Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 1:00pm EST Livestream…

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders conducts the White House press briefing for Thursday August 2nd.  Anticipated start time 1:00pm EST

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkNBC Livestream Link

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252 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – 1:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    to secure elections, you’ll have to secure the ballot box first! then, you have to clean up the rolls so the dead, moved, and imprisoned dont vote. finally, any non citizens registered to vote must be charged immediately as the rpimary season has already begun!!!

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  2. Publius2016 says:

    foreignors gave more money to Obama and Crooked campaigns than all the money spent by the Trump Campaign! in other words, Deep State wants the American People to believe that Russia has more influence over the 2016 Elections than the NYTimes owned by Mexican Carlos Slim???

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  3. rashomon says:

    That was a nice little stage play with a star-studded cast scripted to appease the Angry Birds and stall for time until the truth can be exposed without unnecessary harm to citizens and our armed forces at home and abroad.

    Meddling in elections has been going on for as long as I can remember. Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago was a master at throwing his weight behind the preferred candidate as we might recall in Nixon vs. JFK. The problem is much worse today; it’s truly bringing down the U.S. and the Republic for which it stands. Russia has nothing to do with it.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      every major city in America has 10% to 15% margins available for “last minute” counting…remember Election Night 2016??? they were waiting on Philly and Detriot duh?

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      • railer says:

        Exactly, we always wait ’til long after Midnight for Detroit to report, but in Michigan’s sparsely populated Upper Peninsula, with most of those counties so remote and isolated, covering vast tracts of land much larger than many states in the East, they send in preliminary election results to Lansing within a 1/2 hour of poll closing. I fully expect 2020 to be a cheating election, and 2018 also. Trump’s people better be on guard for all enemies foreign AND domestic.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      Obama meddled in our election. He coordinated with the enemy of the people media and our intelligence agencies are so corrupt they cheerfully went along with it.

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    • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

      Our military men and women s votes oh so conveniently missed the deadlines.
      This was the case in “08 and 12”.

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    • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

      Our military men and women s votes oh so conveniently missed the deadlines.
      This was the case in “08 and 12”.


  4. recoverydotgod says:



  5. wildsailor2018 says:

    Maybe this ‘press briefing’ needs to stop. They can report from Trump’s tweets, or maybe from the official White House news source.

    At least toss CNN out. And for heavens sake, if we are still funding them as the ‘National News Source’ for display in public buildings, that needs to end.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      No, someone on our side just needs to make an intelligent, incisive and comprehensive argument why the media has failed its mission and betrayed the trust of the people. This could be done in 15 minutes with a good power point presentation. List the facts, the failures, the lies, the double standards, just in the last two years. Put it right in their faces. Give the people something to chew on.

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    • Subterfuge says:

      I’ve been saying for a long time…WHY do they let CNN into the WH press briefing? Has Acosta ever asked a single question having to do with policy? All he ever does is criticize Trump and tries to make a name for himself to his press buddies and the D.C. cocktail circuit. He’s a disgrace to the real ‘journalists’ everywhere!

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  6. After watching one of these press meetings I feel like I’ve watched a cockfight, with adrenaline galore. My chosen hen always wins but there’s plenty of blood spilled on the other side.


  7. FL_GUY says:

    Acosta, like the rest of the leftists, have the maturity level of 5 year olds. Sadly, they are in adult size bodies with adult privileges with the mind set and short sightedness of spoiled brats.

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  8. railer says:

    Muh Russia is nothing but the insurance policy Strzok texted about. By now, everybody knows that, even Acosta. It probably would have destroyed another WH, but not this one. We’re starting to turn the corner now though. Mueller knows he’s reaching the end of the line, if he’s making his final offers for Trump to be interrogated. Now it’s up to Trump to figure out a way to publicly demote Mueller and sever his nothingburger report from all notions of credibility. We are approaching endgame… the closing of the deal. The substance and perception of the deal are both important, as they’re crafted over the next few months. Fortunately, Trump is a dealmaker of repute, and knows this.

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    Poor, poor Jimmie. Still didn’t get his way.

    He just makes himself look more and more of a sh1th013 every day.


  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    I thought I would make it a week without writing this FBI/DOJ clown car……Nope.

    Dear Director Wray,

    I watched you today during the WH Press briefing.

    In order to restore the integrity of the FBI then Uranium One must be addressed.

    Robert Mueller and all the staff that were involved in the sale of United States uranium to the Russians. That elephant in the room, has knee-capped any ability for the FBI or the DOJ to discuss Russian interference. The FBI and the DOJ were partners in this. Epic failure. It is something that cannot be swept under the rug.

    The bribes involved in the Uranium One sale have never been prosecuted and the FBI Director that allowed the sale to go thru during an active investigation was placed as the Special Counsel to muh Russia. Robert Mueller and his subordinates are presiding over the muh Russia investigation of President Donald J. Trump. It was you guys that let Russia get away with stealing from the American people. Facebook pages and words? Really, that scares you? Oh for God’s sake, do you really think anyone outside of your little world gives a rat’s ass about Facebook postings by Russians? If you think that’s important, here’s something: DirecTV has RT in their regular line-up. Yep, Russia Today propaganda. Any worries there? Apparently not. Please, don’t insult our intelligence.

    The same FBI Director that let Russians snatch our uranium is investigating Russian interference. Could this get any more disgusting? Yes, it does. Robert Mueller and his subordinates allowed Russian bribes and foreign influence to purchase United States uranium assets during a CFIUS review. That is unacceptable.

    Until the FBI addresses it’s role in giving NUCLEAR weapon materials, of mass destruction to an “adversary” of the American people there will never be any chance that the FBI or the DOJ will recover.

    Just so you know. The press may act like it’s over. It’s not over. We are not going to forget. Ever. The press doesn’t make the decisions in this country. It ain’t over.



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  11. James F says:

    32 stupid Facebook accounts vs. 30 million illegals.

    Which is a bigger foreign influence and threat to fair elections?

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  12. keeler says:

    This is what happens when your social media engagement is more important than your reputation.

    Acosta gets exactly what he wants out of this. He can go on CNN and Twitter and pretend to be a martyr, and the corporate media can talk about poor Jim the Messiah rather than topics such as the economy.

    Fortunately, this is a failing strategy and ultimately only serves to marginalize Acosta, CNN, and the entire rotten media construct.

    One note on the Ivanka comments. Pay attention to nuance. POTUS never said the media is the enemy of the people; he said fake news is the enemy of the people. In reality, Ivanka is not contradicting him, though she made the mistake of not being clearer and allowing the media an opportunity to construct a narrative. (It is also currently trying to do this with the “low point” comment.) She allowed the media to conflate fake news with all news when it would have been very easy to bring this point up and undercut the attempt at the start.

    All her failure to do so will amount to is another episode of sound and fury.

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  13. JoD says:

    Who REALLY tried to affect the outcome of the 2016 election?
    The Russians?
    The FBI, DOJ, DOS, SSCI, Strrzok, Page, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Steele, Fusion GPS, Blumenthal, the Ohrs, Baker, Warner, Burr, Barry, Kerry, Wasserman, Lynch, Priestap, Yates, Halper, Kortan, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT, WAPO and HER?

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  14. SR says:

    Have a once in a week press conference at 4:00 pm Friday and summarize whole week. Let see how many shows’s up.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      And right afterwards, just about the time the networks/newsies are going live…DROP A HUGE MOAB!!! One can ONLY hope!!! Great Idea SR!!!


  15. flowerbelle says:

    Rubio, McCain, who else? Ryan? McConnell?


  16. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Good one Mollie!

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  17. paulraven1 says:

    This is when and where an actual vice president would be helpful. He could bear some of the burden of getting into the details of why the media has broken faith with their professional standards and the people. He could help fight the fight that needs to be fought.

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    • roger duroid says:

      Yes, Pence NEVER defends PDJT on anything. Just walks around with his somber tone, looking vice-presidential. Hope PDJT replaces him with Pompeo or some other strong replacement for 2020 that can run in 2024 and win.

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  18. InAz says:

    Votes Are……Never……..Counted…..Correctly…….in Communist Democrat controlled cities, counties, and states.

    Obama said the Russians did not alter the vote. The Trump Administration spokespeople need to keep bringing up that Obama statement.

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  19. JX says:

    Acosta is a fraud. Trump does not say the media are the enemy, he says SOME of the media are the enemy. And he names them, CNN being foremost.

    This is yet another staged event by Acosta.


    • wyntre says:

      Yes, but Ivanka’s stupid mis-statement, saying The MEDIA is not the enemy of the people gave the rabid Acosta an opening to berate Sarah.

      When POTUS’s own daughter is throwing fuel on the fire by misquoting him – he said The FAKE MEDIA is the enemy of the people – ya gotta wonder.

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  20. bullnuke says:

    Sarah was acosta’d

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  21. White Apple says:

    The media is very definitely the enemy of the people and must be defeated as any other enemy must be defeated. Acosta would be the first one facing necessary marginalization.

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  22. blognificentbee says:

    I shed tear when her voice cracked. What a nasty, narcisistic bully Acosta is. Brava to Sarah Sanders for battling for #MAGA every day.

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    • I also felt very sorry for her. She has been taking a lot of heat in the front lines and I believe she is doing it for Our Country because she believes in President Trump’s ability to MAGA for all Americans. I wish Shine would make the executive decision to bar Acosta and a few other bad actors.

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  23. MSO says:

    So the Feds want to get their hands on our local ballots and counting houses so they can ‘protect & serve’ the nation in our elections. Nonsense, the Feds have no role whatever in our nation’s elections; there are no ‘national offices’ that are filled via an election. The Senators and Congressmen are state offices and the President is elected via the Electoral College whose members are state offices.

    Clapper (DNI), Brennan (CIA), Comey (FBI) and others have attempted and are continuing to attempt an overturning of our 2016 Presidential Election. When it comes to electoral security, I would rank China, Russia and other foreign powers way down on the risk scale versus the risks imposed by the CIA, DNI FBI & DOJ. Yet here come the Feds: “Hello, we’re from the government and we’re here to help”.

    Due to the decentralized and widely dissimilar electoral infrastructure, our elections are reasonably secure from hacking and can be made impervious from hacking through the use of paper ballets and hand counting. But, but, but the instant gratification crowd exclaims: “It’ll take weeks to find out who won the elections!” Oh, My! Whatever will we do?

    Now the feds want to introduce a Ministry of Information to create public/private partnerships to ensure that we hear only the ‘good’ news and none of the ‘bad’ news. Just look at the recent Facebook – or was that twitter – steps taken to block the ‘bad’ news sources. Google can follow through with internet search histories – who’s searching for what and where is it found – so we can uncover those promoting the ‘bad’ news and their customers.

    Since there is no official ‘Office of Bad News Decider’, we’ll have to create a cabinet level office to fill that function. The BND will share equal rand with the NSA, CIA, DNI, FBI & DOJ to ensure the ultimate ‘truth’ prevails across the nation.

    Finally, when Nielson says she wants audibility of nationwide elections, she’s really saying that she wants to create a common interface to assist all those who would attempt to hack our elections. No such interface exists today and that’s why all enemies, foreign and domestic, have not been able to affect our votes.


  24. Publius2016 says:

    Dear Sarah, we love and pray for you! you represent the very best in Middle Southern American values and we thank you for your service…since the day you took over, the White House message has been clear and focused. Please continue the great work you do to MAGA!

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  25. rsmith1776 says:

    I have watched that press conference, A [the repulsive Acosta] to Z.

    Make no mistake, I love Sarah, I despise these press-titutes deeply. On a personal level Sarah is wonderful, a braver person than I ever was.

    However, allow me to say some things which may be uncomfortable to US treepers but, imo, need be said – never give in to groupthink and wishful thinking.

    – not all the President’s team members (or even family members) are equally invested in MAGA and in doing their job – honestly, Ivanka, shut the bleep up for a change, nobody on the left will like you anyway

    – to be frank with my fellow treepers (give me no likes, that’s OK, truth is not always likable), Bolton did a so-so job at best yet he was the unlikely best of the Brady Bunch, Coats is a slow-poke, pretentious opportunist, Wray is a thinks-highly-of-himself, disloyal, pompous piece of garbage; and I AM being “nice” here

    – Sarah herself seems a tad tired, God bless her BIG heart, I couldn’t stand what she is bravely tolerating . . . yet it is not a good idea to compliment the Babylon Male Whore Jim Acosta (“I share your passion” blah-blah) and distance herself from the President himself regarding the “Media is the enemy of the people” statement. . . there were SO many other options available – the President was not referring to all media; the President can’t help but notice that part of the media does not behave professionally but lies on a systematic basis etc. etc. etc.

    Also – WHAT is the upside of accepting meekly and FOOLISHLY the premise of the RRUUSSIIAANN MMEEDDLLIINNGG being the most important topic of the day??

    Everything that’s happening makes me like and love and admire and respect THE PRESIDENT evermore but, at the same time, I wish he had more good people around him. He has some, some very valuable ones, but not enough. President Trump is a brilliant man, a genius, a patriot, and – despite the thin, apparent “vain” veneer – an altruistic, brave, country-loving man of a kind I have NEVER seen.

    He. Needs. More. Help. And. More. Good. People.

    Better than Vapid Wray[th]. Better than self-admiring, cautious, cowardly Pence. Better than most of his cabinet – with some exceptions we know.

    That’s it. Feel free to call me names. My [anonymous] “reputation” is not at stake here. This is what I see. I feel for the brave, brilliant, fearless 72 year old man who did more for his country not only than me (that goes without saying!) but than his ENTIRE team combined.

    In a Romantic vein, that makes him even greater.

    In a realistic way, he needs help. More help. Competent help. He needs “a few good men”.

    More than he has at the time.

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    • Amy2 says:

      I think it’s good that Sarah is tired. Like when you’re tired of your kids! You stop negotiating and tell them how it really is. Personally, she should give them rules of behavior and boot them for the rest of the press conference if they do not adhere. Also guidelines on WHEN questions can be answered. Not after cabinet meetings, foreign dignitaries, etc. As for Acosta, she gives him too much attention. Meh Jim, you bore me is a better response to a stupid question. Make him seem irrelevant. He hates that.


  26. 6079 Smith W says:

    Sarah Warrior Press Secretary, the Hammer of MAGA

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  27. Mike diamond says:

    The demo-,rats Don t want to require a valid id when people vote! Seems like that would would cause a election to be unfair,and leave a lot of room for fraud ! So Don a Brazil steal a copy of the debate questions and gives them to Hillary so why wouldn’t that be trying to interfere with presidential election?????the news media day after day were were in favor of Hillary so why isn’t that considerd trying to interfere with the out come of our presidential election! Debbie waserman schultz rigs the election in favor of Hillary over berrny,sanders! This whole Russia deal is a smoke screen to cover for the demo-,rats!


  28. armie says:

    Sarah’s missing the opportunity to demand that Acosta go on the record that he’s stopped molesting children and domestic animals. That’s the same sort of begged question he’s engaging in. He’s trying to make an issue of her refusal to refute a statement the President never made. Maybe, when he refuses to give her a yes or no answer to her question, she could conduct a theatrical walk-out. I hear they’re all the rage these days.


  29. Amy2 says:

    I would love:
    1. A definition of meddling. One that everyone agrees on.
    2. To know if meddling (once we know the definition) is a crime
    Meddling according to my gramma was stirring up trouble for trouble’s sake. Trouble like that doesn’t change election results.


    • scottmc37 says:

      you wont get it, and if you did a different word would be used….
      Here are a few…

      abuse rights
      barge in
      break in on
      butt in
      chime in
      come uninvited
      crash the gates
      dabble in
      fool with
      horn in
      mess around

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