NBC Releases Portion of Secretly Recorded Audio of John Kelly Firing Omarosa Manigault…

Former short-term White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman is attempting to stir up interest in a new book by delivering audio that she secretly recorded in the White House situation room when she was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly.  Ms. Manigault released the audio to NBC for use in a Sunday broadcast of Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

There is a strong possibility Ms. Manigault has committed several violations of federal law with a secret electronic recording within a SCIF (Situation Room); however, any action therein would only further provide fuel for her already discredited self-promotion. The fact Ms. Manigault made the recording speaks to her duplicitous intent and lack of integrity.

Here’s the audio:


Interestingly, Ms. Manigault and NBC did not release the continued audio portion where WH attorneys outlined the legal and ethical violations that led to her firing; and the legal risk upon her departure.

Here’s the Transcript: GEN. JOHN KELLY: Hi.

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: Hi there, how are you?

JOHN KELLY: Who are you?



JOHN KELLY: Could you leave us alone?



JOHN KELLY: I’m only going to stay for a couple of minutes. These are lawyers. We’re going to talk to you about leaving the White House. It’s come to my attention, over the last few months, that there’s been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues related to you and use of government vehicles and some other issues. And they’ll, they’ll, they’ll walk you through the legal aspects of this. But there is some, from my view, there’s some money issues and other things, but from my view, the integrity issues are very serious. I’m stuck with my past experience and that is, when we hold people accountable in the military, I would, I compare what I see here at the White House and other issues that I’ve had to deal with and say what would I do to this, in this case if I was in the Pentagon dealing with a Marine or a soldier or something like that? And the issue that you may or may not have a full appreciation for, but I think you do, this would be a pretty high level of accountability, meaning a court-martial. We’re not suggesting any legal action here.

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: That I — that I did?

JOHN KELLY: Just stay with me, just stay with me. Yep. That it would be a a pretty serious offense. So with that I’m just going to ask you — these gentlemen will explain it. We’ll bring a personnel person in after after they talk to you. But just to understand that I’d like to see this be a a friendly departure. There are pretty significant legal issues that we hope don’t develop into something that, that’ll make it ugly for you. But I think it’s important to understand that if we make this a friendly departure we can all be, you know, you can look at, look at your time here in, in the White House as a year of service to the nation. And then you can go on without any type of difficulty in the future relative to your reputation. But it’s very, very important I think that you understand that there are some serious legal issues that have been violated. And you’re, you’re open to some legal action that we hope, I think, we can control, right? So with that, if you would stay here with these gentlemen they’ll lay this thing out –

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: Can I ask you a couple questions? Does the president — is the president aware of what’s going on?

JOHN KELLY: Don’t do — let’s not go down the road. This is a non-negotiable discussion.

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: I don’t want to negotiate. I just, I’ve never talked — had a chance to talk to you General Kelly so if this is my departure I’d like to have at least an opportunity –


OMAROSA: –to understand.

JOHN KELLY: We can, we can talk another time. This has to do with some pretty serious violat — integrity violations. So I’ll let it go at that. So the the staff and everyone on the staff works for me, not the president. And so after your departure I’ll inform him if he gets interested on, on where you may be. So with that I’ll let you go and if gentlemen you could take it.

MALE VOICE: Thanks. Yep. I’m really sorry we’re here.

Here’s the Meet the Press interview accompanying the release.


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482 Responses to NBC Releases Portion of Secretly Recorded Audio of John Kelly Firing Omarosa Manigault…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Publius2016 says:

      the man was close friends with Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali too! President Trump does not have close female friends…he is the BOSS! doesn’t see color except the Red White and Blue now! of course, he loves Gold and Green too!!

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      • oldschool says:

        Agree publius. DJT led a billionaire jet setting life. His circle of “friends” and business acquaintences included many controversial and “shady” people like Tyson, Don King, Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson, al sharpton, cohen, mooch, and more. That’s just how he rolled. As PDJT, these relationships no longer fit. Not sure he gave that much thought 2 years ago. Not a criticism.

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  2. Michelle says:

    Ironically, Omarosa would have fared better if she just made her accusations without the tape and left people wondering. Instead, by releasing the actual conversation, she only proved that Kelly acted completely normal and that her firing was completely justified.

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    • letty bromenschenkel says:

      she got 15 million for lying to her liberal hate ghost writers
      she never even wrote the book, and does not even know what is in it.

      the liberal hate machines write these “TELL ALL HATE BOOKS” for the
      con artists and give them bad advice: Sensationalize for the benefit of the MEDIA
      Notice she was already scheduled on every single TOP hate MEDIA fake news show

      Comey also never wrote his book either
      The hired hate writers wrote it for him.

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    • cali says:

      @Michelle: Omarosa obviously secretly recorded this conversation between Gen. Kelly and herself. Why would she arrive with a secret recording device ready to go? I assume that she either knew her time was up or she planned to write this drivel aka book all along ergo secret recording for her future book.

      Either way this recording is now a crime for one and secondly she signed the NDA as she started working in the white house. Releasing this secret recording via the media has now turned into criminal action and violation of the terms in the NDA.

      She is stupid!

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      • Cali-stupid AND mean spirited.


      • Nan says:

        Or… it was standard for her to bring a recording device into the Situation Room, in clear defiance of SCIF security protocols.

        I cannot stand these people. Back when I was active duty, we took security issues very seriously. I remember when we were still having arguments over whether or not you could leave your hands-free car door lock fob in your pocket when you came into a SECRET area. Took a year to get your clearance; took months to just get the paperwork filled out properly. I’ve seen clearances pulled over credit card debts. I’ve seen people drummed out entirely for innocent network security breaches. These things were enforced mercilessly.

        But all these civilians get to waltz in on no more endorsement than the word of some elected official, with zero concern for what kind of damage their actions could be causing? It’s infuriating. So many people try so hard to keep our country safe, so much is sacrificed, and people like Omarosa have zero compunction about ignoring it all.

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      • New Nonna Again!!! says:

        Or she recorded many, if not all, her conversations in the WH. How wrong is that!? No character. She sucks.

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    • Apparently she had no idea she was going to be fired, yet she was already recording the meeting. How many other confidential meetings did she record during her stint at the WH?

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    • Andrew Paul Skaggs says:

      It’s similar to police wearing cameras because they now can’t claim racism or murder. MAGA! She’s just a fame seeking moron. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


    • jakee308 says:

      Didn’t we already see this movie? Back when she was double dealing on the Apprentice?

      I never understood why Trump brought her into the WH after her double dealing and lying ways were so much part of her past with him.

      Something going on their that’s not obvious.

      What is obvious is that she’s going to get indicted and that someone gave her bad advice or egged her on in her drive for more notoriety.

      You can’t just tape record anyone you like when it come to the top echelons of Government. Has nothing to do with Trump. Them’s the rules.


    • nbkilgore says:

      All public information made available draws the conclusion that she had ill conceived intentions the day she entered the White House. Seems like Omarosa was setting up long drawn out plan to undermine POTUS, but she just wasn’t able to get around the safety net put in place CoS Gen. Kelly. Who is her puppet master, what was the planned outcome?


  3. The Radar Guy says:

    I had the distinct displeasure of being the fall guy who had to relieve a (then) recent hire from a government supervisory position a few years back. As the employee was a woman, you better believe I walked in with a script (and other witnesses)….

    My guess – even at the highest levels of the government, it is practically impossible to fire someone. It surprises me not the least little bit that GEN Kelly wanted the action to occur in his space (thus the situation room) and had witnesses present. It also surprises me not at all that he was probably working from a script (or detailed notes).

    He probably anticipated her interruptions and dealt with as efficiently as possible. What he could not anticipate is that she would record the conversation in a SCIF. Some folks here seem to think that would be a criminal act. My guess is no – SCIFs always have warnings about leaving phones and recording devices outside and have lockers for dropping off such accessories. But an educated guess is this might be a suspension leading to perhaps dismissal type infraction but is likely not illegal. As she was already being dismissed, there is little additional that probably can be done.

    I, like many other CTH folks, am amazed that the MSM thinks there is a story here and it is negative to either Kelly or PDJT. All the recording does is beg the question about why the lawyers needed to be there to discuss her behaviors… Cutting the recording off before we get to that point is shameful… That is, a self-respecting media would NEVER go with an obviously edited recording without asking what the inappropriate to perhaps illegal behavior was… But then we know it isn’t news, its 1984 style propaganda….

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    • ❌ ZurichMike ❌ says:

      You are correct! This was a “plain vanilla” separation of an employee from employment: the manager says “you’re fired” and then hands it over to the HR folks for processing of paperwork, return of company equipment, etc.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      The WH can use this latest distraction (and that’s what it is: when April Ryan is distancing herself from you and your “big scoop”, then you know something is up) to keep the msm focused on an arrogant jackwagon with no sense while something else happens.

      Even if not, while it is an obnoxious situation, nonetheless this does put the President and Kelly in a positive light, not the opposite.

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    • Jim says:

      Just bringing a recording device into a SCIF is illegal except under EXTRAORDINARY circumstances. I’m quite sure that she didn’t meet those extraordinary circumstances.

      Click to access 2005-700-1-att1.pdf

      Making a recording in a SCIF without approval is a felony under 18 U.S.C Chapter 37 (numerous sub-sections would be applicable).

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      • The Radar Guy says:

        The first reference does a great job of laying out how it does take extraordinary measures to OK a recording device in a SCIF.

        Because I was curious (being around SCIFs for a long time), I also checked the US Code you reference. So I am an engineer and not a lawyer, but I do not see the applicable part of the code that she would have violated. Her lawyers would disagree that this is “defense information” but rather a simple discipline action. Without being able to show that something in the recording was classified under an appropriate security classification guide and, hence, improperly disseminated, this would be a tough go I would think.

        There would be a good reason not to overly criminalize this type of activity. I am left wondering how many times when I had General Officers or SES personnel come into my SCIF for a briefing that they forgot to turn over their phones… If this was pursued, half the Generals in the country would be guilty – lol……

        Also, if Clinton wasn’t prosecuted for her clear and manifold examples of improperly disseminating clearly classified data, how fair would it be to pursue this trivial case of terrible behavior… The best choice was the one they were pursuing – get rid of a bad apple….


        • Mickjt says:

          The real violation would be if she used her phone and it also has a camera…THAT is strictly forbidden as it is easy to take a picture of a classified document and walk out with it.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Roger thsat, we had a person who’d embezzled and had her handvslapped and told to pay back the money. Our usual SOP (Federal) was to ‘turkey out’ an employee closeish to retirement – give him a desk with no real job and let him stew.
      Those not close can be put into another job within his/her series and made uncomfortable to see if they’d retire. Also, if they get a chance to move to another agency the agency they’re with generally won’t tell the gaining agency their prospective new hire’s a problem child.
      If they managed to Firing is very difficult and there can be splashback all over. The unions get involved if the firee is a protected person, there are lawyers that specialize in civil service terminations and most Federal HROs screw up somewhere along the line. Firinga are rare.

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      • mickjt says:

        It is actually very easy to ‘Fire’ Govt. employees but the tactic is seldom used… Their organization must Delete the govt. job slot they occupy, then they are out and can re-apply but if their appraisal closeout is written as an ‘Unsuccessful’, getting rehired would be next to impossible. Few supervisors are willing to do that but in cases where the employee is effectively ‘stealing’ govt. property/money, they CAN easily be fired.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          I know that – that’s how many Federal agencies (especially mine) got rid of pesky Reservists and National Guard after 911. When I left active duty and returned to civil service after Desert Storm the supervisors were furious that we were called up and they had to build schedules around Res/Guard who’d been deployed. All they talked about for years was how our being called up irritated them and what they could do about it.
          Come 911 and the ittitation went into high gear, USERRA had that ‘delete the position’ clause built in and they tried to use it whenever they could. Thing is that deleting the position isn’t something you can do like changing socks .
          Getting an unsuccessful appraisal is problematic too, especially if you’re career, as the recipient can tie the super who wrote the appraisal up with actions claiming that if the super knew the employee were not performing up to standards where are the counseling notes and attempts to train the employee to standards. Most supers are really not into doing all they should and frequetly get caught in the ‘oops,didn’t do that’ trap.
          There are unions and even somevFederal repd who are really hinky about touching an agency’s manning document. When our agency lost a huge contract to a civilian firm we suddenly had a few hundred folks with no jobs. The agency assisted them bumping employees in the same series out, moving these bumpees into slots of the same series but in a job they were totally ignorant of. The ones bumpred were allowed to take early retirement if they wanted but all were found new jobs so that the net result of losing the contract was zero to the manning document.
          In my experience it is possible to fire an civil service employee just like it’s possible to turn lead into gold but in both processes it’s extremely difficult and ci
          osts more than the final product’s worth.


      • Mr. T. says:

        Czarowniczy, it’s not difficult to terminate the employment of a civil service employee. The problem with doing so in most cases is that the supervisor is just too damn lazy to document the wrongdoings of the employee, discuss these problems with the employee, give them a chance to straighten up, even placing them on probation if warranted. Should the employee continue to underperform or violate policies and procedures, then termination of employment would be warranted. If a civil service employee’s position is one that is covered by civil service protection, meaning, that the employee can appeal their termination to the civil service merit review board, then in many cases the terminated employee may go that route. Many supervisory positions are not protected under civil service code, especially if they serve at the pleasure of a general manager or director, and the same applies to directors and general managers, they aren’t in protected positions.

        You will notice that McCabe wasn’t able to request a hearing in front of the civil service merit review board. His only legal option is to file a lawsuit for wrongful termination and he would have a hard time trying to defend his conduct while he was the deputy director of the FBI. I’m not sure if Strozk’s position was that of a protected one, but if it is and should his employment be terminated, which it most likely will be, he’ll have a hard time trying to convince a civil service merit review board that his employment was wrongfully terminated. He’s a very dirty LEO and his career is OVER. The revocation of his security clearance, making him surrender his FBI credentials and service issued weapon, in addition to him being placed on paid suspension, is the beginning of the employment termination process. He will most likely have to go in front of the Office of Professional Responsibility board, and he will have a very hard time trying to convince them that his inappropriate and illegal behavior was justified.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          My point is that where there are ways to terminate an employee the process is hindered by bthe supervisor’s screwups along the way and the way the system can be manipulated. I used to get the bulletin that reviewed the civil service removals that had been overturned at the national level – you can get a slug salted but if the slug wants to fight it and trail of supervisors hasn’t dotted evet ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’ it’s gonna be a long and hard slog with a good chance of failure. I worked for two of the largest Federal agencies and in all of my time never saw one successful firing and there were some egregious violations.


    • lollabells says:

      MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Any sane person who thinks this recording helps their case is just BONKERS! Furthermore where has journalism gone to not question why “the lawyers needed to be there to discuss her behaviors” I mean HELLO! I listened to the recording a few times just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything!! But as you said it isn’t news, its 1984 propaganda! Well said!!

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  4. dginga says:

    I don’t know why she would go public with a recording of a meeting of her being fired for what Gen. Kelly referred to repeatedly as “integrity” and ethical violations that could very well be actionable legally. He even had lawyers present to make her potential legal jeopardy very clear to her, before the HR people came in to do the actual separation. As a retired HR person, what I want to know after reading this transcript is “What on earth did she do???”. Clearly they did not want to charge her because of her relationship with Trump, but this weasel woman tries to use that relationship to save her lying butt, then when Flynn makes it clear that Trump cannot save her she turns on him and tries to trash him as much as she can. She is truly a disgusting human being.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    Too bad Fake News cannot research.
    Wikipedia –
    “‘Apprentice’ Omarosa storms off ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’ after seeing lie detector”
    23 Apr 2004
    “On April 14, Omarosa’s nemesis Ereka Vetrini, whom —>>>Omarosa accused of using the ‘n-word’ toward her<<<— (a charge denied by both Ereka and the show's producers), took a lie-detector test on the Howard Stern Show and, in her words, "passed with flying colors."…Said Ereka, "She doesn't want to talk about my lie detector test because she's lying."

    Omarosa is well-experienced in lying and playing the race card. Omarosa and Keith Ellison seem made for each other.

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  6. Lucille says:

    Katrina Pierson responds to Omarosa’s shocking claims
    Fox News

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  7. Newton Love says:

    It seems to me, that Ohmyrosary’s book is sort of an homage to the apocryphal book “The Gospel of Thomas,” where the writer alleges that after Jesus made public statements, he leaned over to Thomas and whisper into Thomas’ ear “that was for mass consumption; here’s the real deal: {insert next special knowledge assertion (lie) }”

    So Omy has special insider knowledge that only she knows, and she’s smearing it all over the news?

    I believe Melania has White House insider knowledge.
    Prolly Ivanka and Jarrod, too.
    Don Jr and Eric, after the Inauguration, not so much.
    Omy knows less White House insider knowledge than Barron, but he’s not talking.

    Omy will flame out from lack of fuel (and oxygen) in a few days, and the FAKE NEWS will be onto the next “THIS WILL FINISH TRUMP!” falsehood that will also fail.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Omarosa and Obama share the power to look busy while doing very little! She spent her time recording people instead of MAGA!! How many of us would sacrifice everything to be a part of this incredible Second American Revolution??? she’ll probably get an MSNBC Saturday show like Jeanine on Fox, but she’ll always be a liar…

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Thomas Wictor’s take on Omarosa/POTUS/ INCREDIBLE.


    • Deplorable Patriot says:

      For the most part, yes. But, truthfully, when the whole story comes out, we’ll all be shocked to learn how long he has been planning and waiting for this.


      • mickjt says:

        That is what I was thinking when I saw this…Opportunist comes to mind…She likely has a very poor work ethic and it’s all about ‘her’! That leads to this type of behavior of trying to smash face your former ‘Friend’, then try to use made up dirt to further your own career. This whole episode smells really bad! She knew she could make up her lies and the MSM would worship her.


  8. Peoria Jones says:

    I honestly don’t get it, about the “n” word. I don’t like it, don’t like to hear it used, and about the only time I do, is when black individuals are driving around with their stereos blaring. But it is JUST. A. WORD.

    There are vile, pejorative words used against women and just about every other segment of the population. Nasty language, but again – just words.

    Using such language out in public, where innocent people may be offended, is wrong. But to pry into people’s PRIVATE conversations in order to look for a stupid word in order to find a reason for manufactured outrage or offense afterward is simply un-American.

    There are certain times you can say certain things, and certain times you shouldn’t. Nonetheless, we should all fight for our free speech and privacy rights. The notion that there is one single word which some people are not allowed to say, but another group can do so freely, is ridiculous.

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    • letty bromenschenkel says:

      OMAROSA! You are already a documented liar and a fraud. Yu sold your soul and the soul of this nation for your 15 million pieces of silver because you are a born hater.

      for over 35 years, every year, TRUMP employed over 30,000 people all sexes all races from construction, housekeeping, transportation, maintenance to professional services and connected with them daily and SUDDENLY he uses the N WORD for your benefit ::: not one other employee ever ever ever made that claim.

      OMAROSA a brain transplant cannot help you get closer to fact, sanity, reality

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      After reading my own post, I’d better clarify the following:

      “I don’t like it, don’t like to hear it used, and about the only time I do, is when black individuals are driving around with their stereos blaring.”

      To be clear, I meant that the only time I hear the word used is when it is coming from loud rap music – NOT that that’s when I, myself, use the word.

      Hopefully, you all knew what I meant. I’m sorry to have written that so poorly!

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      • mickjt says:

        Having experienced many times the same Rap-Crap with the ‘N word’ blaring from a car with over size speakers and the usual Thump Thump shaking everything around them, I fully understood your reference! Someone needs to come up with a device that can blow their devices out so they become inoperative…if only!


        • Peoria Jones says:

          If we could add a few other choice words to the list, I’d pay whatever it costs to own such a device! Forcing your profanity, racism, hatred for women and police, and word porn on the captive general population ought not be tolerated.


      • cattastrophe says:

        Free speech is free speech. What I say in anger or not really has no bearing on how I’ve conducted my life. A single word no matter how used is meaningless that’s why the left tries to use it against people. I see no reason for you to try to explain whether you’ve ever used a pejorative about blacks. You and all other whites (even liberals) are accused of racism constantly no matter how you’ve lived your life. We really are living in a police state when your conduct in life is of no value if you’ve uttered one word.


  9. Unknownsailor says:

    Portable electronic devices are not to be brought into a SCIF, even if all electronics inside the SCIF are turned off, and all secure storage containers are locked. Omarossa broke serious regulations bringing a recording device into the SCIF, but as we all now know, enforcing consequences for breaking security regulations are discretionary. If they were not, Hillary would already be wearing her orange jump suit in Federal prison, and so would most of her SecState staff.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      she was worse than a wet sponge…if she would “tape” this then what other “tapes” does she have??? April Ryan is now on speed dial…also any politicians and entertainers too! she’s a walking liar…

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    special counsel will now RAID Omarosa’s Home Looking for the tapes! will they give her immunity too?

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  11. jello333 says:

    Can someone explain to me what was ever special about this person? About all I know is that she was one of the Apprentice contestants. And then later on, for some reason I’m unsure of, Trump thought she would be a good person to have on staff. Was it an “outreach” type thing?… I mean, that she could maybe help on the race-relations front? Regardless, all I can say is that the few times I saw her talk she never stuck me as anything impressive.

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    • treehouseron says:

      She was on the very first season of the Apprentice, and in general was a cut throat, lying, manipulative bitch.

      She lost, because President Trump fired her. She was brought back on another season, because she was historically the most memorable character from the show… because of her incredibly bad behavior. She lost again. and President Trump fired her a second time.

      He brought her back AGAIN for yet another season of the Apprentice (because she’s so memorable) and once again she did a horrible job. Of note, Dennis Rodman could not stand her, and Dennis Rodman likes everybody alive including Kim Jung Un. So she got fired a THIRD time.

      President Trump generally really liked her because she made good t.v. The first season of the Apprentice (which she was on) was a ratings juggernaut and she was at least some part of him making Hundreds of Millions of dollars off of “The Apprentice”.

      Somewhere in between all of that, Omarosa was engaged to actor Michael Clark Duncan, who was the frankly beloved character from “The Green Mile” … he passed away and she made headlines when the 9-1-1 tape of her calling in to the paramedics, and being instructed to perform CPR valiantly attempting to save his life was released by the lying-ass Main Stream Media.

      So when he became President, he really wanted to bring in conservatives, and liberals, so he not only could get advice from both sides, but to try and unite the country a little bit. She was essentially an ‘outreach’ like you said to the black community.

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      • Esperanza says:

        She’s a one man confirmation reality TV is not scripted lol. I saw her Apprentice episode and thought she was playing the villain. Turns out she wasn’t playing lol…

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        • Deplorable Patriot says:

          It could turn out that she’s still playing that part. We just don’t know.


          • cattastrophe says:

            Believe it. It’s who she is. Many of us in the course of our lives have encountered such a sly backstabbing person. Oh they know how to manipulate and explain but that can never overcome their actions. One of the most common sense old saying ever is “actions speak louder that words”. The Bible also says (not a quote) “they are known by their fruits”. No constant explanation, no matter how appealing can overcome what they actually do. There is only one action that can save you from a person like this and their enturbulating ways. Disconnect and don’t look back.


    • czarowniczy says:

      She’s part of that new Hollyork group of Media Personailities. They’re people famous for being famous. I mean, really, look at the Kardashians, duh. Omarosa surfs current events, the media eggs her on, she ups the ante, the media puts her front and center, she’s got herself a really neat part time job.
      She got some vmoney and notoriety working with Trump and now she sees a chance for cash and relevance by dumping on Trump. Only folks who take her seriously are those who need to.

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  12. treehouseron says:

    What Omarosa has revealed more than anything is how mind numbingly DUMB she is.

    I’ve seen people like this before. She’s a ‘right fighter’, but she’s so stupid she doesn’t realize when she doesn’t have the high ground.

    The other night I was watching “my 600 pound life” and the show eventually culiminated with the incredibly obese woman the Angelic doctor was trying to save the life of, arguing with him over whether or not he believed in God (which he eventually agreed that he did). Then she spent the next several months arguing about his lack of belief in God (which wasn’t the case) instead of losing weight. She was completely oblivious to the fact that God has sent her the greatest weight loss doctor in the world to help her.


    Anyways, my point is, Omarosa think’s she’s right, but this tape she played just shows President Trump and General Kelly in a POSITIVE light, and her in a NEGATIVE light. Then she broke the law to record it… then broke the law again by releasing it. She still think’s she’s right. She’s wrong about 3 ways out, and that’s just what we’re aware of.

    Very dumb woman.

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    • lawton says:

      Sorry but more conspiracy nonsense like the Mueller is a white hat mess he ran with for months. She is kust low down like Trump said and trying to get paid.


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Rex makes some interesting points. I disagree about omarosa coming out “in a few weeks” to say she recorded the media. If I accept that she is doing this with the President’s knowledge then her coming out and admitting it goes against the President’s admitted MO – that he does not let his enemies know what he is doing.


    • Deplorable Patriot says:

      Amazing the number of people who saw through this one. Maybe we’re all getting better at reading the signs.


  13. his2bless says:

    She knows She did things against the Law . I saw problems with her when she was on The Apprentice Season 1 . She’s a Narcissist . Sue Her


  14. apfelcobbler says:

    Omarosa was too clever by half in getting that recording. Apparently she is banks on people automatically believing whatever allegations are to follow, simply because an indisputable authentic recording exists. Stormy, move over!


  15. Bamalaker says:

    Guys! Trump has known this woman for YEARS! He knows EXACTLY who she is. He knows exactly what she’s capable of. Either he knew she would do this and baited her or she’s in on it with him. Either way, Trump knows everything we know about Omarosa and MORE! I’m over here laughing my butt off. 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  16. TMonroe says:

    “OMAROSA MANIGAULT: Can I ask you a couple questions? Does the president — is the president aware of what’s going on?”

    Gone fishing…


  17. letty bromenschenkel says:

    who advised her to go public to incriminate herself?


  18. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I have read and re-read. Listened and re-listened. Could someone please explain what it is that I missed? Why is this a thing? Please. My brain hurts.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Cleetus says:

    Some things to consider.
    First, it is a huge violation of a number of regulations to take a recording device into a SCIF. To do so speaks volumes on the thinking of Omarosa and puts her in extreme legal jeopardy.
    Second, Omarosa entered the SCIF that day not knowing she was going to be fired. therefore she did not know this was a special occasion for her to record. This means that she either must have been taking a recording device into the SCIF on a routine basis or she got extremely lucky to have it there and recording on the one day she happened to get fired. I do not buy the extremely lucky option and believe that she routinely took the recording device into the room to record all she could.
    Third, this recording shoe clearly how the firing was handled and how it was all done properly.
    Fourth, by Omarosa taking this recording and making it public, she has foolishly opened a can of worms. Not only is she now showing the world the reason for her firing that would likely have been kept both confidential and out of a courtroom, but now she has opened herself up to other charges such as recording in a SCIF and other issues.
    This all goes back to Trump and his favoring Omarosa. What did he see in her that cause him to want to keep her around. She is obviously a bad seed and will crate problems where ever she goes.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. moe ham head says:

    wow that has to be the most racist rant ive ever heard (sarc)


  21. JAS says:

    the DOJ and FBI should throw the book at her. Oh, wait…

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Comrade Mope says:

    I’m not buying it. I’ve been on this rollercoaster too many times to get all excited. Yeah, Omarosa is a diva, but she’s Trump’s diva. It kinda reminds me of Dr. Ben Carson’s knife story. My guess is this is Gen. Kelly’s swan song.


    • Anon says:

      I hope so. Heard so many negative things about Kelly since he was hired, and he seems to butt heads with everybody. The tapes make him sound like an underhanded dictator who thinks he’s President.

      Trump may have been happy with early “results” Kelly got, without realizing how he did it (and the long term costs).


  23. Jack Rail says:

    Omar’s success depended entirely on Donald Trump. He made her rich and famous and she double crosses him. She’ll get some minor mileage out of this, but after that her easy public life is over.


  24. Amy1212 says:

    The story is not credible on so many levels. If this happened in a SCIF, the cell phone would have been detected IMMEDIATELY. Scramblers would have prevented any recording.There is NO WAY to “secretly” record in this setting. The quality of the recording is like it was sitting on the table. Nothing adds up.


  25. Mike diamond says:

    Omaros should of been fired it has nothing to go with her, race she is a leaker, who would record this stuff then give it to the press and write a book???she’s a drama queen! Is it legal for someone to record a private meeting in the whitehouse then release it to the press!wow if she had done this to Obama the fbi,and the Loretta lynch,doj,would have put her in prison! Unless the rules have changed government employees and contractors are asked in writing not to write a book or talk about private imformation,or record private conversations regarding government things!


  26. Dee says:

    1. She was working for Hillary in the beginning before Trump
    2. Her first foreign trip was to Haiti.


  27. namberak says:

    “This is a non-negotiable discussion.” That reminded me of that Moynahan’s line that ‘Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.


  28. ruralnc6 says:

    I watched every episode of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. DJT gave her every chance on her two show’s appearances. After his announcement to run for president, Omarosa, who’d become a minister, joined the DJT prayer group with Paula White, Darrell Scott, etc. When she recently remarried, she did so in DJT’s DC hotel. She claimed to love DJT. I had believed she’d changed from being a “horrific woman” as she had projected on the Apprentice shows and began to like her. I look forward to seeing what she’s now reaped for herself by becoming a fame seeker and disrespecting the one man who gave her every opportunity in the world.


  29. mashall says:

    Lowlife is a very apt description for Ms Obolarosa-Manigault
    It’s the perpetually agrieved opportunist type….Chip on the shoulder “affirmative-action” hire female walking around with a recording device trying to get a boss or co-worker on tape saying something that fulfills the intentionally vague and problematic interpretation of “creates a hostile work environment” definition.
    They run straight to their lawyer and EEOC, anything for a settlement $
    Didn’t this Empty head bring a wedding party to the White House for a photo op and violate the law in the process? I recall she did.


  30. Q&A says:

    An accurate and funny interview with Tucker and Piers about the vile varmit, Miss O…


  31. CNN_sucks says:

    Too many hangers on, President Trump. No tears for Omarosa. She should not have given a job at all. She is unqualified.


  32. mashall says:


    Liked by 1 person

  33. Comrade Mope says:

    President Trump needs to get a dog like every other president. Trump could name him “Omarosa”.


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