National Security Advisor John Bolton Discusses Renewed Sanctions on Iran…

National Security Advisor John Bolton appears on Fox News with Lou Dobbs to discuss the renewed sanctions against Iran and the U.S.-China trade dispute.

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42 Responses to National Security Advisor John Bolton Discusses Renewed Sanctions on Iran…

  1. DanO64 says:

    Lots of activity. Is the shows about to start?

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  2. Lars says:

    Bolton takes a needed no-nonsense approach

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  3. ck says:

    Canada/KSA, Di-Fi, this Iran stuff, talking about five eyes again. We’ll have a front row seat.

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  4. GB Bari says:

    I hear no subtle changes in Boltons message. That means that everything is still going according to the Plan.

    Sundance said that VSGPDJT & Team has gamed out all of this beforehand. Nothing yet hints that not to be true.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    The relationship our President has built with Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, Jordan 🇯🇴, Egypt 🇪🇬, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 and Bahrain 🇧🇭 as well as having Israel 🇮🇱 be a part of it is absolutely breathtaking!

    All those countries celebrated as much as every single Deplorable when our President won. They knew that they had an 8 year window to take care of all the issues in the ME and Northern Africa. Everyday that goes by is one less day they have left.

    Our President has gone all in on Iran 🇮🇷. Have that situation situation resolved by the Mullahs being killed or overthrown and the chance for peace in the region becomes a reality.

    I enjoyed reading this from the article above:

    Neighbors and allies Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates said they stood with Riyadh, although they did not announce similar measures.

    The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a loose association of the six Gulf Arab countries, the Arab League and Palestine also supported Saudi policy.

    This trip will be remembered for centuries to come!


    Wheatietoo shared this fantastic video as well:

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    • Buck says:

      “Our President has gone all in on Iran 🇮🇷. Have that situation situation resolved by the Mullahs being killed or overthrown and the chance for peace in the region becomes a reality.”

      Horn of Africa nations
      Syria (tbd)
      Tried coup in Turkey (tbd)
      Iran (tbd)

      Doing same thing over and over again but expecting different results?
      What do they call that again?
      It ain’t Peace.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Buck those countries and regions you named will fall in line once Iran falls. Iran is the glue that binds them together in my book.

        The GCC countries will become the police of the region. We will no longer have to focus in that area of the world.

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      • J-Mac says:

        Trust Trump.

        Our boys will be greeted as liberators in Tehran.

        As has been said. Real Men go to Tehran. Not that cakewalk in Baghdad!

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    • topavalley says:

      Such incredible accomplishments and what memories for us. In spite of many problems in years past ( I live in the once great, now failed state of California) I feel truly blessed to be living in this time. President Trump is changing the face of the world and he is doing so in spite of great personal sacrifice.
      I am all in in support of President Trump. We have been given another chance and we must seize it.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Flep you are misrepresenting Our President’s position on Iran.

      Pres Trump has no intention of killing or overthrowing any part of Iran’s government. All Pres Trump is asking for is a change in the Iranian government’s behavior.
      Pres Trump is not interested in regime change. Pres Trump has said so, and Pres Trump’s actions back up those words.

      Listen to everyone in the Trump Administration. No one, none at all, in the Trump Administration, has asked for, or even mentioned, regime change.
      Heck, they even agreed to Assad staying in power.

      This is one of the reasons the Democrats and neo-cons oppose Pres Trump so much. They all want war; Pres Trump is trying a different way to end all these bloody wars.

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      • Pipefitter1289 says:

        I don’t believe that’s what Flep is saying. The Iranian people want to be free from the current mullah regime and are willing to do it themselves. They may need some help with communication, information, arms and the like but they will do it themselves. Pulling out of the JPCOA and reapplying sanctions are creating ripe conditions for the overthrow.

        They tried once before but Obama hung them out to dry and many were imprisoned or hanged. They know they have a President now that will back them up if needed. Once they overthrow the mullahs they can elect their own government.

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        • GB Bari says:


          While Flep’s paragraph that jeans2nd quoted may be misleading if only taken at face value, anyone who has listened to the President since the campaign should recognize that he has given full throated support to the Iranian PEOPLE in their quest to take back control of their government by getting rid of the extremist mullahs and returning to fair elections.

          How the Iranian people get rid of those mullahs may well include their visiting lethal violence upon those mullahs should they attempt to dig in and resist. That would not be historically inconsistent.


      • fleporeblog says:

        Never said that our President wants to do it. What I am saying is the people of Iran will do it. It will not have anything to do with us. The know that our President and his administration will support them.

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        • Skinner says:

          Yes – exactly right. The last time the Iranians tried to do this we did not support them. They have a six year window now and they will succeed, Inshallah.

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      • Mickjt says:

        The Mullah’s won’t change, they will have to be eliminated by their own people! All they need is the weapons and someone to take out the Guard (a month of continuous bombing of their sites will do it…). You have to know the Iranian citizens are extremely unhappy with the Mullah’s and Islam’s boot on their necks!


    • Skinner says:

      These videos are AWESOME. We elected an Alpha male for a reason and these videos would turn a Prius into a tank.

      MBS knows the future of his kingdom and people cannot lie with oil only, and if they weaken they will be invaded. He has cleaned house, harshly, and there is a new dawn in the Arab world. America with Trump will be a savior to the world.

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  6. Navy says:

    Justin Trudeau would just love to run his short little Canadian fingers through those manly eyebrows.

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  7. tunis says:

    Analysis on the Middle East by Col. Patrick Lang. He was the former head of Middle East, South Asia and Terrorism at the Defense Intelligence Agency and served as the US military attache in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

    A “Tour d’horizon” of the ME – Lang’s opinion


    • Buck says:

      Thx for posting this take from the Col. Lang
      Refreshing to see some ME analysis sans the Israel, Saudi, NeoCon war establishment slant.
      Didn’t agree with all of his notions about POTUS, but I feel we benefit from reading some differing opinions on occasion.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Thank you for pointing out Col Lang’s site. Col Lang has forgotten more about the ME than most people will ever know about the ME

      Col Lang’s commenters are some of the finest online, and Col Lang polices trolls judiciously. The comments are well worth reading as well. Col Lang has a certain wit for ending arguments.


    • new to Lang but this tells me a bit of who he is “Share ›
      Pat Lang Mod Aukuu Makule • 2 days ago
      I voted for Nixon in 1972 and Obama twice faute fe mieux. (I agree we had little choice but I see no way for an intelligent American to choose Obama)

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      • GB Bari says:

        Agree. ANYONE who claims they had no better choice than Obozo in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, but ESPECIALLY in 2012 after we had witnessed four years of anti-American actions and incompetence bordering on treason (which we later discovered WAS treason), is IMHO, someone who has forfeited all credibility and should be completely ignored in any serious discussion of national or international policy.

        That they may otherwise occasionally swerve into the truth does not, IMHO, buy them a seat back on the credibility train until they have openly apologized for their ill-advised vote for Obozo and demonstrated a complete understanding and support of PDJT MAGA policies.

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  8. cthulhu says:

    Posts are really jumpin’ around tonight. What order will they be in when I refresh?

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  9. Dutchman says:

    Relevant article on breitbart (yeah, I know, but sometimes they have good articles). It’s by ‘virgil’, if your familiar.
    Upshot, thru out history, countries that dominate form useful alliances.

    VSG is definetly forming new alliances, and exposing old phony ones. This is a stealth cold war with China.

    Good read.

    The dems n rinos have sold out to China, and ALL the anti-trump b.s. is on orders from China.

    Hence, our impatient young Turks are championing at the bit for indictments, keep walks, military tribunals,…meanwhile VSG is focusing on the REAL enemy, the paymaster.

    If he gets distracted by the quislings, who really haven’t laid a globe in him, and have only destroyed their own credibility, he loses.

    And he don’t lose. Hence, he’s keeping his eye on the ball, and the big picture.

    Aligning the Arabs against the persians.
    Similarly, the countries of the Pacific rim don’t like China, the big bully in the neighborhood, and are all in with DJT.

    And, he’s pulling a reverse Kissinger, getting Russia on board, against China.

    It IS worldwide 3d chess, and I am pretty sure he is having a ball.

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  10. Paul B. says:

    Bolton is impressive. Always clear and comprehensive. I could see him as a possibility for higher office.

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    • GB Bari says:

      IMHO our VSGPDJT has had a very positive, beneficial effect on Bolton. Helped him focus on the right issues and policies. Much of the conservative’s initial trepidation about Pres. Trump appointing Bolton appears to have been mitigated.

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  11. Elric VIII says:

    Did anybody else notice that National Security Advisor Bolton was wearing a seersucker suit? That used to be de rigeur in the summer in D.C. Congress even has (or had) a seersucker suit day. And he was discussing Iran (Persia). Well, seer sucker is a Persian term:

    seersucker [sir suk΄ər] n.Hindi shirshaker < Pers shir u shakar, lit., milk and sugar, also a kind of striped linen cloth – a light, crinkled fabric of linen, cotton, etc., usually with a striped pattern

    Was that a coincidence, or a deliberate visual reference point?

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      I’ll bet it was on purpose, as Bolton probably knows a lot of history.A Silicon-Valley colleague of mine always said,of those suits, “You bought it at Sears, sucker”… 🙂

      I rather expect that suit (looks nice) cost as much as a whole rack of Sears suits 🙂

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    • GB Bari says:

      John is a bit of a ‘classic’ dresser.
      Not that long ago he also regularly sported bow ties. Which go well with seersucker suits.

      Now if we see him donning a straw fedora, we’ll know he’s definitely making a fashion statement…. 🙂

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  12. smiley says:

    Analysis: Iran Reaches Crisis Point As U.S. Sanctions Return

    August 5, 2018


    “Faced with a spiraling currency crisis, protests nationwide and the return of biting American sanctions…, Iran’s government is poised to take a series of actions this week meant to project defiance abroad and control at home.”

    including a “drill” by the Iranian National Guard Corps’ naval forces in the Strait of Hormuz last week.

    “Over 20% of the world’s oil passes through the strait each day.”


    “Cash strapped and desperate, Tehran has…sought to withdraw funds parked overseas, with limited success…”

    more, at the link.


  13. BobC says:

    I read today that Jared Kushner is in Riyadh, probably with the Crown Prince, putting some finishing touches to VSGPDJT’s Middle East plan.

    No clues when this will emerge but it will be worth waiting for and will likely be the biggest event of his presidency so far – and even in history!

    No doubt heads will explode.

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  14. nerveman says:

    Trump should announce that there must be a free and open internet in Iran just as there must be in America. He can grease the wheels for big tech while setting limits to censorship here as well as Iran.


  15. Ono says:


    Better than a war.

    Anyone who complains about leveling the “Playing Field”, obviously graded the field, is apart of the origional contract, or owns the property

    That they are not willing to play on the down side in the second half?

    Who ever screams (protest) about these sanctions must surely own stock in the field!

    I seriously doubt that the average family in Iran wants to be a pawn in a chess game where the only player on the board is the king and a few paws while thir opponents have a queen, a king castels bishops and Knights. Let the pawns decide who is King!


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