RIP Burt Reynolds 1936-2018

Burt Reynolds has passed away. A representative confirmed today he died in Jupiter, Fla. He was 82.

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103 Responses to RIP Burt Reynolds 1936-2018

  1. WSB says:

    Thank you, Mr. Burt Reynolds. No matter your faults, you made us laugh! Godspeed!

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  2. Martin says:

    When Burt and Lonnie were together, they had a plantation just over the line from here, down outside Monticello, FL. A painter buddy of mine was on the crew that redid the entire house. Massive. He eventually met them both. He said Lonnie was even better looking than on TV, in her ‘natural’ self, and that Burt was just as nice a guy as he appeared to be in films. Regular people, famous for their talent. And looks.

    RIP, Burt. Thanks for the memories.

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  3. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    He was one hunk in “Deliverance” The movie was shot in Tallulah Gorge, Ga. Just a few miles from me!


  4. MaFreeman says:

    Once again, late to Sundance’s party. A bit of trivia … Pa recollects sitting in a swing with Jerry & Burt while they were filming in Redan, (pronounced RE DAN, not RE DON as some “news” folks say). Seems the next door Methodist church put a chain across their drive but Thomas O’Grady Freeman welcomed the crew (no charge back then). Down to earth were Burt & Jerry and they could tell the tales and bring the laughter.

    The Freemans were neither rich nor affluent; Thomas O’Grady’s Daddy was a “Home Child” brought to Canada from England. Thomas O’Grady was 1st to own a home – they ate what they caught.

    Anyway, Burt got “tore up” drinking one night. Thomas O’Grady offered him a bed to sleep in, but Burt declined the offer saying he’d rather sleep in the yard remembering his earlier years.

    FWIW – Thomas O’Grady also often hosted the “Goat Man” at his pond.

    Thanks & God Bless you Sundance,


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