Barely Coherent: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes an Appearance…

A few weeks ago American media began heavily promoting a generally odd video of Supreme Court Justice doing a workout.  It seemed weird.  Today, the motive of putting out that video becomes transparent.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appears at an event hosted by the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA).  Watch:


How long can the left-wing apparatchik maintain a ruse that Justice Ginsburg is fit to remain on the court?

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821 Responses to Barely Coherent: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes an Appearance…

  1. gsonFIT says:

    I respect RBG but do not agree with her. I don’t, of course, know her and I am sure I would not particularly like her if we were to meet. Also, as we all are, I am beyond disgruntled with the whole dysfunctional mess in D.C. I know that PDJT is working hard and truthfully to fix it. I am a big believer in the constitution which MUST be used literally and never perversely interpreted as libs so want to do. But out of respect for the Human condition there must be a better way than for this poor old women to cling to her position on SCOTUS. I don’t claim to have a solution so I am somewhat conflicted pointing out what I see as a problem. But for the love of God I don’t see how she can spend her remaining days this way.

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    • powderdayrules says:

      Just wondering, gsonFIT, what is it about her that you respect?

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    • texasjimbrock says:

      Remember the saga of Mr Justice Douglas? Incapacitated and (apparently) convinced to resign, he insisted on still having an office at the SCOTUS building. Suggested that he be treated as a Justice Emeritus. Sad. Clinging to his office as a source of influence. RBG is similar.


  2. Chicago->Arizona says:

    There are actually 3 possibilities : Justice Ginsburg
    1. Retires
    2. Dies on the bench
    3. Ends up in a coma

    What would be the ramifications if she ends up in a coma ?

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  3. PonyBob Haslam says:

    OOPS. meant 6-3 , or even 7-2 conservative SCOTUS


  4. Cheesehead54016 says:

    She cannot possibly be productive and in that position we need and deserve productivity. Also deserve persons in that position to be at least average health and psychological levels. Maybe Im not rational with that expectation……..?

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  5. Neill says:

    Love CTH. But you’re way off base here. She lucidly decries the partisan nature of the confirmation process…

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  6. Targysan says:

    So she dies of old age, and Kagan and Sotomayor die in a car crash on their way to a Liberty game.

    Supreme Court on lockdown for the next 40 years.

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  7. James Loftus says:

    It is a mistake to confuse quickness with content. Like many of the posters here, I do not share RBG’s world view, but that is not the point. In theory, many viewpoints can help create a more accurate picture of reality, and facts are what are needed to make good decisions. RBG speaks with consideration of the meanings and effects her words will have. It’s something you can pick up with a bit of study and experience as you get older.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      James, I Agree: WHAT IS IT THAT IMPELS PEOPLE TO VOICE SUCH NASTINESS AGAINST SOMEONE THEY HAVE NEVER MET, AND WILL NEVER KNOW! I, also, do not agree with RBG’s decisions that I have been made aware of, but lord there is a LOT of venom displayed here by some..


      • Duke Magoo says:

        We didn’t use to be nasty, but after a couple of decades of being vilified, lied to, cheated, abused, shot at, beaten, discriminated against, shadow banned or outright banned on all social media for merely being conservative, we have had enough and we are tossing back now. it’s will get a lot worse, we are just getting warmed up … there are many of us and we are armed. It would be nice if the left stopped pushing and bringing things to this point.

        But they won’t. And if they ever get back in power. They will exact revenge on those of us who supported Trump.

        The left is working hard to bring us a civil war.

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  8. mcclainra says:

    She is really pitiful. Can’t sit up & problems talking, although memory appears to be better than physically.

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  9. ivanthenuc says:

    It may have already been mentioned, but the insanity and loss of control by the left over the current nomination is nothing compared to what we will see if President Trump gets to nominate RBGs successor. Lock and load…

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  10. Sequel to the movie “RBG”: Vacation at Ruthie’s.

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  11. Remember, nothing, nothing, nothing and I mean nothing is more important to Democrats than the Supreme Court. Bork, Thomas and Kavanaugh are just the tip of the iceberg if RBG kicks the bucket!

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  12. RBG wanted to retire if Hillary won but at 85 now, says she can go another 5 years. Fine dear, Trump will still be president for a second term and will get at least one more SC pick, your seat, if not two before his 8 years is over.

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  13. Zippy says:

    “How long can the left-wing apparatchik maintain a ruse that Justice Ginsburg is fit to remain on the court?”

    From current evidence and the fact that they’re dealing with an idiocracy, I’d say until she croaks.

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  14. mutantbeast says:

    Darth Bader Ginspuke NEVER should have been on the court in the first place. Seh was appointed strictly for ideological reasons, Buybba wanted another commie on the court and Dirtbaf Darth certainly fit the profile. Lets not forget, when the moosepig brutha hoods first killed Mubarak in Egypt and took oer there in the “arab spring” of 2012., Darth Bader went to Egypt , met with the brutha hoods and told them not to adopt the US Constitution as a model for governance. Thankfully, the miltary there knew all about the brutha hoods and removed them from power by force, which is the onlyl way you deal with moosepig vermin.

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  15. Richard Baker says:

    Her incoherence is new?

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  16. Seth Jernigan says:

    She can hang on all she wants, we have time. Trump is a shoe-in to win reelection so we are going to get her seat yet.
    Oh, and to any libtards in here, Justice Kavenaugh. Get used to saying it creeps, there ain’t nothing you can do about it

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  17. anthony dincecco says:

    OMG, what an absolute disgrace. this women only has her best interests at heart.

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  18. My memory is failing, but I just saw a promo for Ruth Ginsburg the Hero, or some such fluff on one if the channels by fox.

    A mini documentary on the “impact” of RBG (red blue green, hehehehe) on the court.

    They are FREAKING out about the thought of her being replaced by a Constitutionalist


  19. Patricia Dolan says:

    Midway through the video she talks about her “White House Handlers”. I’d like to know who her White House Handlers” were and why she had handlers. Stinks to me!


    • Canadatrump says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I think she still has handlers and I feel sorry for her now, she cannot retire in peace. Her handlers won’t let her. They are trying to oust VSGDJT before she goes. What a mess this all is, God help us to quite literally clear the immoral scum that have gripped not just the US but the world’s politics and corporations. Sunlight must come.

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      • texasjimbrock says:

        I suppose that she was referring to the folks who helped prepare her for and guide her through the confirmation hearings. Not after she was confirmed.


    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Joe Biden and Al Franken?


  20. mashall says:

    Ruthie the Commie is Drunk….
    She’s throwing away her Golden Years for adoration spit.
    I’m no genius, but… In My Opinion…
    Don’t be the Old Fool that never retires….If you keep your nose to the Grindstone too long it will come out of the back of your head.
    Your Mileage May Vary…..


  21. namberak says:

    … and then there’s this. Who the heck parts with their hard earned coin to buy this?

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  22. mashall says:

    Ask anyone on their dying bed how they would spend anymore time if they had it and they usually will say they would spend it with Family and Friends going and doing fun things….
    Not at work.

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  23. 86 the Deep State says:

    Is it true they had to delay taping because RBG shat herself? Just asking.


  24. JohnMcStain says:

    RBG is the McStain of the SCOTUS, bitter clinger until the last breath.

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  25. railer says:

    Poor old gal, she really needs to get out of that job and enjoy her last years. She’s hasn’t got dementia and appears responsive, but clearly she’s too feeble to perform as she once did and as we should expect on the SC. Age gets us all. I’m sure she’s got some sharp clerks to handle the business of her office, but no way is she the driver of that business. She doesn’t have the strength, not if this is her level of energy. I don’t wish ill on her, but given her obviously weak condition, something can come along and take her suddenly, and the stress she’s putting herself through isn’t helping matters. You’ve done enough, old girl. Time to get selfish and think only of yourself.

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  26. Tom says:

    If RBG should leave the Court and Trump gets another pick or 2 before 2020, and the Dems win the White House in 2020, we already have a good idea what their strategy is going to be. It will be to pack the Supreme Court by increasing its size to 13 and to appoint four liberal judges to the Court. Republicans should be preparing for that possibility now and figuring out a way to stop it.

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    • Woody says:

      Doesn’t that take amending the Constitution? SC packing should be very high bar for either party to achieve alone without bipartisan consensus.


      • Tom says:

        No, you do not have to amend the Constitution. The Constitution is silent on the number of Supreme Court justices and historically there were only 6 and that increased to 9 in 1869. FDR tried to “pack the Court” in the 1930s but that was defeated. However, the mere threat of packing the Court cause Justices to switch their votes against the constitutionality of New Deal policies to voting in favor. So, Court packing legislation will be on the agenda for Democrats if Trump should appoint more Justices. Republicans should be thinking about this now and how to stop it.

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    • texasjimbrock says:

      Oh, gee. Tom, you sound like FDR.


  27. I thought she was Stephen Hawkings!

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  28. jmclever says:

    That’s really sad. They cant just let her retire in peace and savor what’s left of her life but keep her propped up for their own selfish reasons.


  29. Tellthewholetruth says:

    Hope this idea hasn’t been posted already…saw it yesterday on a Daily Caller thread, wish I had thought of it. Poster suggests that if PDJT does get another opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice that he nominate Hillary Clinton, resulting in FBI vetting and questioning under oath by Senators examining her life back to high school as done to Kavanaugh.

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  30. Prof. Woland says:

    She reminds me of Chauncey Gardner.


  31. suehrs says:

    I sent her prayers. I too am grateful she did not leave during BHO. It is sad to watch how much effort it takes her to speak.


  32. Fools Gold says:

    Personally I think she’s hanging on to see if the D’s win the midterms and they start Trumps impeachment. It’s the Dims only hope. However, she needs a hang on at least a little over 2 years for 2020 to save the liberal constitution haters. I’d bet a $100 that she cried her eyes out whenever Crooked Hillary wasn’t hired.


  33. jubadoobai says:

    The Notorious RBG appears to suffer from scoliosis, hence her head bent forward and down. Her speech is slow, but her memory and reasoning faculties don’t seem to be impaired. I’m no Lib, but if she wants to stay on the SCt, let her. It’s her job. Sometimes, the only thing standing between an elderly person and death is the activity of a job. Do I want her to resign? Yes, I do. I want Trump to nominate her replacement so we will have a SCt that looks to the Constitution instead of foreign law, as Notorious RBG does. Still, the job is hers until death if she wishes to remain.


  34. Hittman says:

    How many times a day do her staff have to wake her up during the day?? SCOTUS and Congress ought to have an age restriction.


  35. Kevin Hemminger says:

    She seemed extraordinarily frail, but coherent and reasonable. I don’t like her opinions and I’m excited to see her leave sooner rather than later, but removal for objective frailty is a slippery slope that can work against conservatives.


  36. fred5678 says:

    RBG is a selfish, selfish woman. He physical frailty is that of someone who should be in a full-time personal care facility. She is WAY past her sell-by date, especially for her age.

    My former father-in-law is 102 and uses a walker to get around, no wheelchair, and loves to play frisbee with his great-grandkids.

    I am 75 — 4 years ago I placed 2nd overall among men in a 5K race. I just started a full time job teaching Honors Geometry in public high school.

    A friend of mine is 84 and swims 800 meters every morning.

    RBG should have gracefully retired years ago.


  37. nuthinmuffin says:

    she looks like she needs to be in an assisted living facility


  38. Francine Hutcheson says:

    Her words were spaced out but calculated and clear. So while I agree her frail body is no doubt succumb by age there was no indication to me that her mind was not clearly intact. Actually found it interesting that she would make those statements knowing that she herself intended to retire if Clinton was elected and chose not to when Clinton was not elected. That indicates a clearly partisan decision but I suspect in her mind she already knew that Republicans were going to likely place two justices, and at least definitely one. So probably in her mind she sees her decision as one of preserving diversity of the Supreme Court.


  39. Brad Nelson says:

    Wondering if she will keep her seat if she is put on life support equipment?


  40. nervecellguy says:

    May I make my humble observations? Neurologist here. There are some videos on YouTube to view but of course nothing beats examining someone over time. Nothing unusual in a video from 1993. 7 years ago, her head was already slightly bent forward.

    From the videos 3 years ago, one could see some progressive observations. Face that’s progressively getting less animate. Decreasing speech volume and later less articulation. Occasionally wiping the corners of her mouth (? to control drooling ?) The head that’s pushed forward and slightly to the left, almost as if she couldn’t raise her head especially recently – some sort of dystonia (abnormal muscle pulling) we call anterocollis? The worsening hunching over (kyphosis) which could also be some form of trunk dystonia.

    A video from 2 years ago shows her walking, briefly – some decreased in step length and possibly arm swing but portion was very short so one cannot draw conclusions. It’s unfortunate there are no videos or even media descriptions of her walking. Is she brought in via wheelchair? Nobody has made that important observation? Or observations have been suppressed by the EneMedia?

    I suspect some sort of Parkinson’s – Plus syndrome. Not the typical Parkinson’s disease, especially as she doesn’t have a tremor (shaking), and one side doesn’t seem worse than the other. Also arm movements are smaller although not much difference in sides. The balance problems (assumed since she had a fall bad enough to fracture ribs) would also go with that. Most patients will have decreased eye blinking – she has fairly frequent – although I wonder if that’s also a dystonia or from dry eyes (also associated finding). One type of Parkinson’s plus syndrome is Progressive Supranuclear Palsy to go with her head being pulled forward and to the left, although she does seem to move her eyes fairly well.

    This might also explain her falling asleep during important events. Alternatively medications used for treatment of symptoms may cause drowsiness.

    This is educated speculation only – just to give everyone something to think about, that there is possibly / probably a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, making Ginsberg unfit for continued service at her post . We will never know the true story given suppression of facts.


    • nervecellguy says:

      Just to add – some forms of Primary Parkinson’s Disease don’t have much tremor and patients tend to have balance problems and falls earlier – which she may also have.


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