July 27th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #554

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,348 Responses to July 27th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #554

  1. budmc says:

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    • Navy says:

      Matt is one of the good guys. Panhandle of Florida is lucky to have him. FL Panhandle used to have Morning Joe before the dead girl (or live boy I can’t remember) was found in his office.

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    • Blade says:

      It was a very good segment, Gaetz was on point, clear and solid as usual, Tucker highly focused as well. I mention this because his show looks to me like it gets sabotaged now and then from within, from the producers, through various delays fed into his earpiece so that sometimes he has 3 seconds, sometime none, and consequently sometimes he talks over the guest, other times it is absolutely perfect. Tonight has been a good show.

      Gaetz is stressing going after Twitter through FEC violations, and sure, this is one way. There is also FTC and SEC, the latter of which is the 800 pound gorilla. FEC might issue fines or something, but the best way is to hit them where it hurts, on Wall Street.

      I hope people will contact Gaetz ( and other Congress critters ), especially those in his district, to suggest the following. Get a hold of Twitters IPO prospectus and see if they portrayed themselves as a neutral platform open to all, or did they describe themselves as a leftist safe-space platform. This is important because when a company goes from private to public and gets listed on a stock exchange, they subject themselves to a massive level of scrutiny from regulators. They are committed to maintaining accurate books, performing fiduciary responsibility to protect shareholders, avoiding insider trading, and not misleading the public, among other things.

      What Twitter and other Big Data outfits ( Fakebook, Google, Microsoft, etc ) engage in is bait and switch where they list as one thing ( a neutral entity open to all ) and after they become successful using those people, they cut them out and devolve into a partisan outfit. This is classic fraud and the SEC should be able to determine this ( if Trump has managed to get sane people appointed there and not bought and paid for shills ). The SEC can investigate ( this alone will cause them to panic, not to mention their shareholders and Wall Street ) and eventually refer this to DoJ and this opens them to prosecution for anti-monopoly and other statutes. Any DoJ investigation will cause a public company’s blood to run cold. Just recall Janet Reno and Microsoft and the almost immediate crash of the tech bubble.

      It is amazing to me that recently listed companies, I mean those in the last 20 years since the Microsoft DoJ era have behaved surprisingly brazenly. You would think they would be walking on eggshells these days, yet it is obvious they have done the exact opposite and become arrogant. As James O’Keefe has shown, people at Twitter are flaunting rules and norms with abandon, they have no professionalism and seem to have no fear of repercussions. These public companies, Twitter and Fakebook, think they are their own little leftist fiefdoms, screw the conservative users who helped build the platform’s success, we’ll shut them out and hijack the thing. So demanding SEC scrutiny will serve several good and necessary purposes, not the least of which is teaching these leftists a lesson they should have already been aware of, and also teach the Wall Street talking heads who have enabled this behavior by not themselves warning @Jackass to watch his step as CEO, watch his lackeys and watch out for their shareholders.


  2. Troublemaker10 says:

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  3. AmericaFirst says:

    Pelosi as the first woman SOTH read an entire category about Congress on Jeopardy today; it was obvious that she is having great difficulty reading/speaking, and getting her mouth around words.

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    • Publius Covfefe says:

      Wife and I saw it taped and we agree. She is not in control of her faculties and was a rather pathetic characature of herself. Headed to a dirt nap, sooner rather than later.

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      • dallasdan says:

        Based upon observation only, it appears her speech and cognitive impairments are side effects of any of multiple, serious neurological/brain disorders. It’s unfortunate and I am very sympathetic, though I detest her politics and dislike her personally. It also appears her symptoms are accelerating in their seriousness. I doubt she will still be on the job in January.

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      • 🍺Gunny says:

        Some say botox does that to people as they age…..dunno…..but something is surely off with her.

        They should erquire regular health exams for any one working in Govt.


        There fixed it😎

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  4. sunnydaze says:

    A court’s ruled that Trump supporters can sue police if they recieved injuries from those unhinged Leftiy attacks that happened in San Jose during the rally there.

    Remember when the cops coralled them so they HAD to go thru the haters to get back to their cars post-rally? And then refused to protect them?


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    • sunnydaze says:

      test to see if stuff posts

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Harmeet is on Fox a lot. Charles Payne, maybe?

      …” Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican national committeewoman who is the lawyer for the Trump supporters, said she was pleased the court “agreed with us that, where police put citizens into harm’s way, they can be held liable for the consequences.” The lawsuit, she said, “seeks to vindicate important civil rights of all Americans.”…….

      The suit is against the City and PD.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      That is excellent news! I will never forget that rally… I was completely shocked watching it all unfold.

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      • G. Combs says:

        CNN reported:

        The San Jose Police Department said they made a few arrests after the rally, but didn’t provide specifics. There was no significant property damage reported but an officer was assaulted, a statement said.

        Here are two picture of the ” no significant property damage”

        A thug ran up behind this guy, who was just walking down the sidewalk and used a rock filled sap to knock him to the ground. A few inches over and a hit to the temple would have caused severe injury or possibly killed him. What was the response of reporters? He was asked, twice “So, you didn’t say anything to provoke them?” WTF?!
        Bashing a guy’s head in is NOT free speech! It is BATTERY YOU F…King A… H… !

        “There were no immediate reports of injuries…”
        Time stamp on the [CNN] story 12:47 am EST
        Check your twitter feed “reporters”- and you’ll find lots of ACTUAL FREAKIN VIDEO…been on there all night. I’ve seen at least three videos of different guys getting hit in the HEAD! Blood on faces.
        Reporting news is hard…

        In this case the doors of the Marriott Hotel were deliberately barred by hotel employees so the woman could not escape her tormenters.

        Fire fighters abandon teen (14 yrs old) who was then tackled and beaten.


    • deplorable says:

      It appeared someone high up gave the San Jose police a stand down order intimidating Trump supporters and putting them in severe danger. Has there ever been any investigation by the DOJ or were they too busy looking for Russia hobgoblins?

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    • WSB says:

      Excellent. It is long overdue.


  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, just think 18 months ago we were Deplorables singing the song of angry men. Now we are singing songs of praise to Trump and the job he has done with this country.

    Praise be to the LORD for this!

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  6. fred5678 says:

    United Airlines doesn’t give free flights so parents can go to funerals of their children slain by illegal aliens and therefore forever separated.

    United Airlines refuses to accept lawful deportation flights paid by ICE.

    But United Airlines facilitates human smuggling by giving free flights to children of illegal aliens dso they can stay with their illegal alien relatives.


    “For its part, United added a comment on the Facebook post, reading, “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world — we are proud to support your work to help reunify immigrant children and families.”

    In another statement, the airline added:

    United Airlines is proud to support the work of FWD.us as they help to reunify immigrant children with their families. United is in a unique position to provide badly needed support that few can provide to help reunify these families, and we take pride in doing our part to connect people and unite the world.”

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  7. Concerned Virginian says:

    And the latest from Mr. Jefferson’s country:
    JASON KESSLER, the UniParty plant mastermind behind the “Unite the Right” rally disaster of last August, appeared in court with his attorney here in Charlottesville this week and withdrew his application for an “anniversary rally” permit. Next day, his attorney dumped Kessler as his client, citing nonpayment of fees. Meanwhile there have been at least 15 “consent decrees” signed by various groups (don’t know if this includes ANTIFA) agreeing not to hold “rallies” here, not to sanction weapons, etc.
    The city police department has detailed plans of how they will deal with anything happening on 12 August of this year just in case some group is stupid enough to try and hold some type of “anniversary rally” here. Numerous streets will be closed a couple of days beforehand, etc.
    Then there’s the ongoing mess over the city council hiring the replacement for MAURICE JONES, the city manager who took the similar job in Chapel Hill, NC and leaving Charlottesville under a cloud because he didn’t do his job regarding planning or safety for the “Unite the Right” rally of last August. The city council met behind closed doors and offered the city manager job to SIDNEY ZEMP, who has tons of experience in the military as a planner. The Mayor here, NIKUYAH WALKER, African-American, female, socialist, then ran to Twitter and blasted what the rest of the council was doing and that she was concerned about Mr. Zemp’s “military experience”. Mr. Zemp then wrote an open letter not only withdrawing his application for the job, but torching the Mayor about her disregard for processes of hiring and making her complaints online instead of in council. The city has now offered the job to two “inside” candidates who have worked in the city planning department for years.


  8. AustinPrisoner says:

    Please forgive me if this has been posted, but I am livid and amazed that we’re just hearing this story -and from the gossipy Daily Mail in the UK: “Surveillance footage shows one of President Obama’s senior officials following a woman around a DC Metro station and taking a picture up her skirt with his cell phone”….”His arrest and conviction were never made public until DailyMail.com acquired the report of the investigation and the footage through a Freedom of Information Act request.”


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    • sunnydaze says:

      And we all know this would’ve been on the news 24/7 for weeks, if he’d been with the Trump Admin. Heck, this is a story they would MAKE UP to try to get a Trump guy.

      ……” Mendoza’s arrest and conviction were never made public until DailyMail.com acquired the report of the investigation and the security camera footage through a Freedom of Information Act request”……


      • sunnydaze says:

        This guy was with the Dept. of Educ…….but Betsy Devos is a Really.Bad. person who deserves getting chased and harassed wherever she goes.

        Fake News is disgusting. The only reason they exist is to destroy the country with lies.


    • 🍺Gunny says:

      was it creepy Joe……wait……he just goes for kids…..my bust


  9. Sandra-VA says:

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    • Lady in Red says:

      How can they be stunned, they voted for the politicians welcoming and protecting this invasion. All I can say is that we should not be responsible for saving these countries from their own stupidity.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      This is outstanding. Elites are finally impacted by something they demanded and forced upon others so they can feel good. Too bad the homeless in SF or Seattle can’t be settled onto the gated communities of the rich elites demanding social justice.

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      • Lady in Red says:

        Did you notice they were throwing trash in the water prior to reaching the beach? Just one more thing riling my feathers.

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        • peace says:

          And illegal migrants need to be relocated to the people who welcome them – folks like zuckerberg, gates etc. need to tear down their gates and open their doors. Until their lives are adversely affected, the elite will continue to wreck the lives of others.

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Yeah, let me tell you: ALMOST ALL of the “migrants” were SINGLE MEN BETWEEN 18 and 40 YEARS OLD. The “sympathy photo” in the linked article with the “token young family” is just that—TOKEN. And they’re MUSLIMS. Notice how the “young mother” in the “sympathy photo” is covered from head to toe—in Spain at the end of July.
      The Second Muslim Invasion of Europe/Scandinavia is still basically going full tilt. The “Syrian migrants” are using different routes to avoid getting turned back at the coast.

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    • wyntre says:

      This is exactly what happens in the 1973 novel “Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail, except the migrants 9thousands of them) land in Spain.

      “The novel depicts the destruction of Western civilization through Third World mass immigration to France and the West.”


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    • alligatriot says:

      At least the elites didn’t have to worry about their clothes being stolen.


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  11. yucki says:

    Brad Johnson on the FISA and deep state illegalities


    • KittyKat says:

      His conclusions at the end, about how he thinks the president is letting it play out, and what the end results will be were interesting.


  12. yucki says:

    Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Understand Socialism?

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  13. Sandra-VA says:

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  14. maggie0987 says:

    Forgive me if this has been already posted – my son just sent it to us.
    Donald Trump’s Golden Hair – it is ace!!!

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  15. TestName7 says:

    I’m gonna point out and repeat something OBVIOUS because I see no reason not to, and I’m selfish.

    As mentioned in prev comments:

    — Nunes recently suggested banning electronic voting.


    Now while we (I) don’t know the impetus for his notion at this particularly time, this has been something many have brought up for a LONG time (saw an instapundit link… 15 yrs!).
    – (Opinion):

    Paper voting may cost more.
    – (whatever the cost (~millions?) I can’t imagine a better use of funds – fullstop – ok, maybe military, but then voting – no wait, voting first, cause military can be used against us if “vote outcome” is ‘unlucky’)

    Paper tallying may take more time.
    – (I for one can wait the extra hour or 4)

    Paper tallying is not as “clean”.
    – (Ok. Partisanship aside, I’d rather have real people debate the intent of a mark or a chad if needed than trust electronics to tell me the final count)

    Paper handling/transport is susceptible to fraud.
    – (Yeah, what isn’t; at least it can be “seen”)

    Ok, so those are all drawbacks to paper voting, and there are likely of course more. I’m not gonna list possible drawbacks to electronic voting because they go unsaid, at least among this audience (hint1: democrats. hint2: their “companies”,…. ), and they are many.

    So, needless to say, I am ALL for this idea.

    Now, currently there is a LOT on “our” plate. And focus/attention is a scarce commodity; so much that we have a back burner list that’s (likely to never fully return to but hopefully an item or two). This cannot be understated.

    On the other hand, I cannot imagine a singular better set of circumstances under which this issue could be presented with any hopes of going anywhere (see: “702 renewal” for the spoiler). Again, I’m stating the obvious:

    0)) we have an election coming up.

    1)) election “interference” is the pre-eminent topic in the news. Yes we know this is really code for TRUMP, but that doesn’t matter cause they are the ones printing that word like there is no tomorrow .

    2)) “elections” + “hacking” + “electronic” are all second cousins to the populace now. And “prevention” would directly ‘respond’ to those issues. And everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows u can’t “hack” it if it’s on paper. That point needs no explanation whatsoever.

    So we have a narrative being pounded every day [for their ends] that literally cries out for this type of action; i.e. “prevention” [our ends – why it’s not theirs, go ask them]. Job more than half done – thanks media.

    3)) I really really would like to see how they would oppose this issue. I won’t put it past them but this is not even in the same solar system as voter IDs.

    4)) opposition would be such a sitting duck and i couldn’t imagine the gift of getting representatives on record as being against “protecting election integrity”.

    5)) we have an election coming up.

    After the election, the issue will not be as prescient. Yes it is too close.

    And, of course, congress is afk now, so this ain’t gonna happen. And of course they are other reasons it probably wouldn’t happen (ever). I’m not actually deluded into thinking this idea is realistic (ever).

    END: I just can’t under appreciate the genius, imo, of Nunes bring this up rn. It screams out. So I am compelled to selfishly indulge the echo in my head and release it by cluttering this page with a long dribbling post stating trivial observations which everyone knows (and) will amount to nothing; and I now humbly apologize.

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    • TestName7 says:

      And since I’m apparently in the mood to p00ppost I’ll just dump this here as well so I localize the embarrassment.

      – – some things becoming clear?
      —- —-

      1 — Our government, (mostly) congress and executive, (seem to) have (as of late (decades(s))) been spending way more time and resources in attempts to control (the people’s) opinion than actually (re)presenting it.

      Correction: that should read:
      “Our government and their adoptive media”

      One [that means me] wonders, if accounting is also made for their self interest, how much of what they do is actually BY? and FOR the people.

      [This may be a sign I am paying too much attention to the “news” and being straight up cynical. I now wonder if that’s a “feature”.]

      1a — Is it possible that providing for our security is becoming an all consuming task ? … the world is indeed not like it once was.

      1b — Why is Congress unable or unwilling to pass a budget ?

      2 — …

      Sorry again for my indulgence.

      Let us carry on with this raging #WIN-oholism.
      Thank God for President Trump (and CTH).

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    • stephen fenlon says:

      Despite posting earlier on the same idea, allow these thoughts.
      Since the Mccaskill, “the Russians hacked me”, incident which Schiff responded to via tweet, some of his supporters are actively demanding paper ballots because of the “Russian Threat”.
      So aka the UK system;
      Voters register by address (yearly), and are issued a numbered ballot card which is tallied in a designated polling booth. Postal ballots are requested IN ADVANCE, or you don’t vote.
      A member of each party monitors the voting booths
      At the end of voting ballot boxes are counted and sealed then both parties sign the seals.
      Boxes are taken to the designated counting area were both parties confirm the count and signatures.
      No-one can “add” a forgotten box, and no-one knows the votes inside the valid ones so swapping them is both difficult to do without detection and risks harming one candidate unwittingly.
      Counting is monitored by Officials from each party, who confirm the count or can request a recount if numbers are close.
      Voter Id ,illegal voting,etc.. ..that’s up to you to sort.

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      • stephen fenlon says:

        Paper ballots that are not concise in the vote cast are considered “spoiled”. they are not counted in regards to votes cast but are reported in total ballots received and can also be rechecked on appeal before announcement of results.
        it takes time overall, but appears less open to fraud than the US system, especially when you have states who seem to be deliberately delaying announcements.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Paper balloting doesn’t take extra time. The wait you have is for a voting booth—-just like you wait for a machine. As you walk out you feed your ballot into a machine which counts it immediately.


  16. Avi says:

    Lou Dobbs just asked where the AG is. maybe he should read TCT.

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  17. kea says:

    Hollywood idiots of the day…. hour?

    Meghan McCain: Roseanne ‘Is Every Gross Stereotype’ of Trump Supporters

    Yes Meghan just look at your daddy….

    Anne Hathaway: ‘All Black People Fear for Their Lives Daily’


    Give it all up Anne…I just… Maybe someone like Candace Owens (Who is amazing!!!) can talk some sense into… oh wait she’s an actress they have no sense. Never mind.

    Chelsea Handler Begs Twitter to Ban President Trump

    Yeah I’ve got nothing. Oh look at that used to have a Netflix talk show….

    And then you have this:

    Taylor Swift Donates Concert Tickets to Mourning Massachusetts Police Department


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  18. rumpole2 says:

    Why oh why would Tucker open his show with Chris Hahn… putting out lies and obfuscation as a DNNC/Hillary operative. Deliberately obtuse jerk who denies reality as a style?
    WHY does Fox have these jerks on at all? Having a liar to give an opposing FALSE take on every news item is not “Balance”.

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  19. littleanniesfannie says:

    Since the DemonKKKrats have gone apoplectic overthe collusion between Don Jr and the Russians and the obvious collusion between PDJT and the Russians, I am so thankful that Senator Mark Warner didn’t attempt to contact the Russians to set up a meeting to get dirt on PDJT. I am also so thankful that HilLIARy Clinton didn’t sell 20% of US Uranium to the Russians. I am also thankful that Barack ObamA didn’t fix it so Iran could proliferate nuclear weapons.
    I feel so much safer knowing that Mule-head is investigating PDJT’s tweets. I just wish PDJT had not been caught on that hot mike telling Vlad that he would have more leeway after his next election. All this collusion is simply mind-boggling. Thank heaven for The Clinton News Network and MustSupportNuttyBuddyCommies! They give me my daily fix of Socialist patteringtism and make sure my body always lists 30 degrees to the left! /s big time
    Slowly but surely we can see the foxes in the henhouse. These foxes are out to destroy every conservative henhouse!!

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    • JX says:

      Where is the FBI investigation of Chalupa’s admitted meetings with foreigners purporting to have “dirt” on Trump associates?

      Clinton campaign adviser Alexandra Chalupa, former Executive Director of Democrats Abroad, had Sheldon Schorer of Democrats Abroad-Israel send Yoni Ariel (aka Jonathan Schwartz) to Rome to pay $9,000 for bank records purporting to show that Tillerson paid Trump $1.5B for the SoS position. Schorer then directed Ariel to bring those records to Chalupa in Washington DC. Chalupa met with Ariel and directed him to the DOJ.

      A check with JP Morgan Chase and HSBC shows that the records were fakes.

      Why isn’t Chalupa investigated? The Democrats PAID for dirt. (Just like Steele’s “dossier”)

      Where is the FBI investigation of Chalupa’s admitted coordination with foreigners for purposes of “intervening” in the election to prevent Trump from being elected?

      Chalupa also worked with the Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC to feed information to reporters “to point them in the right direction”. Ukrainian legislator Serhiy Leschenko said that Trump’s candidacy caused “Kiev’s wider political leadership to do something they would never have attempted before: intervene, however indirectly, in a U.S. election.”

      Chalupa colluded with Ukraine for the stated purpose of “intervening” in our election. Why isn’t Chalupa investigated?





  20. Can anyone see what Matt Gaetz is saying on Tucker? We can’t get Fox News working.

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  21. JoD says:

    The calm before the storm, maybe.
    Since most of our “betters” take their vacays in August, there is a chance that we might experience a noticible slowdown in the MSM vomit flow. If so, enjoy it. The proverbial $HIT should hit the mid-term fan, when they get back.
    There is absolutely NO doubt, that the Commiecrats have EVERYTHING riding on their Ty-D-Bol blue wave.
    Prepare yourself. It will be epic.

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  22. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  23. andyocoregon says:

    I just heard David Muir on ABC News Tonight say President Trump’s 4.1% was “the best number since 2014”. That’s very deceptive considering it only reached 2.9% in 2014 and never got above 3% from 2009 to 2016. One might think it was above 4% in 2014, but it wasn’t. And we know who was President during those years.
    Fake News at it again.

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  24. andyocoregon says:

    The U.S. has suffered from increasing costs for food for several years now. And yet, it’s been reported lately there are many farmers and ranchers worried about the new import duties being imposed on foreign countries shipping their products here. It’s also been reported that many of those complaining about the tariffs have been exporting up to 95% of their food production.
    Maybe now would be a good time for these farmers and ranchers to market their products domestically, right here in the U.S. That should help lower prices for us since supply would exceed demand on some food.
    Somehow I don’t have much empathy for farmers and ranchers who ship their food products overseas creating less supply and higher prices for us.


    • annieoakley says:

      I don’t believe that is what is happening at all. Monsanto, Con Agra, Archer Daniels Midland control price and seed. Ranching is different than farming. They cannot ‘market their products domestically’. There is really a big fight to see if small operations can continue at all. or let Multi Nationals control everyone.


      • andyocoregon says:

        Aren’t there several ranchers who sell their beef directly to restaurants?
        Not being in the cattle industry myself, why do you say ranchers cannot market their products domestically as opposed to shipping their beef overseas?


        • Deb says:

          Ranchers sell their cattle to feed lots, who then sell them on the market.

          Small operations that sell to local restaurants and residents don’t make enough for it to be there main income. They don’t have the land for enough cattle for that to be their only income. It’s always more of a side business.


    • RedBallExpress says:

      Only a very few highly specialized growers of exotic crops export their product. For everyone else you take what they give you. In other words you haul your grain to the nearest elevator, your milk to the nearest creamery and your beef to the local slaughter plant.


  25. andyocoregon says:

    Sandra is right that it hit 5.2% “at some point” in 2014, but that was just one quarter out of the four and it was offset by much lower amounts in the 1st and 4th quarters that brought the annual average down under 3%.
    I still maintain it was deceptive of ABC News to say it was the best it’s been since 2014. While at one point in that year it’s technically correct to say that, it’s not telling the whole story.

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  26. Troublemaker10 says:

    Prior Bill Clinton pollster/advisor, Mark Penn, wrote an excellent article here:


    Carter Page warrant reflects attack on our civil liberties

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  27. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  28. patrickhenrycensored says:

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    • vmi80 says:

      The only issue I have with the image is that it (the expression on his face), suggests worry. I have never seen this expression on the face of our VSGPDJT (or even DJT before his election).

      Indeed, our VSGPDJT has got this, and always has.


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  29. SB says:

    2025-33 should show Pompeo/Nunez/Jordan or some other supporter of MAGA!!


  30. NJF says:

    Interesting. I wish I could read full article.


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