be patriots, want to get this country back to where our forefathers intended, then they better get out and vote in November or even earlier. I really believe the future for basic human freedoms lies in the balance… Haven’t Americans seen enough of these establishment hacks to get rid of them and their agenda????

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  11. Howie says:

    The Truk island base…..Drop a few bombs,,,,head for Tokyo.

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  12. rayvandune says:

    I am afraid you are correct. And I am going to keep saying that when he admitted he had not read the docs, he only encouraged the deep state to push their rebellion to the next level. That was not clever. I hope I am wrong and there is a secret strategy to this, but it just looks sloppy. And it does nothing to clarify the issue for the public, who are completely in the dark.


    • WSB says:

      Ray, read between the lines!!!! President Trump told the entire world last night he got phone calls from two allies begging him not to declassify these documents. He knows everything, including everything about Halper BEFORE he was inaugurated.

      This is just icing on the cake. We now have two allies in headlighted deer outfits.

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    • graphiclucidity says:

      The president answered a question saying he had not read the documents.

      He never said he had not been briefed on what is contained in the documents.

      President Trump knows what is in them and how valuable that information is.
      I have no doubt about that.

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    • The Boss says:

      Ya think maybe someone who has read the docs just might have clued in the president as to the content?

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  13. TimeIsNow says:

    Here it is again, ” I hope I am wrong, or I pray I am wrong. ” Number one quotes by black pill shills all over. See these talking points now on half a dozen pro-Trump sites.

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  14. mugzey302 says:

    It’s kind of like throwing a steak into a pack of dogs. You’ll quickly see the “pecking” order and who’s the leader. That seems to be what we’re dealing with ~ a govt that has devolved into a pack of dogs, barking hyenas, and braying jackasses. I’m just so disgusted with the lot of them.

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  15. Sandra-VA says:

    I have to say, this is the most exciting period of politics I have ever witnessed! Always something going on…

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  16. Lester Smith says:

    There’s also leverage with the demorats. Back off the phony Ford charge or pay the price of being exposed. Trump holds the keys to the jail.

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  17. Gary Frans says:

    I REALLY want to see Comey’s emails and text messages. There lay an endless source of pleasure to sate the sadistic desires I harbor for those who betray their oath.

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  18. 17CatsInTN says:

    Some days I have to stop reading comments here because of all the Nervous Nellies, Debbie Downers, Doubting Thomases and their ilk. It only raise my hackles and makes me spit futile insults at my computer screen.

    Folks, you either trust our President, wait for verifiable FACTS, hold onto your faith that you voted for the right man to handle the swampland creatures and reserve judgment until the fat lady sings or you don’t. Yes, I know we’ve had years of broken promises, rampant corruption and dirty politicians. BUT….if you can’t see by now that President Trump is the real deal, negotiating and winning at levels never before seen using methods never ever thought of in the political world, then you will never have peace.

    Every single day there will be new battles to face: obvious lies to expose, old reused sexual assault plays from the same old worn out D playbook to combat, unopposed media manipulations, unrelenting rampant cheating, vile character assassination deployments, virulent hatred served up as protests, buffoons masquerading as lawmakers, and on and on.

    I have one word of advice: quit listening to, watching, reading or subscribing to anything or anyone who is not 100% MAGA. Then, gird up your loins, rustle up some resolve and stand and LAUGH at them. Don’t ever give in to the lying bastids by giving up your peace of mind. President Trump is beating them ALL. Every single day.

    /rant off

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  19. Ej002 says:

    Meh – the Mexicans still haven’t paid for he wall. So he isn’t Superman yet.

    And this is still a delay, regardless. The info need to come out Bc voting will start soon.

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  20. Deplore Able says:

    When rats are frightened they begin to scurry. When rats are cornered and have nowhere to go, they turn on each other, even to the point of cannibalism.

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  21. Chuck Stephens says:

    Ok, what’s the leverage? What’s he getting? Will the Brits own up to their culpability attempting to influence our election? Will they gene documentation indicting Brennan? It better be good!!!

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  22. ladypenquin says:

    Ok, here is what I posted earlier in the Daily thread. I like this version better 🙂

    Getting the IG on board is quite helpful, and perhaps a slight delay useful to avoid it getting buried while the Kavanaugh vote goes forward.

    The other point that I think should be made: It’s no small thing about two of our allies being involved in spying on Candidate Trump’s campaign. While we have righteous anger about the U.S. plotters (I refuse to call them Americans) – their plotting with the UK and Australia can provoke a diplomatic crisis. While I don’t care if it does, that’s not the way to maintain good relations between supposed allies.

    Yes, they’re dirty, but there is still a diplomatic game to be played. POTUS is likely trying to find some way that doesn’t totally embarrass the two nations involved; it’s leverage on his part, and plea bargaining on their part.

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  23. stablesort says:

    President Hillary Clinton will not be addressing the nation this evening.

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  24. kea says:

    I love Mike Pompeo.

    And yes very good point about Trump. I feel like I need to reread ‘art of the deal’ again.

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  25. Koot Katmando says:

    I do not see it all – Leverage? This looks just like people claiming the SC appointment was gonna be great because Mueller would go after the real collusion and bad actors. I think this was a Cave by PDT. When has ever gave a schiff about calling out our allies or the integrity of the Muller investigation? He just flipped off Nunez and the other congress people that have bent over backwards to help him. I think a bit Less of PDT today.


    • Dutchman says:

      By having I.G. Horowitz review, he can check to see if ALL the texts are being released. Would be a good if I.G. said “Gee, I have texts from Comey, to Lynch and Obummer, that weren’t IN the ones I received from DOJ; must have been an oversite, so I’ll just include them, shall I?”

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      • Dutchman says:

        In addition, the I.G. is percieved, and established as being apolirical, even ‘above reproach’, certainly above major criticism for BEING political.

        We have time before the midterms, oh, and I believe Mexico just agreed to pay for the wall, or make Canada pay for it, take your pick.

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      • The IG has been the one releasing all of the recent Strzok and Page texts anyway.


      • Koot Katmando says:

        Again the Same IG that gave the FBI and DOJ a pass on the Hillary investigation. The IG report we all waited for and were certain would show how Comey let her off the hook. Fool me once shame …….


        • smartyjones1 says:

          This is incorrect. The DOJ IG Michael Horowtiz gave no pass to Hillary Clinton. The evidence was cited and noted there is prosecutorial discretion. That’s not the IG’s domain.

          There’s no similar headwind for other parts of the investigation. It’s a timebomb set to go off on the FISA abuse, one way or another.

          Really wish people would not repeat the same wrong information.


    • Daniel says:

      How is it “caving” if he still holds the power over those who would prefer he not declassify? This president does not make idle threats and not follow through. He means what he says at all times… and even and especially Trump’s infamous response to Hillary “…because you’d be in jail!”

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      • Koot Katmando says:

        Where are the docs? Behind the DOJ IG. The same IG that covered up the Hillary Clinton Email. Give me a break. Let me know when the docs are released or when any of Hillary’s team are indicted.


  26. Christopher says:

    Leverage? Like he’ll ignore the FISA abuses if…
    If what? I do not care what ‘leverage’ he gains by ignoring the crimes of the deep state. ‘Leverage’ as in “I’ll stop draining the swamp if the swamp gives me something I want”. That attitude is WHY THERES A SWAMP IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    He’s as bad as the rest of them. There goes our last chance.
    I’m sick of this. Lock the criminals up legally or put them 6 feet under illegally.
    Our country is on deaths door.


    • Maquis says:

      Hair On Fire Much?

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    • Ozwitch says:

      Geez, what a hissy fit. “He’s as bad as the rest of them.” Not much of a supporter were you. All this petulance from folks reminds me of Hollywood stars announcing they are leaving the US because Trump won. Not one of them has. It’s just a tantrum and you are trying to make yourself feel better. Here’s a clue: you won’t feel better by being an Eeyore on social media. Go out and DO something for the country. Get out the vote, help a vet get to the polls, stop thinking about your own personal disappointments and how your standards of political purity have been sullied. It’s a dirty war we are in. It may not be a total victory. Does this mean you withdraw and stop fighting?

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  27. Daniel says:

    Sundance, I appreciate what you’ve posted here but I think people really need this concept explained in a way more people can understand it. You cite North Korea as an example of leverage but you do not describe how that is leverage.

    When I see the N.Korea example, I see it as removing China’s leverage and power to distract the issues.

    The way I see leverage is in gaining a better position in a deal. It is making use of something you have to gain more power. And the way I see it, the expansion of the negotiations enables Trump to NOT expose the “allies” who betrayed us in exchange for providing information and/or evidence against those here. Perhaps that’s a bit simple, but I’m a bit more simple minded I guess.


    • Much, much more at stake, IMO, altho that is a good start. As I posted yesterday – to May: “get on with Brexit already and maybe we can work something out.” To AU PM: “Gee, let’s reconsider that agreement we had about accepting illegal migrants YOU won’t allow in YOUR country and maybe we can work something out.” They OWE PDJT bigly – you seriously don’t understand how much power that places in our VSG’s hands internationally? Just a friendly reminder – PDJT’s election is positively affecting the world, NOT just the US. IMO.


    • zorrorides says:

      I understand you know this, Daniel, but just to pique our imagination…

      Potus Trump speaks plainly and carries a big stick, and he’s the best at finding/ positioning the fulcrum. He has a lot of power, and then DJT adds the leverage.

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  28. Tee-hee! “Thank you……thank you very much.”


  29. vmi80 says:

    Has anyone seen or heard from Sessions?


  30. Rob says:

    Just a thought
    I lived through the Afghan War against the Soviet Union.
    Remarkable clear sighted individuals were critical to some parts of that war.
    Some died delivering medicine to the fighters inside Afghanistan.
    Some bent the Congress to force provision of weapons to the anti-Soviet
    Ultimately Russia was forced out of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union
    fractured and failed.
    We are going through a similar time of clear vision, heroes and courage.
    One in particular sports orange hair.


  31. Robert says:

    A good breakdown that backs up the excellent, as always, analysis by Sundance, on the “leverage.”


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    • churchmouse says:

      Thanks for the link.

      Hope everyone reads the article and the analysis of Trump’s two tweets:


  32. Will Hunt says:

    Treepers (some of you anyway)…. dissension and disagreement is not “trolling”. Some of you characterizing anyone who has an opinion different than yours as “trolls” seem to be getting democrat disease.


    • 17CatsInTN says:

      There is a difference between real disappointment/discouragement and nattering nabobs of negativity. NNNs never offer solutions, spindly legs of faith or trust in a (yet) unknown solution.

      President Trump very seldom displays his ace cards, but he has demonstrated that he ALWAYS has them. Name one thing he has lost at that he PERSONALLY negotiated/structured/planned? That’s right, not a single one. He is only stymied by political opposition, whether it’s Congress, judges or his own party.

      Those who are temporarily blindsided with disappointment/discouragement, soon move past the symptoms and resurrect their faith and we see it in the progression of their comments. NNNs, i.e., trolls, sole purpose is to discourage and defeat us and they NEVER turn a corner to positive hope. THAT’S the difference and they don’t deserve any respect or credence whatsoever.

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