Horrific Chicago Statistics: More than 60 People Shot, 9 Killed This Weekend…

Good grief, this is horrific.   ABC News Chicago is reporting that over 60 people have been shot, with 9 killed, in Chicago just this weekend (Friday through Sunday).

(Chicago)  Dozens of people were wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday, police said.  One paramedic described the evening as “a war zone.”

Since midnight, police said 43 people have been shot, six fatally. Since Friday at 5 p.m., 60 people have been shot, nine fatally, in shootings in Chicago.

34 of the shootings and five deaths occurred between 10 a.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. Sunday, according to police. During one two-and-a-half hour-hour period, 25 people were shot in five multi-injury shootings.  (read more)

Twenty five people shot in two-and-a-half hours !

How can these neighborhoods even function?

Perhaps it’s time to call in the national guard?


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535 Responses to Horrific Chicago Statistics: More than 60 People Shot, 9 Killed This Weekend…

  1. Tottie Mitchell says:

    Are we describing Mogadishu or the United States?

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  2. Farmkid says:

    It’s never mind don’t look over there when black kids are separated from parents by death (Hollywood/MSM) but those kids separated from their parents, being fed, sheltered and protected from pedophiles, human smugglers and negligent irresponsible parents…”Oh the inhumanity”.

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  3. Aztecpiper says:

    It just seems no one cares..not the media, not the Democrats, and where is Chicago’s own Obama? Sad..so sad.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      the Drats and Pigbama cheer that these kids kill themselves, its what they want.


    • Madi says:

      Drinking champagne at his $ 8 000 000 000.00 not bad for someone who care about Chicago …..the rich of Chicago not the people of poor, black neighborhoods…
      Hypocrite communist drink champagne when children are dying in Chicago!


  4. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    We (USA) average roughly 2,500 abortions per day (averaged annually), so 5,000 abortions those same 2 days.
    Cook County alone had 21,747 in 2016, so 60 per day. 4,5/day murdered this weekend compared to 60/day aborted.
    13 times as many abortions as murders, yet silence…


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  5. mary morse says:

    Rahm is making no little plans.

    I once lived in a small city (pop.apx.54,000) led by a popular, yet corrupt D mayor, under a D governor, when Bush Sr. was POTUS.

    This city was making no little plans. It was planning a river walk. And a baseball stadium. And a $100 mil downtown mall, complete with carousel. And it had a hotel built with HUD loans that were in default (later forgiven, in part, I believe.) It had loans forgiven for housing authority renovation work that was started a year after the loans were canceled. IIRC, loans were forgiven for work that was never constructed related to the hotel.

    At the same time, this city had a neighborhood on fire, similar to Chiraq. The crack dealers arrived in the poor, lower (working) middle-class neighborhood when they were forced out of the “juicebars” of the declining CBD. (Declining, in spite of the new hotel.) The city broke up the juicebars due to public and business outcry after an arson set in one of the bars resulted in the death of an elderly resident of an apartment above.

    The crack dealers generally didn’t live in the neighborhood, although they made deals with some residents to use their houses for sales and/or use. The front house of the section 8 property next to my investment was one of those. The buyers mostly drove into the neighborhood from more affluent neighborhoods. The dealers’ connection drove in from the metropolis about every week. I watched him park on the street in front of my house.

    In the time that I lived there. My neighbors and I were terrorized by:
    A shootout between gangs in the parking lot of the neighborhood McDonalds, on a Friday afternoon.
    The death of a police officer, shot by a fugitive gang-banger in broad daylight.
    Regular sound of gunshots.
    Multiple arsons; often in houses with a history of publicly funded, poor quality renovations.
    A child abduction and murder.
    A domestic that resulted in a stabbing murder.
    Multiple shootings.
    A murder victim (related to my crack dealing neighbor) in a burned out car along the riverbank.
    Plus the crack dealers on every corner.
    And an attempt by the city to double the assessed value of my house, before any improvements were made.

    After the police officer was killed, a substation was constructed at the end of my street with, I believe, block grant funding. It was staffed for a few months, but it wasn’t staffed on the night that my neighbor’s middle son was robbed and shot less than a block from it. He survived, because he sought help elsewhere. Shortly after, my neighbor and her sons, who lived in the rear house of the section 8 property left the neighborhood. The house remained vacant, until it torched not long after.

    The majority of my neighbors were: employed, small business owners, retired, elderly, Although in public meetings, we told by representatives of city hall that “we chose to live there”, my experience is that people live in these neighborhoods because of circumstance and resources, as well as by choice.

    I could say more about the no little plans, its funding, and what I found, but not today.

    For those with harsh comments regarding welfare recipients, please consider the landlords that are paid top dollar for substandard housing that comes in a guaranteed check each month, and the bureaucrat that receives a check for pushing the paperwork related to perpetuating this misery, and the fraud developers sucking off the grants. These are the voters and campaign supporters who gain the most in this corrupt system.

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  6. Larry says:

    The Cook County States Attorney, Kim Fox, refuses to prosecute African American males. She says too many are in jail. She doesn’t say too many are committing crimes. Recently, three armed carjackers were charged only with misdemeanor trespass to a motor vehicle. Not armed robbery or even UUW. This way she could call it a non-violent crime. She released all three without having to post bond. Any questions why there is a problem in Chicago?

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  7. HowieRosen_ESQ says:

    Why doesn’t that obnoxious whiny girl, Hogg, show up in Chicago? Hmmm, I have my suspicions.

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  8. EJ says:

    This is what happens when every tactical officer is forced to work four days of Lollapalooza. Everywhere else there is a free for all.


  9. EJ says:

    BTW, someone also had his ear bit off b/c he didn’t give a bum a cigarette.


  10. TwoLaine says:

    It’s not just CHITown, it’s all over. I heard about this last week. It just caught my attention because there were so many in such a short period, and they apparently weren’t done yet…

    17 People Shot in a Period of 48 Hours

    “Sanctuary” city mayors and their other paid for UNIParty politicians at their finest hours.

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  11. RobInPA says:

    Wait! What?!

    I thought that the private ownership of guns was all but verboten in Chicago, a Democrat run and held urban shithole for decades?!

    How is it even remotely possible that their homicide with guns rate is so high?!

    I just do not understand this?

    Must be fake news!

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  12. Dee says:

    They are getting them ready for confiscation/marshall law. Whos doing that shooting? Gangs want recognition so its not them. Rahm and Obama behind it all.


  13. wodiej says:

    I find this pales in comparison to the many women and children abused and murdered every second of every day. I couldn’t give a f**k about chicago.

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  14. mutantbeast says:

    Meanwhile Rahm Bonehead continues to be on his Blackberry to Soros and Pedo Podesta, asking them how many more they need to shoot themselves nexty weekend. Rham makes Nero look intelligent.


  15. Doug Amos says:

    Check out Elyria, Ohio someday. A postcard for what the disgraceful and continuing to be contemptible democrats have done to America. Most people are either in denial or clueless. Mr Trump should abandon texting with athletes and spend his time talking about his many, many great accomplishments. He is, truly, the only chance the United States of America has to survive this plague of horrendous locusts.

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  16. Ger San says:

    The Emmanuel administration steadfastly refuses to admit that they have a massive, out of control gang problem. Nothing will change until they not just acknowledge it, but start doing something about it.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Or the Emmanuel administration is on the payroll of the Sinaloa Drug cartel….which coincidentally the Fast & Furious weapons were received by the Sinaloa Cartel….and also during his trial, a top dog in Sinaloa Cartel said that the Obama admin. had a deal with them.

      Just sayin’ if stuff doesn’t make sense, look for the money. It’s always about money.

      “Captured Sinaloa Cartel underling Jesus Vincente Zambada-Niebla asserted in a 2011 filing with U.S. District Court that he was beyond the reach of American justice because, as U.S. government documents requested by his legal team would confirm,

      Weapons received by Sinaloa Cartel members and its leaders in Operation Fast & Furious were provided under the agreement entered into between the United States government and … the documentation will also provide evidence showing that the United States government has a policy and pattern of providing benefits, including immunity, to cartel leaders … who are willing to provide information against rival drug cartels.

      The media whitewashed that tidbit of Obama’s presidential Adventures. Their favored candidate was running for re-election, after all, and needed a little help as the economy languished and the promised “shovel-ready” jobs failed to materialize.

      It would not do to have President Obama and his consigliere at the Justice Department mentioned in the same breath as the murderous Sinaloa Cartel.

      President Obama and El Chapo’s fast and furious escape

      That 2011 discovery motion filed by Zambada-Niebla’s attorneys in U.S. District Court was eventually denied by Judge Ruben Castillo. He took the word of Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald that “classified materials” related to Operation Fast and Furious did not “support defendants’ claim that he was promised immunity or public authority for his actions.”


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    • americalsgt says:

      Starting with the deployment of the 82nd


  17. americalsgt says:

    Why interrupt what is being attributed to lax gun laws is why this continues. Send in the 82nd is what needs to be done.


  18. covfefe999 says:

    What country is this? It’s hopeless.


  19. CNN_sucks says:

    South and west chicagoans to vote out deadfish Rahn. Unchain yourself. Democratic party does not care about you.


  20. Wayne Robinson says:

    Oh no Chicago orders more cops for the black community . Of course they can not stop a black person as they will start burning everything and demand the cops leave talk about skitzo this is what black leaders want the Dems want blood fliwing in street so they can argue for destruction of Bill of rights , borders , and law enforcement . What they want in its place free shit and Marxism . Everyone needs guaranteed lifetime income with no accountability or laws . Yeah like that is going to work / just move to Venexuala already .

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