30 Hours at Trump-Speed…

Daughnworks247 encapsulates a media cycle at Trump-Speed:  In the last 30 hours:

1. President Trump dropped a MOAB on the state of Georgia for Brian Kemp, and wiped the floor with the establishment GOPe, winning by 39 points.

2. President Travels to Kansas City, giving the speech which made us all cry, to the VFW. Embraces a 94 year old Sergeant and we immediately fall in love.

3. Our sheer perfection of a FLOTUS stops in Nashville at a children’s hospital. On the way back CNN reporter asks Stephanie Grisham about the Cohen tapes and tries to take a hit on Melania. Stephanie Grisham came UNDONE and wiped the floor with the little witch.

4. VP Pence in Montana, stops what he is doing, leaves his Secret Service, when a boy waiting to see him on the tarmac passes out. VP Pence was “up and in the middle” of the problem. Good man.

5. CRTV does a parody video about Alexandria Cortez and the left reveals —- they have no sense of humor.  Busted.

6. President Trump meets with John-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission and makes the deal of a lifetime on tariffs, LNG sales to Europe, and soybeans for the Midwest.

7. DOW spikes 170 points in an hour on news of the trade deal. Business channels who support multinationals are in melt-down… because they’ve been hyping a trade war for 6 months.

8. Facebook earnings post, stock loses 24% of market cap in an hour. That’s what happens when you put Ellen Stover and our friends in Facebook jail.  Payback is hell.

9. Secretary Pompeo testifies to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and I swear, it’s probably the best 3 hours of footage, EVER. He was brilliant.
At one point, Pompeo asked if he could be allowed to submit, for the record, the list of all the things Trump Admin has done to be ‘tough’ on the Russians.
Turd of a Senator agrees.
Pompeo says, “Well then, let’s back the truck up to deliver (his list).”
OMG…..  Killed it.


10. CNN releases recorded tape of Michael Cohen and President Trump—- and it’s a dud. We learned President Trump says “thank you” when he asks for a Coke.

11. CNN reporter refuses to leave the Oval Office during Juncker presser and is pushed out and reprimanded by Bill Shine (new WH Press Coordinator) and Sarah Sanders. She keeps asking questions about the Cohen tape when Juncker and Trump are in the midst of a trillion dollar trade deal. WH tells her she is not allowed into the next Rose Garden event, and she gets snippy, saying, “I wasn’t planning on attending anyway”.

White House Press Corps has a meltdown.  CNN issues statement saying “We demand better” and gets hammered on social media.

12. Ben Sasse, who was censured by his own Nebraska GOP party by a vote of 400 to 8 said yesterday, “Trump’s trade policies are ‘Making America 1929 Again’” in an attempt to undermine the President ahead of the Junker negotiations.

This afternoon…. Sasse announced he will not run for reelection in 2020. Bwwwhhahaaaaa.

13. News from China senses discord among the ruling class. China is now lowering interest rates, subsidizing industry, and their economy is flat.  Did I mention their stock market is down about 25% this year?

14. And finally, 11 member of the House file impeachment papers against Rosenstein. The vote will probably not ever happen…… but it sure does piss off Rosenstein.  It tastes sweet.

15. And for the Bonus:  Trump has learned how to ‘thread’ multiple tweets on Twitter. May God have mercy upon his enemies.

Can’t wait until tomorrow……..

Remember, he was in Helsinki, just 8 days ago.

[…] He is moving “forward” at speeds Obama could not even dream of.

[…] Get used to it. Trump speed is the new normal. Some will call it flip-flopping, but that’s not what it is. Trump is dodging and weaving through reality faster than the reality can react to disrupt his plans.

[…] Trump is no longer waiting for people to keep up. He is taking his bewildering art-of-the-deal campaign schtick into geopolitics, and for a lot of people who can’t keep up or hold on, it will be a rough ride.

And he has to do this with evil cheerleaders like Warhead, Linderace, Dipsy Dowd, Maggie Haterman, and Fake Yapper trashing him or praising him alternately, no matter which way he goes. They can’t keep up, either.

Neither can many around him. I think that half of the problem with advisers crashing into each other is they don’t realize what Trump is doing.

[…] Trump is Jupiter moving through the asteroid belt. He is going to pull people into his orbit. A few will get slung off into space, but most will come along for the ride of their lives.

I am ON the Trump Train for good, even if I scream that I want off and can’t take it.

In the end, I only want to scream “TOO MUCH WINNING!!!” (link)


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  1. Republicanvet91 says:

    This is shocking. And a good reason why I keep coming back to CTH.
    I consider myself informed on the news each and every day. I have watched the news enough over a number of years to be able to tell when a narrative is being pushed, or something is being deliberately ignored by the media.
    Over the past few months, I have started ignoring much of how the media spins an issue because I know I will see facts when I read CTH. There have been a few times where I feel defeated by the spin I see in the media, only to read the facts here, and see once again, the media is lying.

    1. I knew about the race in GA, but none of the details. I now see why the media did not report much on it.
    2. The media ignored most of everything at the VFW, except some veterans booing the media. The media then trashed the event until VFW HQ decided to bow down and issue a weak statement trashing their own members.
    3 & 4. I saw a little on 3, again media spin, but nothing at all on 4.
    5. I was well aware of the CRTV video because the media was whining so much about THE PRECIOUS being shown for the dimwit she is.
    6. I was aware of the meeting and that a good deal had been made, but only details on soybeans. I am not surprised the media left out any detail on an LNG deal.
    7 & 8. Again, I was aware of some headlines, but no details on why.
    9. I knew Pompeo testified, but the media was playing up the Swamp Rat Corker.
    10. Yeah, I knew CNN had the tape because the media had been pushing it, until they realized it was a dud.
    11. The only detail I saw on this was the WH Press Corpse were supposedly standing in solidarity with someone from CNN because the WH treated the reporter badly,
    12. I knew Sasse was whining about trade deals, but saw nothing whatsoever about him not running for re-election.
    13 & 14. I saw nothing, zero, absolutely nada on China or their economy, On 14, the first I heard about papers being filed on Rosey was when I read it here.

    I can understand why millions in this country still vote Democrat given how protective the media is of them. How deceptive they are. How vile they are to anyone offending them.

    …but it’s depressing when I think of how and whether it could be changed and the truth reported.

    I feel like I did after I read the truth about the Bay of Pigs invasion years ago, and how badly Kennedy and his best and brightest deliberately ignored hundreds they covertly sent to battle without the support they needed. And were promised.

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    • dekester says:

      Indeed. The MSM is the enemy of the people.

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      • hellinahandbasket says:

        The media is a WEAPON.
        That weapon constantly bludgeoning propaganda onto the people of the USofA, is a weapon used by our enemy, and that enemy is the Globalist agenda.
        ….. And then came Trump #MAGA

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      • Noah says:

        Ahhh, the MSM – Mainstream Satanic Media and they prove whom they really serve every day in every way 24/7/365..

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      • Steve says:

        I was forced to watch 10 mins of the UK BBC World when visiting a family member today. It was like visiting a parallel universe: a massive eulogy about the new documentary of Bader Ginsberg (aka Mother Teresa) with no mention of her role in agreeing to the murder of millions of unborn children. Then a sentimental screed about illegal migrant mothers looking for their kids and how Trump was forced to change his mind about “his” awful seperation policy. No mention that Obama broke up far more families than Trump ever did. And all in that snotty, smug liberal tone of voice – “The barbarians are inside the gates but we liberals still hold the high moral ground”. Sickening.

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      • clive hoskin says:

        The time for”Baseball”bats,for these reporters to show them that we have had enough of their lies is almost upon us.It may be the only way they will get the message.


    • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

      The eneMedia resides in an alternate universe. Full stop.📢

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    • peace says:

      Yes, and people are gradually realizing one by one and waking up. I’ve started sending some links to my local paper and encourage them to report the truth. We must keep hammering away and , like the left “resist” the msm which is indeed the enemy of truth.

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    • DMWT says:

      RightSideBroadcasting has a YouTube Channel and they cover most of the President’s talks. Also, watch CSPAN instead of any of the talking heads.

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    • Orygun says:

      There is some new information on the Bay of Pigs invasion. You might take a look at L. Fletcher Prouty and his remarks. It smells more like the Dulles brothers and their buddies stopped the air support.

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      • wondering999 says:

        Didn’t know about him. Interesting, he claimed the CIA had planted someone in Nixon’s White House? Church denied it — here’s a couple of links I found



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      • Republicanvet91 says:

        What I learned about the Bay of Pigs invasion was from a book titled, Decision for Disaster, Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs by Grayston Lynch.

        Grayston Lynch was one of 2 CIA paramilitary commanders who recruited, trained and eventually oversaw about 1100 Cubans to overthrow Castro.

        The book describes much of the training, a lot of the politics involved, where they trained, pilot training on air bombing, etc. It also described some of the US Navy being in the area, but blocked from helping when the battle went to hell.
        I don’t recall if it was Lynch’s book or another I read about the Bay of Pigs which included how Castro came to power, with the help of 2 traitors in the State Department, and fawning coverage in the NY Times. Castro did not so much as mount a coup as much as he just waltzed into Havana after Batista was convinced to leave.

        Lynch describes how the initial beach landing was changed from a deeper water port, to the Bay of Pigs, where their ships could not get in close enough to offload the supplies the invasion needed. The decision to change was made very shortly before the invasion began.
        Another decision made by the best and brightest in Washington was that any air bombers would take off from where they were staged, but were required to perform a touch-and-go landing in Cuba before they could drop any bomb on Cuban soil. Kennedy and his clowns wanted plausible deniability and the ability to claim the bombers were from Cuban soil.

        If I recall correctly, Lynch said that no bomber actually dropped any bombs on Cuban soil because of that stupidity. By the time the bombers performed any touch-and-go, Castro’s fighter planes were in the air and shooting them down.

        The US Navy was begged repeatedly for help during the operation, but they could not get permission from DC.

        Of those who landed and were not killed, they were still being covertly rescued 2 weeks after the battle was over…if Castro did not capture them first.

        The book is a case study on how screwed up a military operation can get when nitwits in Washington insist on running it from afar.

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  2. Alonzo says:

    I have been saying this for months now. There is NEVER EVER a dull moment in Donald Trumps America, and Sundance is correct in that tomorrow is a brand new day. It truly is an amazing time in history to be alive. I would have never thought that President Donald John Trump would have been as amazing as he is. Well I better hit the hay, because tomorrow IS a brand new day.

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    • Lunagirl says:

      Amen to that. Couldn’t agree more.

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    • Rachel Guess says:

      I always hoped that President Trump would be as good as he is and he has not let me down yet!

      Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than the Trump Train! Able to leave the last four presidents behind eating the dust of their shame! It’s MAGATRUMP!

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    • vincentcuomo says:

      That is why I voted for Trump; he is doing everything to help us, the normal average every day American, God bless and protect him.
      Remember, we must vote Republican in the fall and wipe out the Dems who want to take our “CRUMBS” and the plate the crumbs are on and give it to their illegal immigrant friends because they hate the normal average American Citizen and want to enslave and then destroy us.

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    • DJT is America’s Charles Martel and Martin Luther, rolled into one.

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      • rrick says:

        And Charlemagne and Jan Sobieski.

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      • Pyrthroes says:

        Great to see Trump cited with Charles Martel, a comparison we surfaced last December.

        On an objective (meaning quantitative vs. qualitative), group-comparative scale, we also place Trump fourth of the 41 rateable U.S. Presidents, between Thomas Jefferson (3) and Andrew Jackson (7) [not double-counting Cleveland, plus omitting W.H. Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and James Garfield]. After Jackson, systematic statistical evaluation puts Ronald Reagan sixth (39).

        Whenever the next Battle of Tours develops (if not already), Trump will “wind his horn” as Roland summoned Charlemagne at Roncesvalles.

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    • ahem says:

      It’s less a train than a roller coaster.

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    • MBB says:

      So tired of winning—NOT !!!


  3. TRUMP’s LEVERAGE from the EU TRADE-DEAL: Trading Partners first…

    USA: All Americans now know they can TRUST in TRUMP to do the IMPOSSIBLE!
    • Farmers sell ALL their [GMO] Soy Bean output to Europe.
    • Europe accepts other American GMO crops now that the barrier has been broken.
    • Big Agriculture will lose their monopoly pricing thru suppressed supply.
    • USCOC Globalists realize their Offshored Manufacturing is going to DIE.
    • Democrats lose Globalist Funding following loss of Union Nonmember Funding.
    • Republican GOPe must SUPPORT and PASS the Trump Agenda or face REJECTION.

    EU: They’d better close the Industrial Deal fast, before Trump loses patience.
    • Delays or backpedaling will trigger the Auto Tariffs.
    • Further Tariffs will NOT be removed until the EU Deal is signed and implemented.
    • Their Deal will include a NATO commitment to use profits for 3-4% funding NOW.
    • Their Deal will include an EU-wide commitment to maximum sanctions on Iran.
    • The Industrial Deal will be followed by Autos and Technology.
    • These Deals will cement a USA-EU Trading Block to end Chinese Trade Cheating.
    • They will ultimately end Chinese Theft of Intellectual Property with Reparations.

    MEXICO: They race to cut a Bilateral Trade Deal before the ante is raised.
    • They team with Trump to Terminate the Big Agriculture Cartel’s control.
    • They agree to jointly shut down the Invasion of Illegals flooding America.
    • They end China’s tariff-free backdoor Auto exports to America.

    BRITAIN: Brexit better race for a deal that will now have to BEAT the EU Deal.
    • The UK must surrender ALL evidence of complicity in the “Russian Collusion” cabal.
    • The UK must extradite the UK co-conspirators for prosecution or plea deals.
    • What ELSE do they have to offer?

    CANADA: They’re screwed.
    • Mexico’s Bilateral Deal terminates NAFTA.
    • Trump unleashes federal land to replace mining, timber and lumber from Canada.
    • Trump will multiply pipelines for oil and gas from the Permian Basin for Export.
    • Any Canadian Trade Deal will raise charges for pipeline transit of oil and gas.
    • Canada’s Deal will be completed once Trudeau is voted out … whenever.

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      Speaking as a Canadian myself (through my mother… I’m also an American), I agree, Canada’s current GOVERNMET is screwed… but for the average CANADIAN, it’ll be the best thing in years if not decades!

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      • Totally agree – we just need to neuter Trudeau.

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        • glissmeister says:

          No need to neuter. It’s congenital.

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          • Poundsand says:

            They just don’t get it. Trump doesn’t bluff… ever… not even once. While Canada is whining about the negotiations and attempting to salvage their loophole, Mexico is moving on it’s own and locking in a better deal.

            The first people on the Trump train, get the best seats. They don’t disrupt their own manufacturers access to the largest and most lucrative market in the world. Meanwhile others think this is politics as usual and think they can wait it out. LOL. And to think our boy Obama is running around the world telling these guys to trust him and wait it out.

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            • Donald John Trump is a master of strategy and matching strategy with tactics.

              He ran the ‘prisoner dilemma’ from game theory on Mexico and Canada.

              Mexico didn’t ‘blink’ they just decided to go first in order to get the better deal.

              Now Canada is left holding the bag.

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    • Jan says:

      By the by, does anyone think that scheduling a fall meeting with Putin helped persuade the EU to come to negotiate instead of flapping their lips??? Note that the announcement that the meeting with Putin would be rescheduled sometime next year came out about the same time the White House press corp. was being told to go to the Rose Garden for an unscheduled announcement. Today was a YUGE day!!

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    • yzest5121 says:

      I’ve got y’all beat. I get make breakfast for her every day and take the heat for any typographical or grammatical errors! I am a lucky guy.

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    • FrankieZ says:

      Having Mehico shut down the illegals coming over would be H U G E.

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      china has reduced their import quotas on us soybeans…no problem, we’ll sell it to europe. we have the FOOD they need

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  4. TRUMP’s LEVERAGE from the EU TRADE-DEAL: Global Adversaries next…

    RUSSIA: They’re screwed.
    • Putin blew his opportunity when he brought no Irresistible Deal to Helsinki.
    • Then his foreign minister feigned disinterest.
    • Trump’s EU-Deal LNG Exports to Europe will destroy Nordstream2 Pipeline profits.
    • Sanctions on Russia will escalate until they remove Iran & Hezbollah from Syria.
    • … and they isolate Iran both economically and militarily.

    IRAN: They dump the Mullahs, end Religious Governance & wipe out Radical Islam.
    • Sanctions will choke their economy to a standstill.
    • The people will retake their country.
    • Funding for Terrorism including Hezbollah and Hamas will end.
    • The world will roll up their Networks of Terror.
    • Iran will Denuclearize and Deweaponize.

    CHINA: Their unannounced war for global supremacy is OVER.
    • Their discontinued Soy Bean purchases from America leave them paying YUGE premiums from Brazil as essentially their sole alternative.
    • Any remaining Soy Bean imports from America SHOULD be routed through North Korea for an UPCHARGE to fund development of the North Korean economy, as a reward for North Korean Denuclearization AHEAD of SCHEDULE.
    • They incur successive waves of Tariffs until USA & EU Trade Surpluses are GONE.
    • They’re forced to shut down factories and excess steel & aluminum capacity.
    • They’re forced to divest holdings in other countries to sustain their economy.
    • They’re forced to abandon their military expansion and S. China Sea islands.
    • They’re forced to end their economic entanglement to loot Africa & S. America.
    • America ends Chinese infiltration into our academic, research and government.
    • USA and EU end Chinese ownership of and access to companies with IP to steal.
    • USA & EU Tariffs remain until China’s IP Theft and Cyber Warfare is ENDED.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Get ’em BlackKnight.
      Not one little itty soybean is going from Iowa to China. No. You cannot have a single one.
      As I have been screaming, “there are only so many soybeans in the world”. China had a heck of a deal from us. Brazil is more expensive. China’s price just went through the roof.
      Isn’t there a Chinese proverb about “cutting off your nose to spite your face”?

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      And here’s some ELSE to be impressed with, Black Knight: POTUS Trump’s net worth has SHRUNK over 100 Million dollars in his first year in the WH.
      This means he has joined a very exclusive club: he is only the third member.
      One of the other two members (of, as far as I know, the only three U.S. Presidents whose net worth has not grown while in office) was the author of “… Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… and to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, securing their just powers from the consent of the governed…” Thomas Jefferson.
      The only other member is George Washington.

      I used to wonder whatever it could possibly have been I had done that caused me to deserve my wonderful wife… and these days, I wonder what we, the American People, could have possibly done to deserve POTUS Trump.

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    • glissmeister says:

      What a perceptive and fascinating idea to award NoKo the soybean concession. Let China buy via NoKo. Jobs. Profits. Wealth. Dignity. Lots of positives in that idea.

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  5. Lunagirl says:

    Amen to that. Couldn’t agree more.

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  6. Read on bashers… read on.

    Daughnworks247, you’re simply wonderful! I hope you see this comment… 😉

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  7. Marica says:

    Daughn is a treasure on our treehouse!! SO blessed that she is here!!

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  8. Jeff Webb says:

    Mike Pompeo ROCKS!

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  9. Doug says:

    I’m adding Mike Pompeo to the new Mt Rushmore alongside VSTPOTUS, Devin Nunes, and Mike Rogers. His performance today in front of those dooshbag senators was nothing short of epic!
    Time and time again he pointed out the terrible hand OBAMA left us with re: Crimea, Urkraine, Syria, Iran North Korea.
    It was a sight to see!!!

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  10. Carrie2 says:

    Menendez is a criminal but protected by fellow democrats. Truth he wants? Why didn’t we get truth from him? He is a fool and keeps insisting on the same question. Sorry people are the democrats and all they want is how to “get” Trump. I also see the questions made are those they already know that you can’t give information for them that could endanger any communication or agreement with others. In fact, I find this committee like all Congress committees are useless, a waste of time and money when their job is to represent us and do what we want and stop playing games and displaying their ignorance or that they are important because they are not. They have very little power as they cannot prosecute anyone. Talk, talk, talk and most of the talk is a big nothing. In fact, I hope voters are seeing what they have elected to represent them as this shows they are useless, ignorant, and just trying to look important. Pompeo is always clear and intelligent but difficult to get across to those whose brains are not as sharp. They want him to tell all secret information and keep insisting and know he can’t and won’t. They want to look/sound relevant but it ain’t happening.

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  11. noswamp says:

    The Chinese are living in an alternate universe. They are having trouble adjusting to the new “new”. Don’t worry, when someone slaps the guy that still thinks that they could measure the past from the new present, then he will wake up and deal openly and frankly with POTUS. This will take a few more months, then China will come to the table.

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  12. Bill_M says:

    “He is moving “forward” at speeds Obama could not even dream of.”
    Obama was too busy apologizing to even think of moving forward, let alone moving at any speed faster than glacial (AKA supersonic speed in Obama talk).

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  13. I hope come reelection time GOP voters make Ben Sasse cry like Jeff Flake!!!

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  14. Pyrthroes says:

    “Energy in the Executive” (Hamilton, Federalist 70): Is’t possible that Helsinki is barely a week past? We don’t pretend to grasp all this in detail, but “Trump is Jupiter moving through the asteroid belt” is Kubrick-esque. Next time our portfolio hits ten trillion dollars, half of it redounds to CTH.

    Color me sanguine, but it’s inconceivable that Trump’s 63 million voters last time ’round won’t add another 10% these midterms, while Rats’ bum’s-rush/graveyard/illegal-alien tally noticeably shrinks. If Bernie, Mde. Coco-loco and their housecoat wheeze find themselves short of breath in the political ER, we’ll do a “Thunderball” and slash their oxygenator.

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  15. Nunya Bidness says:

    A DemMarxist would look at that list and see 9 impeachable offenses.

    They have one thought (if you can call it that) on their minds (if you can call it that). Anything they say about any issue other than driving Trump from office is merely smoke.

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  16. Doug Amos says:

    And he doesn’t get paid a dime! The boys on Red Eye keep taking Mr Trump to task for invoking tariffs. They want free trade with no levies. Freeland from Canada has been in Mexico where she says they agreed that Nafta or any other agreement is impossible w/o all 3 countries. Mr Trump, as usual, just wants what is best for his country.

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  17. usaproud7 says:

    When the MSM finally implodes…(soon), the POTUS takedown will be EPIC. As thrilling as the perp walks I believe we are going to be observing.
    The slow suffering of HRC ( haggard, unkept, ) is priceless. She knows, we know…..
    More popcorn please…..

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  18. Every day I know that I can depend on Sundance, the CTH and the illustrious Treepers to provide the best news and commentary of the day, bar none. OUTSTANDING.

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  19. gman says:

    And Our VSGPDJT sleeps only 5-6 hours/night. He must not worry about anything. If it was me, it’d take 5-6 hours of tossing and turning before I could get to sleep.

    POTUS is everything I hoped for and much more. Go MAGA.

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  20. daughnworks247 says:

    Thank you to FreeStateYank, who brought me here many years ago. She’s still the smartest woman I know. Love to all.

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  21. Diane says:

    He should NOT testify in a classified session until the committee guarantees NO leaks! That will not happen so he should not testify.

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  22. Dixie says:

    I am mortified by the stupidity of congress. They are an embarrassment to the patriotic citizens of this country.

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  23. Cynthia says:

    This post REALLY made me smile – HUGELY! 🙂 Thank you SD for all you do! MAGA –> KAG!

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  24. A nice article on topic by Roger Simon.

    “Forget porn stars. Forget tapes. Forget evil Vlad and Rocket Man. Forget insulting our NATO partners (whatever that means). Forget that pseudo-socialist with the hyphenated name. Forget Mueller, sleazy Strzok , Adam “Leaker” Schiff, Fingers Clapper, Knuckles Brennan, Rocko Rosenstein, or any of the sordid crew. Forget even Twitter! (well, maybe). By comparison, those are all sideshows. As everyone knows, in politics, “It’s the economy, stupid!”


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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Good article. Libs fling trash whenever and wherever they can. It’s all that they have…

      [One commentor’s handle is “SchroedingersDog”. Now I can guess why Schroedinger’s Cat went missing 🙂 ]

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  25. Jimi Helms says:

    The President doing things (right), I wake up in a good dream every day!

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  26. B Sneath says:

    #13. China must stimulate its domestic economy instead of relying as much on exports. Cause and effect. Had we gotten tough 20 years ago, this would have been China’s response back then and both their and our economies would be more balanced and in better health today. Global trade is good but as with most things in life, is dangerous when in excess. China is simply too massive and has swallowed industries and supply chains “too much and too quickly” for our real economy to adapt without creating bubbles and even greater imbalances. It’s late in the game to get started rebalancing both economies, but better late than never.

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  27. John Boyd was a US fighter pilot who revolutionized air warfare and was key contributor of the F15.

    After Boyd left the USAF, he began giving a series of talks on strategy to any decision-makers who would listen, including business leaders.

    Boyd’s strategic theory involved the speed at which a conflict participant could move from understand the situation, to making a decision as to what to do and acting on that decision was the critical determinant of conflict outcomes. He called it the ‘OODA loop’.

    Political observers call it ‘Trump time’.

    When POTUS gave Mattis the ‘green light’ to allow field commanders to act on their own, that was an application of OODA. And you can see how that is working out.

    Another key strategic theory comes from guerilla warfare: Death by a thousand cuts (DBATC).

    DBATC holds that one never confronts a more power opponent in any ‘decisive battle’ until the opponent is sufficiently weakened by ‘a thousand cuts’.

    DBATC was the basis for guerilla hit-and-run tactics. The mechanism for victory was to create so much uncertainty in the battlespace that one forces one opponent to expend resources in so many places to be prepared for a hit-and-run attack that your opponent exhausts themselves without achieving anything other than a (failed) defensive posture.

    An example of DBATC is the President’s ongoing war against the MSM.

    I believe that what we are witnessing in the POTUS is an application of both OODA and DBATC.

    He is not yet looking for a ‘decisive battle’. He may never need to. By the time his opponents understand what is happening, their role in the battlespace will be irrelevant.

    It is simply not possible to understate the strategic genius of Donald John Trump.

    What is happening now will be studied for a very long time by anyone interested in how to achieve victory.

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  28. PDJT just ran a pick play on China and scored.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Theodore says:

    Anyone have the time stamp when Pompeo says, “Well then, let’s back the truck up to deliver”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • daughnworks247 says:

      I don’t and the ‘time’ would depend on which video. I do remember he was being questioned by Tom Udall of New Mexico, and it was at the end of Udall’s questioning that Pompeo made the comment “back up the truck”.
      Also, it was about 30-45 minutes prior to the end of Pompeo’s testimony, from my memory.


  30. karen says:

    I know Trump Warp speed is difficult for many, but must be honest “I’m an addict at this point”. This past week has been quite a ride. Loving every minute. Next.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. sturmudgeon says:

    As always… THANKS! Sundance. education (entertaining) continuing from you, and the Treepers.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Can’t find Stephanie Grisham video on YouTube (surprise surprise).


  33. Lactantius says:

    “Trump Speed” is way outside of the bureaucratic norm. It is also impossible for Trump to be scheduling all of this himself. Common sense dictates that a shadow organization is joined with the bureaucracy in assembling and conducting this stunning display of extreme competence. This is not to suggest anything conspiratorial.

    Trump ran a highly successful empire with a lot of different irons at various stages in a multitude of different fires. Trump also, stayed on top of everything, including an ocean of title stuff and details. That is his nature. Therefore, he had to have had a bevy of factotums who were good at working with one another and herding cats. Call them project managers or personal assistants, they are the people who make the winning possible.

    Trump has a group of officials in place who really understand the Trump method and are, like Trump, very savvy and skilled at pushing the agenda forward. Some Cabinet people in the administration are not at the forefront, but they are quietly doing the heavy lifting in their areas of assignment.

    Likely, Trump has a cadre outside of the government bureaucracy who “Carry a Message to Garcia.” Translation: a trusted, loyal, smart, ally carries a confidence between Trump and the person who needs the “information.” If that person contacted is, for instance, Sessions, then Sessions “tacitly” answers the point and the intermediary departs into the beyond. No paper or electronic trail is involved. The House of Medici had emissaries who were without rank or portfolio, but their contacts clearly understood who was asking.

    Operating at “arm’s length” is always risky, but Trump has made his fame and fortune by using emissaries who are skilled at their tasks. Certainly, Donald the junior, Ivanka and Jared and Eric are skilled at the same method of operation. The occasional Michael Cohen is the rarity. Court intrigue is always possible at the lower levels, so the “prince” has to be comfortable with saying “you’re fired.”

    Liked by 3 people

  34. covfefe999 says:

    That photo of Sasse is so telling. He thinks he is hot poopoo. I dont know anything about his financial background but wouldnt be surprised at all if hes one of those critters who went in middle class and is coming out a multi millionaire

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Bill Henslee says:

    Talk about counterpunching to keep your foe off balance? The MSM are cracking under the pressure of all this warp speed action from Trump.

    They are complaining that they don’t have enough time to slowly savor and opine over one thing they hate before something else– another announcement about a victory like the EU trade deal or another twitter is posted–and then they lose their balance and simply hysterically scream the first thing that comes into their minds. Usually not good policy because they look silly. (MS-13s are humans,” “Trump committed Treason by meeting with Putin”

    And the GOP legislators are getting into the swing of it too by passing judges, resolutions against Rosenstein, Tax act 2.0, Senate hearings and confirmation of Kavenaugh, etc. etc. before the elections.

    Meanwhile, even for Trump supporters, this pace can be nerve-wracking, but the positives so outweigh the negatives that I just keep eating popcorn and watching The Man roll. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  36. toetagger says:

    Thank you, sundance, for running this piece and thank you, Daughnworks247, for writing it. Best thing I’ve read today!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Dilbert Firestorm says:

    “And he has to do this with evil cheerleaders like Warhead, Linderace, Dipsy Dowd, Maggie Haterman, and Fake Yapper trashing him or praising him alternately, no matter which way he goes. They can’t keep up, either.”
    can someone tell me who they are? I get some of the names (Dipsy Dowd – Maureen Dowd, Fake Yapper – Jake Trapper) but not the others.


  38. lollabells says:

    My favorite is number 15, President Trump has learned how to thread tweets! I had to chuckle! I love our President!
    As far as the MSM news goes, it is SO FRUSTRATING! My sister has BS in Business management & marketing & worked as a financial adviser before she got cancer (she’s is doing well now), she also worked for one of the major banks as an Executive Assistant for the head of the Small Business Loan Center before, during & after the 2008 “recession” (but she worked with & knew the CEO of that bank as her boss worked with him daily that is how far up the chain he was). He met with Elizabeth Warren to discuss the Dodd Frank legislation & other regulations that went into place that SCREWED over customers & small businesses after that time. Her boss left that bank, & was NOT A FAN of Warren, the Dodd Frank act or any of it. What is so frustrating is knowing HOW bad things were then, how hard it was to recover, the slow pace it was moving. People were not investing, my sister told me when she left & went to work as a financial adviser that there was TRILLIONS of dollars not being invested into the US Economy due to bad trade deals, high interest rates on businesses, corporations & on people. People did not feel optimistic about investing into our economy, most of her customers where wealthy, VERY wealthy. Now there are more people who are also middle class or considered upper middle class. She told me the other day her old boss said that most of their new clients are all middle class.
    People can say all they want about the Obama years, & often my Dad gets frustrated because he is 72 & watches the “MSM NEWS” so all he hears is the doom & gloom, but he is a Trump supporter, so it takes me & especially my sister (who can explain the economy stuff better than me) to help him understand WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. I don’t even like reading Don Jr’s tweets anymore, the other day when he tweeted something out about the 4.1% economy, I COULD NOT BELIEVE all the misinformation under that tweet, that is dangerous, one person said, it doesn’t take a genius to google what is really going on. So I did.. That’s what scared me even more. Google the high and mighty bearer of truth.. Wipes everything that is ACTUALLY true, and only posts half truths. People actually BELIEVE that we had over 4% GDP year over year when Obama was President, that is FACTUALLY INCORRECT. There is just no arguing with them, so I don’t even try.. Anyways, thanks again for another great piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  39. ddjennifer says:

    You left out a few highlights. Such as the lies, crimes, and furtherance of hate, mysogyny, and ignorance. You need to turn off Faux News . Oh, and i like the one where we increase the debt by borrowing from China so we can bail out the farmers for not being g able to sell their goods to China. Winning!!


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