CNN Obtains Trump Cohen Recording From Lanny Davis…

This is funny…. this is actually very funny to anyone who knows Trump lingo.

Lanny is hung up on the wording “cash” from POTUS Trump and tries to spin it a particular way.  Despite what some may say, there is a possibility Lanny is not being intentionally malicious.  What Lanny is missing is the context of “cash” in relation to the question Donald Trump asks moments prior about “financing”.

Trump asks the question about “financing” from his business dealing position where “financing” equals “loans”; and he responds to Michael Cohen from the same perspective where “cash” equals “money-on-hand”, ie. not a loan.  [‘what financing? we have cash’]



Here’s where Lanny might be intentionally malicious.  Notice how the recording is abruptly edited to cut off right when Trump starts the sentence with the word “check”.  If the entire recording were to be released it would be a conversation like: “what financing? we have cash, use cash, just write a check”…  An ordinary transactional nothingburger.

This is silly.  Go listen again.

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513 Responses to CNN Obtains Trump Cohen Recording From Lanny Davis…

  1. dalethorn says:

    Watching the face of this demon spitting his venom on the ridiculous CNN “news” channel only reminds me that our enemy is ruthless, unprincipled, and dedicated to our destruction.


  2. ogoggilby says:

    “The Wall Street Journal reported that President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen recorded a two-hour conversation with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the alleged payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

    Cohen told Cuomo that he, not Trump, handled the $130,000 payoff to Stormy Daniels.”


  3. jimboct says:

    This had one purpose in mind: embarrass VSGPDJT.
    Nothing illegal. Even Alan Dershowitz said on special report that it’s not illegal.
    My concern is the timeline of events. Who leaked the tape to CNN?
    My understanding is that Rudy waived privilege only after cnn had the tape and Rudy knew it didn’t implicate VSGPDJT.

    The tape editors should have done a better job of cutting off the word check on the tape. Looks very suspicious. Maybe they need help from the editors of the Zimmerman 911 call.
    This isn’t going to turn out the way the MSM thinks it will. They have zero power over the deplorables.
    I bet at the end of the day someone has dirty hands in the DOJ. I bet it’s someone connected to Mueller.

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    • cali says:

      @jimboct: There is a deeper issue involved and something the left should have thought about before pulling this stunt:
      Setting the stage to bring a serious subject and issue into the public conscience such as this recording will result in the media for more recorded revelations. Enter Weiner’s laptop and “Crimes against children”.
      A DVD of video and audio recordings from that laptop were given to president Trump. He turned that DVD copy over to his then attorney Cohen.
      In their haste trying to find anything about president Trump they think is damaging enough to impeach naturally they ask for all other recordings.
      They should have been careful what they wished for as Cohen played them ergo the release of a portion showing Hillary and Huma in action aka ‘Crimes against children”.

      Cohen never had any intentions to switch teams and join the ranks of the left.


  4. Suzanne says:

    Who care about facts when you have a narrative to promote?

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